Therapy Ch. 03


This is a true story – or at least parts of it. I’ll let you decide which parts.


It had been a particularly rough week. It started on a high note when I had run my first half marathon. My legs were especially sore so I scheduled a celebratory massage outside of my normal monthly cycle. The wife even agreed because she wanted a makeover and I readily agreed. Then I had some major issues with the kids’ soccer league leaving me hurt both internally and externally.

I was emotional when I arrived – having taken off work early to fit Ella into my schedule. It was business as usual. She stepped out as I disrobed and she started with me face-up. She knew my legs were sore and intended to spend time of them.

We talked about the race and what had been bothering me. She showed genuine concern for my emotional state and started the massage with work on my jaw and temples. Some of my stress immediately melted away.

For some reason, we steered clear of the topic of sex. Maybe in her empathy, she realized I wasn’t actually even worried about our previous encounters. I just needed a friendly face and that magic touch. She gave me a big hug before I got settled.

Once again, the massage was fantastic. She zeroed in on my sore legs and pushed and prodded until I could feel the muscles actually release their tension. Maybe I was more tired than I thought, because time seemed to fly unusually quickly. It only seemed like she had been at it for fifteen or twenty minutes when she said something about just having a few minutes left. Maybe I had actually fallen asleep. I remembered talking small talk – nothing of substance.

I had started face up and now I was face down. I vaguely remembered turning over. As she had done with the first meeting, she came around canlı bahis the side of the bed and lifted up the sheet. “Flip over”, she said.

I made a joke. “I bet you say that to all your boyfriends.”

She laughed. “Actually no. You are special. I’m glad you found me.”

Once again, I had no expectations. I didn’t want her to think that I was expecting anything or that she should feel obligated and I told her so. “I know” was all I got before her head went down on me again. My dick was once again soft when she started. But the sucking and squeezing and caressing quickly brought him to life.

My heart was racing and I thought that maybe this time I would cum quickly since it had been some time since my last orgasm and since she already seemed to have a better sense for how to stimulate me. I felt rock-hard.

“That’s the spot”, she said. I had no idea what that meant and once again she surprised me when I heard her jeans hit the floor. I glanced over and she was nude from the waist down. This time I could see that fantastic ass and I reached out to caress her. I moved my hand back around the front to feel her already engorged clit. I suspected she wanted me to play with her while she was taking care of me this time.

It was with some great surprise, then, when she climbed up on the massage table and straddled me – reverse cowgirl style. Before I even had time to comprehend what she was doing, she positioned my dick and plunged it in by sitting back on my cock.

“Holy shit.”

“I know this is what you need.” She began moving herself up and down. “Yeah, that’s it baby. Just like that.” I wasn’t actually doing any of the work. I felt like a spectator having an out of body experience in a porno movie.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt that bahis siteleri sensation. It had to have been years. She began moving faster and I could hear her ass slap against my belly. I hoped no one was listening close to the door. That sound had to be unmistakable. At first, I thought I could hold out. It almost seemed like she was building to an orgasm, but the mere thought of that, combined with the sight of her tight ebony ass was too much.

I began to spasm as stream after stream of my hot jism found its way to the inner recesses of her pussy. She never slowed down. The sounds of our bodies merging together became louder as a messy flow of our combined bodily fluids leaked from her eager pussy. Someone had to be hearing this. But she continued. I somehow stayed hard longer than I thought. Usually, I become too sensitive to continue, but through sheer will, I wanted her to be satisfied and I ignored the discomfort. My dick could finally take no more and it popped out with a sticky sound. Ella turned and grabbed me.

She grabbed a towel and wiped herself down and then me before she turned around and started sucking on my dick again. “I want you inside me.” In all of my years, no woman had ever tried to make me cum twice in a row. If I had been in my 20s, maybe this would work, but my middle-aged dick wasn’t used to this. Much to my own surprise, her expert tongue brought me back to life. This had literally only taken a minute or two. As I regained my hardness, she had me stand up and she laid down on her back. “Put him inside me”, she whispered. I agree to her demands again.

Maybe it was the exercise, but I was surprised at my own stamina. I kept pumping into her for about five minutes as I kissed an nuzzled her neck and ears; all the while propped up on my forearms bahis şirketleri so I didn’t crush this delicate flower. Once again, I thought she might be building to orgasm, but my middle-aged dick just didn’t have the training that my legs did for running and I felt myself deflate.

I didn’t want to be defeated and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let her go away unsatisfied so I snaked my way down her body and found her pearl. I’m sure I have tasted my own cum once or twice after a blow job and a kiss, but I had never eaten a woman’s pussy after I had pumped a gallon of cum into it. But she had already wiped up some of it and I realized, what the hell – it’s my cum. I was surprised that I didn’t really notice any taste. Maybe Ella and I were more compatible than I thought.

I began to suck on her clit as I had done in our previous session. This time her clit was already engorged and she was dripping wet from our combined juices. I positioned myself so that I could once again stroke her inner folds with my finger while sucking. It only took seconds. She started bucking much harder than the previous massage. And after a few moments, she arched her back and her pubic mound seemed to pull away from me as if the feelings were too intense. As before, with each lick, she would spasm violently. After five or six of these spasms, she laughed.

There was no doubting this one – she wasn’t faking. I felt like a stud. “You really are a dream girl because I feel like I’m dreaming.”

I’m not sure she understood what I was saying but she smiled and thanked me.

We both got up and she started to get dressed again. We knew we had gone over on time slightly so she rushed and left the room as I stood naked behind the door just in case someone was in the hallway. Then I finished dressing and followed behind her.

“See you in a week”, she said. My regular massage was just a week away.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“I know you’ll text me”, she laughed.

And I did – before I got home.