Tramp Stamp


“Carole, I need your help.”

Carole knew her friend. Becky always needed help. She came up with wild schemes that weren’t quite thought through and then she needed someone to help.

“What is it, Becky?” she asked cautiously.

“I’m getting a tattoo, and I just want you there to hold my hand while I get it done.”

Finally, a scheme that seemed practical. Lots of people got tattoos.

“That’s neat,” said Carole. “What are you getting done and who’s doing it. They are a bit pricey, you know.

“I’m getting a butterfly as a tramp stamp,” said Becky gleefully. “It’s going to have these little wavy patterns around it that make it look as though it’s flying. Jacques is doing it and it’s not going to cost me anything.”

Carole immediately spotted a few flaws in Becky’s carefully thought out plan.

“Jacques is expensive, and he doesn’t do freebies. He’s the best and can get away with demanding payment up front, even with his prices. You don’t like Jacques, and as far as I know he doesn’t particularly like you. Why would he, of all people, give you a freebie?”

Becky smirked. “One thing Jacques likes better than money is sex, and you know that I’m hot, hot, hot. I do believe that he somehow got the impression that if I get my butterfly, he gets my bod for a while.”

“Becky. You’re going to have sex with him just for a tattoo?”

“Certainly not. After I have the tattoo, I’ll just put off going out with him. What’s he going to do? Sue me for sex?” Becky laughed.

Carole sighed. “Your schemes have a way of falling apart,” she reminded Becky, “and Jacques is not a fool. He’s a highly intelligent artist, and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Or cheats, and he’ll consider you one if you stiff him on this.”

“It’s my intention not to stiff him,” Becky giggled. “Don’t worry. It’ll all work out.”

At the appointed time Becky and Carole fronted up at Jacques shop. Becky introduced Carole to him, explaining that she was there to hold Becky’s hand during the ordeal.

Jacques smiled at Carole.

“Before I start,” he said, “I’d like to know if you’re clear on the terms that Becky and I agreed on?”

Carole blushed, but nodded.

“You have no objections to these terms?” asked Jacques. “You don’t want to ask your friend to reconsider?”

“I’ve already suggested that she’s making a mistake,” sighed Carole. “No offence to you, but I really wish she would change her mind.”

“No offence taken,” said Jacques. “I also pointed out that this was not her best solution, but she’s the one who suggested the method of payment.”

After that comment Carole saw Jacques glance at a prominent sign, stating all work would be paid for in advance. Once again, doubts assailed Carole and she turned to Becky.

“Becky, I really think you should think this out again,” she implored. “I’m positive it’s not going to go the way you expect.”

Becky laughed, happy that she was in control. “You worry too much. What can possibly go wrong?”

Carole shrugged. She’d tried. What else could she do? Drag Becky away by the scruff of the neck? Tempting, but impractical. She’d have to learn the hard way, and Carol just knew a lesson was heading towards her.

Jacques led the two young women canlı bahis into his work room.

“Before I start,” he said, “I’ll need you to sign this. It’s the form requesting the tattoo, what it is and where it is to be placed, with a picture of the actual tattoo shown. You will notice I have changed the price to read “for specified personal services’ rather than a money amount. Other than that it is a standard contract. You should read it before signing.”

While Becky glanced over the contract, Jacques turned again to Carole.

“You are certain that you know what I mean by specified personal services?” he asked, indicating another little sign that quoted the payment up front policy.

Carole flushed again but nodded. “She’s agreed to have sex with you for the tattoo,” she mumbled.

Jacques grinned, and nodded. “Are you sure you want to stay and watch what happens,” he asked quietly. “You can wait in the front shop if you like.”

Suddenly Carole decided that yes, she really did want to stay. Becky was about to learn something and it could be interesting watching it happen.

“I’ll stay,” she said. “Becky would prefer me to be here watching, wouldn’t you, Becky?”

At Becky’s careless nod, Carole added. “This is your last chance to back out, I think, and you really should consider it.”

At Becky’s casual dismissal of the idea Carole settled back to watch the train wreck. She’d waved the red flag and been ignored, so all she could do was enjoy the show.

Jacques invited Becky to lean forward over the work table.

“You will see that there are a couple of grips there that you can hang onto and squeeze if it hurts too much. Tattoos can be painful. Also, if you think you might wriggle too much, I can strap your arms to the table to help hold you still.”

“I’ll be fine,” said Becky. “I’ll just hold the handles and Carole can pat my hand if I start whimpering.”

She leant over, taking hold of the grips. Jacques stepped up behind her. “You realise I need room to work” he said, as he lifted her dress up, exposing her bottom and lower back.

“As you can see, I’ll need these out of the road, as they cover part of my work area.”

With that he casually slid Becky’s panties down and out of his way. At her startled squeak and protest, he laughed.

“Don’t worry about me seeing anything. Consider it part of the down payment.”

Becky blushed and looked at Carole, but made no further protest.

Using a light marking pen, Jacques quickly sketched the butterfly on Becky’s back. On completion he indicated that Carole should look it over to see if it met with her approval. On receiving it, Jacques announced that the real work would now commence.

While Carole watched with horrified fascination, Jacques did two things. With one hand he reached for his needle, while with the other he undid his fly and reached for his erection.

Stepping up behind Becky, Jacques calmly placed his erection against her pussy and pushed, sliding neatly between her lips.

Carole observed with interest the shocked look on Becky’s face at this sudden invasion of her body. Before Becky could say anything, Jacques applied the needle to her back, with a stern warning not to move.

