Trading Up or Down?

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No one would ever believe that I fucked Jonathon. He and I are not very well matched. I have beautiful curves, 36-24-40, long dark hair, and a baby face. I’m not snobby but I have to admit, I come from a good family, I was accepted to a good college, and Ricky, a star athlete at Cal Tech, has been following me around like a puppy. Every one knows me, I’m pretty sure there is a Bianca Martinez fan club in the school somewhere. Jonathon is lanky, tall, a big nerd. He has slight acne, no muscles and a nasally voice that tends to sound condescending. His clothes are always dirty or have a big hole that he never tries to cover, his overall game is pretty weak. The only reason we even know each other is because we both are interns at a governmental employment agency. We are the youngest people there at 18, the next youngest person is 32. I have always dressed kind of sexy, I love skirts that hug my ass, so I have to find interesting ways to skirt those rules about professional attire. A lot of the middle aged losers who work there have there tongues wagging when I walk by.

All I have to do is say hello. Its that easy. Jonathon is the type of person I would never give the time of day, except… he ignores me. While the rest of the guys in the office are always offering to buy me lunch and give me presents (even though I’m old enough to be their daughter), Jonathon is just calming typing or filing or doing whatever his job entails. Even when I wear my hair down, and my breasts are pushed up and my skirt is hiked, he is always professional and polite, even cold. At first I wasn’t’ bothered, but then, I canlı bahis started getting a little annoyed. I started flirting with him. I touched his arm and his shoulder a little more than necessary. I grazed my ass against the seat of his pants to move past him. I smiled and flipped my hair. Every other guy in the office, especially our boss Todd, responded as if I was doing all of that to them. I could see their dicks make their pants become tents, it looked like a national park in that building. Even Jonathon was wearing down. Still, it wasn’t working as fast as I wanted it to. I wanted Jonathon because he didn’t want me, and I wanted him bad.

It was late in the afternoon, a scorcher that day, but the air conditioning made the building ice cold. Jonathon and I had a lot of work to do, typing, filing and faxing. I invited him in the break room in the basement to warm up. The basement doesn’t have any air, I guess management’s way of making everyone work. I decided to fuck Jonathon right there in that break room, to make him want me so bad. I would become a whore. As soon as we got to the room, I took off my tight black sweater, putting it on the back of the low chair. All I had on now was a black skirt that was so short, it threatened to reveal a piece of my ass, and a tight black wife beater. I curled my hair and had recently pierced my bellybutton, the ring peaked through. Jonathon just toddled over to the vending machines and took out a torn-up dollar trying to insert it into the machine. He spent over 5 mins. trying to force that damn dollar in there just for some old ass bag of chips. It was bahis siteleri so pathetic.

I walked over and rubbed my tits on his chest. “Do you need any help with that?” I said sweetly, smiling in his face.

“Yeah, do you have change for a dollar?” He said in that nasally voice. I was so angry. I was throwing myself at him, and all he could do was beg for quarters for some snacks?

I looked at him like he was an idiot. Then I finally just went for the gusto. I put my manicured hand on top of his nerdy “work pants” and unzipped the zipper, slipping my hand in to feel a surprisingly long and warm dick slowly getting hard.

I led him by his dick over to the table, turning him around. He leaned up against the table, smiling as if he knew this was going to happen. I stooped down on my knees and unbuttoned his pants, and then his tighty-whities. His dick sprang up. It had to be at 9 inches, thick as a sausage with a huge head. I slowly licked his dick, on the soft underside and suckled gently on the head. Now I’m not a whore or anything, but I know my shit. He moaned and groaned loudly. It was so hot down there, the only reason I noticed was because of the beads of sweat on his face. I licked and sucked for at least 10 mins. I even sucked on his balls. This loser had the nerve to grab my head and try to fuck the shit out of my face. I have to admit, his whole take charge attitude turned me on.

He pulled me to my feet. He took off my shirt and low cut lacy bra and roughly sucked on my large, stiff nipples. It was my turn to moan loudly. He then turned me around and bent me over the table. bahis şirketleri He ripped off me small black thong and rubbed his dick against my pussy, coating it with my juices. I couldn’t believe that this geek got me this wet! I thought he was going to just start fucking me hard and fast, but he instead grabbed my shoulder and started inserting his dick inch by inch. He was torturing me! I wanted him to fuck me so bad, I moaned and begged and pleaded. I could almost hear his smile as he started stroking slowly, hitting my spot forcefully, making my pussy turn into a fountain. I felt a trickle of my own juices slide down my leg. I couldn’t let this geek turn me out so easily. I started squeezing my pussy on his dick, making my pussy pretty much suck his dick. He tried to hold on and keep up his tortuously slow stroking, but then he snapped. He grabbed my soft hips and started drilling for oil. He grunted and groaned his hips slapped against my ass. I was biting my lip, trying not to scream. I knew that there was a chance someone would come down there looking for us, but this dude was fucking me too royally to try to stop. He turned me over again and lifted me up on the table. He inserted his slick dick back in my pussy and stroked, fast and slow. He was driving me crazy. I had cum about 5 times before he finally blew up my pussy. He seemed to have gallons and gallons of cum stored up just for me. We were both sweaty by then and breathing hard. He immediately got up and put his clothes on. I need a minute to catch my breath. I was still buttoning my sweater and getting ready to leave when he walked out of the door. I sat down on one of the chairs in the break room trying to calm down.

I was still sitting there when he popped his head back in and said

“I knew you wanted this dick.” I couldn’t stop laughing.