Thoughts Of You Ch. 04


Come to me
Run to me
Do and be done with me
(Cold cold cold)

Cold ~ Annie Lennox

The soft strands of the song play over and again as lie there in my bed. My legs move, one bending out from under the sheet and the other staying covered. I wiggle my pink painted toes as I let out a morning stretch. The light filters through the room and my eyes adjust to it as they open. I smile listening to the song.

It’s from a movie, Striptease. I think about how I’ve always wanted to do that for my lover. I know that this song would be so perfect for such a thing. I let my eyes drift closed, imaging you here.

You’re seated in a chair, wearing jeans and a button up shirt. Your eyes smile looking at me. The music is playing. I’m there in front of you. I’m wearing a skirt, black and one of your dress shirts. I move slowly, hips in a slow motion. My fingers run up and over my body. I look at you, watching you. Slowly I undo the top button, then the next as I move closer to you.

I turn and move to the rhythm of the song, back facing you. My hands undo a few more buttons before I turn back around. You eyes looking, wanting to see what I’ve uncovered. canlı bahis şirketleri The shirt gapes with each movement. Finally it’s undone and I slowly slip it down, baring the softest lace you’ve seen.

The shirt gets flung away as my hips move in circles and I begin to undo the zipper of the skirt. So teasingly slow I move. I bite my bottom lip as finally the zipper is down. I wink before I turn and slowly bend over bringing the skirt with me. You are treated to a view as all the while I move to the music.

My hands travel up my legs, then up my stomach to cup my breasts. I move closer to you, straddling your lap this time. I grind my body against you. Barely grazing my lace covered nipples across you. Then my hands reach behind me and undo the clasp.

I slide one strap down, then the other. My hands cup the lace and hold it as I stand. Then I drop it, my hands move over my nipples. They already ache with a need to be touched, caressed. I let my fingers do just that as I move, walking around you. I stop so close to your face, rolling my nipples between my fingers, letting you hear me moan.

Then those hands move as they slip to my hips, to canlı kaçak iddaa the scrap of lace covering my mound. I let them run along the top before pushing them past hips and down to the floor. I’m bare for you now, dancing in front of you. My hands run where you want to touch, where I want you to touch.

They move over the soft smoothness of my mound. Feeling the wetness there, I moan out loud. One finger slipping between the soft folds as I move closer to you. My eyes on yours as that finger slips deep with my pussy. I then bring it up to your lips; your tongue slips out and tastes me.

I move to you, sitting, straddling you. My hands begin to undo your buttons. My questing fingers run over your chest. They move down, undoing your pants, letting free your cock. You are so hard, so ready but my hand lingers over you. I stroke your length in time with the music that still plays.

Then I lift just enough to place your cock at the opening. I feel your hands on my hips then lowering me down on top of you. I bite my lip, watching you, my little control over my body faltering.

The moving begins that sweet rise and fall of my hips onto yours. The pull canlı kaçak bahis and the push of you so deeply inside me makes me cry out. The pleasure is intense and so sweet. Your hands have moved to my nipples, touching them as your lips finally cover mine.

The kiss is ours, so unique. It’s full of the need we feel. There is a gentle nipping at my bottom lip as your lips move down my neck. The pace picking up, the rhythm faster. Your hands move back to my hips, moving me as your lips and tongue teases my aching nipples.

I can feel that sweet release. So very close. I move on your cock harder, deeper. I can feel you hitting that glorious sweet spot. My hands grip your shoulders as we move, your hips lifting up into me.

It’s only then I can hear you. No more then a whisper, it’s heated and rough with passion. “Cum for me baby. Come on my cock.”

It’s too much, I cry out.

You feel my sweet pussy contracting around your cock and it hits you too. Your release is as strong as mine. Our breathing is harsh, rapid as we hold one another. My forehead resting on yours, hands on your chest. My lips find yours and we kiss, the passion lingering.

The song ends and I’m brought back to my bed, to my room. Your hands, your body is gone but left in my mind. My hand slips from beneath the covers and to my lips. I taste my sweetness, thinking of you. The morning seeming full of endless possibilities…