Two Thighs Ch. 05


Chapter 5 Taking the Plunge

It was late Sunday morning when the doorbell rang.

“Probably Aiko,” Nora guessed.

She opened the door. Sure enough, it was Aiko.

“May I come in?” Aiko asked.

“Of course,” Nora replied.

Nora led her friend to the kitchen where she offered her a cup of coffee.

With a coffee in hand they both sat at the kitchen table.

“When we left last night,” Aiko said, “we saw you guys had already gone.” She was reluctant to mention the club explicitly because she was unsure where things stood with them.

There was a moment of silence as they sipped their coffee.

“Are you upset with me?” Aiko asked.


“Do you think I’m a slut?”

“I thought you acted like one,” Nora replied.

“I make no apologies for that. I love sex and so does Gerald. We allow each other to enjoy ourselves with other people as long as we know and agree to it.”

“It wasn’t quite what we expected.”

“What did you expect?” Aiko enquired.

“Well, I thought we were all just going to look around. I didn’t expect to see you and Gerald, you know, actually do it. I guess what we expected to see was some people going off to some room and having sex in private. You guys not only did it, you did it front of everybody. And you didn’t seem to care.”

“You weren’t wrong in your thinking,” Aiko agreed. We were just going to take you there, let you look so that you would have an idea of what it was like, and go back home with you guts. Everything changed when Linda and Stan showed up. Then Gerald and I decided to make it real for you.”

“You certainly did!” Nora exclaimed. “But in public?”

“We don’t care who’s watching,” Aiko answered. Some people prefer privacy and can use rooms for that purpose. Some people love to have sex in front of other people and there are always people who love to watch. Normally, Gerald and I are neither exhibitionists nor voyeurs although we are often in the same room with our lovers. What we did with Linda and Stan was intended to give you and Ryan a taste of what our lifestyle taste is like.”

Aiko paused for a moment to give Nora a chance to say or ask something, but she remained silent.

Aiko continued. “We do care who we’re doing it with,” Aiko explained. “We are usually quite particular about who we have sex with. They have to be decent human beings who see men and women as partners and genuine equals. It’s all about consenting adults sharing and enjoying sexual pleasure. But I have to apologize for not doing a better job explaining what could happen. To be honest, I genuinely thought that the chances were small that we would actually have sex with someone there. After all, our first and only other visit was a disappointment.”

“What did you actually see?” Aiko probed.

Nora blushed. “I saw that old guy lick you and then…

“Fuck me?” Aiko finished.

“Yes, and then you let that guy’s wife lick you after he had sex with you. Are you bisexual?” Nora asked.

Aiko thought about her question for a moment. She wanted to give an honest answer, not only to Nora but also to herself. “When we first started swinging, I never even thought about touching another woman sexually. Now I see it as a pleasurable supplement.”

Nora looked at her questioningly.

“Foreplay followed by having a man cum in me is still my thing,” Aiko explained. “Everything else I like is extra.”

She saw from the look on Nora’s face that she needed further explanation.

“Linda knew that Stan was not done with me yet because he has a fetish for Asian women that he’s never had the opportunity to satisfy. So, she licked my pussy to keep me primed and to make her husband hard again while he watched. She also clearly liked to do it. Yes, she turned me on and I liked it. If she had continued, I would not have stopped her until she probably made me cum. Well, you saw what happened. He took me again. It was fun.”

“Yeah, I saw,” Nora conceded. “But I was really astonished when you told him not to bother with the condom. Aren’t you worried about getting a disease?”

One of the rules of our swinging group is that we can go bareback within our group and with the other group whose members we see once in a while. They have a similar rule. If we step outside of these two groups, we either have to wear a condom or we have to get ourselves tested for a sexually transmitted disease.”

“How are they going to know you got tested?’ she asked.

They don’t. We operate on an honour system. Basically, we trust each other to do the right thing and observe the rules. Anyway, because we went bareback at the club, we called our doctor to arrange for a test.”

“Doesn’t your doctor wonder why?” Nora asked.

“She used to, but not anymore. After a couple of tests, we decided to be straight with her and told her about our lifestyle.”

“How did she react?” Nora wanted to know.

“Surprised at first but she said she’s seen a lot weirder. She’s pretty liberal. She sloughed off our behaviour as consenting adults Bostancı Escort with an unusual hobby.”

Changing the subject, Aiko asked. “Did you watch Gerald do Linda while she was licking me?”

