Tied Up With College Work


It was a Friday afternoon, and I was walking to the dorm room hall from my last class of the day, Economics. It had been a pretty normal day, for the most part. Lots of work… plenty annoying and pushy people… awful food to eat. Basically, a typical day at college when you are ready for the weekend.

Oh yeah… there were also the girls. You see, it was the middle of May, so not only was I itching to get out of school for the year, but there was also that feeling of energy and the strange way that girls always seemed to be cuter, or prettier, or (as was mostly the case) sexier, during the Spring. In a way I would get mad, because all these beautiful girls would walk by and I knew that I would never get the chance to be with them. I would try not to stare… sometimes I’d look at their eyes, sometimes their chests… but I would always just turn away.

Let’s face it… I was so horny I would have gladly given my left arm for some action…

But, I like to consider myself a relatively nice guy, and I have always found it difficult to accept the idea of ‘hooking up’ with someone. I had thought to myself that no girl could really make you feel extremely good unless there was some deeper connection. At least, I had thought that up until that afternoon…

I was halfway across the green when a friend of mine, Kelly, came running up to me from the residence hall. It took me a minute to register that she had a lot of books with her and that she seemed to be in a hurry, because I was too busy looking at how great she looked.

I had always had a huge crush on Kelly… and there was a lot about her to have a crush for too… first there is her shoulder length red hair, usually tied back in ribbon of some kind… not the bright kind of red hair, either, but that brownish red type.. copperish in a way. There was her cute nose and her light brown eyes which I always found hard to look into without feeling a little nervous. Then there were her C-36 breasts. This knowledge I came by because Kelly is very open about herself and sexual things and such. In fact, this was what made being near her so difficult, because she was also a huge flirt. Just standing there looking at her, in the span of seconds (that felt like minutes) I felt myself getting hard. It was still cool out, so I had my jacket on, which I then pushed forward with my hands in the pockets to hide the increasingly conspicuous bulge from my pants.

She seemed not to notice, however. Instead she started talking to me about how I shouldn’t bother going back to the dorm.

“I was visiting my friend to work on my Into to Psych project, right? And then these assholes come up the stairs.. we could hear them from the room… and they are being sooo fucking loud!” Kelly said.

Knowing her friend, Amy, and knowing the area she lived, I knew exactly who she was talking about, but I let her go on, basking in her radiance.

“So ya, they are pushing each other around, and then one of them musta slammed himself right into the fire extinguisher! I was just getting into my paper, too! Ugh!” She practically yelled this last at me. I wanted to do something, but it didn’t seem right.

“Anyways, the alarms went off, but the fire department hasn’t arrived yet because of some problem with the truck, so it looks like you’re gonna be lock out of your dorm for awhile, Dave.”

Still fumbling for words, and still aware of my erection now stretching my jeans out more, I forced myself to get my mind back together. What the fuck! I mean really… here it was, a Friday afternoon, and I not only can’t get to my room to relax, but Kelly was standing right in front of me and I couldn’t do a thing about it because I was just too shy. I must have been showing these emotions because she mis-read them from my face.

“Aw man, I’m sorry… I didn’t know you would get that upset about it. Is everything cool?”

“Ya,” I said weakly, “I just was planning on relaxing. Hard week and all, you know?”

“Haha, ya… just go home and beat off to some good porn from the Internet, right?”

Without thinking about it, still lost in how smooth her legs must have been below that skirt, I dreamily said, “Ya, definitely… Wait, what?!”

She was already laughing at me. God! I loved it when she laughed… she would squeak sometimes, making her all the more cute. But I wasn’t too keen on her laughing at me. How could I have been so stupid! I had succeeded, once again, in making a complete fool out of myself.

I looked at her again, but every time her eyes met mine she started to giggle. I had to do something, and fast, otherwise I might slip further into embarrassment and cause myself more problems… What would the smoothest thing to say be?

“Ya, well can you blame me, hehe,” my laughter sounded phony to me, but I went on. “I mean jeez, it’s not like I’ve been with anyone in the past… hmmm… 9 months!”

As I said this I looked at my watch, pretending to count the months, which made her laugh again. It looked like perhaps I might Bostancı Esmer Escort get out of this ok after all. She managed to control her giggling, finally.

