Tinker’s Office Fuck


Tinker had always been a good girl before she was married but now a couple of years down the road she was bored with married life and had started to fantasise about people other than her husband. Especially people who she worked with.

One person was her boss and the other was one of her colleges Max. He was quite tall, just under six foot, had broad shoulders and a tight rugby players ass and legs. Sometimes when he wore tight trousers you could see the outline of his cock against the material which made her mind wander to thoughts of what was in those trousers.

Her boss on the other hand was taller and thinner than Max and very distant. She fantasised about him because he was her boss and gruff with it. He would bark orders at the office in general and her in particular, which would upset most people but it excited Tinker. She had the fantasy that she would be able to get into his good books with the use of her sexual power and tell him what to do instead of the opposite! She was attracted to him because he had power over her and the whole office and she would often close her eyes at night when her husband was licking her pussy and imagine it was her boss!

This would never happen though. Tinker was quite tall to and she had very big tits, which she liked to show off with tight tops that opened to show off a lot of cleavage. All the men couldn’t help but look at her tits and she even caught some of the girls in office staring too. She would bend over on purpose in front of Max and would notice the bulge in his trousers getting bigger. He would fidget trying to hide it without anybody seeing but she would give him a knowing smile just to let him know that she saw his bulge.

Her boss was different though, whenever she tried to flash a bit of her cleavage at him he would either ignore her or just walk away. He was oblivious to her showing off or he seemed to be above it, not wanting to mix with the office crowd and staying apart to show he had no favourites. She even wore short skirts and heels to see if he was a leg man but he would still ignore her.

Everybody else looked though and this made her feel a bit better. Max would stare more than most and she would tease him mercilessly all the time. One day, she thought, I’m going to give you the chance to suck my pussy. The excitement of fucking somebody else apart from her husband would often make her pussy moist and slick with juices and she would not think twice about cheating on him!

It was Friday and as she got up that morning she had decided that she was going to have Max this evening after everybody had gone home. She dressed in a tight white cotton shirt that she unbuttoned to show of her cleavage and see through bra she was warping, a flowing skirt that was cut just above the knee and strappy heels and stockings. She didn’t bother with panties as these would just get in the way when she seduced Max.

All day she flashed Max her legs and cleavage and watched as his cock strained against his trousers every time he saw her. Now and again she brushed herself up against him, pushing her tits into his back and breathing on his neck, to which he would push back and tilt his head, looking at her sideways not knowing what to do!

Halfway through the afternoon Tinker saw Max coming along the corridor towards her. She stopped and turned side on, pretending to fiddle with the water cooler. The gap between the corridor wall and her ass as she bent over was too narrow and Max had to slide sideways past her and as he did, Tinker pushed out a little. Max felt her push back and had a quick look around to see if anybody was watching and then pushed his cock against her ass. Tinker intake of breath was sharp as she felt his huge cock rub in between the cheeks of her arse and she pushed even further back.

“tonight,” she whispered to him, “when everybody has gone, I want to see what’s in your trousers!”

“but you’re married,” Max said.

“I don’t care, I’m fucking bored canlı bahis with him.” she replied, ” I’ve noticed you looking at my tits and now I want to see what your cock is like!”

With that she turned to face him and gently rubbed the back of her hand against his strained trousers as she walked away! Max couldn’t do anything but stare after her as she walked back to her office, her arse swinging against the flow of her skirt!

It was 5:30 and Max had walked into Tinkers office. She was on the phone to her husband saying she had to work late that evening and she would be home around 9. Max stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do, shifting from one foot to the other. Tinker was looking at him as she was talking to her husband. She stood up, still on the phone and sat on her desk facing Max, her stockinged and heeled feet on her chair.

gently, she pulled her skirt up to her thighs and slowly opened her legs, showing Max her shaven pussy. She was telling her husband that she was sorry she couldn’t make it home any sooner and she was doubly sorry because she was feeling so horny. As she said this she licked her fingers and began to circle her clit with them, mixing the juices from her pussy with her spit as she caressed her pussy. She motioned Max over with a come hither sign and pushed the chair out for him to sit on, which he did, and then curled her left leg around his shoulder and dragged him back to her, the wheels of the chair squeaking slightly as she did.