“Yes.” She blushed.

“Did it turn you on?”


“Did watching Stan and me turn you on too?” she asked.

“Yes,” she answered with elaborating.

“Tell me more,” Aiko urged.

Nora hesitated.

“I’ve been straight with you,” Aiko reminded her. “You owe me the same favour.”

“Okay,” Nora sighed, “when I saw you under that guy, a virtual stranger, it excited me. I wondered what it would be like to be in your place, having some guy other than my husband, you know…” She stopped obviously having difficulty getting her words out.

“Mount you and invade the inner sanctity of your married pussy and fill it with his cum,” Aiko completed almost laughing.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“What about Ryan? How did he react? Did it turn him on?”

“Yes,” she hissed.

“What turned him on? Getting new pussy or sharing yours with someone else?”

“Both,” Nora croaked. “We talked about it when we came home.” She giggled. “He developed a big hard-on when he confessed that he wanted to try strange pussy. When I told him that he would have to share mine with other men, it seemed to turn him on even more.”

“So why did you leave?” Aiko asked. “The thought occurred to us that you two left because you two had decided that swinging was just too wild for you.”

“If we said no, would you stop being friends with us?” Nora questioned.

“No, of course not, we really do like you two. We would enjoy your company without the sex. We do have friends are not swingers. To be honest, though, we would be disappointed.”

“We went home because we got super horny,” Nora confessed. “We were barely in the door when we ripped off our clothing and had sex on the living room couch. It was best sex we’ve had in a long time.”

Aiko smiled and then said cheekily, “You could have done it in the club, you know. You could have given us a show,” she added.

“Nora blushed a deep red this time. “We’re not ready for something that brazen,” she said softly.

‘Good,” Aiko thought, ‘they left because they were shy and horny, not because they were shocked, appalled or disgusted.’

Aiko decided not to push the issue of swapping any further for now. She did not want to push her luck.

“Gerald and I are thinking of renting a cottage a couple of weekends from now. If you’re free, would you be interested in joining us?” Aiko asked hopefully. “We’ll enjoy each other’s company as we always do. Nothing will happen if you don’t want it to happen. I promise.”

“That’s sounds like a really good idea,” Nora replied, taking what Aiko said as reassurance. “It’s been a long time since we’ve enjoyed nature, you know, the fresh air and the quiet nights except for crickets, frogs and the occasion hoot of an owl. When I was a little girl, my parents and I spent most of the summer in our cottage. Of course, I have to ask Ryan first before I can commit. But I think he’d like to go too.”

* * *

Two weeks later, the two couples pulled into the driveway of the cottage around 11:00 p.m. on a Friday night. It had a long drive, almost three hours. As soon as they turned off their cars, everything was pitch-black. It was a moonless. They had to use their flashlights to walk the remaining steps to the cottage and unlock it. Fortunately, the cottage had all the modern amenities, including lights. When they flicked them on, they saw that it was modestly but nicely furnished with two bedrooms.

After hauling in their supplies, hanging up their clothes and securing the cottage, the two couples decided to call it a night.

When they woke up the following morning, the sun was shining brightly. It promised to be a warm sunny day.

“Oh look, there’s a little beach over there,” Nora said excitedly pointing out the window.

“Let’s get breakfast and finish our chores first,” Aiko suggested. “Then we can go check it out and maybe even go swimming, if the water is warm enough, that is.”

The chores took longer than the two couples expected. They decided to postpone their visit to the beach and go there after lunch instead.

The two women were preparing lunch in the open kitchen. Because the temperature was already high, both women wore loose blouses and had dispensed with their bras. Nora wore shorts while Aiko sported a short skirt, which just barely managed to cover her butt cheeks but revealed her thighs and legs to perfection.

They heard the sliding door open and close behind them.

Aiko glanced around her and saw it was Gerald. He winked at her and waved his head toward the door to indicate that she should leave and look for Ryan. The signals had been pre-arranged. She smiled. She realized he was about to make a move on Nora and she should do the same on Ryan.

“Where are you going?” asked Nora.

“I’ll be back soon,” she replied.

Nora kept Anadolu Yakası Escort preparing lunch. Gerald approached her until he was directly behind her. He leaned over her shoulder and looked at the food.

“Hmm, that looks and smells good.” He said close enough to her ear that she could feel his hot breath.

She felt a flutter of excitement course through her body. The presence of this lustful man behind her evoked the lewd memory of Gerald in the swingers’ club, making love doggie-style with Linda.

