Truth or Dare


You and I are best friends and have been for most of our lives. We’re also roommates. I come out of my bedroom one evening wearing nothing but panties and one of your t-shirts that somehow got mixed up with my clothes when I was doing the laundry. I am surprised to see you sitting on the couch because you’re supposed to be on a date. When I ask what you are doing home so early you tell me your girlfriend had other plans so she cancelled your date. I tell you I’m sorry that she backed out on you but secretly I’m pleased. I think your girlfriend is a major bitch but that’s probably just jealousy speaking. You don’t know it but I’ve lusted after you since we were teens. You’ve never really seen me as a woman, though, just as your best friend whom you can tell anything and everything to.

I walk into the kitchen and grab a couple of beers out of the fridge. I open them, put some tortilla chips in a bowl and grab the jar of salsa. I carry them to the living room and place the chips and salsa on the coffee table before handing you a beer. You thank me as I sit on the recliner. We watch the baseball game for a while. We order pizza and when it comes I head into the kitchen for napkins, plates and two more beers. After we eat, I ask if you’re up to a game of Truth or Dare, something we used to play as kids. You say sure and decide to go first.

“Truth or dare?” you ask me. I pick truth. You ask me how many guys I’ve slept with, because unlike you, I don’t kiss and tell. I tell you I’ve only ever slept with one guy and it was really nothing to write home about.

“Truth or dare?” I ask. Truth is your response. I ask if you ever considered proposing to one of your many girlfriends over the years. You tell me no and I have to try to hide my relief from you.

I pick a dare on my next turn. You dare me to kiss you. I get up and walk over to the couch. I straddle your legs, put one hand on the back of your head and the other on your cheek. I lower my mouth to yours. I run my tongue along the seam of your lips, forcing my tongue into your mouth, exploring your mouth with my tongue before playfully tugging on your lower lip.

“Truth or dare?” I ask breathlessly.

“Dare,” you answer. I’m thrilled that your voice isn’t quite steady. It tells me the kiss affected you too. I dare güvenilir bahis you to strip down to your boxes. I slide off your lap and blatantly watch as you pull off your t-shirt, revealing tight abs and dark hair. You undo your belt and the button on your jeans. I notice that your hands aren’t quite steady either. You pull the zipper down and wriggle out of your Wranglers, revealing dark blue boxers. You sit back on the couch and I return to my chair.

On my next turn, I choose a dare. You dare me to sit on your lap again like I did when I kissed you. I straddle your legs; the hard ridge of your cock rests against the top of my thighs.

“Dare,” you say. I dare you to remove my shirt. Your brown eyes have darkened with passion. My breathing changes as you take my shirt by the hem and pull it up over my chest. I lift my arms and you pull the shirt off.

I accept a dare for my next turn. You dare me to rid you of your boxers. I feel heat and moisture pooling between my legs as we stand. I slide my hands down your chest to your shorts. Grabbing the waistband, I pull your boxers down your legs and wait for you to step out of them. Your cock is hard and throbbing. It excites me to know you’re as turned on as I am.

I dare you to remove my panties. You sit on the couch again and grab my panties by the legs and pull them off in one swift movement.

“Dare me,” I say saucily. You dare me to sit on the coffee table and touch myself while you watch. I perch on the edge of the coffee table and spread my legs wide, giving you an excellent view of my now-soaked pussy. I cup my full, milky breasts. I knead them, circling my hard nipples before pinching them. I slide my hand over my tummy until I reach my pussy. With one hand I part my slick folds, with the other hand I touch my clit. Stroking it. Lightly pinching it. Rolling it between my thumb and finger until I cum. I chance a glance at you and notice that your breathing is shallow. There’s a drop of fluid on the head of your cock.

“Truth or dare?” I ask, after I catch my breath.

“Truth,” you answer.

“Do you want me to suck you off?” I ask. You dare me to in response.

