Two Viewpoints of St. Nicholas Day


He knew it was going to be a better day as he glanced up from the pillow. Her form was outlined in the gray light of the bedroom window. As she approached the bed, her breasts swung rhythmically with each step. Her raw sexuality stirred him. She smiled and crawled onto the bed and nestled into his arms. He savored her heat and remembered how he felt just twelve short hours ago. But that was before he met Maggie and discovered the joys of St. Nicholas Day.

The car bucked violently as it passed over the speed bump. Cursing under his breath, he turned the steering wheel back and forth as he negotiated around the potholes of the motel parking lot. Turning the corner, he saw his room. The day had been awful and at this point he was certain it was going to get worse. He had just lost a major account. Now the motel had put him in a room with a view of that store. “Son of a bitch” he mumbled. It was 6:30. He was tired, depressed, and hungry. The weather was changing for the worse. With a deep sigh, he realized that he would just have to make the best of it.

Don Smith parked the car in front of Room 169, reached across the front seat, grabbed his brief case, and slowly eased his way out of the car. It was cold and damp. The gusts of wind tugged at the lapels of his open coat. Fumbling with his keys, he managed to pop the trunk and set off the panic alarm at the same time. Don hated these new electronic key fobs. Grabbing everything in the trunk he walked clumsily towards the room. He tried desperately not to drop anything. Finally he got to the motel room door and reached awkwardly for the plastic door key, which he held between his teeth. It slipped from his fingers. He dropped his briefcase and he swore under his breath.

“You look like you’re having a hard day, sweetie,” came a husky female voice to his right. Maggie stood in the shelter of the alcove of her kitchenette suite. She didn’t like to smoke in her room. Besides she was trying to quit and going out into the cold December air slightly reduced her desire for tobacco.

She had seen him pull up and stifled a laugh as he awkwardly tried to handle all of his belongings and open the door. She tossed her cigarette to the ground and moved toward him, as the plastic key door fluttered away from him, propelled by a gust of wind. “Here, let me help you” Maggie said as she picked up the card and stepped towards the door.

“Thanks, I could use an extra hand,” Don replied with a laugh and stepped aside. Maggie deftly swiped the lock, picked up his briefcase, and held the door open for the overburdened man. He dropped everything on the bed and turned to face her.

Maggie flicked on the lights. She had a pleasant face and her broad smile captured his gaze, yet there was something about her brown eyes. He stared. Her voice broke through his silent gape. “Where would you like this, honey?” she asked holding out the brief case.

“Oh, sorry. Just put on the desk beside you, thanks.”

“Would you like a strong coffee to help you unwind from your difficulties and welcome you to this fine establishment?” she asked with more than a trace of sarcasm. The offer clearly took him by surprise. Maggie chuckled to herself as he stuttered his positive reply. “Be back in a minute,” she said as turned and left the room closing the door behind her.

Don stared at the disappearing figure. He didn’t really know what to make of her. She intrigued him. Her smile made him temporarily forget the troubles of the day. But her eyes, in contrast had a lonely look. He quickly hung up his coat and stowed his belongings as neatly as he could. For some unknown reason, he had the compulsion to clean up. Don grabbed his shaving kit, a fresh shirt and under wear, and headed towards the bathroom.

Maggie sensed an opportunity. She threw her coat over the kitchen chair and prepared the two-cup coffee maker. On the way to the bathroom, she grabbed a clean top and panties. Maggie had showered about an hour earlier. Now standing naked before the mirror she quickly refreshed herself with a moist towelette, splashed on a bit of perfume, applied new lipstick and gloss, and ran her fingers through her hair. She stepped back to admire her handiwork. Not bad for a 40 plus year old broad, she thought to herself, then quickly slipped back into her clothes. Before leaving the bathroom, she checked that all dirty laundry was in the hamper, the sink area was neat and tidy, and fresh towels were out. The entire process had taken less than ten minutes. Quick changes were an important part of her business. With a final glance in the mirror, she headed to the kitchen.

Coffee was steaming in the mugs. She poured a healthy dollop from the nearby bottle into each and reached for the fridge door. From the egg rack, Maggie pulled out two small, pre-tied, garlands of mistletoe and attached then to the handles of the coffee mugs. As she put on her coat, Maggie turned off her answering machine, shoved her cell phone into a coat pocket, and unlocked her side of the inter-suite passage door.

