Tropical Storm


“For those of you who still have power, the storm has been upgraded to tropical storm conditions” says the woman on TV.

‘Great!’ Kelly thinks to herself as she sits in her house, alone. She gathers candles, lots of them, matches and several bottles of water as she waits for the year’s first big storm to pass.

Outside, the storm rages and Kelly finds it almost erotic in nature. A flash of lightning followed quickly by the loud thunder. It shakes and rattles the house, sending shivers down her spine. The lights flicker but stay on and she can feel the electricity in the air as it makes her skin tingle.

Kelly continues to watch the weather lady on the TV giving updates constantly. Looking out of her front window, Kelly watches as people race by in an effort to get home before the worst of the storm hits, feeling thankful that she’s not out there tonight.

Another flash of lightning, immediately followed by thunder and another noise, a cracking sound. She sees a tree fall across the road and hears a car skid to a stop. Kelly looks out of her window and sees a tall, dark haired man examining the damage to his car. Feeling no small amount of pity, she opens her window and asks if he’s alright.

“Yes,” comes the reply, “but I could use a phone to make a call.”

Kelly offers to assist this stranger as she opens her front door to wave him in. Grateful for the help, he quickly runs to the front door while trying to stay as dry as possible – and failing miserably.

Just at that moment there’s another flash of lightning, followed immediately with the loud crack of thunder and all the lights go out. With the house nearly dark, and this stranger standing outside, Kelly nervously invites him in, out of the torrential rains. He thankfully accepts her hospitality as he steps into the house.

“I’m afraid I’m soaked. I don’t wanna get your floors all wet, I should go back to my car and wait out the storm.” He turns to leave and flashes a smile at her, saying, “Thanks anyways,” before retreating to his car.

Something about his smile makes Kelly’s skin tingle, just like the electricity in the air. She ignores it at first as she gets busy with lighting candles around the house. Their dim light casts shadows on the walls and Kelly feels her skin contract with goosebumps. As each candle is lit, she finds herself thinking about that sexy looking stranger in his car. She picks up the phone. “Damn, it’s dead.”

She goes to the kitchen and unthinkingly tries that phone. Frustrated that it’s not working either, she hangs it up. Her mind keeps going back to the stranger’s smile. It was warm and genuine and made her feel so much at ease. Her skin tingles with more goosebumps as thoughts of seeing him naked course through her mind. Excitement builds within her loins, unsure if it’s from the storm or him.

The coolness of the air makes her nipples become erect, pressing against the fabric of her shirt. Instinctively, her hands rise up to touch them, rubbing the now hard nipples and sending little shockwaves to her lower regions.

‘Why is it that every time there’s a storm I get excited?’ she asks herself.

Again, she looks out of her window and sees the silhouette of the handsome stranger still sitting in his car. Her arms wrap around her chest and her fingers continue to play with her breasts and nipples. Another flash of lightening raises the hair on her arms; she can feel her panties becoming wet. Her mind begins to have thoughts about inviting him back in, just to get in out of the weather, she tells herself, secretly wanting to feel his hands on her body instead of her own.

Torn by indecision, she turns her head away from the window but another flash of lightning causes her to take another peek out of the window, just to make sure her stranger hasn’t left yet.

Kelly’s mind begins to spin with thoughts of lust, her entire body tingles with wanton desire. The desire to be touched, kissed, probed and fucked by this stranger is more than her mind and body can take.

Grabbing an umbrella, she braces herself against the storm. She knocks on his window, motioning for him to come inside the house. Her body takes control of her thought processes as she flashes him her most alluring smile. The rain continues to pour down, soaking her clothing. To be heard above the howling winds, Kelly shouts, “No sense waiting out here. C’mon in where it’s safe and warm.”

He eagerly agrees and races back with her to the front door. “Thank you for inviting me back in. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I was getting a little worried that another tree might fall,” he says.

“Oh, you’re soaked. I’m so sorry for not letting you stay earlier,” she exclaims.