“Really?? Now come on Dave, seriously… why has it been 9 months… cute kid like you should be able to get a date no problem”Cute!! She called me cute!!

“Huh, ya right. It’s a lot harder than you think… I’ve never found it easy to talk to girls… I always get way to nervous and freak out. Typically geek, thats what I am. Still, whatever… I keep telling myself I’ll meet someone.”

After I said this, I realized that I was already giving up on trying to get together with her. At the same time that I felt this disappointment, I realized how God-damned horny I was! I could feel it in my stomach.. my throat… my chest… every part of my body wanted Kelly…

Then I was distracted by the way she was looking at me. I had never seen that look from her before… she had her head cocked slightly to the side and had this grin on her face that only made me harder still…

“You don’t seem to be doing that badly around me, Dave. I mean, I think you’re cute, for what its worth, and you don’t look like your freaking out to me…” she stepped closer and put her hand on my shoulder and I flinched.

“Not freaking out much anyway, hehe!” she laughed. “Look, you must be tired as hell… why don’t you just come back with me and we’ll chill for awhile. Maybe get some food or something”

Not believing that any of this was really happening, I stupidly nodded my head ‘yes’ before I could get a hold of myself again.

“Ya, sure” I said, “That’d be awesome!”

She put her arm around my and we walked together like that… I was so uncomfortable at first… ya, she was drop dead gorgeous, but that only made me more uneasy about myself. Then, however, she started talking to me about classes, and I actually managed to get more comfortable around her. I even managed to forget how turned on I was by her presence, and I was really having a great time.

We reached her dorm and went in. It smelled like lavender and inscence to me, and I was staring around the room at her posters. Her roommate wasn’t there, but I was looking at her posters most of all…

Most of them were normal, but one or two of them had pictures of guys with tons of muscle and women standing over them with a whip, or handcuffs. Almost intuitively, I realized that Kelly was looking at me in that funny way again. I could almost feel her wide grin behind me. I looked away quickly, and tried to casually scan the rest of the room, hiding my erection which had just come back stronger than before.

Ever since I started looking up porn on the Internet, I have always loved pictures and movies about bondage and female domination. Never pain, though. I wasn’t into that, but the idea of a girl tying me up and then doing things to me while I was helpless made me start to give huge amounts of pre-cum.

“Ya… my roommate is gone this weekend… took the bus. Steph doesn’t like people sitting on her bed, though, so you can just sit on mine.” Kelly said. This was great! A chance to hide my hard-on from view!

“So…uh… ” quick, quick! What should I say! “Quite the interesting posters Steph has, huh?” I wondered if there was any way possible that I could have said something any dumber, but before I could really think about that, she was laughing again, only this time she sounded different… there was a deeper feeling to it.

“Ya. Myself I like them. I think its sexy… wouldn’t that kind of stuff turn you on?”

“Umm… well- I suppose so, maybe..”

Kelly had that grin again, and she started crossing the room to the bed… stopped, walked back to the door and locked it, and then came back towards me. I tried to hide my swollen self from her, but she was looking at my eyes when she sat down.

“You get really nervous when I talk about sex, don’t you?” she asked.

Surprised by this openness, I actually felt more comfortable. At least I had something to talk about… ” Ya, I do actually. I must look like an idiot to you, though.” She started shaking her head no. I went on.

“I guess I’m just different from most guys. I mean, I’m not a virgin or anything, but the last time I was with a girl was when I had sex with my girlfriend a few weeks before we broke up. I just feel a little nervous now… I don’t know how other girls would react to me, ya know?” Relax, I thought to myself. Just relax.

“Ya, I understand” She slid a little closer to me, I tried to slide back a bit but realized I was already up against the headboard.

“You just gotta open up, Dave. I mean, I don’t feel any shame. Hell, I love that fact that I’m horny almost all the time! It’s not like I sleep around. I just like to have fun when I’m with a guy that I really like. And besides…” She sat right next to me now. I just had to keep breathing.

What happened next I could almost not believe. She reached her hand out and grabbed the zipper Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort of my jacket and pulled it back, reveling a large lump and a small wet-spot. She look, and her eyes widened a little, then she looked back up to me. Her lips seemed redder now, and I sneaked a peak at her boobs, and her nipples had gotten hard.

