Time for Two Ch. 02


You are in the hotel room, waiting my arrival as we text our sensual thoughts, desires, and your room number…

I notice the room door slightly ajar, as I open and walk into the dimly lit room, finding you in a silky negligee and thong sitting in a chair with one leg up as you finger your pussy under your thong and squeeze your tits in your negligee for me. I am soo visual and love to watch you masturbate, pulling a breast out and licking your nipple as you smile and ask me to take my clothes off slowly for you… I remove my shirt, lowering my pants and briefs as my hardening cock emerges.

You stand up and turn your back to me, then bend over caressing and spreading your ass with your hands. I love to watch you stroke your ass and finger your pussy as you bend over, seeing where your ass and pussy meet. You stand back up and turn facing me, as you slowly lift your negligee top. I love how you uncover one nipple, then the other, now your gorgeous large tits in full view. Lifting your silky top off and dropping it to the ground as you stroke your tits. You slide your fingers under your thong to stroke your wet pussy.

I stroke my cock slowly as you see my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri precum in my slit, and you lick your cum off of your fingers. I drop to my knees and move my face and mouth to your wet pussy. I pull your thong to the side as my tongue licks your wet lips, sliding between your lips and dipping deep into your sweet juices. My fingers circle your pussy lips and rub your clit as I kiss your full lips and push my finger in deep. You taste soooo good.

I look up into your gleaming eyes and see you smile as I pull your thong down your slender legs with my teeth and hands to get full access to your wet pussy. You spread your legs wide for me as you sit in the chair with your hands in my hair holding my head and mouth to your pussy. My one hand fingers your pussy as I lick and suck your lips and clit, my other hand fingers your ass as you push your hips into my face. I pull your hips into my face as I love the taste of your sweet pussy, love how you cum on my tongue and fingers.

You want to suck my cock and ask me to stand up as you drop to your knees. I love seeing your tits hanging as you suck my cock. You lick and suck my balls güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as you slowly stroke my shaft with your soft hand. I love looking into your eyes as I hold your hair to the side. Your tongue and lips lick up the side of my shaft then you rub my head across your wet lips, my precum wetting your lips as you lick them.

Your tongue now circling my head and rim as your lips open and take my wide head in your wet warm mouth. I sooo love your amazing blowjobs, and how good your wet mouth and tongue feels. I love how deep you take my cock, feeling my head pressing against the back of your throat as you look up. Holding your lips down at my base then slowly lifting your mouth up over and over. I love the feeling of your hands grabbing my ass and pulling me in deeper as you suck me cock.

Your pussy is now very wet as you cum while sucking my cock. You tell me your pussy is aching for my cock, so I tell you to stand up and bend over with your hands on the chair. I take my cock and rub my wide head up from your wet pussy to your ass and back down. Love feeling your wet pussy lips on my head as you push your ass back. I slowly güvenilir bahis şirketleri press my wide head through your tight pussy, loving how tight and wet you are. I pull my cock out and push back in, teasing you as you moan with pleasure.

I hold your hips and pull you back in rhythm as I thrust deep and hard. You enjoy how deep my cock fills your pussy as you cum hard on my shaft. I love looking down and seeing my cock fill your pussy from behind as I finger your ass while stroking your pussy deeply.

My cock getting close I ask you where you want my cum… in your mouth, on your body, in your pussy…this time you say you want me to fill your pussy with my hot load. You hear my breathing change as you feel my cock begin to throb. I hold your hips and ass tight to me as I push my cock deep inside your pussy, holding my now pulsing cock inside you.

You feel my hot cum filling your pussy as you cum on my cock, feeling your pussy squeezing and cumming in waves. I lean over your back and reach around and grab your tits as my cock finally finishes emptying my load. I slowly pull my cock out as you feel my cum flowing from your pussy. You reach back and wipe my dripping cum off your pussy lips with your fingers, then lick my cum off your fingers.

Turning around your suck my cock clean as you love the taste of my cum mixed with your pussy juices. We collapse naked together on the couch, kissing and caressing, smiling and laughing at the pleasures we enjoy.