Unadulterated Lust


Walking into the town’s night club, I saw my brother as arranged, standing at the bar with two pints of cold beer in front of him. I walked over to him and slapped him on the back when I reached him, “Is one of them mine?” I asked.

He arched his back from the stinging pain of my slap and turned to me with an, “AAHHH yeah, yours is the Stella!”

I took the Stella in my hand and brought it to my lips slowly. I took a long refreshing mouthful, “So what’s the plan for the night then?” I asked him.

“Just a few drinks to celebrate my divorce papers finally coming in the post today!” he said as he chinked my glass with his.

“So you’re a free man now then?” I said with a big smile, “That calls for something a bit stronger than lager.”

I turned to the barman, “Two large Whiskies please!” and reached for my wallet.

I handed over a ten dollar note and got two one dollar bills back. I smiled at my brother and raised my whisky glass, “A toast to all the free women out there. Let it be known, the boys are out tonight and the hunt is on.”

Paul raised his glass, “To freedom,” he shouted and downed the whisky in one swift gulp. I followed his lead and quaffed mine down in one go too, then slammed the glass back down on the bar. We leaned our backs against the bar and looked around the bar at all the ladies in the club.

The Stella started to flow with the odd whisky chaser and the club started to fill with more and more hot looking ladies. Turning to Paul, I leaned over to him, “I think it is going to be a good night!” I yelled.

“Let the fun begin,” he shouted back over the music.

As we watched the club fill, I remembered the nights I had spent as a doorman and all the old moves and techniques for catching the ladies came rushing back in to my mind. A wicked smile crossed my face as I turned to Paul, “This is going to be easy tonight. Even you will get lucky tonight.”

As I said that, a group of about twelve ladies dressed as cheer leaders stumbled into the club. All dressed in matching blue and yellow tops and short blue skirts, knee length white leather boots and Pink cowgirl hats.

Tapping my brother with my elbow and flicking my head towards the group of ladies, “Looks like a hen party has just walked in.”

He smiled back, “Things are looking up for me now then!” He took a swig of his pint “Hen parties are always good for some fun and a last night of freedom!”

I stayed at the bar and watched as Paul walked over to the other bar in the club, where the cheerleaders had headed for. He worked his way to the bar and right in the middle of their group. Shortly afterwards, a big cheer came from the ladies and all their hands went up into the air.

I smiled to myself. I knew he had just bought a round of drinks for the ladies. Leaning back on the bar, I just relaxed and watched the club, keeping my eyes on the dance floor as it got more and more crowded. The DJ started to play some older music.

Taking a big mouthful of my pint and finishing it off, I made my way to the dance floor and bumped into Paul’s back, “How’s it going with the cheerleaders?” I shouted in his ear over the loud music.

“Great!” is all I got back from him.

After dancing to a few great old tunes, it was time for a cold beer. I walked back to the bar, through the now, full club, having to push passed lots of people. The bar was rammed and the poor guy behind it was rushing to get everyone their drinks.

As I reached the bar, a lovely lady pressed up against me and gave me a sweet smile as I tried to make a little room for us both. The barman came over and took the order of the guy next to me “Two pints and two vodka ices.”

Habit had me thinking to myself, “That’s a double order, he won’t be back to be served soon.” The barman brought him his drinks and took his money. He returned shortly with his change, “WHO’S NEXT?” he called out.

“She’s next, and then it’s me!” I shouted to him.

The lady ordered her drink, a large vodka and coke. She turned to me, put her hand softly on my chest and leaned in close and shouted, “Thank you,” in my ear.

I looked down at her and right into her bright green eyes and just smiled at her. “Ladies always come first,” I flirted with a cheeky smile.

Her eyes widened as she heard my response, “Always?” she said with a devilish smile.

“Yes. Always.” I said as I raised my eyebrow and smiled back.

The barman brought her vodka and coke and her change. She tapped me gently on the chest and said,

“Thank you again.”

I watched as she walked away into the crowded club.

“What you having?” I heard the barman call. Turning to him I asked for a Stella and whisky chaser.

I handed him a ten dollar note and waited for my drinks and change. He soon brought them to me. Taking the whisky glass, I chinned it down in one mouthful and slammed the glass back on the bar.

