Thunder Bay Ch. 02


The sun, rising in the east, gradually burned the fog from the surface of the lake. During the past two hours, I’d consumed half a pot of coffee and smoked a dozen cigarettes. Robbie was checking over the houseboat, firing up the engines to check them out. Sitting on a barstool in the galley, wearing just my panties and bra, I kept thinking about what had happened the night before.

Maybe I was being over melodramatic about having sex with him. So what if there were fourteen years difference in our ages. I more than just consented to Robbie’s advances, I welcomed them. He was right about one thing. The sex was beyond belief. I’d never cum so hard and so often with anyone. There were times my ex-husband couldn’t get me off no matter how hard he tried. With Robbie, it had been different. I was cumming not long after we shared our first kiss.

The longer I thought about it, the more I found myself getting over my feelings of guilt. If it happened again, I wasn’t going to blame myself afterwards, let alone feel accountable.

“Here. Put this on.” Robbie commanded, handing me a plastic bag. “I’m sure it’ll fit.”

Reaching inside the bag, I found it contained a black, wet-look bikini with tie sides. I had no doubt he’d picked out the skimpiest one he could find.

Sauntering back to the master bedroom to change, I removed the tags and tossed them into a wastebasket in the bathroom. Checking myself in the mirror, I found the bikini covered my butt well enough but the top only covered a small portion of my breasts.

“Cast off the stern line, then come back and toss over the bow line.” Rob ordered, standing at the wheel.

I did as he wanted, following his commands to the letter. Stepping back aboard the houseboat, I stood next to him, watching his every move. Robbie barely eased the throttles back, pulling the houseboat away from the dock. Glancing up at the onboard cameras, he slowly maneuvered the huge houseboat well clear of the one moored next to us.

I felt the rear of the houseboat come around when he swung the wheel hard to the right. Pushing both throttle levers forward, the houseboat gradually picked up speed as we headed toward the breakwater. Once clear of the barrier, Robbie turned towards the west. He caught me smiling, assuming I was getting over my angriness about what had happened during the night.

“Get the feel of her.” Robbie commanded, reaching out for my hand.

“ME! No way!” I exclaimed, taking a step backward.

“Get your ass over here!” Robbie retorted, not taking no for an answer.

Hesitantly, I did as he ordered, stepping in front of him. Grasping the polished chrome wheel tightly with both hands I felt its resistance.

“Lighten up on your grip.” Rob avowed, putting his hands over mine. “It’s not going to get away from you.”

I was hesitant to loosen my grasp but the more I did, the less I felt the wheel’s resistance. Rob reached over and pushed the throttle levers about three-fourths of the way up. The houseboat quickly picked up speed and the resistance on the wheel dissipated.

Two powerboats pulling skiers came right towards us but Rob said to stay our course and let them maneuver around us. As they closed in on us, the ski boats split away, one passing on each side of us. The houseboat barely bobbled when their wakes crossed in front of us. Robbie took a barstool from the galley, bringing it forward for me to sit on. Steadily, I gained confidence in my ability to handle the massive houseboat. At least while we were in the middle of the lake. Handling it in close quarters was something I wasn’t about to try.

Steering the boat down the lake, I watched for oncoming traffic while keeping an eye on the rear of the boat with the onboard camera system. Robbie stood behind me, just in case I ran into trouble. We cruised for several miles, rounding bends and making our way through other boating traffic. Looking over my shoulder, I discovered I was alone.

“Let go of the wheel and come up top.” Rob’s voice commanded through the intercom. “I’ll take it from here.”

The wheel turned sharply to the left and then to the right, signaling he was at the controls on the top deck. Grabbing my cigarettes and lighter, I scurried to the rear of the boat to climb the circular stairway topside. Robbie was all the way to the front of the boat, shaded by the burgundy canvas that covered half the deck. Sitting on the bench beside him, I allowed my bare leg to brush up against his.

It’s gonna be a great day for boating!” Robbie exclaimed, beaming a huge smile. “Especially since we can spend it together.”

Rob stayed at the controls, allowing me the freedom to enjoy the fantastic scenery. Sheer rock cliffs on each side of the lake kept the wind off the water, giving it a smooth, glassy look.

Rounding a bend in the lake, Robbie steered the houseboat towards a narrow opening in the rocks. Slowing to a crawl, he traversed the houseboat into a secluded canyon. A few powerboats were tied off against the güvenilir bahis rocky cliffs to our port side. The boaters were swimming about in the water, seeming to be having the time of their lives.