“It’s alright, I understand.” He smiles again.

Kelly can feel the inside of her thighs getting wet and knows it’s not from the rain. After shaking out the umbrella, she gathers a couple of towels to dry off with.

“That’s quite a storm going on out there.” he says.

Kelly repeats the weather report. “Yes, it’s been upgraded to a tropical storm.”

“Oh, really? I’ve never experienced one of those before, but then, I’m not from around here.”

She flashes her own smile this time, watching his reaction in the dim candle light.

“I assume that your power hasn’t returned?” He states the obvious.

“Yes. Just after you went back to your car, there was a flash of lightning and a loud crack of thunder. The lights flickered on, then off again and then no more lights!”


“Hmm? What?” she asks.

“Well, I was just thinking. Um… nothing. Sorry.”

He looks down at the floor seeing the puddle of water at his feet. Kelly follows his eyes downward, stopping momentarily at his crotch. Her mind races at the thought of what she might find behind those denim jeans, before her gaze continues down to the floor, seeing the same puddle.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity to see more of him, she says, “You’re soaked. Would you like to get out of those wet things? I have a bath robe you can use.”

“Thanks. I’m pretty wet still. But you don’t have any power and I’m not sure that my clothes would dry out any faster off than on,” he says.

‘Off!’ She silently thinks to herself before saying, “I’ve got a fireplace, if you can start a fire, we can hang your clothes near that so they will dry out faster. Let me get that bath robe.”

She quickly leaves, still unable to think about anything other than having a night full of lust filled passion with him. She returns and sees a fire raging in the fireplace and that he’s removed his shirt. Taking a moment to examine his body, his broad shoulders, muscular back with a pirate tattoo on his right shoulder blade, she saunters into the room watching him as he turns and stands up, smiling.

“Um, sorry for taking my shirt off, but I was getting a little chilly.”

Giving him another approving smile, Kelly continues to gaze at his hairy chest and strong upper body. He does not have a washboard stomach, but there is still a hint of a six-pack.

‘He’s someone who’s grown accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle,’ she thinks.

She hands him the bathrobe and he asks where he can remove the rest of his clothes.

“Right here if you want to” says Kelly smiling devilishly. The words are out of her mouth before she even realizes what she’s said. Her face gets flush at her boldness and her pussy gets wet too. “Um, I’ll be right back” she says.

Kelly leaves the room as he undresses and puts on the bathrobe, unaware that she’s peeking at him as he strips. She goes to her own room and removes her wet clothes as well. She decides he’s not getting out of this house until she gets a little something for being his heroine.

Kelly finds her favorite sexy outfit, a lacy blue teddy. Its underwire lifts her breasts, while its thong panties perfectly part her shapely ass. She puts on another bathrobe, goes to the kitchen and grabs a bottle of wine and two glasses. Upon returning to the living room and her guest, she sees him looking at her book collection and knick knacks atop the mantle.

“You have a nice home,” he says, without turning to look at her.

“Thank you.” she replies, adding “Would you care to share a bottle of wine with me? I think this storm is gonna last for awhile. This might help the time pass.” Her cheeks feel flush as she speaks.

Taking the hint, he reaches for the bottle and pulls the cork.

Kelly jumps as the cork pops.

He reaches for her glass and pours a small amount of the wine, repeating the process with his own glass. He then twirls the velvety red liquid in his glass allowing the wine to breathe, sniffs it before taking a sip and lets the red fluid swish around the tip of his tongue before announcing, “Very good.”

Having watched him, Kelly takes the offered glass, sips the wine and decides it’s a good bottle too before downing the rest.

“This is becoming a good evening after all,” he güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri exclaims. “Not at all what I had originally planned.”

“What were your plans, if I can ask?”

“I was on my way to a client’s house. Just a small money issue,” he replies casually.

