TOON in to this one

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TOON in to this oneBack when i was just starting off my career, i scored a nice contract to make the new asthetics for King’s Island. A few great months of on-site work for the new cartoon characters added into the park. Building a few Mystery Machines for scoob themes, big foam statues of fred and barn…blah blah blah. Being away from home and stuck around teenagers all day had my horny up all day. Especially when working near water rides – wet, dripping, barely covered gems sprinting from exit to entrance repeatedly… Heaven could very well be simular to that. Anyways, being the “new guy” to the staff, i did get me a few of the local worker bees that the park employed. One in particular was a favorite of mine, we met the first week and clicked good enuff. She was young and vivid, very church-girl meets “Band Camp” girl meets cheer coach. She stood 5’5″ tall and weighed only 135lbs, not my type usually. Her hair was mixed blonde and brown, faded that way from hours in the sun. Her eyes were an odd, soft brown with a light yellow band around the center and yellow flecks throughout making them almost glow, not contacts either. She was into old music, old cars, and vintage kırıkkale escort clothing. And soon found out, oldER guys. I had ten years on her and yet we found every moment possible to sneek a poke here and there at the park during the day and she slept over at my hotel often – happy days we’ll call that part.One day she bounced over to where i was carving a large foam storefront to be hardcoated and painted to give it a “toony” look. She was very excited to tell me she was promoted to being a suited character – a vast improvement to the fry slinger position she currently held. “I’m training in the morning and by noon I should be out. We should totally doit with me in the suit!” she excitedly blurted. I of course said why not and I set out to finish the day’s work. The conversation left my mind until the next day when, as I was starring at an area while mentally designing for it, a Rug Rats character named angelica sauntered my way in a obvious sexy manner. “AH HA” I thought to myself as the large stuffed character walked up to my bench and, after looking both ways, proceeded to give me a lap dance! Neat shit I thought. She quickly stopped and walked escort kırıkkale away, pausing to give me the universal sign for “FOLLOW ME” so of course, I did. Staying a distanced 50ft back from her so not to appear together, I seen her walk behind a skyline chili booth and into a semi-sheltered pavillion for picnics. Entering the shaded area I see her in the corner holding up the bottom half of the suit, exposing her ass cheeks between the two halves and wagging it at me, side to side. Near fully hard I step up close behind her and unzip. Her hands stretched from the top of the suit to work my dick a moment, dropping the bottoms to the ground and then in a swift motion, opened a condom and had it on me before I knew it. I thought this was a bit odd since we were on a level where she loved my cum in her. Maybe its the “keep the suit cum free” factor. The thought left as fast as it entered when she slid me up and down her, from her ass valley to her soaked crotch. I was enjoying the play while watching for someone to round the corner when she arched her back and I popped inside her. The cool morning air was such a contrast to her hot insides. I pumped kırıkkale escort bayan hard and fast once we found a groove. She was used to hard and fast when we did this, she understood, just cum fast and take care of her later was the norm. I felt everything get tense and filled the condom full. A few more jabs and I withdrew and tossed the condom in a waist basket. She clicked the bottom of the suit together, put her arms back in and d**g her large cloth hand across my face as she just sauntered off. I looked to the sky and said outloud “Thanks for yet another great hi-lite moment” and gave my thumbs-up to the clouds overhead. Within a few minutes I was on-site working again and everything was great, my day started good by anyone’s standards and I was turning-out excellent work when my phone buzzed with an in-comming text message. It was my girl’s number, I figured I would read some sexy comment about earlier but instead it read “Our trainer was late as hell this morning and we didnt even get to try the suits on. Gotta try again in the morning. I’ll be in the usual spot if you wanna do that thing sometime today 😉 I really need some.”I worked there another month not knowing who was in that suit and never did find out. Scanning every girl with that build for a sign – day in and day out with no clue. It was good for me so ANGELICA if your out there – Thank you for this excellent story! My COCK and my READERS thank you sweety!