Trick or Treat


Getting off work early on Halloween you want to do something different than before. As you look in the bar to get your flask and decide that you are going to do some trick or treating yourself this year. Going to make it a point to ring the doorbell of some of the women that you had been in bed with before. Thinking about that started your penis to rise and fall. This was going to be the night of all and with no costume at all.

Just as you are about to leave the telephone rings and on the other end is one of the ladies that you were going to stop by. Now instead of her house being in the middle it was going to be first. Once in the car, driving over to her apartment thoughts of the last time that you and her was in bed. Her treat was wonderful and long lasting! Once there and ringing her door bell she calls down to let you in. Walking up the stairs to her apartment you notice that the door is open when you get there.

Looking around the apartment and listening to the soft jazz that she is playing, she emerges wearing all black. I ask her if she is going out “trick or treating” from what she was wearing. Laughing she replied no and said that she was looking to be treated. After she had poured me a drink we sat there talking about the past and present. She wanted to know all about what I had been doing and who with. Therefore, I asked her the same question. Wanting to know when was the last time she got “treated” to some good loving. Knowing where this was going to lead at least I was hoping I knew where. When she softly spoke and said it has been a while. The black outfit that she had on was tight. Low cut blouse where the top of her breast were showing making anyone looking at her wanting to see the other parts. Her pants were short and tight. It appeared that she wasn’t wearing panties. Making my loins ache from wanting to be touched.

She then wanted to know what was I up to and where was I going when she called. Not going to lie, I told her that I was out “Trick or Treating”. Not looking for candy either unless her name was Candy. We both laughed. Going to get another drink, I watched her and she moved across the room. Looking over her left shoulder smiling at me she knew that I was looking at her softness. When she came back with the drinks and bent down to hand me mine our eyes met as I was looking down at her breast. Looking at me she asked if I like what I saw? Definitely I said. With my saying that she pulled her blouse over her head and her breast were as beautiful as ever glistening in the dim light. As she sat in my lap putting her breast up to my face, softly telling me that they need some attention.

I began to caress both of the beautiful mounds of flesh that was before me. Meanwhile as I caressed her breast she was grinding in my lap making me feel the softness of her hips. Taking one of the nipples in my mouth I began to slowly let my tongue explore it. Then sucking softly on the nipple as my hand was underneath massaging it. Going from one nipple to the next I knew that she was getting very warm. I reached over and got my drink to take a sip and get some ice in my mouth as I went back to the nipple. This time the nipple was covered with ice as I sucked ever so gently. She began moaning as I put my hands on her soft hips and began rubbing on them. As I felt her soft hips in my laps, dick began to throb as it got harder. She knew that it was getting hard. Rising up from my lap she started unbuttoning my pants and letting her hand go inside my underwear.

Feeling what she wanted and letting out a deep sigh, she started licking her lips. Taking her hands and rubbing along her side down to her hips and thighs. While she rubbed up and down on her hips her eyes were on mine as to say I know you want some of this. Breast were hard and standing erect as can be. Wanting to be sucked again an again. As I watched in anticipation, my dick was getting harder and throbbing.

She then put her hands on my chest to ease me down on the sofa. Then straddling me wearing nothing but red panties she began to kiss on my bare chest. Feeling her softness, my hands went straight to her hips and began to rub up and down on them. As she moved on me I eased my hand under her to feel her wetness and her panties were extremely wet.

Without a hint as to what she was about to do, she rose up and pulled her panties down not saying a word. Her eyes were telling me everything. I did the same thing. Took off my trousers and briefs. When she saw my dick standing erect. She bent down and gave him a long kiss. Letting her tongue play with its head. Then finally she spoke and said lets go to the bedroom so I can really enjoy this.