I drop to my knees in front of you and lightly touch my tongue to your cock. You jump at the contact. I circle the head of your cock with my türkçe bahis tongue then take you completely into my hot mouth. I lick you, suck you and bite down gently. You scream in agony/bliss as you cum hard. I swallow your hot juices, savouring the taste. I hold you in my mouth until you start to soften then I return to the edge of the coffee table. I run my tongue over my lips, catching any drop that I might have missed.

I dare you to touch me anywhere you want, however you want. You slide your hand between my legs. You stroke my wet pussy. I moan as you start to circle my clit. I lean back on my elbows and spread my legs even wider. You slide three fingers inside my hot moist channel. You thrust them in and out, slowly, gently then harder, faster, inserting them as deep as they can go. I start to ride your hand as you bring me closer, closer. The pressure is building inside. All I can think of is your hand between my thighs, your fingers deep inside me, fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before. I scream out your name as I cum hard.

As I calm down a bit you ask me “truth or dare?” I pick dare. You dare me to clean my juices from your fingers. You slip one finger into my mouth. I lick your finger clean as you insert the other two. I lick them and suck them the same way I licked and sucked your cock. When they’re clean, you remove them from my mouth.

“Truth or dare?” I ask you. You opt for a dare. I dare you eat me out. You’re so turned on. I lean back on the coffee table as you grab my legs and place them on your shoulders. You cup my ass lifting me a bit off the table. You lower your mouth to my soaking pussy. Your tongue sneaks out and begins to leisurely explore the contours of my pussy. Your tongue parts my folds. Slides inside my vagina. In and out. In. Out. It feels exquisite. OMG, your tongue is so hot against my pussy. I reach out and grab your head, holding you between my legs as your tongue flicks my clit. I moan. The pressure is building again. My breathing is shallow. You suck on my clit. I cum hard, filling your face with my juices as you bite down on my swollen clit. You keep licking and sucking as aftershocks course through my body. I collapse onto the table, spent. You lean down and kiss me softly, exploring my mouth with your tongue. I taste myself on güvenilir bahis siteleri your lips and tongue.

Breaking the kiss, you help me sit up as you ask me to pick a truth or a dare. I pick truth. You ask me how I really feel about you. Even though I know I’ll probably regret my answer in the morning when I’m not intoxicated from the beer and the experience of finally being with you, I tell you the God’s-honest-truth: I’ve wanted you for as long as I can remember.

You choose truth for your final turn. I ask if you want me, not knowing what I’d do if you told me no. You tell me you want me more than your next breath.

I pick truth for my last turn. You ask me if this is a one-night event. I stand up and walk to the couch. I straddle your lap and raise myself up above your rock hard cock. I rub my pussy against your cock, coating it with my juices. I raise myself up again and start to lower myself onto your cock, taking you slowly inside me. We both moan as I take you fully inside me. As I start to ride you, I kiss you hard. Breaking the kiss, I look you in the eyes and tell you straight from the heart that I’m yours for as long as you want me. You capture my lips in a passionate kiss as you start to thrust deep inside me. It’s not long before we cum. I collapse against you and we doze off.

I’m awakened at some point in the night by you placing a gentle kiss on my forehead. Your hands cup my round ass as you stand up. I gasp in surprise and wrap my arms around your neck, placing my legs around your waist. Your lips capture mine in a heated kiss as you carry me to my bedroom. You place me gently on my bed. I beg you not to leave. You chuckle as you pull away. You tell me you’re not going anywhere and then I feel your lips on my neck. You lick and suck my flesh, kissing your way to my breasts. You circle one nipple with your tongue before drawing the tight bud into your mouth. I moan as you suckle my breast. Soon you’re doing the same to the other one. You kiss your way down my tummy to my pussy. You lick my folds before flicking your tongue inside. I buck my hips off the bed, grinding my pussy into your face as you suck on my clit. It’s not long before I start to cum. Before I can settle down, you drive your hard cock deep inside me. I scream as our bodies join for the second time tonight. It’s not long before we cum together in a powerful orgasm, your hot juices filling my body. Being careful to stay inside me, you roll us to our side so we’re facing each other. We doze off holding each other tight.