Toys for Twats – Chapt I of IV

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Toys for Twats – Chapt I of IVI need to start by saying that I let my wife Tina set up my itinerary for Santa this year and she has not always been good about telling me what I was getting into. So when I saw “Emily’s Party 6:00-10:00 pm” on Thursday I just figured she had screwed up the time or something else, because k**s do not go to see Santa at 10:00 pm two weeks before Christmas when school is still in session. But when I asked her before leaving for work that morning she just smiled and assured me she had it all under control.So that evening, I hustled home from work, took a quick shower and put on the red suit, wig and beard and asked Tina why she was not dressing up as Mrs. Claus. She said I was the entertainment and when I asked if that meant I got all of the payment for the gig, she said yes, so I was not about to argue. When she came out in a very short dress that was cut low and hugged her body, I have to confess I was ready to say forget the gig, let’s just stay home! I mean, she had on gartered hosiery and makeup and the whole 9 yards. Again, this should have tipped me off, but….So we pull up to Emily’s house and Tina parks the car in the grass at the back of the house. Strange. She said she was making room for all of the people that were coming. We walk into the basement family room and there’s a banner greeting us saying “Merry Fucking Christmas to All My Naughty Girls!!!” and there is a cartoon dick at either end of the banner and smaller pictures of dicks all throughout the words… I am just staring at the sign as Tina and Emily share a quick hug and start chitting and chattering about how much fun it is going to be and who all was going to make it and how fun the whole night was going to be….”So what am I doing here?” I finally ask.Emily prances over to me and puts her wrists on my shoulders and looks up at me with this silly smile and says, “Don’t you know? You are the entertainment!!! Every naughty girl likes sitting on Santa’s … knee at Christmas!” I look down at Emily’s coal black eyes and they are just lit up with excitement. I start to look over at my wife and Emily grabs my chin and turns me to look back at her. “Tonight, you are Santa Claus and she is NOT Mrs. Claus. I am throwing a party for the girls in my network of adult toys retailers and all of the women will get to sit on your lap. They won’t know who you are and if you are a good boy, you get to keep all of the tips you get!!!” She then pulled her thin body against mine and rubbed herself generously against my crotch before saying. “I for one am really looking forward to sitting on you and making your Christmas season bright!”I looked over at my wife who was leaning against the wall, one arm under her breasts, the hand of the other arm covering her mouth as she giggled at my obvious discomfort. I had no idea at that point if she had ever shared with Emily that there was something about her and her slim, almost adolescent figure and looks that turned me on. Tonight, she was dressed in leather pants and a black halter top with sequins and shiny thread woven in it…. I wanted to shout, “Let’s get this party started!!!” but my wife had always been an, “Everything goes” type of woman as long as it was just the two of us. Involving others, beyond looking had always been a hard NO. But now….”Ummmm, Tina, can I have a word with you?” I asked, removing Emily from my front. She pouted at me and I ignored her as I stepped over to my wife and took her by the elbow and I ‘escorted’ her back outside and closed the door. “Okay, what the HELL is going on? What have you gotten me into. I am not a stripper!!!””I know, I know. Now stop! Emily asked me a couple of months ago if I could get you to come to her adult toy Christmas party. I said, ‘No way’ at first, but she kept after me. She is paying us $500 for the evening AND….” My wife took a deep breath and finished, “…and if you let her tie you down so the women can pose on top of you…straddling you… she will throw in an extra $200.”I looked at my wife and I wondered who the hell she was, pimping me out. I was without words as my mind tried to piece together how I had come to be standing right there, hearing… “Are you sure? I mean, you know that I don’t have the world’s greatest self control and this costume… If I get hard in this, EVERYONE is going zonguldak escort to know it.”Tina looked up at me for a few moments, her eyes locked on mine. “I know” she said quietly. Then I felt her hand on my cock, grabbing my semi-erection, “In fact, I am hoping for it. I know I have always said we are not going to share and play, but the truth is, while I still don’t want any other man, I want to see you with another woman. Fuck, if they all jumped naked on you I think I would die from my orgasm! I know it’s been years since I was your dream girl and I know you still love me. Tonight is my gift to you…and to me. You get to experience one of your fantasies, having women you have stared at for years touching you…. And I get to see you as a sex object… my sex object. God, the thought of them looking at you has me wet!” With that she grabbed my hand and pulling up the stretchy fabric of the dress she shoved my hand against her panties and through them I could feel that she was really wet and hot… both were things I missed!!!”But….””No, no buts. If you want to go home, then I will give you the keys. Otherwise shut up and let’s do this!” We stared at each other for a few heartbeats and then she launched herself up at me and gave the type of hungry passionate kiss that I am not certain we have exchanged since the first couple years of our marriage! She finally stumbled back from me, out of breath and smiling up at me. She winked at me and said, “Come on, it will