The Waiting Room Ch. 03


This story is a total fantasy with no basis in fact whatsoever. No one is under age and there is absolutely no physical pain.


When we arrived home we didn’t talk a lot. Malcolm had a shower and I had a nice long soak in the bath. It gave me time to think.

I thought about the Waiting Room scenario. I knew that all that time ago in the Railways Station Waiting Room the excitement had dominated my naughty thoughts. Yet this time in Mr Roger’s Waiting Room the excitement had been a million times more intense. I knew that in my future solitary times in the toilet or in my lounge, my thoughts would be about Mr Rogers.

As I lay there in the bath I tried to work out why this should be so much better than the first time. I slowly came to the conclusion that there were two reasons.

The first was very obvious. Even as a young girl my squishies, had always been associated with older men and especially older men in authority such as Head Masters or Priests or Uncles and even closer relatives.

The fact that I was a Head Mistress myself made it even worse. Deep down I liked to be told what to do. Mr Rogers filled that role but Malcolm didn’t.

The second reason was slowly dawning on me. It made me gasp and made my tummy throb a little. It was my husband Malcolm. He had been watching so intently and it obviously excited him.

It excited me to think of his excitement. After all I was Malcolm’s wife being pleasured by an older man directly in front of him. I knew he liked watching it and it excited him. I also knew that his excitement made my own excitement even more intense.

It wasn’t as if Malcolm was a silly, or weak man. He was after all a Deputy Head Master in a large school. It wasn’t just a title. My husband Malcolm, was a very respected figure and held in very high esteem and admired by fellow teachers, students and parents alike.

I thought for a moment and knew that I respected Malcolm as much as all these other people. And I loved him very much as well. I was so proud of him.

The fact remained however, that my husband had watched me being had by another man and it excited him. It had also excited me, knowing that he was watching.

I thought about the words and the expressions used during the Treatment.

Mr Rogers had said to my husband “Your wife is wanking for us Malcolm. And I am wanking for her. You can watch us.” Malcolm had just kept on doing it to himself.

John kept fisting his monster, but had asked him politely “You like watching don’t you Malcolm?”

“Yes John.”

John smiled in a kindly fashion “I like you very much Malcolm. You can be Malcolm the Watcher.”

“Thank you John.”

My husband had been grateful to Mr Rogers for letting him watch. I didn’t feel any the worse of Malcolm for being so compliant but it just confused me and in a way it excited me more.

Then with Malcolm’s full agreement I had taken my knickers off and then my brassiere. It was even more flowy and flushy for me when Mr Rogers had told me to give my underwear to my husband as ‘he needed them’.

Later on Malcolm had told me about his private conversation with Mr Rogers and he had kindly referred to my husband as a good little boy and how much Malcolm had liked holding my panties and bra. They weren’t offensive comments and Malcolm had agreed with everything. This was my husband, but in these special circumstances I regarded him as a good little boy as well. In fact just like Mr Rogers I had thought that Malcolm was a Good Little Watcher.

I knew that Malcolm liked my panties. When we had those very private talks late in the evening about my first Waiting Room experience he would always go straight to the bathroom and spend half an hour on his own.

When I had checked later in the bathroom I always found a pair of my panties from the dirty linen basket right at the top with clear marks of his excitement.

Also they seemed to be very stretched. I knew he had been wearing my used panties.

It wasn’t too difficult to work out what he had been doing to himself and I found that just as exciting.

I also appreciated how much Malcolm supported me both at home and in school and I felt that I also owed him the same level of support and help.

I Ataşehir Olgun Escort also thought about the other part of Malcolm’s private conversation when Mr Rogers had told him that he had liked my bum.

It made me feel so young when he had said that he liked my firm plump buttocks. I sensed that if Malcolm and I did manage to secure another appointment then it could be that my bottom would be involved in some way.

I was unsure whether to giggle or not. I knew that if something like that did happen, my husband Malcolm was very likely be a Good Little Watcher.

Over the next few days, Malcolm telephoned Mr Rogers Office several times to try and arrange an appointment. I waited anxiously each time but we could only get as far as his receptionist who was very nice but was told how busy he was. I was desperate, but poor Malcolm looked distraught.

I think the receptionist must have sensed Malcolm’s predicament as she did say “I will tell Mr and Mrs Rogers how you both feel and I am sure they will do their utmost to help you.” She had already explained that Mrs Rogers was also a Senior Therapist and jointly owned the company.

We were desperate but unfortunately life had to go on. I had a very large school to run and we also had school inspections due shortly and difficult Parent Teacher Evenings to get through.

Then about a week later we had a crisis in school. I had a call from one of my secretaries that a senior boy had climbed out of one of the high windows and was balancing on a narrow ledge.

When I went out into the main quadrangle it was terrifying looking up and seeing this young man in such a precarious position. All of the students and teachers were just looking up just waiting for something dreadful to happen. I had a good teaching staff but I could see from the faces of both the men and women that no one had any idea what to do. Neither did I.