He leans in and takes her in his arms and kisses her on the lips. Stunned slightly at his aggressiveness, Kelly hesitates momentarily before her mouth parts, accepting his. Tongues twirl, hands roam, and minds race with thoughts of pure lust. Any thought of his previous plans are gone from her mind. She wants him now! Her hands reach up to his waist as she pulls the tie apart. The robe falls open and her hands reach for his already hard cock.

“Hmmm, nice” she says, “it’s already so big and hard.”

His hands reach to open her robe. It falls to the floor revealing the blue teddy. Kelly’s nipples are hard and protruding, her pussy wet with desire. He looks her up and down and smiles. “Spectacular,” he pronounces.

His hands reach for her shoulders, removing the thin straps from them. His mouth presses against hers again.

‘God, he’s a great kisser’, Kelly tells herself. She melts into his arms, letting his hands touch her body, hoping that he’s as good as she’s imagined.

His hands reach for her breasts, his mouth lowers to her nipple, taking it in and licking it, sucking it, biting it gently. Kelly’s hands hold his head as hers tilts back slightly, the sensations of his mouth on her nipples make her knees weak. His hand plays with her other nipple, tugging and twisting it.

“Yes,” she whispers, “That feels so good.” Her hands let go of his head and reach across his back, “Hmmm, you’re making my pussy so wet.”

“Good!” he says, “I wanted you from the minute I saw you open the door.”

He stands up, turns Kelly around so that her back is against his chest. His hands reach up to take a breast in each hand as his mouth kisses and nibbles her neck and ears. Juices flow down the inside of her thighs as she succumbs to his touch. Their bodies are silhouetted on the walls from the light of the fireplace. She watches as his hands caress her body, casting shadows of their play.

She pulls him to the couch where he tells her to sit back and spread her legs. Eager to feel the sensations of what’s she hopes is an expert tongue, Kelly sits back and spreads her legs wide, waiting for him.

His tongue feels warm and soft against her bald pussy. ‘Yes! He’s an expert,’ she thinks, feeling his tongue probe her inner regions. A good tongue fucking is exactly what she needs right now and he’s providing it. His mouth sucks her clit, making her feel that tingly sensation again.

“Oh, yes. God, you’re making me feel good,” she cries out.

Her words only encourage him more. His right hand reaches over her thigh to play with her clit and his left hand reaches under Kelly to slide a finger in her ass.

“Oh GOD! YES! That feels so good.”

Her words echo in her own ears as she feels an orgasm building up. His hands and velvety tongue are becoming too much for her. Kelly reaches down from her breasts and holds his head, grinding her pussy into his face, lifting her ass off the couch to meet every stroke of his tongue.

“Oh, yes,” she says again, “Fuck me with that tongue.”

She holds his head even tighter, almost vice like as her first orgasm comes, not wanting him to stop and barely being able to hold on as she bucks wildly against his face and tongue.

“Oh, yes, Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” she screams.

Releasing her hold on him, he smiles up at her and says, “It sounds like you enjoyed that. Would you like me to do that again?”

“Fuck, yes,” is all she can say.

He smiles and returns to her pussy which is still convulsing faintly from her first orgasm. She jumps slightly as his tongue begins to lick her again. She can tell that it’s not going to take long for another orgasm as his skilled tongue probes inside her and then back out.

“Oh, oh yes. I’m so close,” she says as his tongue hits all the right spots, sliding up and down. “Oh, ahhhh, yes, that’s it! Right there!! Ohhhhh God, that’s good. Oh baby, you make me feel so good.” She pulls him up kissing him passionately and says, “I knew you’d be wonderful.”

Kelly reaches for him, his cock still as hard as before, maybe harder. She wants, no, needs to have him in her mouth. Her lips wrap around his stiff shaft, her tongue sliding up and down as her hand strokes him at the güvenilir bahis şirketleri same time. Having been told before that she gives great head, she continues her actions, knowing that he likes her technique as he moans his approval. Kelly takes him deep in her mouth and then back out as her tongue flicks the head of his cock.