“Besides… it looks like you like to have fun too… At least part of you does.” She nodded down. I was so embarrassed, but I could ignore the heat I was now feeling too. Still, I didn’t think I had it in me to make any kind of move. I was just still to nervous, despite all the things I wanted to do with her at the moment.

“So really, “she said playfully. “How much do you like those posters. Come on, Dave, tell me… tell me! Hehe.”

Kelly is the kind of girl that flirts, yes, but she also is very physical. Though it never happened to me, she would often tackle people the way my guys friends would do. Especially when she was trying to get someone to say something. She always had a habit of enjoying tickling people. Most guys never had a problem with this, because it usually involved her sitting right on them. She had a funny look on her face too. The same look she was giving me now…

“Come on,” she said… I smiled and tried to move back, knowing what was next, but she stood up while grabbing my shoulders and pushed me down onto the bad so that my legs were right up near the headboard. Then she jumped right on me and started pinning my lower legs down with hers and was tickling my stomach. I tried to break free, but she was surprisingly strong. My dick must have been rock hard at this point, because when she shifted her weight to pin me down better, she sat on it and her eyes went wide.

“Mm! Jeez, Dave… I think that you do like what you see! So you like girls holding you down, huh?”

I didn’t know what to say, but I already wanted to cum so badly… I barely managed to nod my head yes.

“Tell you what. I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll stop tickling you under one condition. You have to play a little game with me for half an hour or so. It’ll be fun, come on! I promise, if it makes you that un-easy, then we’ll stop. Besides, Dave… You’re cute, and I wanna show you how to have a little fun. So what do you say?”

Somehow I didn’t fully trust the smile on her face. She must have sensed that because she started tickling me again, until finally I managed to tell her to stop. I said that ‘yes, I would do it!!’

“Awesome! I promise you… it’ll all be cool. Ok, Dave. First thing you need to do is lay back. I won’t tickle you again, I promise. Unless, that is, you don’t do what I say.” She looked at me with a mock-stern face.

Knowing that should would, in fact, see to it that I would pay if I didn’t follow what she said, I leaned back. She was still straddling me and was obviously enjoying it. I could feel my boxers getting soaked with pre-cum.

She turned around and grabbed two of her long pieces of ribbon, which she would often cut up to tie her hair with. I thought I knew what she had in mind, but she was fast. Before I knew what was happening, she had fallen forward and grabbed my right hand. Her breasts were right in my face for the first time, so I didn’t fully notice that she was tying my hand to the bed-post.

“Go ahead,” she said, “Kiss it if you want… I’ve seen you state at my chest before, you horny kid, you!” Then she shifted and tied the second hand as well.

“Hey, wait a-“

She cut me off by leaning down again and kissing me. Without the ability to move my hands, there wasn’t much I could do to protest (not that I really wanted to at this point anyways). She kissed my lips at first, and then opened her mouth, so I opened mine. She started making out with me with so much force and energy that I stated to move a little, gently pushing my hips up without thinking about it.

Kelly felt this, smiled, and got up from kissing me and walked over to my face, smiling.

“Don’t get me wrong, this is cool. But Kelly… what the hell are you…”

This time she put her hand over my mouth and simply said, “getting you to loosen up a little about girls.”

She leaned down and started kissing me again, just as hard and wet as before. Then I felt her hand move slowly down my chest, to my stomach… rubbing me a little and then tickling a little… and then she quickly slipped her hand under my pants and grabbed my throbbing cock. I must have jumped pretty bad, because she stopped kissing me and giggled.

“You like that, huh?” I nodded. “Maybe we better make sure you don’t kick anything either… I think you might have a hard time controlling your reactions with some of the things that I’m gonna do to you…” Again, there was the grin on her face.

She got up and went to her desk to find more ribbon… as she did, she made sure to bend over to open the drawer, showing me up her short skirt.

It might have been my imagination, but I thought for sure that there was Bostancı Evi Olan Escort a wet-spot on her panties.

