TRUTH AND DAREhey guys. I am rocky with story which will make your dick hard.This happens few month earlier when i was back to my home in durga pooja holidays from my college.Guys truly saying I never want to forget this sexual encounter of mine.This is about Shanti aunty.She lives in my apartment on 3 rd floor which is below to floor.Shanti aunty is a fair(like a pale white color) looking lady which is very conscious about her body specially figure.I usually go to gym in my college i wish to continue my work out in holidays in my society gym.Story starts here,it was about 7 pm on the clock and i reaced to the gym. There i saw Shanti jogging on the jogging machine .When i first saw here , i am not able to stop staring at here figure of 34-30-34.Here boobs were bounching like anything with her every steps.Some how i controlled my self had go to the jogging machine next to her because there is a mirror in front of the machine from where i could have a sharp look at her figure. I switch on the machine and started jogging . I was seeing her boobs and butts bounching with her steps.Suddenly she saw me watching at her boobs.then i removed my eyes from there and react like if nothing happens.Then Shanti stop for a while and take a long breath which made her boobs more exposed . then she do more workout and leave the gym.Then i decided to have a conversation with her and on next day i arrived at the same time and she was jogging on the machine.I again go to the machine next to her and start jogging .That day i reactlike a decent young boy and not started at her and then the luck play it role .Shanti is having some problem with her machine and the gym trainer was not there so, i moved in to help her there is a minor problem which i resolved in a second. Then she talk to me had said :Shanti: Hi i am shanti .ME: Hey I am rocky.Shanti: I had never seen you before in the gym ??ME: ya.actual i live in building no.14 with my family and i had just arrived to here in my college durga pooja holiday.Shanti: anadolu yakası escort oh! i also lives in building no.-14 at 3 rd Which flat you live ?ME: really ! 404Shanti: i live in 303 .ME: that’s good .then she offers me to have a tea in her flat on next afternoon.and i accepted her day i go to her flat when my mother is sleeping and and my father was gone to his work . I rang the bell and she opens the door.Surprisingly there was no one in the flat . I asked her is there no one . then she said that her husband had just leave due to an urgent work. and her c***d will arrive at 4pm.SO, i reminded that i am having 3 hours for my game to play.She offers me to sit on the sofa and then she bring some snacks to eat. then we started our conversation and i started to flirt her by saying that aunty you did seems to have one c***d.You had maintained you body very well .then she said thanks and told me to not to say her aunty . then i said okay.then she go to the kitchen and after some time i also followed her to kitchen then she ask me about the college life then she ask me that if i am having girlfriend .then i refuses to her and said that for satisfying myself i am having many and just enjoy the sex life .then she replied in a shock ohhhhhhhh….then i asked her weather she is interest in having relationship with other male .then she was just blank out and then i also said her that Shanti you are having figure that attract every male to you.Then she smiled and said that ohh weather it also attract you in that way.Then i said no no i was just saying.I was shocked with her reaction then i said her its time to leave .then she said that if you can come tomorrow at 10 am because she enjoyed talking to me and she will be alone tomorrow and would like my company .Then i happily accepted her proposal.Then next day i arrived at her flat at 11 am she was wearing grown and then we talked for a while at it is 1 pm on the ataşehir escort clock then i said her to play truth n dare and she said do not apply your flirty tricks on me .then i said that i just wanna play.then she agreed and we sat on the floor and she brought a bottle and revolve it . bottle stop in front of me and then she offers me weather to choose truth or dare .i said truth then she asked how many times you are having sex.then i said 3 times.then she revolve the bottle and then the bottle stop in front of her.then i asked her what is the size of your bra .she replied in shy manner 34.then she revolve the bottle and bottle stop infront of me and then i said dare. then she said to open your jeans and just sit in fornt of me in your t-shirt on underwear.First I was shocked by hearing then I removed my jeans and then sit in front as of her in an underwear and t-shirt and she was staring to my dick as if she want me to remove my underwear also.then i revolve the bottle and then the bottle stops in front of her then she said dare in such a manner that she knows what i am going to say.I told her to remove her grown and she removed her grown easily without any hesitation and i my mouth was open to see a sex bomb in black bra and panty.then she revolve the bottle and it stop in front of her .she said dare and i said freely to open her bra and remain sit in front of me.then she removes her bra and i was just starring on her pink nipples.then again she revolve the bottle and then it stopped in front of me then i said dare and she removes her panty and 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