This Is Wrong…


“AH! Finally! I’m fucking 21!” Vincent exclaimed, climbing off of his futon in his room. Just to bring back memories for his friends, he had rented an apartment in Spyglass Hill, where Tracy used to reside when he was 17. The digital clock displayed that it was two in the afternoon. He got up and quickly rushed out of the apartment and rushed out to his Audi. He had been saving up for this day for three months now. It was finally time to get completely trashed with some of his closest friends in his apartment and enjoy it. He unlocked the car door and slid in the driver’s seat, buckling his seatbelt and checking his mirrors. Nathan and Blaise were still back at the apartment, passed out in the second bed room and the living room. They always stayed up later than he did competing over sometime the weirdest shit. Vincent hooked up his MP3 player to the car stereo and turned on the song he promised himself that he would play on his 21st birthday; Everywhere I Go by Hollywood Undead. He pulled out of the parking lot and drove to one of his favorite liquor stores, speeding down the streets. He licked his lips and sang along with the song as he pulled into the parking lot. He turned his MP3 off and hid it, getting out of the car and walking into the store. He walked to the counter.

“I’d like… Three bottles off Skyy vodka…” He started, soon listing off all that he wanted to purchase. Total came out to be $250.69. Proudly, the boy showed his under 21 ID and the paper reading that he was waiting for his ID to come in the mail to the man. The man nodded his head and helped Vincent carry the boxes out to his car. Soon enough, the male was speeding back down to the apartment. He walked in and looked to the couch, where Blaise continued to sleep soundly. He pulled out a blow horn and pressed down on it. Blaise jumped in surprise and fell off of the couch, yelping.

“What the hell?!” Nathan opened the door, in nothing but his black boxers. Blaise, sleeping on the couch, had enough decency to sleep with at least pants on.

“You fuckers are helping me bring the… party supplies in. Come on!”

Nathan pulled on a pair of pants and walked out with his brother and his friend, scratching his head as he yawned. Previously in the week, he had re-bleached his skunk stripe in his hair, feeling like it was time to go back to it. The trio brought in the boxes and Vincent began making calls, telling people to come over.


The party had started at 7:30 PM and it was only 11:30 in the evening. The whole lot of party-goers sex izle were smashed. Vincent was prancing around, giggling foolishly with a half empty bottle of vodka in his grasp. He looked at Nathan and Blaise and licked his lips.

“Oy… You two should do summfink fer teh birfday boyyy….” He said, his speech slurring.

“Whaa?” Blaise looked up at him, his body swaying a bit. Vincent crouched in front of them and tipped over, face planting in Blaise’s crotch, who turned bright red aside of the alcohol. He pushed himself up and hiccupped.

“You guysh…. Should fool around a little… And let me watch.” He said, his face as serious as being drunk would allow it. Blaise went even brighter red, soon turning into a tomato from what his brother said.

“I… I kinda like that idea…” Nathan hiccupped, standing with a slight stumble and a sway, “Whatcha think, Blaise?”

“Ah… I dun see why not…” Blaise said as he pushed himself up slowly. Vincent stood and stumbled after them to the birthday boy’s bedroom. As soon as the door was closed, Nathan pinned his taller brother to the wall and kissed him slowly. Vincent was tucked off in a corner, watching as the incest rolled out. The Winters boys were both shirtless, still wearing pants. Nathan was free-balling it, his V-line and slight happy-trail showing well. He slid his finger tips into the waist band of his brother’s pants, slowly rubbing the cleanly shaved skin above the base of his brother’s cock. Blaise let out a soft moan and let his body arch forward. Nathan pulled his hand out and slowly undid his brother’s jeans, rubbing the freshly-forming bulge slowly.

Blaise felt the blood rushing through his body faster, feeling his phallus get harder and harder at his brothers gentle touch. Nathan slipped Blaise’s pants off of him. Blaise let out a startled moan as he felt his brother’s tight grasp on his now fully erect cock. He put his thumbs between the waist band of his boxers and his skin and let them pool around his ankles. Nathan got down on his knees and slowly licked the slit of his brother’s erect penis and took the head in his mouth, slowly bobbing his head up and down as he took more and more of his brother’s length in his mouth. He felt the head press against the back of his throat and slowly took it deeper, trying not to gag. Nathan soon enough pulled his mouth off and dropped his jeans. He walked over to Vincent’s night stand and pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom.

“Come ‘ere…” The younger brother slurred. Blaise blushed a bit alt yazılı porno and looked over at Vincent, who was rubbing the bulge in his jeans, looking like he was in slight pain while doing so. Obviously, the boy’s pants were too tight. Blaise slowly stumbled over to his brother and looked at him.

