Ticking That ‘To Do’ Box


I sit alone on the edge of the bed, naked. My hands clasped by my knees, I’m sat slightly forward, staring at the floor. My heart beats in my chest and I tremble uncontrollably. My cock is semi erect as the duel emotions of sexual excitement and anticipation battle with nerves I simply cannot control.

WHERE we are does not matter, other than, its a bedroom, neither yours, nor mine. It is a tidy minimalist room and the king size bed is neatly made.. The carpet is soft underfoot and the room is lit with just two scented candles, flickering gently on the bed side tables either side of the bed. They let out a delicate soft hue. There is no noise, no music, just the sound of my heart beating loudly and quickly in my chest.

WHY we are here is a different matter. You see, like most men, I have a list of things to do before I die. That sounds morbid, and I certainly don’t plan to run out of time any time soon, but I just have a list of things I want to achieve. Experiences to have. Things to say ‘I’ve done’. Run a marathon, for example. Do a parachute jump. Crowd surf. Have a threesome. Be deep throated…. Be deep throated….

I’ve been with my partner for over 10 years now and I’m happy. Really I am. But there are just some things on my list she isn’t willing to do. Isn’t interested. Deep throating is one of them. She says it makes her gag. She doesn’t know how to take more than a mouthful of cock. I just didn’t think I was going to get that one done, until the other night.. After work, at the bar, a group of us played the ‘I have never’ game as we got drunk. I had never given or received a deep throat. You had. You teased me afterwards, saying that you couldn’t believe that no-one had done that to me. Eventually, as my closest and most trusted female friend, you agreed to help me out. Friendship can take many forms, ours took the form of a deep trust, mutual attraction, and forbidden flirting. We both liked each other more than we should. More than we were allowed to. We had gotten good at keeping this on the low down. This deep throating thing was something else though. This was way beyond what we had ever set as our rules. This was ground breaking. You have a partner, so do I. This is so naughty, but somehow, that is what makes it worth doing. Never the less, we arranged to meet here and now so you could ‘give this to me… as a friend’.

I remain sat there, staring at the carpet. I hear soft foot steps from the next room. The door handle opens and light comes flooding in to the dimly lit room. I look up and smile nervously. You walk in, wearing a long gown, creamy white in colour and of a material so thin that it is totally see through. Drunken spin the bottle / truth or dare games had previously allowed me to see you in your underwear, but this was something totally different.. I stare at your body as you stand at the doorway. You take two or three steps in to the room shutting the door behind you and I stand up. The sexual anticipation and excitement starts to win its war with nerves and my cock starts to swell upward. Stood a pace away from me, you smile warmly.

“Don’t be nervous, I’ll look after you” is how I read your face, although nothing is said, and I step forward to close the gap between us to nothing. Your breasts, firm and pert are not quite touching my bare chest, but as I lean in and kiss you they brush past my güvenilir bahis toned pecs. We kiss slowly, deeply and very very passionately. My tongue explores your mouth, and as I pull away I suck your bottom lip slightly before kissing you once more. Your excitement is obvious from your response. We kiss a short while and my hands wander to your chest. I make contact with your breast and the palm of my hand slowly and firmly massages them around. You pull away. You open your gown and it drops to the floor. You kick it aside delicately. I look at your naked beauty in front of me and bite my lip. Amazed at your beauty, even more than I had previously (and frequently) imagined. Again you smiled at me, and as I reached out to your now naked body, you slowly drop to your knees in front of me.

Your eyes remain locked in to mine as you look up at me. Sat back on your heels whist still on your knees, close to my body, your breasts beautiful, large and round, with small but pert nipples protruding at a slight upwards angle. No longer able to do battle with my emotions, nerves are utterly defeated by excitement and anticipation, and my un-cut cock swells up in front of you. You break eye contact with me briefly to slowly wrap finger by finger around the mid part of my shaft, smiling as do so. You gently and slowly start to stroke me up and down, using a very light grip to start with, and as your eyes flick up to mine to stare deep in to them and monitor my truthful reactions to your skilled hands you tighten your grip on me. You pulse your hand up and down my shaft about 1 1/2 times a second, briefly pausing to rub the pad of your thumb on the tip of my member, delicately swirling it around as though teasing the button on top of a joy stick. I respond favourably with a deep inhalation of breath and a look of deep gratification and pleasure on my face. My eyes close. Your hand pumps my cock up and down slowly and as it does it twists it round, creating a different sensation to the length of my shaft. You place your other hand on the rear of my right hip, your fingers gripping around my muscular buttock as you squeeze it slightly. My eyes remain closed so you stop staring at my face and look at the cock in front of your eyes, admiring it as you work it.

“GOD….!” I whisper as I exhale, clearly enjoying your efforts. You decide to up the ante slightly, and as you alternate between quick fast pumps of your hand and long slow twisty strokes, I notice a wetness on the tip of my shaft. I open my eyes and look down at you, to find your tongue outstretched, just flickering over the very very tip of my shaft as your hand pumps it up and down. You look up at me as you do it. My mouth is open wide, wanting to say “Oh my god” but failing to edge out the words. You smile up at me briefly as your tongue dabs on the tip of my cock. You enjoy the total pleasure this gift of yours is obviously giving me.

You giggle slightly as you move your tongue away from my shaft. Wanting to examine the results of your work so far, you let go of my shaft and cup my balls with your right hand. My cock stands tall, reaching just a tiny fraction below my belly button, and the girth is surely enough to impress.

“How am I doing so far” you coo softly

“Jesus Christ your good” I say in a soft but rushed voice

“You like?” you tilt your head slightly to the side as you türkçe bahis smile and look up at me, all innocent and girlie. I nod my head in reply..