“They call this place Paradise Canyon.” Robbie stated, maneuvering the houseboat closer to the rocky crags. “I come out here and spend the night whenever I can.”

“Alone or with somebody?” I asked with a smirk.

“Sometimes I bring somebody; sometimes I prefer to be alone.” Robbie answered with a straight face.

I seriously doubted the handsome young man rarely came to the canyon alone but it wasn’t any of my business to question him.

Easing the houseboat alongside the steep shoreline, Rob bounded down the circular stairway to tie the houseboat off. I wanted to help but was unsure of what to do.

“Cut the engines!” Robbie shouted, tying the stern line off to a huge rock.

Rushing down the steps, I bounded to the front of the boat and switched off both engines. Looking out, I saw Rob tying off the bow to a small tree near the water.

We swam in the secluded canyon most of the morning, allowing the cool water to refresh our bodies. It had been ages since I’d gone swimming but it was something I always enjoyed. Rob and I played around in the water until we both got thirsty for something soft to drink.

Lying out on the top deck of the houseboat, we let the warm sun dry us off. Robbie’s hand reached for mine, clasping my fingers in his.

“You gonna make my grandfather an offer for the business?” He asked, looking over at me.

“I don’t know.” I answered, turning to face him. “I’ve still got the shop to look at and I’d like to take a walk around the property line.”

“I’ll probably do that tomorrow before I head back to Chicago.” I added, squeezing his hand.

“You’re not going to stay all week?” He questioned, rising up to lean on his elbow. “Why do you have to go back all of a sudden?”

“I have to get back to work.” I replied. “I hadn’t planned on staying more than a few days.”

“How long before you come back?” He questioned. “Next weekend is Memorial Day. Surely you’ll come back for that.”

“I’m not sure if I’ll be back or not.” I responded. “Depends on whether I make an offer for Thunder Bay and if I can get away or not.”

“I want you to come back.” Robbie declared, softly kissing my lips. “I really mean that.”

“Ok….I will.” I murmured, succumbing to his words. “I’ll come back next weekend.”

Robbie smiled, leaning in to give me a kiss. Our lips barely brushed each other’s but it was enough to arouse my desires. We continued kissing, not with wanton passion but with tenderness and affection. Even though we were out in the open, the top deck of the houseboat sheltered us from being seen.

Robbie’s nimble fingers untied the top of my bikini, brushing the material to the side. My nipples were already hard and fully erect. My lover tweaked each one with his thumb and forefinger, teasing them until I couldn’t stand it any longer. Robbie’s moist lips on my neck heightened my sexual yearnings, adding to the desires I wanted sated. I was purring like a kitten, letting my body to all the talking. Rob kissed down over my breasts, nibbling at my nipples until I began emitting long, low moans.

The ties at the sides of my bikini were no match for Robbie. I barely remember him untying them. Kissing down over my tummy, Rob continued on, placing warm moist kisses down my legs all the way to my ankles. I loved every minute of it, relishing in the attention he was giving me.

My juices seeped from my pussy, moistening the lips. I wanted Robbie to lick my pussy but I wanted it to be his intentions, not mine. Seeing I needed more, Robbie spread my legs apart, exposing my lustful pussy. His fingers slipped over my pubic mound, teasing my sensitive clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddd!” I moaned, lifting my butt upwards. “Fuckkkkkkk Meeeeeee Robbbbbbbbbbb!

Robbie toyed with me, deliberately prolonging my hunger for his wonderful love shaft. My eyes were glassy, my desires taking total control of my body. The instant Rob slipped his tongue inside me I exploded with an orgasm that kept peaking and peaking.

“ROBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!” I cried out. “GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!

My young lover kept me going, lapping up my thick juices as the cum flowed from my pussy onto his tongue. I wanted to reach out for him but I didn’t, allowing him to do as he pleased with me.

Robbie leaned over me, kissing me softly on the lips. I looked down between our bodies, seeing his hard cock mere inches from my pussy.

“I want you Robbie.” I murmured, lifting my legs and locking my ankles around his waist.

“I want you too.” Rob whispered. “Now more than ever.”

Feeling his cock inside me, it took only a few strokes to get me off. We fucked slowly, sometimes stopping to kiss repeatedly. Robbie’s stamina was insurmountable. I came twice before Robbie finally planted his hot, thick semen deep inside türkçe bahis me.

