The Wild Woman of Wesley Woods


“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.”

– St. Augustine


Mary Ann Kamargian was a rough young woman. She had no use for nonsense or social convention and navigated the world on her own terms. Her family lived in squalor in a rundown house by the lake and she was the de facto mother to her younger brothers, carrying them around in dirty diapers when she had to.

When she did attend school she would look like she had just rolled out of bed, her thick, curly hair flying in wild directions and her clothes soiled and wrinkled. All the while she would sit in the back of the class and throw daggers at the teacher with her dark, intense eyes until she was set free again.

When she wasn’t in school she wore as little as possible and roamed the woods near her home for days at a time. But when she was called out by anyone she had no fear and would fight all challengers until they were forced into submission or retreat. During one such fight she pulled most of a young man’s hair out and sent him home crying in his underwear. So Mary Ann never had to worry about being harassed by the masculine sex, in fact, she was often the harasser.

Once when she saw a guy defecating in “her” woods, she decided to teach him a lesson. She surprised him before he could finish and pulled his underwear up his ass. Then she put him in a headlock and smeared some of his own shit on his face. After that she made him crawl through the woods with his pants around his ankles as she rode him and yanked up on his shit-packed jockey shorts.

These were the stories I had heard about her and they seemed to be consistent with the girl I had seen in school over the years, so when I happened upon her in the woods that day in late September, I was somewhat unnerved.

She was sitting by the lake dangling her feet in the water, dressed in a dirty-looking bikini. When she heard me she sprang up and stared at me like a puma stares at her prey.

“What the hell do you want?!” she hissed.

“Sorry, I was just taking the shortcut.” I replied, somewhat flustered.

“This is private property, Asshole!” she announced.

“Oh, no problem, I’ll go out the same way I came in.” I said, trying to sound contrite.

I turned and started to leave, but then she spoke again.

“What’s your name?” she asked suspiciously.

“Dane.” I replied, turning back to face her.

“Dane Schmidt?”


She looked at me with a smile and nodded.

“Aren’t you the guy who knocked up Amy Lockwood?” she continued.

I was totally unprepared for this question and I must have turned red.

“Yeah, it was you.” she said with a sly look.

“Where did you hear that?” I finally spat out.

“I didn’t hear it, I saw it! I saw you fucking her right here in these woods!” she shot back.

At that moment terror turned my body to ice.

“THESE woods?” I replied weakly.

“Yup. She kept saying, ‘We can’t do it here! Please Dane!'” she imitated mockingly, “Is it starting to come back to you now?”

“No, not really.” I said before turning away.

“But she liked it when you put your cock into her little pussy, didn’t she!” she kept on taunting, “What a stud!”

At this point I really wanted to get out of there.

“I…think you have me confused with someone else.” I stammered, as I continued to walk away.

But no sooner had I turned my back when I felt a hand grab my ass!

“Don’t run away, little boy!”

I turned around and there she was, all five foot four inches of her, tits mostly exposed, tan skin shining, hands on her waist, hips pushed forward.

I was starting to feel a little threatened at this point.

“Hey, I had no idea this was your property. I’m leaving now. It was nice to meet you.” I stated sternly before continuing.

But as I walked away she put her arms around me from behind and started undoing my jeans.

“Come on stud, don’t be shy!” she said as she undid my zipper and yanked down my pants from behind. Then she stepped on my rolled down jeans and pushed me forward to the ground.

“Hey!! What the hell are you doing?!!” I said, quite mortified.

“Awww, did the little boy fall!” she taunted before lifting my legs up and dragging me back belly down over the ground.

“You better let me go right now!” I yelled, trying to dig my fingers into the ground to keep her from dragging me back.

“Awww, is the little stud gonna crap his pants!” she continued to taunt.

She pulled me back into the woods after this quickly, back into her world where there were no rules except hers.

My struggles to slow her down came to nothing.

“You fucking better let me go!” I yelled again, and she must have heard the fear in my voice.

“Does the little stud want his momma?! Go ahead, call for your momma!” she said in bemusement.