Once in the bedroom and on the bed, she began kissing and licking all over my neck down to my nipples while her hands played with the hardness of my dick. All I could do was lie there and enjoy the moment. Her hands and tongue were doing amazing things to me. Rising up, she then got on top of me illegal bahis and set her love nest right on top of my hard dick. Slowly easing it in her wet pussy she did it all herself and wouldn’t let me assist in any way. When it was all in her she began to grip it and grind very slowly. Taking her hands massaging her breast as she sat on me grinding. Her tongue was licking on her lips. Pussy tight and wet she continued her motion until she was ready to cum. Knowing that she was about to cum, her pussy started gripping on my dick harder. Her hands went to the back of her head as she started moaning loudly now.

As I looked down at her pussy all I could see was cum rolling out of it. Getting off me and lying on her back with her legs up and opened wide she took her hand and opened up her pussy to show me all the cum. Still moaning, she then let more cum roll out of her pussy down to the crack of her ass. My dick still hard I mounted her while the cum was running out. This time I was going to add my cum to hers. With her legs up and open, my dick glided right in her wet pussy and we began fucking like never before. slowly at first, then our rhythm got faster. With one of her hard nipples in my mouth and dick deep in her wet pussy I felt that I was about to arrive at the ultimate moment.

She had already had two other orgasms before I became ready to release in her. Taking her leg an raising it up higher I gave her all the dick that I had and when I released in her we both came together. Amazingly her pussy got tighter after I had released in her. She had a grip on my dick like I had never felt before. Finally she began moving her hips around and around and answering them I began to go deeper in her pussy. When I touched her cervix she let a loud moan and then started scratching me in the back and screaming. With her head rolling back and forth, fingers in my back, hips arched up to receive my thrusts, she screamed loudly and we started cumming together again. Knowing that the both of us had been treated to some wonderful love making.

In the shower we kissed and played with each others body with the soap. Watching her nipples rise I wanted so badly to suck on them all over again. She looked so beautiful in the water as it glisten all over her silky body. I wanted and so did she for me to touch them but holding back I thought it would be better to do that later.

After I was dressed and sitting on the sofa she had been on the telephone in the bedroom when she came out to the front. Apologizing to me saying that she had to go over to a girl friends house to help her get some things ready.

On the way back to my apartment I began thinking about how good her pussy was. Thinking about going back over later on in the evening for another round. But then again who knows I might not be able to. As I sat sipping on some scotch on the rocks and listening to some smooth jazz the doorbell rang. When I opened the door and to my surprise there she stood with her friend. She said we finished early and I just thought I would pay a visit to you. “Trick or Treat” she said as she smiled. Looking at her friend I couldn’t take my eyes off her. This lady was fine. Everything was in the right place. She was wearing a short black skirt with a long split in the back and black pantyhose. When she walked over to the sofa my eyes were glued to her.

I asked them if they wanted a drink and her friend said yes she would have the same thing that I am drinking. Drinks were prepared and we all sat there talking about nothing. I was wondering why she had came over with her friend. Was I going to see the two of them going at it? I never knew that she was in to women as well but I guessed that I would sooner or later find out. Suddenly the subject of sex came into the conversation. The both of them sat across from me and looking at the thighs of her friend had me already excited just thinking about what was there.

Without warning her friend got up and walked over to me and said, my name is Mary and I don’t know why we weren’t properly introduced. She extended her hand out for me to shake and when I touched it, it felt like cotton. Smiling, then held out her glass for me to fix another drink. I know she knew that I was admiring the beauty that she possessed. Now I asked myself what the purpose was for her to come over there? I noticed that she wanted to flirt. Flirting was what I do best besides in the bed. I always tell them if flirting leads to other things so what, we are adults. Shelia also came over and said that she would be back shortly something needed to be taken care of. I thought this was a plan to leave Mary with me just to see what would happen.

Mary and I sat and talked more freely on the subject of sex. She asked me if I had ever had sex with two women and I told her no but would love to experience it. I had to ask her if she was Bi and her answer was no she wasn’t and never had been with a woman. She told me that she illegal bahis siteleri like to sit on a dick from behind. Backing up to his dick and letting it enter her pussy while he is sitting down. My favorite position is me on top she said. That way I can feel all of it and try to make it touch my “cervix”. That makes me wild when that is done and I won’t be able to stop cumming. Then she said I hope this doesn’t bother you with my talking about sex and all. She just didn’t know. From where I was sitting she couldn’t tell that it was already hard. No I told her, it doesn’t bother me at all.

