Truth or Dare

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Truth or DareTina Daniels didn’t know what to do. She was only here at this place on a dare from her best friend, Sandy. This place, Club Midnight, was a swinger’s meeting place on the south end of downtown. Carved into an old warehouse, the rooms were spacious and the décor was really quite tasteful. She remembered being pleasantly surprised upon their arrival, expecting something much more seedy, and dank. Instead, it was very clean and the most surprising part, the people. She had formed a profile in her mind of the type of man she might meet here. Shifty, unclean and unshaven, disheveled. She couldn’t have been more wrong. These men were not only clean and well dressed, they were also in shape and damn good looking for the most part.But even with that being the case, she still felt terribly uncomfortable here in this place. Everywhere she turned there was a man and a woman, or a group of men and women, in differing stages of the sexual act. From the simple petting and kissing of the youngish white couple in the far corner, to the older black lady giving head to no less than six men of different races and nationalities, a mere ten feet from where she now stood. They were so close she couldn’t help but hear the deep guttural moans of the men, as the beautiful black lady sucked their cocks with gusto. She also couldn’t help but notice the different sizes and thicknesses of the men’s penises.As she watched, she felt herself growing moist. She also noticed a couple of the men watching her watch, and giving her a nod of invitation, shocking her out of her trance. She was thinking she had to get away from this, but wondered to where, and how? She knew for sure the room behind her was filled with the same types of scenes, having just come from there. And she wanted to keep moving, for fear of being approached by one of the men, or worse yet, one of the women.”Where in the fuck is that damn Sandy?” she asked herself, but knowing full well that Sandy was most likely being shared by the two very young men she had disappeared with just fifteen minutes ago. And even though she was mad at Sandy, she couldn’t deny the spark she felt between her legs when she thought of the sexual act(s) that her friend might be involved in at this very moment. Nor could she deny the effect all of this was having on her as she took it all in. But it was so foreign to anything she had ever seen or thought about before, she just couldn’t possibly become a participant, she told herself.Just then she noticed what looked like another room off the far side of the room, and she started making her way toward it. Turning the corner, she saw a dimly lit hallway, with an open door at the far end, with two other doors about midway down. As she started down the hall, she became aware of conversation and laughter coming from the open door. Wanting to avoid contact with anyone, she reached for the doorknob of the first door she reached.”Damn,” she cursed, realizing it was locked. Looking down the hall she could see the back of a woman’s shoulder up against the doorframe, with a man’s arm resting on the same frame above her head. She rushed for the next-door down; twisting the knob and throwing the door open all in one motion.She was inside, and now closing the door quickly behind her. She immediately heard the unmistakable sounds of sex in the air. She froze. This room was much darker than the hall, and as her eyes slowly adjusted, she became aware of a black couple just a few feet in front of her, while she stood frozen with her back to the door. She could hear a low, growing moan coming from deep within the man’s throat, and sexually charged whimpers coming from the woman.Her eyes continued to adjust to the darkness, and she could now she them much more clearly. The man, who was ruggedly handsome and huge in stature, was standing upright with his head thrown back with his hands resting on the back of his hips, pushing them and his cock forward. The woman, who appeared to be in her thirties, was on her knees in front of the man, performing oral sex on him. Slowly, Tina became aware of the size and girth of the man’s cock as she watched as the woman struggled to keep it in her mouth, while stroking it furiously with both of her hands. His moan was now becoming more needful as he reached for her head and forced his cock deeper into the woman’s mouth.Tina also became aware that her own hand had now reached under her short skirt and pushed her silk panties to one side in order to stroke her wet pussy. She watched in amazement when the man screamed as he finally began shooting his gooey load of sperm into the woman’s mouth. Tina rubbed her pussy hard while she watched the woman struggle to swallow it all, and