She was playing with me now and I was starting to get desperate. I struggled to turn over and break her hold on my Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort pants, but she kept me flat on my stomach, dirt and leaves filling my shirt. But when she brought me to a small clearing I rolled and managed to break free of her grip. But this didn’t last long as she was soon on me with one knee in my groin and two hands raking my face. With my balls now pushed up into my stomach from her blow I could only flail at her ineffectually and hope that someone would hear my shouts for help.

My nightmare was now literally upon me, I was being attacked by the wild woman of Wesley Woods!

She sat on my chest and started slapping at my head, and for the first time I could smell her musky body odor pouring out from her unshaven arm pits. She was laughing and teasing me again, her bushy, shoulder-length hair partially obscuring her strangely pretty face as she looked down on me.

“Cry for help, baby stud! Go on!” she laughed.

Then she reached back and grabbed my flaccid dick through my underwear. She began to slowly squeeze it as she smiled down on me.

“What’s wrong with the baby stud’s cock?! It doesn’t feel very big now!”

After this she slid her ass off of my chest and onto my face, pulling my head up into her groin and trapping it with her ankles. I struggled wildly against the weight and smell of her ass, but she kept me immobile there until my air was depleted and I flashed from consciousness.

When I awoke I was on my stomach again with my arms strapped behind me and my rolled down pants slung over a low, sawed off tree branch. I felt like a fish hung from a bait line as I thrashed about trying to free myself. She was nowhere to be seen but I had the feeling that wouldn’t last for long. Then I heard footsteps. I turned to see her walking up with a paper bag in her hand.

“How was my stud’s ass nap?” she queried sarcastically.

I was burning now with anger, especially since I still had the scent of her dirty ass on my face.

“You’re not going to get away with this, Bitch!” I yelled.

“Bitch?” she said, “No, no, I’m not the bitch here!”

As she said this, she pulled something out of the paper bag. She walked around and stood in front of me as she began to attach it to her body.

“Have you ever seen one of these before?” she asked, “I got it from my mother’s drawer. She uses it on dad when he’s bad!”

She stood sideways when she was done attaching the straps so I could see the full scope of it.

“What do you think?” she asked again, “Pretty damn big, huh!”

It was a strap-on dildo and it was obviously built to do damage! I began to panic.

“You better let me go right now!” I ordered, “I know a lot of cops in this town!”

“I know you don’t like to use condoms, but I think I’m going to use one this time.” she continued, oblivious to my threat.

She opened the small package and rolled the condom over the dildo.

“Don’t worry, it’s lubricated!” she added.

She straddled me with this strap-on dildo between her legs and freed my pants from the branch. Then she pulled me back to a kneeling position, face down against the ground.

“Okay the joke’s over!” I tried to bargain, “Now let me go and we’ll forget about everything!”

She yanked my underwear down and separated my ass cheeks, looking down at my panicked face.

“What a nice ass you have!” she complimented as she smacked the dildo against it.

“Don’t fucking do it!” I yelled, realizing now the full seriousness of the situation.

“Now I want you to tell me who the bitch is!” she laughed.

Then she plunged the dildo deep into my rectum.

I tried to suppress the cry of pain but it burst out of me against my will like a caterwaul. She braced her hands on my ass and squatted over me, legs out wide as she drove that awful instrument down deep into my poor ass. I was groaning uncontrollably with each smooth power stroke, gritting my teeth against the savage penetrations.

“How does the little stud feel now!” she mocked cruelly.

“Fuck you!” I managed to growl.

“I am fucking you, just like you fuck all those girls here in my woods with no condom! Now you know how it feels to get your tight little hole invaded by a big cock!” she chided.

At this point something began to breakdown inside of me and I started to cry.

“Please, I’m sorry, I’ve learned… my lesson. I’ll never… come into your woods… again!” I promised her.

“Sure you will, because it’s cheaper than renting a motel room, isn’t it. Do you know how many girls I’ve watched you fuck in these woods? Always the same thing. You fuck them hard and quick and fill them up with your cum and then you walk away and ditch them when their bellies pop, right!”

“I’m sorry. I was wrong. I was just… trying to be… what everyone expects me to be… the macho jock!” I confessed.

“Yeah, but this time I’m the macho jock,” she asserted, already breathless from her labors, “and you’re the cheerleader Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort bitch!”

