This is for Carole Pt 2


This is for Carole Pt 2Suddenly, out of the blue, and earth shattering scream…. all 3 of us leap out of bed, instantly awake, and there stands the Chambermaid, eyes wide and towels and sheets on the floor between her feet…. OMG …we forgot to put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ notice on the hotel room door….. Fuck !!!! what to do…. Roo being quick on her feet nips across and puts her arms around the frightened womans’ shoulders…. erm Sorry Sorry we all say at the same time, and suddenly she starts laughing, really shoulder shaking laughs…. What a Wonderful Surprise she says. I have seen some things in my day but you 3 … you all look so amazingly beautiful and sexy and you are all what I have dreamt of for years to enhance my sexy life, do you mind if I join you all in some sexy fun, yours is the last room I have to attend to ???Can we shower and bathe and you can help with whoever you want says Carole. (always the leader), stripping off her babydoll and stepping naked and here amazing ass disappearing into the en-suite, hearing the shower running, Roo and I strip off too, and Gizel (our new friends name) looking lost, so I start to slowly take her dress pendik escort from her shoulders and Roo, kneels and peels off her tights and panties, bra gone she stands before us, 36bb breasts firm and pointing upwards, and her beautiful pubic patch, trimmed to a neat landing strip, standing wonderfully from her body. The 3 of us hold hands and step into the en-suite and can see Caroles outline in the shower glass and also that she has started the bath running (you cant get 4 into the shower, clever lass), so I look at Roo and just nod and step into the cubicle with Carole and start to soap her, whispering, Fuck she is stunning….my hands running over her soapy shoulders and round to her breasts and teasing her nipples, my clitty beginning to throb even more as I cuddle into her from the rear, her hands wrap round behind her and pull me closer, head turning and neck straining to kiss me, and we lock lips, tenderly, gently at first and then more fervently our tongues entwining, lips locking and our bodies tightening as we enjoy one another…. Splashing sounds from the bath rouse us both, so we rinse quickly and switch the shower kağıthane escort off, opening the door to see Jizel, on her knees and Roo sitting on the bath end (away from the taps) head back in throws of lust and ecstasy as she is obviously giving our friend one of the best BJs she can take,slowly stepping over to the two of them, I begin to caress Jizels ass and Carole her firm breasts, both of us caressing and stroking her gently and beginning to see that she is getting into it, her head never stops bobbing up and down on Roo, I am now seriously fucking her pussy with 3 fingers and then Carole hits her ass with 2 fingers and the moans and groans from the both of them are loud enough to rouse the neighbouring rooms …if only they knew …. after a few minutes both of them have earth shattering orgasms, Jizel cumming big big squirts only my hand and Roo exploding big big shoots of cum into her mouth, so much she can;t contain it all, creaminess dripping from between her lips as she is determined (but losing) to swallow it all…..Ladies Jizel says, sorry but it is past 10 oclock and I have maltepe escort to go home to take care of my k**s, but if I can get a babysitter can I return for some more fun tonight as tomorrow is my day off…… please do, you are more than welcome darling if you don’t mind a photo session because that is why we are here really ….And so everything relaxes and we dress and go down for breakfast and to plan the rest of our day, will we go shopping, sightseeing, roaming, pubbing, or just back upstairs …… no way am I wasting anything of Saturday in London, come on Roo, this is your territory, lead us both astray I laugh ….we have all evening and after evening meal to have some photo time …………. sulkingly Carole agrees … so we go wandering and roaming, strolling giggling, hand in hand arm in arm, you name it we laughed and giggled about around over and under it, ending up in an old fashioned pub at the back of Kings Cross area, the 3 of us huddled in a corner, when a drunken old bloke staggered over and says, fuck you 3 are fresh flesh for this area…..omg ha ha we laugh, and some old hooker looks over disgusted at him and starts of come over, but we wave her away and sit him down and buy the old guy a beer, his day, week, month of probably his year clearly made, we leave him to it and get a taxi back to the hotel for our evening meal and a fun filled night together ….. Will I tell you more or maybe in Part 3 …. Carole, Roo, sorry but you can wait xx kisses Kaye