Their Best Valentine’s Day Ever


This is a story about two people, Jeff and Megan, and how their Valentine’s Day went from bad to the best ever. They had been having some relationship problems the past couple of months, and on the day before V-Day it boiled over to where they decided to take their relationship down a notch and not be so serious. This involved only seeing each other maybe once a week, and being free to see other people.

Megan is a beautiful 35 year old brunette with the hottest little body. She is a single mother of two wonderful boys. To describe her in a little more detail she is 5’4″, weighs 135 pounds, deep brown eyes, has perfect 36 C cup breasts with just a hint of sag which make them so sexy and natural, a flat stomach with just the right amount of hips, and to top it all off a great sexy ass that just keeps your eyes glued to it as it sways when she walks. Jeff is 26 years old and very handsome. He is a tall man standing 6’5″ and weighing 225 pounds with light brown hair, blue eyes, a medium build, and great muscular legs and arms. He has never been married and has no children, but loves Megan and her boys very much. The couple had been dating for just over 8 months. They were in love with each other and had numerous beautiful moments both together and with their families.

On Valentines Day they both went to work, but didn’t talk to each other via email as they usually do for several hours. Megan broke the ice with an email saying “Happy Valentines Day.” Jeff didn’t know what to say exactly and just responded with a “ditto”, a favorite word of Megan’s. They agreed later in the day to still have dinner with her boys as previously planned.

Upon Jeff’s arrival to Megan’s house he discovered she wasn’t home yet which surprised Jeff as she is always home by 4:30. She arrived home shortly after around 5 with her oldest son. They had been shopping for his girlfriends V-Day card and gift. They both exchanged a long hug and short kiss. Jeff thinking that things might be ok. Jeff and Megan went upstairs for her to change. She told Jeff to close his eyes while she changed. Jeff was shocked since he had seen her nude numerous times. Megan saw that Jeff couldn’t keep his eyes off her beautiful body and snickered saying it was ok for him to admire her. Jeff noticed she changed her panties, which was odd unless she had been wet all day and soaked them. This got Jeff’s engine going, as the two’s sex life had dropped off considerably the past couple months.

The two then sat and talked briefly before Jeff gave Megan her V-Day presents. Megan had insisted Jeff return them as they were quite expensive. Jeff insisted she keep them and open them. After some bickering she agreed. The facial expression on Megan’s face as she opened first one then two was priceless to Jeff. He could tell she loved them both. And she showed her appreciation with a long tight passionate illegal bahis hug and a tender long kiss. Jeff could feel his heart uniting with hers again. Both knowing this was making their decision to break apart even harder. And I almost forgot about the dozen red roses Jeff sent to Megan earlier that day at work. She couldn’t believe how beautiful and perfect they were. She said they were the most beautiful flowers she had ever received.

Dinner went very good with conversation going on as it always had. Both ate till they were so full there was no room for dessert. Or at least the kind of dessert you buy Jeff was thinking. Upon their return home Jeff and Megan talked some more till their passion for each other erupted. With both boys asleep in bed, and the two in hers, their passionate night could began. Megan was trying to be good but with her down to her panties and top, and Jeff’s kisses and hands moving in all the right spots it was becoming increasingly difficult. Megan kept telling Jeff to behave, but knowing deep inside she wanted the same release he did.

Jeff’s hand started caressing her stomach and tracing his finger around her belly button. His kisses gliding across her neck and his tongue flicking her earlobe. As his hands roamed lower he encountered Megan’s last will to be good with her legs closed together. Not as tight as she would have wanted them, but enough to make it interesting for the both of them. As Jeff’s finger traced the outline of her sex through her panties her juices started to flow freely again. Megan new she couldn’t resist any longer. As his fingers slipped beneath her panty line and onto the top of her lips Megan let out a long low moan. The two were now kissing passionately as Jeff’s fingers delved into her beautiful and soaking wet mound. The memories of all the times he first felt her wet pussy lips squeezing his finger, it was like his first time all over again. He could tell she hadn’t masturbated in some time as her muscles were so tight. As he started pushing his finger into her, her muscle ring started to give way and then quickly sucked his finger into her sex starved pussy. Her moans were becoming increasingly faster. Ahhhh that’s it Jeff, you shouldn’t be doing ahhhh this right now. What if the boys mmmmmm wake up? Jeff quickly places his lips over hers to silence her last pleas. As her legs began to open up Jeff used the extra space to use more of his hand to put some pressure on her now throbbing clit. Unfortunately for the both of them her dogs had come into the room and were playing too rough and barking loudly. This instantly killed the mood! Jeff got up to run them out and why he did Megan wiped herself dry. Hoping this would end the session as much as she didn’t want to, but to wait till they could both be naked and feel each other’s bodies pressed against each other.