“Get in a comfortable position…” Nathan muttered. Blaise did so, blushing as he did. Nathan slowly rolled the condom on, and Blaise looked at him with surprised, drunken eyes.

“Uh… I don’t think we should do this… It’s against me being… Mormon,” Blaise muttered softly, his body trembling.

“Mormons aren’t gay either but you tend to break a lot of rules,” Nathan replied. He lubed up his gloved phallus and began to lube up Blaise’s puckered hole, Blaise letting out a soft, grumbled moan. He bit his lip and moaned out loud in surprise, feeling Nathan slide in his middle finger, slowly twisting it around. Nathan laid back against the mattress and the black pillows, “So… Ride me, brother…” Nathan slurred slightly.

Blaise repositioned himself and slowly lowered himself down onto his brother’s cock, moaning lightly has he felt the tip slowly start to intrude on his tight rosebud. He moaned out, finally feeling the head poke into his craving hole. He felt Nathan’s cock work its way deeper into his ass. God, how amazing it was to be fucked by something as large as Nathan’s girth, but how he was commiting sin of not only homosexual acts, but incestive acts as well. He glanced over to Vincent, whose cock was poking out of his undone fly. He watched as Vincent slowly worked his cock out fully and began to stroke his shaft, moaning slowly. He felt bad. The only thing the birthday boy was doing was jerking off. Before he could get the words out, Nathan sat up and whispered in his brother’s ear.

“Mind givin’ Vince head? I mean… It is his birthday…” Blaise was ecstatic. Not only was his ass being filled by his brother, but his mouth would be filled with his friend. Obviously, the usually good not so little Mormon boy was beginning to fill with lust. Blaise looked over.

“Hey… Vince… Come here… Let me help you out.”

Vincent got up and let his pants and boxers fall to the ground. The brothers willingly changed position, Blaise bent over in more of a doggy style. Vincent kneeled in front of Blaise, who slowly started to lick the head of the birthday boys throbbing cock. Nathan continued the smooth rhythm as Blaise moaned around Vincent’s cock. Nathan was groaning softly, altyazılı sex izle his groans soon changing to moans, pulling out of his throat a little louder each time. The louder he got, the deeper his thrusts went as Blaise rolled his eyes back and moaned heavily, slowly starting to deep throat Vincent’s cock, his eyes rolling back in what seemed to be pure ecstasy.

“Fuck… I’m… I’m gonna… Cum!” Vincent moaned out, quickly putting his hands on the back of Blaise’s head in attempt to pull his friend’s mouth off of his cock. Blaise pulled his mouth off, feeling warm strands of jizz shooting out and landing crookedly on his face and in his hair. Nathan bucked his hips forward, thrusting harder. Blaise swallowed the tangy ejaculation, milking Vincent’s cock for all it was worth. He soon enough pulled his mouth off. Nathan lasted a fairly long time, but this didn’t surprise the oldest of the trio.

Vincent quickly crawled under Blaise and began to take the head of his friends throbbing, hard cock into his mouth, going down on Blaise slowly. Nathan moaned out, rolling his eyes back as he felt his cock throb, almost ready to climax. Vincent bobbed his head as he felt Nathan’s hands move from Blaise’s hips to his older brother’s chest, only knowing this because he felt hands over his back. Nathan softly rubbed his brother’s hard nipples as he moaned out in surprise, feeling the youngest male of the trio slowly and gently stroke his inner thighs the best he could. God, the brothers were so close to their climax, they could feel it. Blaise moaned out and Vincent knew to pull his mouth off of Blaise’s cock but refused. Blaise climaxed, the male feeling his friends cum splattering against the back of his throat. At that exact moment, Nathan moaned louder than he had been, releasing his seed deep in his brothers tight rectum, causing his older brother to moan out in even more ecstasy than he had before. Nathan pulled out slowly with a slow, deep moan. Blaise’s whole body trembled. Vincent moved from his position, licking his lips slowly. Blaise and Nathan looked at him, Blaise going in first and kissing Vincent softly. He parted his lips and slid his tongue into Vincent’s mouth, tasting his salty ejaculation in the males mouth. He pulled away and Nathan took his place quickly, softly sucking on Vincent’s lower lip. He purred out softly as he pulled back from the lip lock.

“Happy birthday, Vince.” The two said, yawning softly. Their intoxication, as well as Vincent’s, was pretty much shot. The three, feeling the exhaustion, laid on the bed, Nathan in front of Vincent, who had one arm wrapped around the skunky boy’s waist, the other under his head and was in front of Blaise, who had an arm under the youngest male’s head and his arm flat against his friend’s side.

“Thanks you guys…”