“It looks good enough to eat,” he added as he moved his lips closer to her neck. “In fact, you look good enough to eat. You are one very beautiful sexy woman, Nora.”

Nora was now having difficulty concentrating on the task at hand. Her nipples tingled. She felt dampness form between her legs.

“Do you like me?” he whispered the question her ear.

“I-I do,” she murmured nervously.

He pressed further. “Are you attracted to me?”

“Y-yes,” she stuttered.

Gerald insinuated his hands underneath the hem of her blouse. Then his hands followed the contours of her body until he reached her generous breasts. They were larger, rounder and softer than Aiko’s. He slid his hand over and around them. Her nipples became as hard as olive pits. He pulled on them gently but firmly.

“Oh!” she gasped.

“Does it feel good?” he demanded.

“Oh yes,” she moaned.

“I’d love to suck on them,” he whispered in her ear.

She let out a low moan as her body shivered at his touch. She imagined his mouth suckling on her nipple.

‘Hmm, she has extra-sensitive nipples,’ Gerald thought.

He kissed her on her neck and nibbled behind her ear, causing her to sigh.

Nora felt something hard and tubular press against her ass cheeks. She moaned again. She told herself to resist his amorous fondling but her body told her to capitulate to her primal desires and submit herself to the man-animal who was now clearly trying to seduce her.

Gerald reluctantly withdrew his hands. His objective at this point was just to tease her, get her worked up, and have her yearn for more. He wanted to seduce her now but he knew that, if he pushed her too hard too fast, she might be jolted into rejecting his advances. For now, it was enough for him to turn her on and let her desire develop by way of a slow burn.

He kissed her lightly on her neck. “I’d better let you finish lunch,” he said hoarsely.

* * *

While Gerald was working on seducing Ryan’s luscious blonde wife, Aiko was looking for Ryan to make her move on him, but she had not quite figured out how she would go about it but, she thought, Gerald must have recognized that Ryan was somehow vulnerable. ‘I’m going to have to fly by the seat of my panties,’ she giggled inwardly, ‘except that I’m not wearing any.’

Aiko found Ryan lying on his back, his head underneath the car. When they drove through the laneway toward the cottage, Ryan had driven over some branches and had heard two or three loud thumps underneath his car. He was checking for damage. So far, he had found none.

Aiko suddenly got an idea. She squatted down and poked him on his thigh. “Hey, what are doing?” Then she propped her hand on his thigh to catch her balance.

Ryan reacted to the sudden unexpected interruption by lifting his head and banging it against the edge of the car. “Ouch!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry Ryan,” she said genuinely concerned, withdrawing her hand. “I didn’t mean to startle you. Are you okay?”

He put his head back down. “I think I’m going to have a bump,” he replied touching it gingerly, “but otherwise nothing serious.”

She put her hand back on his thigh. Ryan turned his head and look toward her. What he saw caused him to gape in astonishment. In front of his face was her naked pussy! Although he had seen her pussy from a relative distance a couple of weeks ago at the swingers’ club, now it was up close and personal, for him only to see. His mouth went dry at the sight of her sweet pussy. Then it started to water as he thought about licking it.

Aiko knew she was having the desired effect on him because she saw an unmistakeable bulge develop in his shorts. The longer he looked the more his cock swelled.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” she teased. “You’ve got another bump over here.” She put her hand on it. “Yep,” she said, “you definitely got another bump. Is it sore?” she asked coyly. “Would you like me to kiss it and make it better?”

At first, his swelling cock was just uncomfortable, but now it was becoming painful as the cramped space in his pants prevented his cock from assuming its natural perpendicular position.

“I’ll bet that hurts,” she added. “It’s my fault too. I have to do something about it.”

Without asking, she quickly undid his belt and the waist button to his shorts and pulled down his zipper. She slipped her hand inside. Wrapping it around his now fully tumescent penis, she released it from its confined space. Then started to stroke it.

Ryan was too surprised by her Ataşehir Escort forwardness to object. Several strokes later, he was enjoying her touch too much to object. His heart pounded at the sensuality of the moment.

“I’ll check to see if there’s any permanent damage,” she said enjoying the feel of his hot hard manly tool in her hand. “It looks okay,” she added a few moments later. “But just to be sure, I’ll kiss it and make better.”