Don canlı bahis had quickly refreshed himself with a spit wash of all his important parts, a cursory run of his electric razor, and a transient visit with his toothbrush. Standing before the mirror he straightened his shirt and palmed his thinning hair in place. Strangely there was a twinge of excitement running through his body. He balled up his dirty laundry and opened the bathroom door.

To his surprise she was sitting at the motel room table with two steaming mugs of coffee in front of her. Sensing his surprise, Maggie softly confessed. “I knocked, but when there was no answer, I used the key. I still had it in my pocket.” She smiled, placed the key on the table, and sat up a little straighter in the chair. “I didn’t think you would mind.” She noticed the flush on his cheeks, as he hurriedly stuffed the clothes in his hand into the nearby dresser drawer. His awkward innocence pleased her.

“No, no, you just startled me, that’s all.” Don stepped forward and reached for the coffee mug, which she pushed towards him. He looked at the handle quizzically.

“Mistletoe,” came the explanation. “It’s a symbol of good fortune and protection. Besides its December 5th.”

Don looked puzzled but replied with a laugh, “I need all the good fortune I can get after today,” Sitting on the edge of the bed he sipped the coffee, recognized the extra additive, and remarked that the schnapps added the mellowing he needed. He inquired about the significance of December 5th. Don learned she was of German descent and that this was the eve of St Nicholas. Don found conversation with this woman easy. Between sips of coffee he studied her.

She was a good-looking woman with shoulder length brunette hair. She wore a V-neck, rose-colored yoga top. The color flattered her complexion and the tight material emphasized her figure. Don enjoyed the fact that he could just make out the faint outlines of her nipples through the material. His erotic interest stirred.

Maggie sipped her coffee, listened intently for conversation clues, and carefully studied the man sitting opposite her. He was in his late fifties or early sixties and in good shape. The way he held his coffee mug and the softness of his voices indicated that he was a gentle but slightly troubled man. He was worried about something, but still enjoyed looking at her body, especially her breasts. As she took her last sip of coffee, a twinge of mischievous excitement crept through her and Maggie felt her nipples harden just a little. She straightened her back and thrust out her breasts. Glancing over the edge of her coffee cup, she saw her movements had had the desired effect.

Don had shifted his position on the bed and crossed his legs. “Uhhh… my coffee is finished and I’m hungry, would you like to join me for dinner?” he asked cautiously. “Consider it an offer of repayment for the warm welcome and superb coffee.”

“That sounds good to me,” she purred. “I’m starved. There’s an excellent little pub…”

“…Just across the way,” Don completed her sentence. They both laughed and stood up. As she took the coffee mug from his hand, Maggie made sure her breasts brushed against his arm. She remained close to him, when he helped her on with her coat. Maggie’s fingers lingered over his after she handed him the door key. It had been a slow week. Maggie needed the company.

Snow was beginning to fall as the couple crossed the low grass knoll that separated the motel from the mall parking lot across the way. As they walked, Don enjoyed her presence. She was a comfort against the coming winter storm and the disappointment of losing a major client. As he reached out to put his arm around her shoulder, Don realized he didn’t even know her name. He stopped abruptly.

“Is there something wrong?” she inquired.

“Well yes,” he squirmed with embarrassment. ” I’m about to have dinner with a beautiful and charming companion and I have not even introduced myself.” Maggie smiled at his awkwardness. He was cute, naïve, and obviously more of a gentleman than the regulars she met. “I’m Don Smith…”

“…And I’m Maggie Schmitt, with two t’s.” They giggled like school kids about having similar names. During their conversation the snowfall had increased. Maggie grabbed his arm and huddled against his shoulder as they resumed their walk towards the pub at a quickened pace.

The owner showed surprise, when they entered together. He seated them at a corner table by the gas fireplace. He recommended the schnitzel special and brought pints of a German Pilsner. The couple lingered over dinner, a shared strudel dessert, and several more beers.

Their glasses were empty and the table had been cleared. It was obviously time to leave. However, Don did not want the evening to end. He gently stroked her hand, but he did not know what to say. Maggie sensed the moment. She slipped her right foot from its pump and began to run her toes over his calf. Bending forward, she allowed her top to reveal even more bahis siteleri of her cleavage. Maggie squeezed his hand and looked directly into his eyes. “I’ve had a wonderful time. I have really enjoyed being with you and want to spend more time with you.” She paused. “I’m a professional…” The rest of her words swam in his head. Don liked this woman. He wanted to see more of her. Quickly he devised a plan.