then came violently when kayseri escort she saw his thick white load start to ooze from between her lips and his enormous black cock. The woman’s eyes were open now, and looking up at this tower of a man. She continued to swallow, he continued to moan, and the sperm continued to drool out of her mouth, all over her chin, and then dropped down to her dark breasts, and onto the floor.Finally, his moans subsided and he started to withdraw his cock. As he did, a massive amount of his sperm and the woman’s saliva spilled from her mouth. She had swallowed all that she could, but couldn’t swallow another drop. The mixture of their body fluids was everywhere. All down the front of her beautiful body, and strings of it hung stretching from her chin to his cock. Tina watched as the entire length of his member came into view for the first time. She was absolutely mesmerized, and then she became aware that he was looking in her direction. It was the first time that either of them had acknowledged Tina’s presence. She only briefly looked at his face, as her eyes were drawn back to this huge black man’s cock. All twelve wet inches of it glistened in the dim light of the room. Strands of jism and spit still dangled loosely from it. She watched as the woman moved slowly under the mammoth thing and began to clean it thoroughly with her mouth.Tina suddenly realized she still had 3 fingers stuffed deep inside of her pussy. She dropped to her knees and closed her eyes as a second orgasm washed over her. When she opened them back up, the man had moved in front of her and now his incredible black dick hung down just inches in front of her. With it so close, she became aware that it was longer than the entire length of her face. She tensed up and withdrew just a little. But still she couldn’t take her eyes off of it.She didn’t even look up at him when she heard him demand, “Touch it.”She just kept staring at it, admiring its size and shape, and marveling at the fact that it wasn’t softening at all. It remained fully erect, with a gradual downward curve, as if it’s weight prevented it from remaining completely straight. She wanted badly to touch it, to lift it and feel its mass in her small hands. She began to think about what it would feel like to have it inside of her. She wondered if she could get even half of the damn thing inside of her pussy.She was fighting her growing urge to reach for it when suddenly, “I said touch it, Goddamnit! Put your hands on it and stroke my cock, you whore.”That caused her to lift her eyes up to his face. There was no play in his eyes, no indication whatsoever this was a game. She felt a twinge of fear, and a moistening of her pussy lips at the exact same moment. She felt strangely aroused by the prospect of being totally dominated by this giant of a man. Still she remained still, not giving into her desires, or his demands.Without a word, he reached forward with his right hand and grabbed a handful of her silky blonde hair. Tightening his grip on it into a fist, he turned her face upwards to his and said, “I said put your fucking hands on my black cock. This is the last time I’m gonna tell ya.”Immediately, her hands reached involuntarily to grasp his manhood. She could not believe it when she was unable to touch her thumb to her forefinger, reaching around it at its thickest point. As she lifted it and began to stroke it, she guessed that it might weigh as much as two or three pounds. She had no idea that cocks of this size even existed before now. Her pussy began to flow juices uncontrollably, as she fondled his massive black dick, imagining the filthy things he might make her do at any moment.While she continued to stoke him, he reached down between her legs and roughly ran two of his long, thick, rough fingers way up inside of her in one forceful thrust.”Uuuuunnnnngggggghhhhhh..OOOOHHHHH FUCK!!” Tina cried out as he thrust half of his hand up inside of her velvety smooth insides. It was one of the most deliciously painful things she had ever experienced.”How’d your pussy get so wet, whore?” he demanded, forcing her lips apart with the same fingers and making her taste and lick her own juices. “Did my black cock do that, you fucking white slut?”Tina felt another burst of moisture in her pussy as he talked to her that way. She continued to stroke his cock and watch him with anticipation. She couldn’t ever remember being so excited and scared at the same time.”Put your slutty mouth on my cock, bitch. My dick is getting dry. Put your mouth on it, suck it and lick it, and get it real fucking nasty. Don’t make me hurt you, you fucking white cunt whore.”Tina wanted to suck it badly anyway. But something inside of her was making escort kayseri her want to defy him, to find out what he might do. But her desire to suck it