Ryan wanted to stop her for fear of his wife catching him in a compromising position, but he also wan ted her to continue. Just as he was about to make the effort to get up and out from under the car, Aiko put her lips on his cockhead and kissed it. She briefly took it in her mouth and slurped it, and tucked it back into his underwear into a comfortable position, and pulled up the zipper on his pants.

“Lunch should be ready now,” she told him. “I don’t want to spoil my appetite by having desert first.”

She stood up and walked back to the cottage. Ryan’s first reaction was disappointment when both the feel of her soft hand and the sight of her sweet pussy had disappeared.

He lay there for a few minutes waiting for his cock to shrink back to its normal flaccid state. Then he manoeuvred his out from beneath the car and headed toward the cottage.

While Ryan was recovering, Aiko stepped back into the cottage just as Gerald stepped away from Nora. A minute later, Ryan came back. Gerald and Aiko winked at each other to indicate the success of their separate missions. Aiko then helped Nora finish making lunch.

Ryan tried to be nonchalant. “What’s for lunch?’ he asked.

“Spicy wieners and hot buns,” Gerald answered tongue in cheek. “And we’ve got jugs of milk to wash it down with.”

Both Nora and Ryan almost choked even though they had not yet taken a bite yet. Gerald and Aiko laughed heartily at his ribald humour.

* * *

The beach was basically a small patch of sand on the edge of a small lake that was mostly surrounded by forest. Much of the shoreline was covered in cattails. Horsetails grew in the stonier parts of the beach. The sun was bright and temperature was hot.

‘And soon, I hope,’ Aiko thought as she noted the vegetation, ‘I’ll see some man-tails too.’

The two couples laid out their beach towels on patches of the beach that were relatively clear of stones.

Ryan dipped his finger into the water. “Hey, it’s pretty warm.”

“It should be at this time of year,” Gerald remarked. “We’re well into the summer. Lakes of this size tended to warm quickly after a few weeks of warm temperatures.”

“Is it safe to swim here?” Nora asked.

“No,” Gerald said with a straight face, “this lake is known for its great white sharks.”

“Stop teasing them,” Aiko retorted.

Nora laughed. “He’s not fooling me. My parents often took me to the cottage when I was a little girl. Lakes like this have leeches and they can be quite large too. Leeches don’t spread disease. If it grosses you out to have one sucking blood from you, don’t swim in this lake!”

“Oh,” Gerald said. “I hadn’t thought about that. I’m not going in the water.”

Aiko laughed. Gerald’s attempt to scare everyone had backfired.

Clearly delighted that she had caught Gerald in his own trap, Nora continued. “Actually, it’s okay to swim in lake. It’s not suitable for the creatures that the leeches usually like to feed on, like frogs and turtles, which prefer marshier conditions with hordes of insects to feed on.”

“Great,” Aiko enthused, “we can bask in the sun and swim in the lake. The sun is high and it’s hot. So, we don’t have to worry about mosquitoes.”

“But we didn’t bring swimsuits,” Nora protested. “You didn’t mention anything about being near a lake. I got the impression we would be in a forested area only. We didn’t pack things we thought were useless.”

“We didn’t bring any swimsuits either,” Aiko said. “We can go skinny-dipping,” she giggled happily.” I’ve never done that before.”

“You can’t do that!” Nora protested. “Someone might see!”

“Who’s to see?” Aiko pointed out. “There aren’t any other cottages around here and the trees completely block the view of anyone who might be travelling down the country road. They would have to deliberately drive down the laneway to the cottage to see us.”

In no time, Aiko stood on the beach in her naked glory. Her blouse and skirt were piled on a large rock to avoid getting dirt and sand on them. Of course, there were no panties in the pile.

“Aiko, you shouldn’t,” Nora protested again.

“Don’t be a prude,” Aiko said. “The two of you saw me naked at the swingers’ club. So, what’s the difference?”

Meanwhile, Gerald removed his shorts and underwear and piled them next to Aiko’s clothes. He had removed his shirt earlier in the day to take advantage of the sun. “You’ve seen me naked too!” he added in support of his wife.

Nora and Ryan watched as the naked couple waded into the water until they were thigh-deep.

“Don’t be so damn shy,” Gerald called out. “Come on in.”

“The water is fine,” Aiko added.

“Oh, to hell with this!” Nora said almost in self-disgust and too off her blouse. “The water is so inviting and the sun is so warm. It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed a weekend at the cottage. To hell with it, I’m going in.”