I felt the heat of the whisky move right down though my body. I took my Stella, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri moved away from the bar and leaned against a pillar, watching the club again.

My eyes scanned the room and saw Paul was still happy playing with the cheerleaders. Our eyes caught each other and I got a thumbs up from him. I smiled back at him and give him a little nod of encouragement.

Taking a swig of my beer, I kept looking around the club when my eyes collided with a set of bright green eyes looking right back at me. I felt the smile on my face grow a little as she smiled over at me and raised her glass. I did the same back to her and we both took a little sip simultaneously. I watched as she licked her lip when she lowered the glass away. Then she turned to talk with her friends.

I watched her with interest. She was wearing a tight, black dress that shows her fantastic figure. It had a sheer black panel in the front with black beads holding the two sides of the dress together over the top of her chest. It gave just a little glimpse of her ample cleavage underneath. The crowd opened up just a little, to give me a look at her whole frame. Her legs were covered in sheer black tights and what looked like four inch heels. I smiled to myself. That made her only about five foot tall I decided, especially as I had to look down into those beautiful, green eyes when she was stood next to me at the bar.

I finished my beer and returned to the bar to get a refill, leaning against it. I felt the soft touch of a hand on my back.

Thinking it was Paul, I didn’t turn round I just said “Yes, I will get you a drink.”

The voice that answered wasn’t Paul’s though. It was the green eyed lady. “Thank you. A vodka and coke, please.”

I turned and smiled, “A large one at that,” I added.

A big grin crossed her face. “I only like large ones!” she said with a chuckle.

I turned and caught the barman’s eye and ordered the drinks. I felt her hand rest on the small of my back. She was letting me know she was still there as I waited for the drinks. The barman brought them over and I handed her the glass and turned to face her.

“Thank You. I’m Clare!” she said looking right into my eyes.

“Nice to meet you, Clare. I’m Daniel, but my friends call me Dan.”

“Well Dan it is then.” she smiled up at me.

We chatted and drank our drinks, just as the DJ started to play some older tunes again. Clare took my hand, “I love this song, let’s dance,” she shouted and dragged me to the dance floor.

We started to dance with each other, moving in time with the music and I kept my eyes fixed on her every move. I felt her start to move against me. Gently, I placed my hands around her waist and pulled her gently, in tight to me. Feeling her pressing her hips in to me, we started to move. Our hips ground and bumped against each other. I felt her cheek brush against mine as I leaned down holding her to me. Then the soft touch of her lips rested on my cheek. I pressed a little into her lips and turned my head, letting her lips move softly across my cheek and onto my mouth.

Feeling her soft lips against mine, I looked at her and she closed her eyes. She pressed her lips harder against mine. Feeling them open a little, I let mine match hers and felt the soft wetness of her tongue push through my lips, finding my tongue. Still moving and grinding our hips, our tongues twisted and darted together, fighting and struggling to taste each other in our first kiss.

Our kiss deepened and became more passionate. Slowly I let my hands move down from her waist, caressing her as they moved onto her firm bottom and then I gently squeezed her cheeks through her dress. As my fingers moved over her buttocks I could feel she was only wearing a thong and her tights were in fact hold-up stockings. She relaxed against me and pressed her lips harder against mine. My hands and fingers moved over her bum and down the top of her thighs. I felt the lace tops of her hold up stockings. The music ended as did our kiss. She opened her beautiful eyes and looked right into mine. A slow song started to play and we gently moved to the rhythm of the music. Her hands moved over my back and down onto my bottom and she pulled us tight together. We started to kiss deeply and passionately again.

Feeling her pull away from me a little and breaking the kiss, she moved her head next to mine and whispered, “Take me home before I change my mind.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” I asked softly.

“Yes .Yes it is and I’m going to hold you to what you said earlier,” she whispered back.

Taking her hand, I led her from the dance floor, making sure I walked passed my Brother. I tapped him on the shoulder and shouted, “I’m out of here! See you in the morning.”

All I got was a wave from him and a knowing grin as we moved towards the club’s door.

The cool air hit us as we left the club. I put my arm around Clare. We walked quickly to the taxi güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rank and grabbed the first taxi there. Just as I was about to tell the driver to take us to my place, Clare gave him her address. I thought to myself, “That’s the big posh tower block in town.”