Afterwards, we held each other, neither of us wanting to let go. I felt no guilt whatsoever, which added to intimacy. Both of us fell asleep for a brief time, waking to the sounds of a thundering powerboat entering the secluded canyon.

It was late afternoon when Robbie maneuvered the Summerset Houseboat out of the canyon. Before leaving, we’d taken the time to cook out and satisfy our appetites. The day had been perfect, the best I’d ever experienced.

Cruising at full throttle, the houseboat glided across the water at a fair pace. It was nearing sundown when we passed through the breakwater at Whiskey Creek. Standing out on the front deck, I prepared to tie off the bow of the houseboat when we reached the docks.

Nearing the end of a long day, we’d both grown tired. I was quite sleepy, no doubt from all the fresh air and the sexual bliss we’d both experienced.

Returning to the hotel, I grabbed a hot shower and slipped into bed. Falling asleep almost immediately, I slept soundly through the night. It was the best night’s sleep I’d had in a long time.

Rumbling thunder, off in the distance, woke me early Monday morning. Switching on the television, I found the local news from Lexington, catching the weather report. Heavy rains and thunderstorms were forecast for most of the day. The weather didn’t hamper my plans since I planned on touring the construction shop and being inside. I just hoped the weather would break long enough for me to walk the grounds.

After getting dressed and fixing my hair and make-up, I phoned Emily at the Bank to let her know I wouldn’t be in until at least Wednesday or Thursday. Although she’d didn’t ask any questions, I could tell by the tone of her voice she was curious about what I was doing. Since I rarely took time for myself, taking multiple days off had to have raised her inquisitiveness.

Wearing dress slacks and a blouse, I grabbed a bite of breakfast before driving out to Thunder Bay. Robbie’s pick-up and his mother’s van were parked near the open overhead door to the main building. Parking alongside their vehicles, I latched onto my purse before exiting the car.

Robbie was just coming out of the building, carrying some scrap building materials.

“How’d you sleep last night?” He inquired with a smile.

“Great!” I replied, returning his smile. “You?”

“Not as good as the night before.” Rob responded. “I hate sleeping alone.”

Just then Rebecca came out to join us. I hoped she hadn’t overheard our conversation. I knew she wouldn’t approve of Robbie and I being intimate.

“Frank’s in the office if you want to see him.” Rebecca asserted.

“Actually, I’d like to take a tour of the building first.” I affirmed. “Then maybe Robbie can show me around the property.”

The construction building, though not all that old, needed a lot of repair, especially the roof. Materials needed to build the houseboats were scattered about, seemingly in no special order. We spent a couple of hours looking around, waiting for the rains to let up. When they did, Robbie gave me a quick tour of the grounds before the rains started again. Much of the forty acre complex was overgrown with weeds, which detracted from the business’s appearance. But it wasn’t something that couldn’t be easily remedied.

Frank Martin was waiting for us, sitting in his motorized wheelchair near the overhead door. Puffing on his cigar, he watched Robbie and me approaching.

“Well, little lady, ready to make me an offer?” He grinned, flicking ashes on the concrete floor.

“Let me get my attaché’.” I replied, walking towards my car. “Then I’ll be ready.”

With Frank sitting behind his cluttered desk and me sitting across from him, I took out the file folder I’d brought with me.

“I’m willing to make you an offer.” I proclaimed, placing the folder on my lap. “But not a cash offer like I originally thought.”

“How was your weekend with Robbie?” Frank Martin inquired with a sly grin. “I hope he looked after all your needs.”

“Pardon?” I mumbled, being caught off guard.

“Robbie. I assume you two spent the entire weekend together.” The elderly man stated, breaking into a laugh. “Robbie’s a bit of a lady’s man. Takes after me I guess”

“We had dinner together Saturday evening.” I stated. “Then yesterday we went out for awhile on one of the houseboats.”

Frank Martin wasn’t buying it. I could tell by the smirk on his face, he knew a lot more had taken place.

“Did Robbie tell you something he shouldn’t have?” I asked. “Because if he did, I’d like….”

“Robbie didn’t tell me anything.” Frank interrupted. “And I didn’t ask him what went on either.”

“He’s young and dumb.” Frank continued. “He does what he’s told, when he’s told.”

“And you told him what?” I questioned, feeling like a complete fool. “Told him to seduce me, to convince me to make you an offer?”

“That is why you’re here, isn’t it?” güvenilir bahis siteleri Frank inquired. “To make me an offer?”