was strong, and so was her fear of him. But even as she placed her lips on its head she knew at some point she was going to deny one of his demands. She just needed to work up her courage. But for now she was going to enjoy this. Trying to get it in her mouth was even tougher than she had anticipated. She began to lick up and down the length of it, making it shine with her saliva. The taste and smell of it and his balls were driving her wild. She began to relax her jaw muscles in an attempt to get more of it in her mouth. She managed to get about 4 inches inside before it hit the back of her throat. She was concentrating on this so much that her hands had left his cock and were now holding his hips, trying to pull him to her and force more of his dick inside.”Did I tell you to stop stroking my cock?” he barked suddenly. “Did I? Now get your hands back on my dick and stroke it good.”She decided that was it. Fuck him, she thought, as she reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him forward forcing about another inch of black cock down her throat.”OH YEAH, BITCH,” he growled with just a hint of a smile. “OK, get what you want now. I’ll let ya, whore. But I’m gonna get mine before this is over. You hear me, bitch?And when I do, you gonna get yours too. Yeah, you gonna get yours too, but good.”Now she understood the game. He wanted aggressiveness from her, and he was going to return it with wild abandon, but he wasn’t out to hurt her. He just planned to fuck the ever-loving daylights out of her. Now that she knew the game, God was she ever ready.There was nothing more that she wanted right now than to be totally manhandled by this fucking black giant. And the way to get it, was to go after it. At that moment she locked her arms around his ass and pulled 2 more inches of cock down her throat before pulling back gagging and spitting all over him. Still coughing and gagging, she grabbed a hold of him and started stroking with all she had. He reached down and grabbed her chin roughly and turned it up to him.”Oh you suck a mean cock, you fucking white whore. But I’m gonna show you how you’re really suppose to suck a black dick. You ain’t ever sucked one like this, I promise you that, slut!”Then he grabbed her whole head with both of his huge hands and forced her mouth open and back onto his tool. He had a fistful of blonde hair in one hand and the back of her head with the other and started pulling her mouth further and further down on his shaft. She started gagging and snorting, but he was relentless, releasing her just enough to get a breath before forcing her back down on that mammoth cock of his.”See, I told you bitch. I told you you were gonna suck some black cock, didn’t I? Don’t you even think about stopping before I tell you to, you hear me?”Tina could hardly see for the tears that had formed in her eyes, but from the depth of the penetration that he was forcing down her throat, and the blur of black cock she could see thru her tears, she guessed that over 3 quarters of his dick was in her throat by now. She had gagged and coughed so much saliva that is was just a sticky mess between her face and his crotch now. She didn’t care. In fact, she loved it. Each time he forced her mouth further around his cock it made her think of what it would feel like forcing that much inside of her pussy. She never dreamed that she would enjoy being treated like this. But it was without a doubt the most erotic time of her life.”My God, I want him to fuck me so badly,” she thought to herself.Then, as if he sensed how badly she needed to feel his cock, he released her and slowly withdrew his member from her throat. She wiped the moisture from her eyes in time to see the tip of his glistening black cock clear her lips.”Get over on your fucking hands and knees, and stick that white ass up in the air as far as you can. When I stick my dick in you, don’t you dare run from me cause I’ll just catch up with you and fuck you even harder and longer. You understand me, slut?”Tina didn’t answer, she just nodded up at him as she meekly maneuvered to the doggy position. She lowered her head and shoulders down to the carpet, bringing her knees up under her, forcing her ass high in the air. He moved in behind her and rolled her skirt up over her buttocks and onto her back. He forced the thoroughly wet, thin fabric of her panties to one side, and with his horsecock in his hand, he brought its head up to her sopping entrance. There, he moved it up and down the length of her opening, making sure to apply extra pressure as it moved across her clitoris. Tina kayseri escort bayan was fucking beside herself now with anticipation of what was about to happen to her. She knew this was going to be the roughest fuck of her life, but she also knew that she better