be fun!” She took my hand and I followed.Emily was pulling a tray of gingerbread cookies, that were definitely male, and well endowed, out of the oven when we walked back in. She was bent over and whether she did it intentionally or not, her ass had that perfect flare some women have when they bend over, arms forward…you know, where their waist looks to be about 18 inches around and their booties look like a firm 38!!! She looked back over her shoulder as she turned with the tray and put them on her granite counter. Her smile always makes my heart skip a beat and knowing that she and my wife had cooked up something far more than cookies had my dick rise just a little. I watched as she walked over to the refrigerator and got a glass of water then opened a small prescription bottle, dumped out a pill into her hand and walked over to me. My wife told her we were a go with the big guy from the North Pole and Emily swayed her way to me. “Do you really want to be ready for anything tonight, Santa?”I looked over at Tina and she gave me smile that stopped just short of a laugh and nodded at me as if to say, “Go on, you idiot!” So I said yes. Emily handed me the glass of water and as I was still trying to figure out what the night was going to hold, Emily said, “Good then take your medicine like a good man!” and with that she put a little blue pill on the tip of her tongue and pulled my face to hers. There was no preamble. Her tongue slid into my mouth, her tits press up against my chest, her hips met mine…. and I swallowed the pill! We played a little tonsil hockey and then I was aware of my wife standing just to the side of us. She ran her hand up both of our backs and a few seconds later, Emily broke the kiss, but did not back up much. “That was … very nice.” She smiled at Tina and they both giggled. As she turned back to her backing, Emily added, “Don’t forget your water.” I almost asked, “What water!!”I would have let Emily lead me into a human sized shredder at that point, all of my blood had gone below my beltline!!! Tina smiled up at me and kissed me herself, only there was no hesitation in her grinding! She pressed her body against the Santa suit and we kissed hard for a minute to the point that I was seriously about to drop her to the floor right there and go the distance when Emily cleared her throat. We broke our kiss like a couple of teens caught by their Mom making out. “Tina, could you start making your punch? People should be showing up soon. I will show Brian where he can wait for his big moment!” My wife squeezed my hand and turned to work on the punch and I turned to follow Emily’s ass!!!Emily led me down a short hallway and into a room where she had a big, Santa like chair set up in front of a fireplace backup and a camera. There was also a TV that showed my wife, standing in the family room walking escort zonguldak around looking at the things on various tables that Emily had out. “Hey, I’m sorry if I came on a little strong when you walked in. I thought that you already had talked things out with Tina…”I held up my hand. “Not your fault. So, … what do you want me to do?””That’s a loaded question,” she said with a coy smile and then laughed. “For the most part, you get to watch. We are going to open presents and I am going to show some new products and we will play some games out in the other room. You get to sit in here, I even have some cold beers for you in the coffee table. Then, near the time for refreshments, I will come back out and get you. I have a bag of small goodies for you to hand out from Santa. Then when they are eating and walking around they will be free to come back here and get a picture with you. I will tell them the hair and beard stay on but the rest….” She winked at me. “I think you will be able to stop them from doing anything you don’t want them to do.” She stepped up to me and put the flat of her hand on my chest and laid her head on my other shoulder. “Some of us will enjoy you even more… if you like.”She looked up at me and gave me a wink and laughed as she scampered out the door and joined my wife.I walked over to the door and shut it behind Emily. My mind was absolutely flying in a thousand different directions and I kept telling myself I was making a lot out of nothing and reading way too much into it all, but the rest of me kept arguing that I was either in for the time of my life or should run like hell while the going was good. I grabbed a beer out of the cooler and popped it open as I watched Tina and Emily put our some snacks from the refrigerator and Emily put gift bags around the room.I was just thinking about leaving, maybe sneaking upstairs and out the front door when another guest came in. She was a tall black woman with really big tits and huge lips. She came in with a big laugh and hug for both women and to my shock, as she stepped back from embracing my wife, she rubbed her big tits in my wife’s face and they both laughed!!! I sat down.Over the next 20 minutes several more ladies of all ages, sizes, shapes and ethnicities came in and joined the party until there were 19 of them. Emily handed each a glass of wine and they all milled around, looking at decorations and talking. There were evidently some catalogues strategically placed around the room as well and every once in a while I would see a woman pick one of them up, start flipping through it and some of them would stop and carefully study an item or squeal and grab nearby friend and show them their discovery. All of the ladies had on a hot combination of dressy and slutty clothes and it did not take Santa Claus to see that they had left their bras at home.Eventually, they all found places to sit, either in chairs, on the couch and I watched as Emily welcomed them. I also noticed Tina slip down the hallway. She opened the door a