The Weekend (Chapter 6)

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The Weekend (Chapter 6)Please read previous chapters to get the whole story. All my own thoughts. Let me know if you like.Chapter 6We got in to the cottage and Carrie put the kettle on. It seemed like we’d spent the whole day on our feet. I went to the bedroom and started to take my clothes off to get a shower, Carrie came into the bedroom as I was taking my jeans off. “Well hello there” she said. I turned to her and said “Hi hun. You ok darling?”.”I am now” and she gave me one of those cute little smiles with a glint of mischief in her eye.”I didn’t realise we had a heated jacuzzi outside? Want to give it a go?”Carrie didn’t need asking twice, Carrie stripped naked and was ready to go in a blink. We got in the warm water and turned the water jets on. It felt really good, the little bubbles caressing our naked bodies.We sat there in each others arms as the sun began to set. We always knew we wanted to see it together. As we couldn’t get away abroad this year then this was definitely the best way to see it. Both of us, naked, in each others arms in the warm water. What could be better?As the sun set, we held each other close, the water moving over our bodies. Our hands touching each other all over. It was one of those moments that only seemed to happen in a dream. The yalova escort sky started to glow burnt orange and reds, we could now start to see the stars. We saw the occasional shooting star too. As the sun set in the west, we started to see the northern lights again. They were not as bright as last night, yet. Our skin is starting to go all wrinkly as we had been in the water for so long. We decided it was time to get out and have a shower.I got out, Carrie pinched my bum as I climbed out, I jumped and fell back in with a splash. We both started laughing. I hugged and kissed her naked body. I dunked her under the water in front of me. She came back up and gave me a playful slap. I grab her arse while she was under the water. She had an idea, she saw I was turned on while she was under the water.Carrie said “just stay there”. I wondered what she was going to do.Carrie put her head under the water. Grabbed my hard dick and give me a quick suck before she had to come up for a breath. Wow, that’s something new. I’ve never had a blow job under water.”Let’s go inside and try that properly” I said.We both got out, we were both soaking wet. It was starting to get a bit chilly outside, we both ran to the bathroom. I turned the shower on and we got in the double sized shower yalova escort bayan cubicle. It was a big shower with more than enough room for both of us.As we stood there under the hot running water. I pressed my hard cock against her tummy. “Are you going to put that inside me?” she asked. “That was the plan” I said.I gently lifted Carries right leg, positioned myself so I could slide my hard dick right into her waiting pussy. I couldn’t believe how easy it slid in. We started to fuck hard in the shower. I was holding her right leg up making it easy for me to put my whole length all the way in.This made her yelp as the size of my dick was almost a little too big for her small frame and tight hole.I slipped out as Carrie was so wet. I tried to put it in again, I missed and my head gently pushed at her arsehole. Carrie remembered how good the vibe felt when it was up there.Carrie asked “do you want to put it in my arse?””Only if you want me to” I asked, I really wanted to try as I had never tried anal before.Carries mind was going wild at the thought of my manhood being deep in her arse, it also frightened her as I was quite large. I start gently pushing the end against her ring. It needed some help. I grabbed the baby oil from the shelf in the shower, escort yalova put some on my dick and rubbed some around her arse. Carrie turned around so her back was towards me. Carrie held your cheeks apart in anticipation. It started to go in slowly. Her arse was tight, at first it hurt a little, then, once her ring had relaxed, it started to slide in easier. The sensation drove her wild, she started playing with her clit. I put my arms around her and my hand joined hers on her pussy. she guided my hand to the place where she had been touching herself. She let me take over her pleasure from there. Carrie put both her hands up on the showers tiled wall and let me fuck her arse while playing with her clit. It took no time at all for Carrie to have an amazing orgasm. She came all over my hand and fingers. As Carrie finished cumming I stopped playing with her clit but kept my dick buried deep in her arse. Carrie was still trying to recover from her first proper anal. It felt amazing and she knew this wouldn’t be the last time my dick would be buried deep in her arse.I gradually slide it out, she almost came again as it finally come all the way out.We got some shower gel and shampoo. We washed each other all over, not missing one bit of each others bodies. Carrie bent over and give my dick a quick suck. She loved my hard dick in her mouth. We got dried and put the same clothes on as we did last night. Carrie in the sexy see through negligee and me in a T-shirt.We made our way to the kitchen to get something to eat.