A small adjustment to the bill and his expense account would reflect a dinner for six in an attempt to regain a client. The cash in his hand would cover the additional expenses of the evening. They left with a bottle of schnapps. As they passed through the vestibule and out into the storm, Don slipped his hand into Maggie’s coat pocket then wrapped his arm around her shoulders, providing comfort against the blowing snow. Maggie pulled her coat collar up around her neck, then slipped her hands into her coat pockets and confirmed that the roll of bills just deposited was about the right amount.

The snow was falling very heavily now. The accumulation on the ground was over Don’s shoes and his feet were getting wet and cold. However, the chill of the evening went deeper. As the door to his motel room came closer, he wondered what he had got himself into. He had never done anything like this before. Could he perform?

The warmth and shelter of the room welcomed them. Clumps of snow littered the entrance floor, as Don shook out the coats. He hung them up, placed their shoes by the heater, and got some towels to dry off their faces and hair. Maggie sat on the bed and drying her hair, while Don quickly mopped his face and head and then knelt on the floor beside her.

“Your socks must be soaked, my I remove them?” asked Don. A smile granted permission and soon Maggie was enjoying the warming feel of the towel and Don’s hands on her feet and ankles. The sensations felt good. Maggie moaned as his hands and finger alternated between her toes, heels, and lower calves.

“My pants are wet too, perhaps we should take those off also,” Maggie coyly suggested and immediately leaned back of the bed, undid her jeans, and pushed them down over her hips. Don grabbed the wet hems and pulled. The wet pants were tossed onto a chair. Don wanted to neatly arrange them to dry, but he was stopped when Maggie’s legs coiled around his shoulders and waist and drew him to her. The kiss was gentle but smoldering.

Maggie enjoyed the soft probing of Don’s tongue and the gentle touches of his hands on her shoulders, arms and neck. This was the kind of work she enjoyed. She moaned her encouragement. Soon Don lay on the bed beside her dressed only in his briefs.

Maggie’s top had bunched up beneath her breasts. Don enjoyed the view of her semi-nudity. The erotic sight of her bare skin excited him. Don softly stroked her thighs, stomach and the exposed cleavage of her breasts. She was good looking in the girl next door way. He enjoyed the shape of her breasts and the shape of her mound as it pushed against the thin material of her panties. Her subtle encouraging words about rewards for good little boys and girls on St. Nicholas Day were lost in his timidity. He was no virgin, but neither had he been in this carnal position for much longer than he cared to remember.

He tentatively kissed her. Maggie aggressively returned the kiss thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. Don found his hand moving over her panties and exploring the warm moist area between her thighs. Maggie spread her legs and forcibly guided Don’s head down over her chest, while she freed her breasts from her yoga top.

Maggie was enthralled by his response. Don sucked greedily at her nipples. His fingers slipped beneath the elastic of her panties and explored the lips of her already wet slit. They soon penetrated her pussy and began to massage her almond of love. Electric bolts of passion charged through her body. Her stiffened and writhed. A gasping groan of ecstasy slipped from her lips. She convulsed and covered Don’s fingers with spurts of her hot essence.

Don laid his head on her stomach and listened intently to the storm outside and her breathing, and then he asked. “Is that the kind of present St. Nicholas would bring good little boys and girls?”

“Oh yes!” came the reply between frantic gasps. “…And just wait until we start to share the Christmas Pickle,” she said with a broken laugh.

Moments later Don found himself naked on the bed with Maggie kneeling over him. She was trailing her breasts over his face and chest. Each time her nipples passed near enough he tried to grab them with his lips. Maggie enjoyed the game. She really took pleasure in the feeling his lips and teeth generated on her now long, hard nubs as she pulled them out of his grasp. “Is this the pickle game,” he inquired?

“No, no,” came the reply. “The pickle I play with is down here,” she giggled. Maggie turned and rested on her side. She now looked down on his semi-erect penis. A nice normal sized, un-circumcised cock she observed. “I bet I can have bahis şirketleri fun with that,” she thought and rubbed it softly from head to root. His cock twitched and Don let out a slight gasp. Maggie continued her teasing touches interspersed with bouts of blowing over his cock and balls.