We pulled up outside, I paid the driver and gave him a good tip.

Clare took my hand and led me to the front door of the building. She looked through the door and said quickly, “Let’s get to the elevator, the guard is not at his desk.”

Pushing the door open for her, she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the elevator. She pressing the button on the wall, the doors slid open and she pushed me inside suddenly. I realised why when I heard her say, “Hi John! Just me tonight! Richard is away for the night.”

“Ok Mrs Jackson.” he replied.

She obviously didn’t want it known I was her companion for the night and I didn’t mind one bit.

Clare stepped into the elevator, pushed me back against the wall and started to kiss me again. This time it was rougher and more intense. Her hands were all over my body, rubbing them up the inside of my thigh and onto my stiffening shaft. I liked it. I spun her around and pinned her against the wall, pulling her dress up as I did so. I ran my hand up her inner thigh, up over the lace top of her stocking and up on to the soft, warm flesh of her thigh.

Just as my hand reached the fabric of her panties the bell rang to indicate our floor and the doors started to open. She pushed me backwards, out of the elevator, back against the wall of the hallway and started to fight with my belt buckle. As she fought to open it, I grabbed hold of her and lifted her off her feet.

“What door is yours?” I asked with purpose.

Wrapping her legs tight around my waist, she pointed to the door at the end of the hallway. Still holding her. I walked to the door. She leaned down and swiped the card key and the door opened.

I kicked it open and carried her through the door. I saw a big, red sofa and large window looking out over the town with all the lights shining up from below. It adequately lit the room and we didn’t need any lights on. Gently, I pulled her dress up around her waist before sitting her down on the sofa.

I knelt in front of her. She looked down at me and opened her legs. I kept my eyes locked on hers. Slowly and softly, I brought my hands up over her stocking covered legs until I reached her soft inner thighs. With a gentle push on her soft, warm flesh her legs opened a little wider. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed. A soft moan left her lips.

Moving both my hands higher up her inner thighs, I let my fingertips dig into her soft flesh, leaving red marks where my fingers had been. I stopped just short of her black lace thong and squeezed her thighs. Clare took a sharp breath as my thumbs brushed against the fabric of the moist crotch of her panties. Gently, I pressed my thumbs harder over the fabric, feeling the outline of her pussy. I traced the outline of her lips with my thumbs, moving in little circles over the lace fabric until my right thumb reached the swollen button of her clitoris.

As my thumb rubbed round on her clitoris, she bucked her hips towards me, pushing my thumb harder against her button. I leaned forward and kissed her inner right thigh, letting the soft hairs of my beard brush on her skin. The sensation from its teasing touch made her leg quiver.

With a loud moan from her wide, open mouth, she opened her legs wider and lifted her hips towards my face. I moved my hands from her pussy, round to under her bottom and pulled her up to meet my lips. My mouth closed in over her clit. I sucked though the lace of her panties and got the first taste of her sweet, succulent pussy.

Sucking on her little button, it became harder though her panties. I ran my tongue over it and around it repeatedly. As I worked my tongue on her clit slowly, I hooked my thumbs into the waist band of her panties and started to pull them down.

I lifted my mouth from her panties just enough to let them slide down and uncover her smooth, hairless pussy.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in through my nose, letting the sweet smell of Clare’s hot sex fill my lungs. I moaned softly as her aroma lit the fire deep inside me. Slowly, I lowered my lips down and rested them against the soft silk lips of her sex. I kissed them gently, pressing my lips a little harder into her. My mouth opened and my tongue ran along her lips. I heard her moan loudly as my beard and then lips touched her hot sex for the first time. I tasted and savoured her sweet nectar for that first time. I drove my tongue deeper between her lips until it was covered in her hot, sweet, love juices.

She grabbed the back of my head and began guiding me so my lips were over the swollen button of her clitoris. I sucked it roughly until she moaned and twisted under my lips, all the time pushing my face and güvenilir bahis şirketleri mouth harder against her hot wetness.

“Make me cum with your mouth! Do to me what my husband never does!” she screamed and her body started to buck and twitch to every touch of her clit by my tongue and lips.