She began to bounce over me more forcefully now, pounding my ass as she enjoyed the vista of the lake. The strap-on was colliding against her clit with each thrust and she was beginning to feel the tension that a man feels when he’s ready to squirt.

“Now I’m gonna come inside your tight, little hole.” she told me, as her fucking started to breakdown and lose its rhythm. Then her voice and body began to quake and she pushed the dildo all the way down into my ass and slowly ground her pubic mound into me.

Her orgasm rose slowly and then rolled out in a cry of release that echoed across the lake. In the meantime my rectum did its best to stand the strain of her woman-cock as it shook inside of me. That portable cock of hers had drilled me out like an auger and it wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She still had it planted down in my ass and she didn’t seem to have much ambition to move it out as her body continued to tremble to a resolution. I began to plead.

“No more!” I whimpered weakly, “Please!”

She pulled it out partway but then paused.

“I just filled your little hole up with my cum, stud!” she announced, panting victoriously, “How does it feel to be fucked hard and rude?”

Then she pulled it out the rest of the way and I felt the cool air rush into the opening of my bored out anus as it slowly returned to its original size.

She must have been confident at that point that I was put in my place and defeated because after she removed the strap-on she unbound my arms and started to walk away.

But I still had some fight left in me and if she thought I was going to be just another one of her punk victims, I was going to show her she was dead wrong! I quickly pulled up my jeans and ran after her in a blind rage. Then I jumped onto her back, shouting like an animal. To my surprise she didn’t go down, but spun wildly beneath me supporting my weight easily with the thighs she’d built up over the years climbing trees. I hung onto this ferocious woman out of anger and also fear, because I knew if I lost my advantage she’d easily have me down for a second round of ass pounding.

I clung to her with all my strength until she began to pant from her exertions. I used my weight to wear her down and soon she had stopped spinning and bucking. Then I managed to trip her and bring her down like a cowboy brings down a steer. I put her into a full nelson and just laid there on top of her, pushing her back down flat every time she tried to rise up to her knees. Finally she became exhausted and stopped fighting. It seems fucking me the way she did had taken a toll on her, as had the orgasm that tore through her.

“You like to watch people fucking from behind trees and bushes?! I said, “Does that turn you on?! I bet you’re finger fucking yourself as you watch, aren’t you!”

“Get off me!” she screamed, breathing heavily.

“You were wishing that it was YOU getting fucked in the woods, weren’t you!” I said to her, pushing her face into the dirt as she had mine.

After another ten minutes she was completely spent and I realized that lying on top of her firm rear end had made my cock good and hard.

“I should fuck your ass, but it’s too damn smelly. Besides, your pussy is probably very wet and ready for me.” I said to her.

I reached down and tore her bikini bottoms off, exposing her wet cunt. Then I pulled my jeans down just enough to free my aching erection and had no trouble ramming it into her. She let out a pained cry as all of my nine inches moved deep into her fuck hole. I moved it in and out slowly as I lay on her, enjoying all the slippery firmness of my well-earned prize. Then I managed to pull her up onto her knees and my fucking grew more forceful. I grabbed a handful of her hair and started pulling her back over my shining fuck rod. My cock was stretching her tight and soon that under-used pussy of hers was pumping back into me with equal force. Feeling my cock buried so deep inside her body made my mind spin as I came to the realization I was fucking the very same wild woman who was famous in our town for humiliating men in battle!

We were like two rabbits now going at it in the wild. It seems I had been right about her being jealous, watching me with all my girlfriends fucking there. But now she was realizing one of her fantasies: To be fucked by Dane’s big dick in her woods!

As she pushed her dirty ass down over my prick like a piston in overdrive, I noticed we were in sight of her house. I even thought I saw her mother in the kitchen window washing dishes and I could hear the sound of her baby brother crying too. Sorry baby boy, I mused, but your big sister is busy right now.

I kept hold of her bushy mane as I sensed my sore balls beginning to contract from the action of her wildly thrusting cunt. She was making animal noises now as she was completely consumed with cock lust. I breathed her stink Ataşehir Vip Escort deep into my nostrils as my cock began to reach its breaking point. There would be no delaying or holding back now as I surrendered to the feeling her strong cunt was bringing me to. I looked down and watched my cock pulse and pump its load into her glistening meat at that moment. A rushing, warm flood wracked my body and I howled uncontrollably.

