Subject: Mexico ‘Tweets’ (Tiago Farias (6) These are fictional tales of connections with some of the hottest Mexicans I have ever met. All are online meet ups and chats with guys I found On ‘Twitter’. Some are pure fiction and some are based off true events. All these hot men are gay and ooze male sensuality. As some tales are only fiction. I would not assume they would ever hook up with me. But to those I had had the ‘pleasure’. Kisses Papi’s. I hope you enjoy it…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mexico ‘Tweets’ (Tiago Farias (6) … I was still on my knees there in the beach. Looking up at the hot Latin sex God I had met online. I had just tried to suck his huge fat salami. But found it hard to do due to his sheer mass of cock flesh. And now he wanted to fuck me. After choking me on his big fucking cock for a while Tiago wanted to shove that huge thing into my ass. This was a huge concern to me. I had never been with a guy so large down there before. And he wasn’t just a big cock, his thing was also thick and hard to swallow. I had the hardest time trying to suck in his big thick tube. And now he was to give me an ass fucking with it? “Fuck!” I huffed to myself “Too damned big” “This guy is gonna wreck me for sure” He told me to get down on the towel and let him at my ass. I hesitated in giving him what he wanted. My ass. But only for a moment. Because I did want that huge dick in me. No matter the pain that was to follow. This dude was a super stud that should have what ever he wanted. So I got down on the towel on all fours. Then propped up my ass for Tiago. Shaking my rump at him. I smiled and then he reached for my butt. Saying what a fantastic ass I had. Then he spit down on his hand, he brought it to my backside and ribbed the wet fingers up and down my ass crack. I felt the coolness of the drool BluTV in the air passing over it as he touched my hole. Then Tiago pressed his digit to my ass hole. Rubbing it to the entrance to my bowels. And then I a quick shive he entered me. I moaned as I felt the finger penetrate my hole. “Hmm. Feels good” he said “A nice pussy for my to have” “Going to enjoy this” He spit down again after a few quick jabs of his finger into me. Then he pushed another one into me. A second long finger into my ass. And I groaned all the more. “God. Yess!” I crowed “Feels good Tiago. Feels so good” He started to pump his fingers in and out of me. Slowly at first. Letting me feel them as he fucked me with them. And I did feel them. And I loved them. I loved how he was getting my ass ready for his very big dick. Yes Tiago was preparing my hole for the biggest dick I would ever try and take. And even with what he was doing I was not sure I could take 5 inches, let alone all of what this dude had to give me. But still I groaned to let him know I was enjoying his finger fucking. Letting this stud of all studs know that I was his dor the taking. “Fuck!” I moaned out “Soo fucking great Tiago” “So fucking good” “Go on stud. Give it to me” “Just fucking give it to mee” Yes I sounded luke a whore desperate for the hard fucking from her John. Desperate to finish to get paid. But I was not some cheap whore in it for cash. I was in it to get the fucking I so wanted to experience. That thing that every gay guy fantasized about. Just that one time to get fucked by the biggest greatest cock ever. And I was just about to have that ‘bucket kist’ experience. For Tiago certainly was that mule dick to place on any gay mans sexual bucket list. “Come on man” I then cried out “Do it Tiago. Do it. Fuckk med already” Tiago pulled his fingers from my ass hole and I thought he was going to Netflix fuck me. I thought he was just gonna crawl in my back and slam that gargantuan dick into my guts. But he did not. Tiago did not fuck me. At least not yet. For after the few minutes he had been fucking me with his fingers, his mammoth dick deflated a tad. So he said to turn around again and get back on his dick with my mouth. Of course I did as this stud wanted. I turned bad grabbed his dick again. Then my hungry mouth opened and went down on his schlong once more. I gave the hot Latin what he wanted. A hot mouth. Slobbering up and down his hard cock getting back up from just big to massive again as it swelled back up to its full size. “Yess!” He moaned “Yes man. Suck!” So I did. I sucked and sucked and sucked on this studs massive dick. So much so that my jaw started to ache from keeping my mouth opened so wide for so long. But then Tiago relieved me from thia ache. Pulling his dick from my mouth and saying to get back into a fucking position. “Now I am going to finish you” he said “Get down like a dog” I did again as he wanted. This Latin stud was my master now. I was so mesmerized by his huge dick and body that I did what ever he requested of me. So I was in all fours for my hot Latin. Then he moved back behind me and brought that huge dick back to my hole. I felt his cock as he pressed it at my back door again. Then my hung stud thrust his schlong back into my ass. I groaned again as he returned his dick back to my guts. “Ohh God!” I moaned out again Tiago just pushed himself deep into me. Down nice and drop in that first thrust. Then I felt his hands back at my sides as he returned to a nice steady fucking in moments. “Hmm. That is it baby. That is it” he groaned “Take my cock in that hole” “Take it all inside you” He again started to pound me faster as Tiago readied an explosion. Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle Humping at my guts faster, pumping that dick rougher into me. We both were grunting as he slaughtered my ass with that huge dick. Fucking me there on that beach like a dog humping his Bitch. “Oh God, oh fuck, oh fuck” he crowed “Here it cums baby. Gonna cum!” And then he thrust hard into my ass. The force near knocking me over as Tiago then erupted into me. Shot after molten shot blasted up into my guts. This hot stud blew up my hole with his cum. Filling up my bowel cavity with it. The hot man humped and shoved himself on my back to give me all that cum. Shouting there on that beach his orgasm cry. Thrusting on me a dozen times more before he finally stopped his ass wrecking fuck. I felt his strong hands and the weight of him on my back. So I was trying to support myself as well as Tiago as I stayed there on all fours. Still groaning myself from the crazy sex I had just received. Then Tiago pulled off me. Pulling out and then falling back into the sand below. And when he did I just fell forward onto it. Hitting the got sand face first. I moaned as I felt the soreness at my butt. And I certainly was not ready to get up. “Awe fuck” was all I could get out. We lay there on the sand for a bit. He then got up and said he was going to wash off. Stepping out into the water. I too managed to haul myself up and walk iver into the water as well. The salty water making my swollen hole ache all the more. But it did feel better after I came back out and the cooler air hit me. We then just lay there on the beach a while. Making out in the sands. We left and headed back to the city. Had food and then went back to the hotel where he fucked me again. Several times. My hole was a destroyed mess by the time I was heading back home. And sitting there for the long flight home was difficult. But I still made plans to come see my Mexican God again in the future. My lust for him demanding it…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The End Thanks for reading