The more we talked I watched her breast rise and fall. Nipples protruding through the thin outfit that she was wearing and she kept switching legs to cross. I just sat there listening to her talk and then I asked her if she was married or had a boy friend or what. She said that she is married but her husband travels all the time. Never before had I been with a married woman an wondered why I wasn’t told this before hand. Sheila should have told me that before she departed but then again I thought so what. Mary and I continued to discuss the subject of sex. While I poured me another scotch, she asked where was the bathroom. I pointed to her that it was down the hall. Walking over to put on another CD thoughts were flooding my mind about Mary and where she was coming from. When she returned and sat back on the sofa I couldn’t help but notice that that the pantyhose was gone. She had removed them when she went to the bathroom. That made me wonder more.

Mary asked if Sheila and I were real close. I said no just friends and yes we have made love. As she smiled and getting up she walked over to where I was sitting. I hope that you don’t think I am being forward, she said. I just wanted to know more about you. She then began to fix her own drink and I never moved from where I was sitting. Meaning she had to come around me to get the ice and when she did she let her body touch mine. I then knew that she want to play. So I asked her while she was putting ice in her drink, when is the last time that you had sex from someone other than your husband? She told me she hadn’t, not that she didn’t want to, but didn’t want to have sex with anyone that knew her husband. So I had to ask, is this why Sheila had you to come with her. No she said. Sheila only told me that we were going to be here a couple of minutes. Now I am glad that she had me with her today.

When she started to back to her seat she stood right by me letting her hips touch my arm. Feeling how soft they were, and like a rocket, my hand automatically went right to them. I felt the left and then the right while she was looking down on me and her pussy was right in front of me. The aroma from her body told me that she was sweet as she smelled. Didn’t move or did she push my hand away but stood there and let me feel on her. Detecting that there was nothing on underneath, I wanted to see all of her body. Her firm nipples were hard and almost coming through the sheer blouse that she was wearing. I then stood up facing Mary and when I kissed her she just let me have it all. Her tongue in and out of my mouth as her body yet was to touch mine. When we pulled away, I told her that I had been wanting to do that for a while now. She said is that all that you want to do? Or are you going to show me what else it is that you want. It is your Treat if you want to be treated, smiling as she spoke.

Leading her over to the sofa, we sat down and again kissing her and touching her breast this time giving them the release they needed form the inside of that bra. Once they were out my eyes got big as I looked at how well formed they were. Round nipples that appeared that they had milk in them and she wanted me to touch them. As she moved them closer to me I let my finger go around the inside then on the nipple itself. Moving down to put one in my mouth for a little sucking, I asked her if she had milk. She said you will have to see for your self. I did, and yes she did have milk and sweet too I might add. Her thighs also were in plain view now. The skirt that she was wearing was almost up from the position that she was in. After leaving her right breast, I then knelt down and kissed her on her right thigh. When m tongue touched her thigh a moan came from her sweet lips then I just went on up to the inside of her thigh. Taking my hand and easing her skirt up and in plain view now was her pubic hairs.

No panties were there as I let my hand play with her mound of hair and it was full. Looking at the pussy lips and to my surprise the clit was trying to emerge without being touched. Seeing this I first kissed her clit. As her legs opened up for me to get closer to her pussy, then I let my tongue do circling motions around her clit until it came from its hiding place. Kissing it gently feeling it getting hard, I started to suck on it. When I put it in my mouth and began sucking Mary opened her legs canlı bahis siteleri wider and put one on my shoulder. The she started arching her pelvic up to meet my tongue and kisses. Feeling the juice, then I let my tongue enter her wet pussy. She began to move her pelvic to the rhythm of my licks and sucks. When my tongue went into her pussy and played with the inside her moans got louder and more frequent. She began to grind faster and faster. Then she said your tongue is making me cum. That is when I stuck it deeper in her pussy and moved it around. Meanwhile, I had inserted my index finger in her pussy to play with the top of her pussy as she was cumming all on my tongue.