“You’re so hard,” she exclaims.

“You made me that way baby,” he replies.

Wanting to please him in so many ways, her instincts take control, first sucking him, and then stroking him.

“You do that well. If you keep it up I’m gonna cum fast,” he tells her.

“I’ll make sure that you cum more than once honey,” she replies. “Just let go, give me your cum, I want it.”

This demure woman can hardly believe her own words as she speaks them. He’s got her saying and doing things that she didn’t think she was capable of doing.

She continues to suck and stroke him until he says, “Oh, yah, that feels good. I’m gonna cum.”

Stroking his cock harder and faster, the foreskin catching slightly on her palm, Kelly hears him moan loud, so loud that it sends tingles up her spine.

His cum squirts out hot and fast, landing on her breasts and shoulders. She takes her other hand and rubs the hot cum all over her chest as he unloads more and more cum with each spasm of his cock.

‘Wow, does he ever stop cumming?’ she thinks. She continues to stroke him, not wanting his swollen member to subside. She then takes it and climbs up on top of him. His stamina amazes her as she feels him harden while inside her. It feels so good to have a nice hard cock to ride again. The teddy is wrapped around her waist, placed there by his hands which are touching her breasts, again bringing on those sensations that drove her wild only a few minutes ago. His hot mouth sucks on her nipples, making her already wet pussy even wetter.

“Don’t stop,” she says, barely loud enough to be heard.

Kelly’s body is rocking back and forth, her hands slide up her neck and through her hair. She tightens her pussy around his big cock, not letting go, wanting to feel his cum explode inside her. Each thrust of his hips seems to penetrate deeper. His earthy grunts telling her that he’s close to cumming again. Wanting him to hold off, she climbs off him and tells him to fuck her doggy style. Eagerly he turns her over, forcing her hands and knees to the soft carpet. The heat from the fireplace warms the room along with the heat generated by two bodies enjoying the passion of one another.

He walks around her and says, “You have a beautiful ass,” as he smacks it hard.

Kelly loves the warm feelings that his strike makes on her ass. She lifts her bottom up for more. He slides his hard cock into her aching pussy. His strong hands caress her soft skin before he grabs hold of her shoulders for leverage before moving them down her back, stopping along the way to hold onto her as she rocks back against him. His right hand moves down to her ass, patting it gently at first, and then like the thunder outside, much harder with a loud smack.

“Oh yes, that’s it, smack my ass,” she moans.

It’s anything goes now. He has complete control of her and Kelly will do anything he wants, and she wants it all.

“Do it again,” she says.

He smacks her on the ass with each thrust of his cock. She can feel the heat where he’s been spanking her, it’s almost a burning sensation, and it definitely adds to the pleasure she’s receiving.

The storm rages on with bright flashes followed by a chorus of thunder, giving Kelly the feeling that she’s part of it somehow. The storm outside manifests itself as a storm inside. Another thrust from his cock, another spank from his hand, and another flash of lightning.

His thrusts become harder, deeper and faster. He’s close to cumming and so is she. Reaching back between her legs, Kelly feels her wet pussy, and his cock sliding in and out. She spreads her lips with her fingers, touching herself and bringing her to an earth shattering orgasm just as he cums inside her. Her body rocks back and forth into him, not wanting him to stop until she’s done.

“Oh God, that feels so good, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” she begs him.

He smacks her on the ass once more as her body quivers with yet another orgasm.

“Oh yes. That’s it, Oh God, I’m cumming again,” she moans out and collapses on the floor, her body covered in sweat.

He sits back, looks at her lying there, and tells her, “Has anyone ever told you how sexy you look in candle light?”

Kelly leans over to kiss him again just as the lights come back on.

They both laugh at the irony of it before he gets up and turns the light switch off, saying, “I’m not ready for this night to end, are you?”

Kelly just lies back and reaches up to him with a breathless “No!”