Tortured With Pleasure


It began as a quiet night in for David and Sara. They had decided to stay in on this particular Friday night rather than go out and deal with the cold. They picked up some Italian take out and some DVDs from blockbuster. It was supposed to be a night on which they would just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

David and Sara talked and ate dinner together. After dinner they decided to dress down into comfy clothes before watching their movies. Sara got down to a white cotton tank top and boxer shorts, and David was in a white cotton tee shirt and mesh shorts. They popped in the first disc and cuddled on the couch.

David began to lose interest in the movie, and take more interest in Sara. He began to run his fingertips lightly up and down Sara’s arm. Sara looked up and smiled at David, and squeezed his thigh in response to him, and then went back to watching the movie.

David pulled Sara’s hair behind her neck and traced her ear with his fingertip. “You are so beautiful,” he said to her.

“Thanks baby,” she said and lifted her head to kiss him.

He held her face to his in their kiss, and pressed his lips firmly to hers. He slipped his tongue between her lips as they kissed. Their tongues circled each other and David’s hands moved down from Sara’s face to her neck. He tilted her head back, and pulled his mouth away from her lips.

David kissed her neck, leaving his lips to linger on her skin and nibbling her body. He held a fistful of her hair, keeping her head tilted and began to lick and nibble her ear. He felt her body squirm and heard her shriek, as he gave her goose bumps and made her body tingle all over.

David rolled on top of Sara and slid down her body so that his face was between her legs. He ran his fingers up and down her inner thighs, and squeezed them gently. He spread her legs wide open and then güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri placed his hands on her waist. He pushed her tank top up to but not over her tits. He ran his fingertips along her sides and bent down and kissed her tummy.

David kissed and licked Sara’s skin along her abdomen and his hands found their way under her tank top. He caressed her tits and tweaked her nipples. Sara arched her back upward responding to the stimulation of her nipples. Her body felt so alive. She was tingling all over from the effect of the chills and kisses given to her.

David crawled up her body and pushed the tank top over her tits. One by one he circled each nipple with his tongue and then took it into his mouth and sucked on it. David held her arms down, and leaned on her body limiting her ability to respond to his mouth. She wanted to touch him with her hands, and her body wanted to wriggle and squirm. He made her contain all of that energy as he licked and sucked her nipples.

Sara was moaning louder and louder as her voice was the only outlet she had for all of the sexual sensations that filled her body. David lifted his mouth from her tits and took off his shirt, and then he lifted the tank top over her head. He leaned over her and extended his tongue right above her mouth. She stretched her own tongue out to meet his, and then lifted her head to meet his lips as well.

He leaned forward pressing his lips firmly to hers and they kissed with passion and lust. By now David’s cock was erect and hard, and Sara’s pussy was dripping. David pressed himself against Sara’s pussy, and rocked his body over her pussy. Sara tried to arch up and meet him but David was in total control pressing down to hard on top of her.

Sara wanted nothing more than to get her shorts, and David’s shorts off and to have his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cock deep inside of her. David stood up and dropped his shorts to the floor. He stepped right in front of her face and placed his cock at her lips. She quickly snaked her tongue over the tip of his head licking the drops of pre-cum from him.

She grabbed his shaft and started to stroke his cock while be bobbed her head over the head. She stroked and sucked on his cock at the same time. David grabbed a hold of her hair and held her as he pushed more of his cock down her throat. He guided her hand from his cock down to her pussy. He helped her slide her shorts off of her body and guided her finger into her pussy.

Sara began to finger herself while David fucked her face. He rubbed her clit while she was fingering herself and taking his cock in her mouth. Sara was moaning and squirming and David knew that she was about to cum, but he didn’t want her to cum just yet.

He pulled his cock from her mouth and his hand from her clit, and pushed her hand from her pussy. Sara’s eyes were fixated on David’s cock as she anticipated that he would fuck her now. David pushed her legs open and placed her ankles on his shoulders. He leaned forward and slapped her pussy and her clit with his long hard thick cock.

Her body begged for him to enter her pussy, but instead he bent down, and ran his tongue slowly up and down her slit. He opened her lips with his fingers and circled the opening with his tongue. Sara whimpered with pleasure and pain as her pussy was aching for his cock and she just wanted to cum already.

David slipped his tongue inside her pussy and flicked his tongue up and down inside her. She squeezed her thighs around his neck and held his face down to her pussy. David pulled his tongue out of her pussy and went back güvenilir bahis şirketleri to licking her lips. He managed to slip two fingers inside her causing her to scream and moan.

David slowly moved his two fingers in and out of her pussy and he found her clit with his tongue. He rolled his tongue over her clit in the same slow agonizing rhythm that he fingered her with. He tortured her with pleasure, until he reached the point where he truly felt that she could not take any more.

He pried her legs from his neck, and then flipped her over onto her tummy. He stood behind her and gave her ass a good slap. That slap nearly made her cum before he even got to stuff her pussy with his cock. In one motion he slipped his entire cock deep inside her pussy. He held her hips and began to rock back and forth fucking her pussy. He pulled her hips to meet his with every thrust pushing and trying to go as deep as he could inside her.

Sara moaned and squealed as David gave her the fuck that she so desperately wanted from him. She squeezed her pussy around his cock to make the sensation feel even better. David spanked her ass again, and the sensation sent her over the edge. Her pussy tightened even harder around his cock, and she screamed and shook, as her orgasm gushed over David’s cock.

David began to fuck her harder and faster at the peak of her orgasm. It felt as if her pussy was trying to squeeze his cum out of his cock at the same time that she came. He managed to pull his cock out of her pussy and brought it to her mouth. She covered his cock with his mouth and began to lick her juices off of him. She sucked his cock as if trying to suck out his cum, and in seconds she felt his warm cum against the back of her throat.

Sara swallowed what she could of his cum and then licked the rest from her lips and from his cock. She laid on the couch feeling drained and motioned for him to lay with her. When he was on the couch next to her she slapped him across the face. When he asked what that was for she replied “for torturing me like that before you let me cum, and don’t think I will not extract an even greater revenge from you for it.”