Sucking hard on her sensitive nub, I pulled on it with my lips. I felt it swell more. I pulled it gently with my teeth, biting it softly until she screamed. “FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. YES. YES. YES!” and ground my face harder into her quim, “FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. YES, YES, YES!”

She screamed again as her pussy flooded with her natural secretions. Her first orgasm ripped through her body. As she shook, I drank and swallowed her hot, creamy nectar. Her pussy pulsed and convulsed while I kept my mouth tight over her lips, not missing a single drop until finally her orgasm subsided.

I looked up at her, her eyes are closed, her mouth wide open, her breasts raised and sank with every deep breath she took.

Opening her eyes, she looked down at me. “You didn’t lie about ladies always cum first.” She panted as she caught her breath.

She pulled her dress from her waist, up and over her head. She looked at me again and demanded, “Now fuck me. Make me cum with you deep inside me.”

I smiled up at her at hearing those words. Moving back from her legs, I watched her take her panties right off and open her legs really wide in invitation. Her pussy was glistening with my saliva and her natural goodness. I pulled my shirt over my head, revealing my toned upper body. Her eyes however, were fixed on my jeans with the belt, unfastened and hanging loose from earlier. I undid the fly buttons and pulled them down around my knees, letting her see my hard shaft straining against the front of my tight boxer briefs. Then I pulled them down and my hard cock sprang out, free from its tight prison.

Clare gasped at the sight of my hard cock standing proud in front of me. I moved back in close to her. I took my cock in my hand and gently rubbed the tip along the wet, silkiness of her pussy lips. She gasped at its touch and then with one slow, long push with my hips, my whole hard shaft slid deep into her heat. Her head went back again as I felt the tightness of her pussy close around my shaft.

Slowly I pulled back until just the very tip of my shaft was still between her hot wet lips and then with a powerful thrust I drove my hard shaft right back in to her hungry pussy.

“OHH, FUCK YES,” she screamed as I drove right in, hitting her cervix with the hard head of my rod.

Moving my hands around under her buttocks, I pulled her up and onto my powerful thrusts. Our flesh slammed together each time with a loud slap. Her feminine wetness greased my shaft and the overflow ran down over my balls. Holding her hips, I leaned back and pulled her forward off the sofa and onto my lap. Placing her feet down each side of me, I let go of her hips and supported myself with my hands flat on the floor behind me.

Clare rested her hands on the edge of the sofa and started to buck her hips, forcing my shaft deep inside her over and over again. Her pussy walls clamped around me as I started to match her bucks with thrusts of my own.

Taking my left hand from behind me, I brought it up her body letting it move down to her swollen clit with my thumb resting over it. I began to rub around it and over it, flicking it harder and faster. It pushed her closer to her next orgasm. She droves her body down hard onto me, grinding my cock as deep into her pussy as she could get. She pushed her pelvis against mine trapping my thumb as it massaged and pressured her clitoris.

She let out a triumphant scream as her body gave in, once more, to its sexual needs. Wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her. The power of her orgasm shook her body as it took her. Her body quivered and trembled as her pussy flooded again, letting the built up pleasure escape. The rush of her creamy nectar covered my shaft, balls and tops of my thighs.

Moving my hips in small fast movements, I kept her on the edge until she collapsed onto me. Her body limp and raggetty as she tried to gain control of herself again. We kissed deeply as we caught our breath, our tongues dancing and fighting with each other’s.

Clare pushed herself up from laying on me and looked into my eyes, “God I have never cum like that before. My husband can never make me cum. He is all finished in five minutes.” she said wistfully, still catching her breath.

“There is always something I have waited to try but he would never do it to me” she said with a little glint in her eye.

“What would that be?” I asked softly.

“I want to feel a man’s cum in my ass. I want to feel the hot burning deep in my ass as his cum fills it.”

My still hard cock twitched deep inside her pussy and I gently put my hands on her hips and lifted her up and off my shaft.

Clare took her own weight as I lifted her off my cock. She looked down into my eyes as I took my hard cock in my hand and rubbed its swollen head against the tight entrance of her little ass. Slowly she lowered herself down letting the head of my cock prise at her entrance.

Her eyes open wide as her tightness opened up to let my rod just enter her.