“Yeah?” again you coo

“Fuck yeah” I pant softly

“Hmmm…. well lets see if you like this..”

You sit up off of your heels and fully on to your knees in front of me as you cease to cup my balls and take hold of the base of my shaft. Your knees take a small fraction of a shuffle forward towards me and as you do your breasts brush firmly against the middle of my thighs. Your mouth comes over the top of my shaft and your chin goes down towards your chest. You open your mouth and just as I can process what is happening I feel the warm wetness of your mouth engulf my hard shaft. I want to exhale or shout or do something as I feel the wetness of your mouth take at least half my member in to your mouth but I am unable to do anything. Stiff with pleasure all over, I can only exhale and inhale quickly as your mouth comes to the tip of my cock, your lips separate for a fraction of a second before taking me again. Down my shaft your mouth skilfully dives. In and out of your mouth you make my cock slide. You grab the very base of my shaft by my balls with a single finger and thumb, and squeezing hard, they almost meet. As you grip me you plunge your mouth down my shaft but allow your front top and bottom teeth to drag along the length of the shaft gently. This drives me wild as I feel the sensation run through my cock and over my hips. My whole body stiffens causing my stature to increase by an inch or two and me to again, lose the ability to breath for a moment. You jointly tease and satisfy me in this way for 20 or 30 lengths of my cock.

You break away and sit back on your heels, continuing to pump my shaft with your hand as you giggle slightly. The taste of pre-cum lingers in your mouth, and the obvious enjoyment you are giving me encourages you on. After a couple of seconds catching your breath, you raise your body up to the challenge again and this time cup and squeeze my balls firmly whilst taking just the tip of my shaft in to your mouth. You suck it like a lollipop, trying to get as much pre-cum out as you can whilst you firmly fondle my swollen balls hanging under my upwardly pointing shaft. Your mouth makes slurping sounds as the air tight seal of my cock inside your mouth momentarily breaks before you suck it again. Your other hand comes to the front and top of my thigh, your fingers sliding up and down next to and level with my cock and balls. Your hand cupping my balls grips the base of my shaft again and your other hand moves from the front of my thighs to behind my balls and your fingers trace my perineum, chasing the line between my anus and my balls. I squirm with delight at this sensation whilst your mouth continues to pulse up and down my shaft.

I don’t know how much time passes. It could be 5 seconds, it could be 15 minutes. My sense of time, of proportion, of anything even is totally lost. You break away from me, all except your right hand slowly pumping up and down on my member and you sit back on your heels. You smile warmly and “Hmmm” to me as you use the other hand to slowly move some strands of hair out of your way.

“Now.. you say you’ve never been deep throated”

“Uh huh” I reply – unable to formulate words

“Really?” you coo slowly, building the güvenilir bahis siteleri tension higher

“Uh huh”

“Would you like me to do that for you” You whisper slowly, with the word me whispered extra slowly

“God yeah” I whisper.

“Would ya?” You whisper, and as you say it, your eye brows flick up and down for a millisecond


You stare in to my eyes for about 5 – 10 seconds, softly biting your lip, before raising yourself fully on to your knees again, and my shaft with one hand and my buttock with the other, you bring my shaft and your mouth together. Initially your mouth swallowed a greater amount of cock than you’d taken thus far and your warm wet mouth felt wonderfully inviting, But then, to my amazement, you took slightly more in to your mouth and then a little bit more, until your lips were tracing my belly. The sensation of your mouth and throat completely absorbing my fully erect cock was so exhilarating, so amazing that my face grimaces and my mouth is wide open whilst my eyes are wide shut. You take my shaft out of you and repeat the process two further times slowly rocking your head from side to side as my shaft deep inside your throat feels your every contour.

Releasing me from your mouth and again sitting back on your heels, you smile and run your wrist across your face. Clearly I was becoming very excited. Again, you smile at me.

“Did you like that?”

“God yeah – that was amazing!”

“Am I the only girl that’s ever done that to you?” You already know the answer

“The only one”. I whisper, looking in to your eyes.

“Hmm” Your mouth smiles…. “Now, how can I give you the happiest of endings?”

I pause, unable to comprehend a short enough answer, but I don’t need to. You know what I’m thinking. You raise yourself up off of your heels on to your knees for the last time and take me in to your mouth once more. My shaft is hard and your mouth is still warm and wet. You grip my buttocks with both your hands and squeeze them in pulses. I take the invite and I begin to swing my hips back and forth. You hold your mouth open and allow me to increase my pace, fucking your mouth. My hands run through your hair and the pads of my fingers press in to the back of your face unable to control the primal urge which has now captured me. My pace quickens and my strokes shorten. I build to a frantic speed before I detect the sensation from my balls tightening and then pulsing. I let out an animalistic grunt as my body stiffens and my balls twitch. You detect what is about to happen and you grab hold of the base of my cock with your left hand. With repeated gruff exhalations I reach blissful climax as pulse after pulse of silky yoghurty cum shoots out of my shaft going mostly in your mouth but some of it over your left hand. Your right hand still gripping on to my left buttock tightens its grip and pulls me closer, just in-case I had any thoughts of pulling away from you. You swallow a sizeable load of my passionate excitement whilst looking deep in to my eyes, reading every detail of my orgasm in my face.

As my hips reduce the urgency and power of their thrusting, you use your left hand, still on my shaft and slide my cock in and out of your mouth, twisting your hand as you do. Making sure you’ve licked every trace of my cup, you take my cock out of your mouth and lick from between my balls, all the way up the underside of my dick until swirling your tongue over its tip. As a courtesy, you quickly pump my cock in and out of your mouth twice, fully before leaning back on your heels and getting up briskly.