They Almost Drowned

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They almost drowned

She’s bored at the table, needs a break from all these people, who can only talk work, politics, sports and gossip. Always the same. Always the same subjects, the same mind numbing discussions.

She walks down to the beach in the morning sun, enjoys the quiet and feels the breeze of the ocean on her body. With her shoes in her hand she walks along the beach. She makes slow and playful lines in the sand, looks up and feels the sun’s promise of a hot day. The summer dress hugs her body and sways a little in the wind. A path is leading below the shadows of the trees and she lets her curiosity take over.

In here everything is quiet. Not a sound. The hotel is in another world, a world she’s left behind. Even the beach is far away. The forest ground is soft and her feet sinks in a little as she makes her way down the slope towards a derelict shack. She looks in the window and sees an old kettle on a rotten kitchen table like the one her grandmother used to have. The springs are coming up through the moth-eaten settee, she can make out through the kitchen door. Her thoughts turn to the people, who once came to this cabin. Were they foresters or perhaps a young couple? The settee looks comfortable, even for two. Were they secret lovers or did they just want some peace and quiet from the people and the never ending talking that she herself has run from? Was that what you had to do? Find a deserted cabin somewhere?

She’s shocked when he’s suddenly there. Where did he come from? How long has he been looking at her dreamy eyes and her hand which somehow has made it up underneath her dress? He güvenilir bahis doesn’t look like a forester, but perhaps a secret lover? What does he want? He doesn’t answer her question, or rather he does – why can’t she take her eyes off him? Those eyes. He’s has obviously been standing there long enough and when he comes closer, she can smell him. A man. Not a sleek banker or an egocentric fitness freak. He smells like a real man; his sweat is rousing her and she sees something bestial, she’s never noticed before. He holds out an arm towards her and as in slow motion she’s walking into his grip, she’s trapped and that’s all she wants. There is nothing else now, there is only here and now, only the two of them.

His lips are intense; he hasn’t touched her yet, but she knows. His eyes say it all and she can see it there. See everything he’s planning.

Wild und wonderful. Their first kiss. The second is even more demanding, they’re devouring each other. She can feel it in her whole body, the feeling of wild desire. Her back is a round curve and she’s pressing her hips even more against him. Delirium; there are no whole thoughts, only fragments of smell, light and the sounds they are making. She wasn’t wrong about the bestial element, but did she know that it was her harbouring it? She lets her hands mould his ass and press him again her, while she’s rolling her hips.

His jeans are a bagatelle, a barrier, which is broken down and he’s leaning towards the wooden wall of the shack, while she’s kneeling down in front of him. How long has it been? It doesn’t matter. She’s never enjoyed sucking a man as much as she türkçe bahis is now. Is it him or is it the feeling of the wood? He fits in her mouth perfectly and she can’t help smiling. When she takes it all the way to the root, he’s on the verge of giving in, but gets his desire under control. A man with willpower. He gently makes her stand up and tastes himself in her kiss.

Suddenly they’re on the ground, she can feel the leaves in her hair and sees a beetle crawl across her hand. For a split second everything is clear and then is blurs into sounds, smells and a thousand colours. He is good, not like the others. He knows when to let his tongue do the work and when his fingers should be in play. He sucks and licks and she’s enjoying it like never before. She lets her senses run wild, throws away the last shred of reality and surrender completely to the explosion of stars, which rapidly fills her whole universe.

She floating, but he keeps her grounded with his caresses. Why can’t all men kiss like that? Sensual, but demanding. Giving, but like he’s taking everything. His hands find her ass and he lifts her softly, so she can take him. They fit together, they hang together, there is nothing that can rip them apart. First he’s slow and then a little faster until he’s pumping with all his might and she can feel his muscles flex all over his body. She loves the feeling of him inside her and meets every stroke with more force and swings her legs around his back.

He turns them over and is thrilled by the look of her riding him. Her breasts are swinging, her hips are rolling, she’s tearing the last few ribbons out of güvenilir bahis siteleri her hair and she feels wild. A free woman. She relished the power she has over him and what she’s doing to him, lifts her arms in the air and screams of lust, of freedom. The troubles are forgotten, sorrows are gone, she’s entirely her own.

She’s on the ground again and can feel leaves and branches scratch her back, while he’s pumping and pumping and suddenly he slows down. She wishes they could stay like that forever. The soft and slow movements; they both feel the incredible togetherness, the complete melting together of them and they realise what they have found.

He speeds up his rhythm and they come out of hibernation and both feel the desire break loose again. They ride each other, cling to each other and hold on to the most beautiful, the most magnificent struggle between two people. They are all the way up there, where their bodies no longer exist, there is just the two of them. Together in an eternal second, before they fall and indulge in the sweet gravity that nails her to the ground below him.

How long have they been lying there? She’s beginning to hear the trees above, opens her eyes reluctantly, unwilling to let go of the last bit of what they have shared. She delights in his arms around her, in the feeling of being protected by his body against the world. They look happily and surprised at each other and wonder if this is the moment they should start believing in a higher power or perhaps in destiny.

They don’t have to say anything; they agree. Everyday life, the people, the bustle, and the tiredness won’t come between them. They go their separate ways, without knowing names or anything else that society measures them by. They are just two souls that for a short second became one. Two in the ocean of boredom, in which they almost drowned.