Carole bahis siteleri struggled to hold back a spate of laughter as she saw Becky freeze in place. Becky didn’t dare move while that needle was buzzing around her skin, and even though Jacques was slowly entering her at the same time, she couldn’t really protest. It was the agreed price.

Becky looked at Carole, her consternation plain on her face. Carole spread her hands to her sides, helplessly.

“You agreed,” she reminded Becky, “and he’s got signs everywhere saying payment is in advance. Or in your case, at the same time it appears. In case you’re interested, his cock appears to be about this big,” she added, holding her hands about a foot apart.

Becky went white. Something that big would split her in half.

“Tell me you’re joking,” she pleaded, gasping as she felt twin stabs, one on her back and another as Jacques slid a little deeper.

Carole giggled, looking at where Jacques was pressing into Becky’s pussy.

“Just kidding,” she said, “But it certainly looks big enough to give you a thrill. Enjoy.”

Becky groaned, clutching at the two squeeze handles. Maybe she could pretend they were throats and throttle the pair of them.

It didn’t take long for Jacques to fully enter Becky, but once in he just held still.

“Sorry to be taking so long,” he told Becky, “But I can’t continue with the payment while actually doing the needling.”

Jacques was a true artist, taking his time imprinting the delicate butterfly on Becky’s back. Occasionally needing to change colours, he would take the time to continue with his payment at these moments, starting to slide in and out, the randomness of these thrusts slowly driving Becky wild.

To Becky, the tattoo seemed to last for hours, with Jacques taking far too many breaks just to give her a few pokes. Those little pokes would start to lift her and excite her, and then he’d hold still again while he did more work. Becky didn’t know whether to scream at him to finish the tattoo or to finish the screwing. She just knew she wanted one of them to finish.

Eventually, the actual butterfly was finished, and Jacques put his needle aside for a moment.

“That’s the butterfly done,” he announced. “I’ll draw the fluttering around it in a few moments. In the meantime, feel free to help me collect my payment.”

With that, he withdrew substantially from Becky and then came hurrying back, slamming into her, making her jump and scream. Now that she no longer had to worry about the needle gouging her, Becky reacted. The long slow wait with his cock in her and agitated her unbearably. She now had an itch that had to be scratched and she arched her back, lifting her hips and trying to get closer to the tormenting erection, thrusting herself eagerly upon it.

Carole watched in amusement as Becky bucked against Jacques. For someone who had intended to stiff him on the payments, she certainly seemed ready to pay her dues now.

Becky lunged and twisted, finding the rhythm she needed to start lifting her over the edge. She was shocked and shrieked her disappointment when Jacques suddenly grabbed her hips and forced her to stay still.

“Break’s over,” he announced. “Just hold it like bahis şirketleri that while I do the little fluttering around the butterfly.”

Carole couldn’t help herself. She started laughing at Becky’s horrified expression, earning herself a killing look from her friend.

Jacques needle was now dancing around the butterfly, leaving little loops and scrawls, somehow managing to impart a sense of movement to the whole thing. Putting his needle aside, he indicated that Carole should take a look at his work.

It looked fine to Carole and she said so. Jacques held up a mirror, angled so that Becky could see the tattoo, and Becky nodded. It looked grand.

Then Carole reached over and took the mirror. Angling it carefully, she encouraged Becky to look. Glancing in the mirror, Becky blushed. Carole was showing Becky her pussy, with Jacques still firmly inside her. Even as Becky looked, she could feel Jacques starting to move inside her, the movement reflected before her horrified gaze.

She tried to look away, but found the whole thing fascinating, watching Jacques sliding into her while her bottom bobbed up to meet him.

Becky was too excited. Now that Jacques was paying full attention to claiming his payment, Becky’s excitement level was rising higher, rapidly.

Her eyes closed as she concentrated on what she was feeling, Jacques slamming into her, churning her insides. She gasped and then screamed as she felt her climax coming, her hips driving her bottom frantically up and down as Jacques drove himself home.

Then she could feel Jacques coming and her own climax was sweeping over her.

Becky lay against the table, gasping, after Jacques finally left her. She felt a sharp slap on her bottom and heard Carole start giggling. Slowly standing, she looked at Carole for the reason for the mirth. Carole took the mirror and held it for her.

She stared in shock. That bastard had stamped paid in full on her bottom.

Beck straightened her clothes and went to sweep out of the shop, remembering to stop at the last moment to thank Jacques for the tattoo and to receive a sheet of instructions regarding health care for the next couple of days.

As she left Jacques gave her an enigmatic stare and told her if she wanted any adjustments or another tattoo he was quite willing to serve for the same price.

Following Becky out of the shop, Carole stopped a moment.

“Can I get a tattoo for the same price?” she asked, curious.

Jacques grinned. “Feel free to come back and discuss it, but I suggest you examine Becky’s tattoo in a few days. See what you think when the swelling and redness goes away. Take a tip, look at it closely.”

Heeding Jacques advice, Carole dropped in to see Becky a few days later.

“How’s the tattoo,” Carole asked. “Worth the price?”

Becky laughed. “It was more than I expected to pay,” she admitted, “but you did warn me. Do you want to see it now that’s it’s settled down?”

“Yes, please” said Carole, bending to take a closer look when Becky hiked up her shirt.

“Um, Becky,” she asked hesitantly, “did you enjoy making the payment for this?”

Becky looked at her. “It was OK. Why?”

“Well, you know those little loops and curls floating around the butterfly, making it look as though it is flying? They’re actually handwriting if you look real close. It says ‘my cock was in this cheat the entire time I did this tattoo’. You may want to get him to change that.”