not move away from him no matter how much it might hurt at first.She could not hold still the anticipation was so great. He watched as she moved her beautiful big white ass seductively just inches from his cock. It was time, and he raised it up and worked the head of it slowly just inside of her pussy, pausing just a minute to let her adjust.”Good God, if that is just the head how will he ever get the rest of it inside of me?” she wondered. But it felt so good, she sure as shit wanted more, and before he even tried to go further, she began moving her hips again slowly working an inch or two more inside.”OOOOOHHHHH….OOOOOOHHHHHH, GOD. OH MY GOD,” she groaned without thought.”Oh you hot fucking mama, you!” he breathed. “Remember me telling you I would get mine, and you would get yours? Get ready whore, here comes.”With that he withdrew just a bit, and then moved back inside of her another inch. Back out and back in…..another half inch. Back out, back in. Each time a little faster and a little further. Now he had about two thirds of his black snake in her snatch and he was starting to feel a little resistance, but she didn’t move away. Tina could feel it too. He was starting to hit bottom. And although it was a little painful down deep, the pleasure she felt everywhere else in her pussy won out. So, she not only didn’t move away from him, she spread her knees out a little more and forced her ass even higher up in the air. He felt the resistance give way, and after about 4 or 5 more strokes, he was bottoming out in her pussy. Now it was time to get rough, he decided.Tina was in sheer heaven each and every time he bottomed out, feeling his cock hit parts of her she didn’t even know were there. She was moaning and whimpering uncontrollably as he shoved his huge cock repeatedly all the way in. Surely this is what he had been talking about. Not so, she soon found out.”Hey baby whore. You liking this shit, baby whore? You think this is a good fucking don’t you, white girl? How many times you come, white girl? Huh, how many?” he taunted her. “Question is, how many times can you come?”With that, he placed his left arm around her neck and pulled her into a more upright position. Then with his right hand he grabbed as much of her blonde hair as he could, and at the same time that he pulled back hard on her hair, he plunged his cock as far and as hard as he could into the depths of her pussy.”UUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” she yelped. “OH GODDAMN, THAT WAS GOOD!!She was just about to beg for him to do it again when, WHAM!!”OH FUCK BABY,” she panted breathlessly, “AGAIN BABY, DO ME AG….UUNNGHHH. AGAIN PLEASE, DO IT…..UUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHH!!!Then he was trusting into her rapid fire, with a force that was unbelievable. He was pulling back on her neck and shoulders with his left arm, and her hair with his right, as he bowed his back and ground his huge black horsecock as deep into her as he could manage, searching for a new depth with each stroke.Her sounds became mangled and incomprehensible. “OH, OH, OH, FU….AGA…NOW.YEAH….UUNNNGGHHH…OOHH….FU…ME. FUCK ME, PLEA…..OH GOD.”Then suddenly he released her and as she fell forward just a bit, he lifted his right leg and stepped over her hip, this move somehow allowing him even deeper penetration. As he burrowed further inside of her pussy, she turned her face directly into the carpet and literally screamed her pleasure at the top of her lungs.Finally he announced that he was going to cum, as he pulled out of her and fell back on to the floor as he continued to jerk himself off. Within a matter of seconds she had scrambled up and was on top of him pulling and sucking on his cock, begging for his seed. When it started to erupt, she had her mouth over the head and kept it there until the last spurt had come. She hadn’t swallowed his sperm but rather allowed it to hit in her mouth and then drool back out, and down all over his cock, balls, stomach, and thighs. Now she greedily began to lick and clean every drop of his thick white sperm that she could find. This time she was swallowing everything, even stopping at the head of his cock and coaxing the last few drops out, and then down her throat.As she finished, it was only then that she remembered that there was a black woman in the room with them. She had been watching them the entire time and was still rubbing her pussy from the show. Now she was moving toward him and reaching for his cock. He rolled over and began to kiss and neck with her. Soon the black woman had him fully erect again and was giving him serious head.”Jesus, is there no limit to how long this guy can go?” Tina wondered, as she lay back and watched the black couple pleasure one another. “This is where I came in,” she giggled.