She came back and took the new ribbons and tied them to the bed posts, but not my legs. Instead, she came over to me again and this time sat on my chest, facing away from me. I felt her hands.. both this time… slide down my stomach. One went under my pants again and she started to rub her finger in my pre-cum, and then on the back tip of my dick, making me jump again. I started to moan a little… I wanted to cum so badly! But… there wasn’t exactly much that I could do. Her other hand started to unbutton my jeans and unzip them, and I started getting even more excited.

Kelly stood up and bent to pull my pants off. Then my boxers, and my hard cock sprang up in front of her. She bent her head down and tossed her hair to one side as she grabbed me again and made to lick my throbbing head… She started squeezing my shaft slowly, and stuck out her tongue. I couldn’t believe it! Kelly, the girl I’d had a crush on for so long, was actually about to give me a blowjob!

But she didn’t… instead, at the last second, she stopped and went to tie my legs to the bed as well. I wanted to come so badly now, it was killing me.

“So” she said as she sat down next to my now helpless body. “How do you feel, cutie?” She grabbed my cock again and started to stroke it lightly, making me twist a little against the ribbon I was tied with.

“You know, Dave… I’ve always thought you were sexy, but seeing you here now, in front of me…” she started to whisper as she bent down to talk in my ear. “It makes me want to fuck you over and over, right here… my own sex toy. I could go all night long, and you couldn’t even do anything about it… even when you’re exhausted mmm”

Then she started to kiss around my ear, making me moan with pleasure. This was too much! The pre-cum was flowing fast now, but I couldn’t do anything! She kept on kissing and tickling my ear as she moved her body over mine again.

Kelly got on top of me and then leaned back. She smiled at me and started to take off her shirt, reveling her tight black bra underneath.

“Uh… Kelly,” I said weakly, “How long exactly do you plan on having me here?”

She started to laugh, which made me hornier, even though I was also starting to wonder how long I would be like this. She then unstrapped her bra. “Why don’t you stop talking for a little while and suck on this,” she said, and then leaned over me again, smothering my face with her boobs. My cock wanted to explode, but here she was, giving me no attention down there. I tried to call her attention to this, but my voice didn’t carry too far, what with my face buried into her the way it was.

‘What the hell,’ I figured, and decided that I wasn’t gonna get anywhere by talking to her, so I started to suck on her tits… gently at first, running my tongue along her, feeling her, then gently sucking her into my mouth for a few seconds. Now it was her turn to start moaning a little. This went on for awhile more, and my cock was still throbbing harder than ever, when she finally got up.

“Do you want to cum, Dave?” I nodded yes. “Ya… well too bad,” she started to giggle again, and then said, “No, you’re gonna have to wait a little. I want to have fun of my own too… but still,” and she move down towards my dick, “I think I might be able to help you a little.

“I… but what…” But she cut me off again, saying, “Jeez! I think I need to give you something to suck on again… Kelly stepped back and fiddled with the drawstring of her skirt until it fell to the floor. Then she dropped her panties too, and there she was. Right in front me, my biggest crush, Kelly. Her cleanly shaved pussy was dripping right in front of my face, just out of my reach. I was actually surprised, but I found that my own mouth was watering.

She reach down and started to moan as she felt her clit between her two fingers and rolled it gently… I started to moan to, turned on by the sounds she was making and by the smell. She giggled again, then, and asked me if I wanted to suck on that too… I only was able to nod my head, but again she said, ‘not just yet… but here, have this.”

And with that, Kelly grabbed her panties and wrapped them around my face. All I could smell and taste was her… She took her hand and started to rub her panties into me until I had to open my mouth. When I did, she pushed them in and told me to suck them, so I did. What else was I going to do? She grabbed her bra and put that over my face too, so I couldn’t really see what was next, though I found out seconds later.

Kelly jumped back onto the bed. “Mmm… you do look big, Dave! I wish I’d known your cock was this big… I might have done this sooner!”

She took me in her hand and started to blow on me without actually touching me. With one hand she started squeezing my balls, rolling them back and forth in her hand. With the other she grabbed the base of my shaft and pulled my skin tight.

What happened next drove me off the wall, and it was a few seconds before I could regain conscious thought again. She had started licking all the pre-cum off me, and then was quickly and lightly lashing her tongue on the back ridge of my hard cock. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it through this, I thought.