She lay there still with her legs up in the air still cumming. Finally I pulled down my pants where she could get a hold of my dick. Getting off the sofa she told me to sit there and not to move. Never did she pull of her skirt, but with her wet pussy, she turned her back to me and backed her ass up until she was sitting on my dick. As it went into her I couldn’t help but feel the tightness of her pussy. She evidently didn’t get dick as often as she wanted from her husband for this pussy to be this tight. While she was grinding her hips on me she said I want you to touch my cervix. I want all of this deep in my pussy. I then lay back on the sofa, told her to get on it and ease it in. I don’t want you hurting it or me. I want it to slide in slowly. She new what to do with it. Getting on top of me letting it ease slowly in her hot wet pussy, Mary almost had it all in her when the doorbell rang. Looking at me then at the door, she asked what are we going to do? My dick was almost all the way in her and I could feel the walls of her pussy as she started to gripe on it. Then she said I am going into the bed room, answer your door and I will be waiting with this as she rubbed on her pussy.

Getting up and pulling up my trousers dick still hard walking to the door wondering who it was. No surprise as I opened the door and there stood Shelia. She said you took your time, smiling. Then she asked if Mary had gone. I said no she was still here. Looking around and not seeing her she wanted to know what we had been up too. Room was smelling like what we were talking about before I left. I said yes it does smell like Sex doesn’t it. Then she went down the hall and saw Mary on the bed. Even though she still had on her skirt and blouse Sheila didn’t know that we had been fucking. Sheila looked at me and then at Mary as she walked in the bedroom calling me. Then she said why don’t you go ahead an finish what you were doing before I disturbed you. Mary looking over at me then to Sheila, and I asked Sheila was she going to join in then. That made Mary sit up in the bed. I had never tasted Sheila’s pussy and if she attempted to reach for her blouse I was going to fuck Mary and lick an suck on Sheila.

Sheila sat on the edge of the bed and when she sat down she started at her blouse then down to her pants. All she had on were her black panties and matching bra. Mary looked at Sheila while I undid my trousers and got in the bed with Mary. By now Mary had gotten all the way undressed and was lying on her side watching Sheila. Sheila asked what were we doing when she ranged the door bell? Mary not feeling shy or anything told her to watch and I will show you. Mary got up from where she was lying and got on top of me. With her right hand she held my dick and guided it into her wet pussy. When she sat all the way down on it she let out a scream. This time my dick was all the way in her pussy and touching her cervix. Mary began to grind on my dick when Sheila moved from her spot on the edge of the bed up to the side of me. I unhooked her bra so that I could massage her beautiful nipples.

Sheila raised her long legs up in the air removing her panties. Once they were removed she looked at me and gave me a long hard kiss. Mary was fucking me so hard and fast that when she started cumming she just moaned and moaned then screamed when she finally got the best orgasm that she had ever had. With her cum still all around my dick, Sheila said I want some of that dick. Knowing that Mary’s cum was still on it Sheila began giving me the best blowjob that I had ever had. Meanwhile, Mary watching Sheila suck on my dick she began rubbing on her pussy. I then told Mary to bring me a nipple so that I could suck. I wanted some more of her sweet milk that she was holding in her. Sheila was just concerned with what she was doing and not even paying attention to what Mary and I was doing.

I was being given the thrill of my life and what a treat it was. Sheila pulled away and told me that she didn’t want me to cum because she wanted all of my cum in her pussy. Then she looked over at Mary and said you have had his dick in you while I was gone and again now so I want you to watch me fuck him and see if your pussy starts to tingle. With that Sheila got down on all four and said here it is baby come get it. Doggy style is what she loved so well and told Mary to get under her so that she could be treated as well. I got on behind Sheila and when I entered her she moaned slightly as she began to lick and suck on Mary’s dripping pussy.