As I set my hand atop her sweaty ass and watched her beautiful hole continue to draw out my semen, I wondered if her mother had possibly heard the culmination of our torrid, little wrestling match. Perhaps she had heard us but accepted it as something that happens in the woods when opposing forces of nature struggle and consummate. She had perhaps conceived her own feral children in the same way, wrestling in the dirt and leaves, naked and mindless to anything around her. I imagined her there with us, saying encouraging words to me and massaging my scrotum as it pumped its semen into her daughter.

My well-worked member sprang out of Mary Ann Karmagian’s twat after a few more minutes and she immediately stuck her fingers into her cum-filled hole to replace it. I beat the rest of my load onto her ass and than rose to my feet. I felt like an alpha male lion standing over her, her cunt and mind now in complete submission to me.

As I buttoned my jeans, she stayed there on her knees rubbing her runny twat like the woods creature she was. She had gotten what she wanted and it was obviously all she had expected it to be. I ambled away sorely with one seemingly ruptured testicle and a clawed up face; back to civilization without another word.

But over the weeks that followed I had a chance to reflect and the hard feelings faded. There wasn’t a day or an hour that I didn’t think of her, not just about the wildness of our encounter that day, but about the things she had said. She had been right about me. I was a big phony, strutting around playing the role of the over-sexed jock, and it had taken that ass fucking she gave me for me to see it.

Then three or four months later she stopped coming to school altogether and everyone began to speculate about her killing herself or becoming a complete recluse. It took a while for me to get up the courage to return to those woods and find her, but one day in early Spring I did.

I searched for hours until I found her making a shelter out of pine branches in a glade. When she saw me she pointed the knife she was using to cut the branches at me.

“You stay away from me!” she cautioned.

“I’m sorry about what happened last fall,” I said, “I was just pissed off.”

I walked up to her slowly with my hands held out.

“I just want to talk.” I insisted.

But as I got within range of her she caught me with a surprise left hook and dropped me.

As I sat there on the ground trying to clear my head she moved away from me and put her arms across her stomach. My vision took some time to correct itself after the blow, but when her body came back into complete focus I saw that her belly looked like it had swallowed a basketball.

“Yeah, look at it good!” she said, throwing her arms out, “Just another bitch knocked up in the woods by Dane Schmidt! Are you happy now!”

I got up slowly.

“My god, why didn’t you tell me before!” I asked.

“Because I don’t fucking need you or anybody else, stud man!” she yelled back defiantly.

I started toward her again.

“If you come any closer I’m gonna knock you out again!” she threatened.

I continued to step forward and had to block her fist as it flew towards my face a second time. Then I grabbed her by both arms.

“I don’t want to fight.” I pleaded, “I think I love you!”

“I was a fucking virgin, Asshole!”

“Look, I’m sorry!” I said.

She continued to struggle against me half-heartedly as I tried to embrace her. I kissed her cheek and forehead and then tried to kiss her lips but she bit me in return. I kissed her again with my lip bleeding until she finally understood that the concept was to press and suck, not bite. Then our kisses turned deep and passionate and she dropped the knife.

We fell to the ground and tore at each others clothes and I mounted her missionary style. This time her eyes were desperate but softer as we each tried to sense the others body. Her pussy was amazing and my cock felt like it had found its long lost home. I wanted to stay there in those woods with her for the rest of my life, slow fucking like we were.

I think she saw the orgasm in my eyes before I felt it because she reached down and pulled my cock from her pussy just as the first line of semen shot from it. It landed atop her perfectly round belly and continued to issue forth from me until her baby bump had been properly anointed with my fertile cum. She was the mother of my child and I was going to find a way to be with her I determined at that moment!

Afterwards we laid there in a weak and dreamy state and confessed our feelings.

“You know I had a crush on you in fifth grade!” she told me giddily.


“Yeah, but you never noticed me.” she added accusingly.

“What a dumbass I was!” I said in agreement.

Then I let my impulses get the better of me.

“Let’s get married!” I blurted out.