moment later and slipped in quietly. “So are you mad?” I turned in the office chair and showed her the bulge in the front of my pants and then turned back to watch as Emily was showing different things in a catalogue. Tina giggled and sat on my lap. “My, my Mr. Claus, you look absolutely naughty tonight! Whatever am I supposed to do with this?” She reached down to her side and grabbed my cock. Yeah, I was mostly hard and having her grab me…. “Keep watching the show, Santa. I want to suck your balls dry so these sluts have to work to get you off tonight. I think that Em is going to let the girls see some of her products and get the party going.”Sure enough, a moment later, she was walking around with a plastic bottle and putting a few drops from either of two of some liquid on fingertips of women who then rolled the liquid in their fingers, sniffed and some even tasted it! The next to last woman took it and reached her hand inside of her blouse and seemed to rub it into a breast as she rolled her eyes and acted as if she was on the verge of an orgasm. All of the women burst out in a roar of laughter. I even found myself smiling. Tina had me stand up and she unfastened the front of my suspender straps and pulled the big red pants down my legs. As I sat down, she pulled the top of zonguldak escort bayan her dress down and popped her braless tits out for me to see. She offered me a taste of each nipple before she sank to her knees and took hold of my now hard cock and started licking it like an iced cream cone! Again, our sex life recently has been on life-support and I know it had been more than three months since Tina had sucked on my cock at all. Yet here she was, in a friend’s house, with nearly a couple dozen women on the other side of a 2×4 wall and she was giving me the blowjob of a lifetime!!!My mushroom head rolled over her lips and onto her tongue, the warm wet heaven of her mouth felt all the better as she wrapped her fist around the shaft of my cock and began sucking hard on the whole head. I held her head there and watched the women on the screen dividing into two teams. My hips started slowly rotating up and down as I tried to push more and more of my cock into her mouth. I felt her tongue swirling around and around. At one point she came up for air. She took my dick and slapped it on the top of her tits as she rose up and kissed me hot and hard on the mouth. Her mouth tasted of pre-cum and sex. She kept stroking my cock and rubbing it between her tits as we heard another roar of laughter out in the other room.Tina jumped up and straddled my hips. “Fuck this, I want your cock in me now!” Who was I to argue?! She pulled her panties to the side and pushed my cock into her. She nearly took me all of the way in on the first thrust, she was so wet, and I felt her pussy juices running out of her and onto my balls, thighs and ass almost immediately. I moaned and she put her hand over my mouth and giggled as she leaned over me and shushed me. I honestly did not care, I was so close to nutting inside of her that I did not care if people heard!She was bouncing up and down on my hips, tits flopping in my face as she held onto my shoulders. Her pussy was like a fire washing down over me, over and over again. She fed me one of her nipples and it was soon my turn to shush her as she began moaning and groaning and whispering, “Oh, yes!! Fuck me! Fuck me hard Santa!!” All too soon I felt the walls of her pussy begin to tremble and then tighten. She was suddenly so wet that there was almost no friction, but the pressure of her pussy squeezing around my shaft sent me into my own little orgasmic bliss and I had to fight for a good couple of minutes to keep from making too much noise.We sat there for a good couple of minutes, panting and feeling the aftershocks of our fucking bounce back and forth between us until I finally became so soft I slid out of her. Tina pulled her top up over her tits and then quickly put a hand between her legs in a vain effort to catch the flood of semen and sex fluids that poured out of her wet pussy. She stood up and gave me a big kiss before quickly exiting the room and I heard her go into the restroom across the hall the moment she closed my door. I reached into my Santa sack and pulled out a wet-ones wipe that I usually use to wipe my hands off after hosting a questionable k**. I was glad to have it convenient that night for a different reason!!The women on the screen were now passing around a massive black dildo, some of them taking time to lick the head of the massive phallic column while other squeezed it between their thighs and giggled and laughed. A few minutes later I watched my wife re-enter the room and smile at Emily. Emily looked right at the camera and blew me a kiss.I know I had just shot my wad and drained my balls inside of my wife, but I felt the twitch and then slow tightening of things below. She ran both of her hands over her tits and smiled at me before turning and lifting a thick belt like thing from the counter and calling my wife into the middle of the room. I could hear all of the ladies hooting and calling out as Tina stepped up to each other. Tina put her arm around Emily’s shoulder and Emily wrapped hers around my wife’s hips. The two ladies looked around the room and then my wife smiled directly up at me before walking into the center of all of the women and dropping down on all fours right there in the middle!!!————————I plan on breaking the evenings activities up into a few different chapters, because as I relive it…. damn there is just so much I want to tell you about!Anyway, I will probably write all of it before I release even this first chapter, so I can’t really blackmail you into leaving a comment or giving me a thumbs up, but I will still ask for a token of your appreciation. Thanks!