true story


true storySo today I went to work at a local club in ga and my boss is always hitting on must of the girls but was always sceptic about stepping up to me..I guess..So I was washing up in the bathroom and Fancy my co worker my anadolu yakası escort co worker and told me he wanted me in his office I mean literaly did he want me…I was so ataşehir escort horny that I wipped his dick out and started sucking it I was so fucking wet and so I jumped right on it and ümraniye escort fucked him like there was no tommorow…then fancy’s nosey ass walked and said wtf is going on in here I told to the bitch what does it look like and she must of been so turned on cause stay and watched playing w/ her clit so as I’m riding my boss he hold me dwn as he cums inside of me and then Fancy sucked all of that thick cum out me..The funny thing is I’m friends with his wife and don’t knw how to face her o well it was worth the fuck were not that close anyways.