As she dragged him back his mouth went straight for her cunt, his tongue licking at her juices and making her pant slightly. Her husband had obviously asked her what was wrong because her answer was short telling him her boss had just walked in. She told him she loved him and would see him tonight, giving out another gasp as Max inserted two fingers into her hole and tongued her clit at the same Time!

Tinker was staring silently into space, a plethora of emotions running though her. On one hand, she was shocked by Max’s willingness , on the other hand, she could not deny that she was feeling horny as hell and wanted Max inside her quickly.

Max took that opportunity to pull Tinker to him and kiss her lips hard.. When he heard her moan, he moved his hand under her shirt . He could feel her breathing speed up as he began to play with her already hard nipple. As their tongues worked together, Max’s hand slid under the waistband of her skirt . He almost gasped when his fingers found her wet and already- swollen cunt lips.

her crotch was a swamp of sex juice. In fact, her juice had already soaked through her skirt. Tinker moaned as she felt Max’s fingers push into her pulsing hole. She spread her legs to give him better access. As his finger began to slide in and out, her hips moved up from the desk, encouraging him to go deeper. She moaned in frustration when he suddenly pulled his finger out.

Max quickly pulled Tinker’s top over her head then began to pull her skirt up. She lifted her hips up and let him strip her naked.

When Max’s eyes moved down her body, he had to suppress a gasp. Her large nipples were hard, sticking out like pencil erasers. Her beautiful breasts sat up proudly, firm, yet soft. When he looked a little lower, he could see the very large inner lips protruding from her shaven pussy. He liked that the lips were long and fat. In fact, he had never seen any woman with lips as large as hers. .His mouth practically drooled as he looked at the dripping flesh between her legs.

Max stripped off his clothes in record Time and moved quickly into her arms. He moaned as his cock slid into her soaking wet pussy without any hesitation.

“Oh God, baby, you feel so good,” Max moaned as he began to move in and out of his colleges slick hole. When he felt her legs wrap around his waist, he began to pound into her with rapid strokes.

“Yes, yes, fuck me,” Tinker whispered, her excitement rising rapidly.

“Fuck me!” Max thought. She never used bahis siteleri language like that. Two could play that game, he thought. He bent to her ear. “Yes, I’m going to fuck you, baby. I’m going to pound into your pussy until you can’t stand it anymore,” Max whispered, using words he had never spoken to her before.

“Oh yes, God yes fuuuucccckkk me!!!” Tinker moaned as her excitement built beyond control.

Soon their bodies were covered in sweat as their moans filled the room. Max worked to control his excitement. It had been a long time since he had been inside a woman and frankly, the conversation had excited him tremendously. Still, he wanted to make sure Tinker enjoyed herself before he climaxed. He tried to think of anything but his colleges incredibly tight vagina.

Fortunately, Tinker couldn’t last very long either. “I’m going to cum,” Tinker breathed. “Yes, yes, ohhhhhhh!!!” she moaned as her body began to convulse in pleasure.

Max could feel his own balls pull tight to his body. “Oh God, baby, here it comes,” he moaned. Then his cock throbbed and began to spurt juice into the welcoming hole of the woman.

Tinker pulled Max tightly to her, her heals digging into his buttocks, forcing him as deep as possible into her. She could feel her already saturated hole fill with his seed. Suddenly an unwanted thought raced though her mind. It was no longer Max between her legs, but rather her boss taking his pleasure inside her body. Without warning, a second, even more intense, climax rushed through her. She had never had two climaxes this close together. Hell, she was lucky to have one good one with her fucking useless husband!

Suddenly, as soon as she came she looked over to the door of her office, and there, stood in silence, was her boss, face purple with rage!


Max’s cock was soon flaccid as he raced to hitch up his trousers. Tinker, who was naked, was desperately trying to cover herself up, shame and horror filling her face. As soon as he had his trousers zipped up, Max raced from the office, his head down trying not to look at his boss. Tinker couldn’t do anything but hold her cloths to her body.

Her boss walked over to her, her face red with shame.

“We can either go through official channels and have you both disciplined or you can take your punishment from me!” he said.

Tinker was shocked. What could he mean by punishment she thought but before she could say anything, her boss reached over and pinched an uncovered nipple. Tinker squealed in pain but her boss didn’t stop and pinched harder, making Tinker cry out.

He stopped pinching her nipple and said” get down to my office now,”

She began to pick up her cloths but he said angrily, “leave them where they fucking are and walk down naked!”