“I was.” I answered, stuffing the folder into my attaché. “But now, I wouldn’t offer you a dime for this place.”

Rising to my feet, I started for the doorway. I was fuming with anger, wanting only to get away from him.

“I’ll give you three point five million for the entire business.” I avowed, turning to face the man. “Not a penny more. Take it or leave it. That’s my final offer.”

“Let’s sit down and talk about this like adults.” Frank suggested, trying to calm my anger.

“Fuck you old man! And fuck that bastard grandson of yours too!” I shouted. “I’ll see you both burn in hell!”

With that said, I rushed through the building, passing a shocked Rebecca on my way out. Robbie was walking across the sales lot, approaching me. He could see I was quite upset.

“Hey! Hey! What’s the matter?” Rob asked, reaching out to grab me.

“Fuck you!” I screamed, kicking him just below the knee. “Thanks to you, I’ll never trust another man again!”

Tossing my purse and attaché onto the passenger seat, I got behind the wheel and sped off. Robbie was lying on the ground, holding his leg. I didn’t care if his leg was broken. He’d betrayed me by following the coldhearted orders of his grandfather. That was something I could never forgive him for.

My anger soon turned to tears. I never felt so deceived. I couldn’t understand how the two of them could have been so callous as to have pulled a stunt like they had.

It was late Tuesday morning, when I pulled into the parking lot at the Centennial Bank Headquarters. Thoughts of what had happened at Lake Cumberland still weighed heavy on my mind. Walking the corridor towards my office, I saw Emily Hanks look up from the stack of documents at the front of her desk. She sensed something was the matter.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed, jumping to her feet. “Valerie, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” I muttered, trying my best to keep from breaking down in front of her. “Nothing’s the matter.”

Emily followed me into my office, knowing I wasn’t telling the truth. Shutting my office door, she came up to my side.

“It’s a guy, isn’t it?” She surmised. “It’s the only thing it could be.”

I didn’t want to tell her about what had happened but I found myself opening up to her. Keeping my true intentions for my trip down to Lake Cumberland out of our conversation, she assumed I’d just decided to take a short vacation. Like the true friend that she was, Emily sat quietly while I poured my heart out. She never criticized me for what I’d done.

“It’ll take time but you’ll eventually get over him.” Emily avowed before going back to her desk. “Just don’t let this experience consume your life.”

Over the next few weeks, I spent more hours at the bank’s headquarters than I ever did. Sometimes, not leaving until midnight. I thought working long hours would keep my mind off of Robbie and buying Thunder Bay Houseboats but it didn’t. It only made me feel chronically tired and at times, listless.

It was late afternoon on a Tuesday when my personal cell phone rang, displaying the phone number for Thunder Bay Houseboats. I wasn’t about to answer it, letting the call forward to my messages. Whoever it was didn’t leave a message. On Wednesday, the cell phone rang a half dozen times. I didn’t bother to answer it and no one left any messages.

It wasn’t until late Friday night when I returned home that I found a fax on my home machine. It was a short note from Robbie, two sentences.

“Please call me.” It read. “We have to talk.”

I shredded the fax, not wanting to ever read it again. I felt my anger quickly rising then passing, actually considering phoning him. I thought it over, barely getting any sleep that night. The next morning, I made up my mind to forget the whole thing. I wanted to hear his voice but I could never believe anything he’d ever say. Not now, not ever!

Over the next week or so, I received several faxes every day. I shredded them all without hesitation. I wasn’t going to allow Robbie’s persistence to get to me.

It wasn’t until the week before the Fourth of July that I changed my mind. I’d stopped at the coffee bar, just as I did every morning, when Burt Wheeler approached me. He looked angry, like he wanted to start an argument.

“What’s the chance of you reviewing that loan for the Simmons family?” He asked, fixing himself a cup of coffee. “They’re still interested in buying that houseboat company.”

“No better than they were a few months ago.” I replied. “They simply don’t have a high enough credit score to borrow five million dollars.”

“They’re only asking for four million now.” Burt stated. “The price came down since the owner had a mild stroke.”

“Oh….that’s too bad.” I mumbled, remembering my last conversation with the elderly man.

“Hell! It’s a stroke of luck for the Simmons!” Burt laughed, almost spilling his coffee. “That old bastard would probably take less just to unload it.”

“Well, I’m still declining the loan.” I avowed. “And that’s the last I want to hear of it!”

“Bitch!” Burt grumbled. “I’ll get your ass fired yet!”