When Jeff illegal bahis siteleri returned he was disappointed, but quickly found out with a little probing into her panties again the dam walls quickly burst open again. Jeff took the opportunity to trace his tongue down her navel and into her wet pussy lips. He had her panties pulled down a little, but wasn’t allowed complete access. It was enough to get his talented tongue and lap up as much sweet pussy juice as he could. Jeff was moaning now, ahhhhhh mmmmmm, but nothing was heard as his moans were muffled by her oozing pussy. He drank down as much nectar as he could with her hands pulling his head deeper into her mound. As he broke the passionate “Australian” French kiss they looked into each others eyes and knew they had to finish this. They both got presentable enough and made their way downstairs to the den. Jeff with his belongings to leave and Megan holding her panties over her dripping sex.

As soon as they were settled Jeff used little force to lay her down on the ataman. He started by slowly kissing his way up her silky smooth legs to his awaiting treasure. Jeff teased her with making small kisses over the fabric of her soaked panties. Finally removing them, he saw what he so desired. Her fully engorged pussy lips spread apart. He could see the glistening juices from the faint street light outside. He thought about how much he loved her juices and didn’t want to waste anymore. They were the best he had ever tasted. With her encouraging him he made his way with his tongue into her pussy. He was met with an audible moan, ahhhhhhh, as his lips locked onto hers. He traced his tongue up and down her slit sucking her juices in and applying more lube of his own to make it super wet and easily penetrable. Next taking each inner lip into his mouth, sucking hard on them and making Megan moan even louder. Jeff wanted to take his time but knew the boys were upstairs and could come down at anytime. He quickly began flicking her clit and sucking it into his mouth. Megan started grabbing his head and forcing his tongue deeper into her. Jeff then inserted a finger into her hot dripping hole and began finger fucking her to orgasm. Simultaneously sucking on her clit she was quickly approaching the BIG “O” . Megan was trying to be quiet and Jeff too with his sucking. As she started to peak neither cared and concentrated on bring her off. As her legs clamped down on his head and her hips bucking uncontrollably he knew she was there. He could feel his finger being clamped down on and sucking into her. If it hadn’t been attached it would have been gone.


Megan had made it and was lost in orgasmic bliss. Her clit becoming extra sensitive as Jeff continued lapping up her abundant pussy juice. Not wanting any to escape his mouth. It was to much though canlı bahis siteleri and ran down her thighs soaking the ataman.

Jeff sat back and watched as Megan’s body was trembling and her legs shaking as the orgasm subsided from her body. He then realized he too was worked up into a frenzy and his thick throbbing member ached to be released. He had put his feelings on the side as he concentrated on bringing his lover off. With this accomplished he reached down to free his hard 7″ cock. He had created enough precum to easily lube any dry hole. But that not being a problem with Megan pumping out a copious amount of lubrication. Their eyes met briefly as they both new their animal instincts had taken over as Jeff plunged his cock into her waiting pussy balls deep in one thrust.



Jeff and Megan moaned in unison. Feeling their bodies pressed as close as possible. Jeff knowing he wouldn’t last long quickly reached underneath her body grabbing her sweet sexy ass cheeks with both hands. Roughly squeezing them the way she liked and pile driving his tool deep into her body over and over. Feeling her muscles grip his cock so tightly. Both lovers locked in a passionate embrace tongues dancing between them. Jeff pulled back to look at his beauty, her breasts heaving in and out with each breath. Jeff could have died right then and been the happiest man on earth.

The slapping sounds of their bodies meeting in orgasmic bliss filled the room as both rapidly approached a final and powerful orgasm. Jeff was the first to blow, feeling the cum boil up out of his balls and deep into Megan’s hot pussy. This set her off too and her pussy muscles went into overdrive milking Jeff’s balls dry of all he had as her orgasm overtook her body. Her legs wrapping around him tightly not letting him escape her wrath. Thank goodness for their passionate kissing or the boys would have woken for sure. The kiss soaking up all the cries and moans of pure ecstasy. Jeff collapsed on top of her still holding her sexy ass in his hands. His chest pressed against her breasts feeling her hard nipples piercing into him. Both could have fallen asleep if it hadn’t been for the footsteps heard above.

They quickly dressed in what they could. Megan calling up saying she would be there in a minute. As they looked into each others eyes knowing that everything would work its way out one way or the other for the best. Both knowing if they ended up back together or just as friends, they would be fine as long as they still had each other in the end. Jeff asked her how her Valentines Day was and she responded with the best undeserved day ever. Jeff then responded with a “Ditto.” Both chuckling as they looked forward to Friday night and getting to be alone for an entire night of uninterrupted love making. Jeff left knowing he would sleep like a baby tonight, and Megan climbing the stairs feeling Jeff running down her legs knowing the same.


This is my first story. Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated.

More stories to come.