Training my first pumper woman

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Training my first pumper womanTraining my first pumper womanI have always been a very horny guy; full of powerful sexual needs that were not being met. Every week, I needed to clean out my pipe a number of times a day and there was not always a women on the other end if you get my drift–which is sadly the case for many college students. So, I got my first pump to train my manhood to grow to thicker and meaner heights. It was the old kind made by John Holmes–with a black knob on the top and made a loud pumping/hissing sound and was made of clear plastic with a little hole to release the pressure. I loved the feeling of watching my member grow and grow inside and training hard ons that got so full and hard. I had always be solid–but the pumping took my dick to the next level and got me into thickness training levels which are now 2.5-3 + thick. I love the idea that my dick konya escort is now thicker than some poor small penis guys are long… My roomate in college had a smoking hot girlfriend who was very off limits. They seemed to be madly in love and the last thing that I’d ever want to do–was get in bed with her…but man, long black curly hair, tight jeans, and the nasty habit of not wearing a bra did not help my dire situation. I decided I would just beat off to the idea of her–but never go foreward. For the sake of the story: let’s call her Lauren. I’d always pump at breaks during classes to help relive my horniess. Making the loud sucking sound under the covers of my bed to get rid of some of my tension. Each week, I’d get a little bigger. Each week, my hard ons were stronger–which, at college age–meant almost unlimited power. Each week, I’d find little chunks konya escort bayan of time when the room was empty–class breaks, or off times–to pump my manhood.One day, of course, Lauren walked into the room and caught me in full dick mode. She gasped. The whole thing was wildly embarassing. The whole thing was in slow motion…and I just kind of slide back under the covers. Needless to say , I thought that was it was going to be strange looks and awkward converstaions for the rest of college with her…The next week, I heard a knock on the door during one of my class breaks. It was Lauren…not wearing a bra again…but there was a look in her eye. She just gave me the it’s okay to kiss me stare. So I did what any faithful roomate in college would do–I kissed her. I then kissed her again. And again. And then I pulled off her shirt and her nipples were hard. And escort konya I kissed her. And then she laughed and told me to pull out my toy. I denied having a pump. She then looked at me with that stare…and off I went.I put my member inside the clear sleeve while she looked on…and she pulled the knob and built up the pressure. Bigger and bigger and bigger. She smiled at me. Again, she never really said other than just stare into my eyes. “Blow job?” she offered….And off she went…gasping on the thickness of my dick, rubbing her full nipples and fingering her pussy. She tried to bob up and down but could not get around my thickness very well—so I pulled her away. She just stayed on the top of my head–sucking, sucking sucking. It felt so good and so bad. I was training my roomate’s girlfriend to worship my pumper dick. She wrapped her hand around my thick shaft and blew me away. I held out but only for so long. I shot my massive load–backed up from a day of pressure all over her face. She smiled in approval and rubbed her thick hard nipples in my face. She was becoming my first pumper girlfriend.