The wife’s away, but I can’t play!


The wife’s away, but I can’t play!I was woken up this morning by the feeling of my cock and balls being played with.Very nice, I thought, till I felt something pinching my skin. OK, she’s sticking a cock ring on or something, so I just lay there and enjoyed the sensation. I didn’t think too much of it when she massaged my cock with a well lubed hand either. It was only when I heard a clicking sound that I got more suspicious.Oh well, I wasn’t going to complain as I felt a finger slide into my ass, then 2 and finally 4 in there as far as she could push them. I relaxed and lifted my ass a little expecting to receive a istanbul escort fisting, but then she pulled her fingers out and something hard got shoved into my ass. I tried to relax, but whatever it was was getting painfully wide the further in it went. I tried to sit up, but she forced me to lie back and I had to endure a painful anal invasion.After a couple of minutes, she told me to look down the bed. To my surprise she was holding a small mirror so I could see what she had forced into my ass:One of her patent leather, 6 inch heeled, thigh high avcılar escort boots was stuck in my ass about half way from the toe to the heel! OK, my wife hasn’t got that big feet (UK size 5), but while she had done this before she’d never stuck more than a couple of inches in before. This time, about 5 or 6 inches was in, but more painfully that meant that what was in there was much wider than her fist. No wonder it fucking hurt!Even more strange, I also discovered what I’d felt around my cock and balls to begin with. She’d bought a chastity cage and locked it onto me!It turned şirinevler escort out that she’d been looking at my xhamster messages and noticed a few going back and forwards between me and a guy who shares my interest in women wearing boots (you know who you are mate!!!). He’d asked if I ever played with her boots while she was out and I’d (quite honestly) said no. BUT, afterwards, I’d taken one her boots out of the wardrobe and been licking and sniffing it and got carried away. I though I’d cleaned all my cum off the boots, but she managed to find a little under the zip.Taking the boot out of my ass, she wiped it on my chest and said something along the lines of “now you won’t be able to mess around with my things while I’m away” and went downstairs for breakfast.She’s now gone to Glasgow for 2 weeks with work and I’m going to have to find out what it’s like to live, sleep and work with half a pound of stainless steel attached to my private parts!