Town Cop Ch. 04


I woke up to find Charlie not in bed but a note on his pillow.

“Baby, I will be home shortly with a suprise” Love Charlie.

I get out of bed put on my robe and hop in the shower. Standing under the hot water I wonder what on earth he is up to today.

I finish my shower and get dressed to start some breakfast as now I am hungry after my night of lovemaking.

I grab a Banana, box of Cheerios, and a bowl, spoon, and milk and sit down to eat when I hear a truck and trailer pull into the driveway.

I get up from the table, open up the door and Charlie is getting out of the truck. He goes back to the trailer and opens the doors and leads out a Horse who looks like Blue’s Chance.

Suddenly the horse turns and neighs and I realize it is Blue’s Chance. He hobbles with Charlie in tow to the front steps.

I slowly make my way to Blue as not to frighten him. He puts his head into my hand and softly nibbles my fingers looking for treats. I quick run in and grab a Apple and bring it out for him.

Charlie ties him to the steel post and pulls me into his embrace and gives me a quick tender kiss.

“Bill, was selling him” Charlie said

But he didn’t tell me how much until I called him last night when güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you were sleeping.

“Bill sold him because he tore a ligament and is no longer able to race” Charlie told me as I fed Blue his Apple pieces.

I wanted us to share the horse who brought us together 6 years ago at the race track.

“Blue is going to be standing stud here on our farm. We have full ownership to him, Bill signed him over 25 minutes ago through the understanding that he gets Blue’s 1st colt or Filly.”

Charlie knew I always wanted to start my own breeding farm and Blue is our first chance.

Blue munches happily on his apple and neighs at the 2 Geldings Barry and Danner both American Quarter Horses. who were brought to us a rescues.

Barry a Black Gelding with a Star and white Front stocking neighed back and Danner a Dun with a white strip on his face neighed back.

We untie Blue and lead him to his new stall in our 25 stall barn. He has a 18 x 18 stall with room to lay down and a paddock that adjoins Barry & danner.

Charlie closes the stall door and watches as Blue gets accustomed to his surroundings.

I pull Charlie into my arms and gave him a tender loving kiss.

“i güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Love you” I whispered in his ear.

“I Love you, even more” Charlie whispered back.

Charlie and I head back to the house and continue our makeout.

I pull Charlie onto the couch and slowly begin kissing him I slide my tongue in and out of his mouth as he does to me.

I Slowly begin to remove his t-shirt and jeans and he slowly removes my blouse and shorts. I kiss my way across his neck, chest, flick my tongue on nipples and he moans in pleasure, I slowly kiss my way down to his boxers and slowly lift them off of his hips to reveal his slowly forming erection.

I slowly take his manhood in my mouth and begin to give him an unforgettable blow job. I take his scrotum in my mouth and suck on each one individually. He moans in utter pleasure.

“Suck me” Charlie gasped.

I suck and pull gently on his scrotum with my lips and teeth and begin to bob up and down on Charlie’s manhood.

“I’m close to coming” Charlie gasps once more as my tongue flicks the tip of his erection.

“Come for me” I say with my sexiest voice.

slurp, slurp I continue to give him head as I taste a drop of güvenilir bahis şirketleri precum on his cock.

“I’m coming” Charlie roars as his orgasm hits him like a load of bricks.

I taste the cum hit the back of my throat and I swallow every drop he gives me.

Charlie removes my bra and panties and leaves my anklets on.

He inserts 2 fingers in my cunt and begins to pleasure me by rubbing and finger fiucking me. I moan and beg for him to continue.

He rubs and strokes my pussy and fucks my with his fingers harder and faster. He removes his Fingers and begins to gently pull on my nipples to make me moan even harder.

“Rub Me” while gently stroking his manhood.

Charlie rubs me over and over until he feels my vagina squeeze him like it was his cock in me.

“I’m coming” I cried out as my orgasm hits me like a jackhammer.

Charlie enters me in a swift motion. I feel his Cock slide in and out of my now soaked pussy from coming.

Squeek, Squeek as Charlie pounds into me on the couch.

I reach between my legs and gently stroke his cock as it slides in and out of my pussy.

Charlie moans in pleasure.

“Fuck me harder” I beg Charlie

with that he pounds into me harder and faster, I can feel his cock tighten as its about to cum.

“I’m coming baby” he cries as he shoots a load into me.

“me too” I cry as I shudder in release with him.

Charlie pulls me into his embrace and covers us up with the throw from the back of the couch.

Together we fall fast asleep.