She did as she was told and left her office in nothing but her high heels and stockings and walked down the corridor with Maxs’ cum running down the inside of her legs. She stopped outside her bosses office but was told to go to the toilet and clean up and then come back to the office, still naked.

When she returned her boss was sitting on the edge of his desk, his shirt undone to his waist. He beckoned her inside and told her to come over to him, as she did she could see the belt of his trousers was undone and his cock was obviously hard.

“what do you want me to do?” she asked.

“I want you to suck and lick my nipple,” he said, ” and then I want you to suck my cock before I fuck you!” he continued, ” If you don’t do as I say I’ll have you sacked in the morning. Okay?”

She couldn’t do anything but agree to what her boss said. He didn’t know though that this is what she had wanted for a long time.

She started to suck and lick his nipples, her hand between her legs rubbing her clit into a frenzy, her juices beginning to flow again. She bit his nipple a bit too hard and was rewarded with a stinging bahis şirketleri slap on her ass. She give out a little squeal, which, by the way his cock stiffened a little, her boss seemed to enjoy. He spanked her again and she squealed again, making his cock harder.

He began to slap and spank her ass with little smacks at the same time pushing her head and mouth towards his cock, forcing it into her mouth a bit too far and making her gag at its girth! She soon got used to the spanking and width of her bosses big cock and started to get in a rhythm of going down on his cock as she frigged her own clitty.

As suddenly as it started, the assault to her ass cheeks stopped. She tried in vain to look behind her to see what was happening next but it was of no use. her boss pulled his dick out of Tinker’s mouth and moved behind her. She felt her knees get weak as her boss bent over and put his lips on her ass. “Oh my look at this,” he said as he rubbed Tinker’s butt cheeks. her boss placed a gentle kiss on her warm ass and started to nibble and kiss her all over her butt. He put his hand between her legs and into her moistness. “Oh fuck yes.” She whimpered as he slowly put his finger into her pussy. ]

She pushed back against his hand and he pushed his finger deep into her hole. After moving it in and out a few times he removed his hand and pressed it against the entrance to her ass. She felt herself tighten as she had her anal opening invade by his finger. He was not gentle at all like and he pushed his finger hard into her opening and felt like her world was coming undone as he pushed his finger deep into her anus. “You like this don’t you Tinker?” he asked.

“Noooo,” Tinker said as he pushed his finger deep inside her. her boss slapped her hard on the ass and again he said, “You like this don’t you Tinker.”

“Yes ,” she said, “I like it , please don’t stop ” She was relieved when he removed his finger from her ass and then he positioned himself behind her and she could feel as his cock touched the entrance to her pussy. She quivered as he slowly, slid his dick into her wet hole.

“Oh shit Tinker, you are such a wet little cunt. I think you want me to fuck you don’t you?”

“Yes, fuck me hard, Fuck me.”

She felt her boss slowly withdraw his cock until it was almost all the way out and then he shoved it forward with all his might and Tinker felt a mixture of pain and pleasure as she felt his pelvic bones collide with her ass cheeks. her boss grabbed Tinker by the hair and pulled her head up. He started pumping into her as hard and as fast as he could, and it was obvious that he was out only for his pleasure because he was pushing his cock into her not in a gentle way but in a way that was giving him maximum pleasure and control.

“Oh fuck yes, Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” Tinker cried as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt.

“Do you want it hard or soft Tinker?” her boss asked.

“Oh I want it hard you son of a bitch. Fuck

her boss fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked before and then he suddenly pulled out. He moved around to the front of the table and waved his cock that had just been inside her pussy in her face. “Now suck this bitch,” he said as he rubbed his pussy covered cock in her face. She tried to pull her face away but to no avail. As she moved her face, she felt a sharp rap to her ass cheeks again. “Suck his cock Tinker, suck his cum out of his fucking cock,” he heard him say. Tinker relented and opened her lips and then her boss put his cock into her mouth and a hot stream of sweet tasting cum was fired into her mouth. There was so much she was nearly gagging but managed to swallow most of it before he pulled out and shot a wad of cum over her massive tits and nipples.

She lay there covered in his cum as he stood over her and said” if there’s going to be any fucking in this office its going to be done by me! Next time I fuck you, and there will be a next time, you’re going to take it in the ass or I’ll tell your husband about what you did with Max!”

She couldn’t do anything but nod and agree with him. But what he didn’t know was that this was what she wanted right from the start.