Don could feel his excitement rising. He did not want to climax too soon so he asked a diversionary question. “How does this fit into St. Nicholas Day and pickles? St. Nick wasn’t a pervert was he?”

“No, no he was a true saint,” Maggie explained as she continued to slowly rub and squeeze his balls and cock. “One snowy winter night, two young brothers were returning from boarding school for the winter holidays. The storm drove them to take refuge in an inn. The innkeeper was a treacherous and dishonest person. He stole their money and sealed them in a pickle barrel. However, before he could place the barrel out in his cold storage shed, so the boys would die, St. Nicholas entered the pub. He too sought refuge from the storm. He heard the boys’ cries and saved them. That’s why Germans always celebrate St. Nicholas Day with schnitzel and pickles and always have green, pickle shaped glass ornaments on their Christmas trees.”

“Sounds a little far…”

Maggie interrupted him by turning her body over onto his. Don was resented with a beautiful view of her spread ass and creamy slit. “…No pickle was served with my schnitzel tonight so I’m going make up for that now!” she exclaimed. Before Don realized it, Maggie’s hot mouth was over his cock and she was sucking hard. Her pubic hair was pushed over his mouth. Her sweet musky smell, delightful taste, and the incredible sensations generated by her mouth combined to drive Don to a threshold of excitement, which he had never experienced before. He tried to return her favors by sucking and licking her clit and thrusting his tongue as deep into her sweet tasting pussy as he could. The result was an incredible mutual orgasm, which left both participants drained, sweaty, and exhausted.

Don awoke cold and shivering to the piercing beam of an LED flashlight in his eyes. “What the…?” he stammered.

“Sorry Luv, didn’t mean to get you. Just gathering up my clothes.” She moved quickly around the room. “The storm has knocked out the power and its fucking cold in here. Look, there’s even snow on the floor!” Maggie shone the flashlight to the base of his motel room door, where a half moon of snow spread out from the threshold. “Come on lets get warm.” Don eyes followed the light beam to the passageway door. Maggie’s hunched figure fumbled with the lock, opened the door, and then went through. “Come on you silly bastard, you’ll freeze your balls off if you stay there,” came a shout from beyond the door. Don paused for a moment, not sure what to do. “If you’re not coming, at least shut the fucking door, before you let all the cold air in,” came the scream from the other room.

Don moved quickly toward the flickering light. As he stepped through the passageway he was greeted by warmth. He quickly closed the door behind him. Maggie had placed the flashlight on the kitchen table with its beam pointed to the ceiling and now stood before a small gas stove. The four elements blazed with little blue flames. In the eerie blue light of the flashlight and the stove, the silhouette of Maggie’s body looked inviting. Don stepped forward and sought her warmth. They hugged. “A cozy place in the cold,” he mused and felt his cock begin to harden against her stomach.

Maggie guilelessly undulated her belly against his growing stiffness and offered an explanation. “This used to be the old manager’s suite. When they renovated the motel, they left these rooms as is, including the gas stove and water heater and the old wall mounted gas furnace. It even works when the power is off. So would you like to stay and keep warm or would you…” Don did not let her finish. He covered her mouth with his and drew her even closer to him.

Maggie broke the kiss and patted him on the cheek. She gently, but firmly pushed him back and cooed, ” While I’m finding and lighting some candles, how about you being a brave lad and return to that frigid room of yours and retrieve that bottle of schnapps.”

When Don returned he followed the candlelight into the bedroom. Maggie sat in the bed, her legs crossed under the covers as she leaned against the plumped up pillows. She pointed to the glasses on the bed table. He dutifully followed her silent instructions, while furtively glancing at her naked breasts and hard nipples.

She held her glass in both hands, drew it to her mouth, and slowly sipped. Don downed his with a single gulp, quickly returned the glass to the table, and continued to study her naked torso. Fascinated, in the flickering light of the candles, he studied her. The dim yellow light softened the angular features of her face. Her age lines disappeared. Maggie’s breast rose and fell gently with each breath. Her large nipples seemed to harden and protrude even more under his gazed. Maggie took another sip from her glass. Don reached forward and hesitantly removed it from her hands, placed it on the table, and then bent forward and kissed her lips. Their tongues met and shared the taste of the schnapps.