I felt two hands upon my shoulders and then Malcolm’s voice whispering “Don’t worry Elizabeth stay here and make sure no one does anything silly.” He then went back into the school.

In a few minutes as we all watched I saw my husband squeeze himself out of the open window 70 feet above and make his way precariously along the ledge towards the boy. We all had our hearts in our mouths as we watched.

Malcolm must have talked to the lad for about 20 minutes and then we saw him help the lad back along the ledge to the window and safety. It was incredible bravery and everyone broke out into spontaneous applause. I felt so proud.

When the Press heard about it, Malcolm just brushed them aside saying, “the care and safety of all our pupils is the responsibility of all members of our staff. This is the ethos of the school led by the Head Mistress.” The Governors and the Authorities showered the school in praise. I loved Malcolm all the more for it. He was so wonderful and yet he hardly spoke about it.

A few nights after that event Malcolm and I were in our lounge chatting and I could see his eyes straying down to the hem of my skirt. I knew he was feeling that ‘special way’.

To be honest I felt squishy as well. And I so wanted to help my wonderful husband. I knew what he needed.

I excused myself for a minute and went to the bathroom. When I returned I was holding a pair of my panties which I had retrieved from the Dirty Linen basket. I also had one of my bras.

I saw him look and gasp. He said nothing as I offered then to him saying “Would you like to hold them Malcolm?”

He gasped. He could hardly speak especially when I opened my knees a little allowing him a better view up my skirt of what he had been trying to see earlier.

He looked at me like a little boy lost.

He knew I was helping him and murmured “Thank you Elizabeth, but you must be careful no one finds out. Don’t forget you are the Head Mistress .” He was so lovely. Always thinking of my well-being, above his own.

I smiled encouragingly “It is I who am grateful to you Malcolm and don’t worry I have locked the doors.”

As I spoke I took the soiled panties from his hand and pushed then gently into his face. It was almost involuntary but I watched him sniffing deeply.

As he inhaled he again muttered “Thank Ataşehir Sarışın Escort you so much Elizabeth.”

Apart from being pleased with helping my wonderful husband, his excitement was affecting me and my tummy was pulsating and throbbing in such an exciting way. He was also fumbling with my bra.

I knew he wanted more but would never ask. I simply said “Why don’t you put them on Malcolm?”

He gasped. I could see the needfulness in his face.

He wanted too so much and yet he could hardly speak. Without saying any more I slipped his clothes off.

I was amazed at the stiffness of his little thing but didn’t comment.

I took my panties and slipped them on him. I also fastened the bra and then slipped a small pretty smock over his top. He looked so nice.

I murmured “You should have some silk stockings on as well Malcolm.”

He didn’t offer any resistance as I slipped a pair of my tan silk socking on his legs and fastened them to some garter straps.

He looked nice and I could see he was pleased with himself from the stiffness in the pretty panties.

He looked so pleased with himself as he murmured “I feel so pretty, Elizabeth.”

I smiled back saying “You are such a pretty boy, Malcolm but I think you could be even prettier.”

He sighed “That would be so lovely Elizabeth. I would like to be pretty”

I nodded. I didn’t have suitable clothes just then so we just settled down to watch the TV together. He didn’t actually go to the bathroom but I could see him slowly fondle himself. I didn’t want to rush him as I knew we would have many more evenings like this and we could both enjoy our secrets together. Deep down though we both knew we needed some treatment from Mr Rogers or possibly his wife.

For over a fortnight both Malcolm and I rang Mr Rogers but only spoke again to his receptionist. She confirmed that Mr and Mrs Rogers knew about our requests and had both gone through our files and would contact us.

During the course of the next few days both Malcolm and I thought about our predicament. I was desperate but Malcolm was even more needful than I was.

Then in the evening the phone rang. I picked it up and almost flowed. It was Mr Rogers. He explained that he was with his wife and that I was on the Speaker. He guessed that Malcolm would be with me and suggested I did the same. I did. Poor Malcolm looked ready to faint.

Mr Rogers spoke in such a relaxed way as he apologised for not getting back earlier. He realised how needful we both were but it had been impossible due to the number of clients wanting treatment. I naturally said I understood but would appreciate any help we could get.

Then Mrs Rogers spoke. She sounded so lovely. I had seen her picture on the Company brochure.

She was well into her fifties but very smart and looked so cuddly and maternal.

She was so nice and fulsome. Her voice was so mellow “Hello Mrs Welsh, I have been through all of your notes and know everything that Robert has done for you and Malcolm and seen the full video of your last treatment in our Waiting Room and can see you definitely need more treatment.”

I gasped. She must have seen her husband mount me and how compliant I was and the way that Malcolm had masturbated as he watched. I simply said “Yes Mrs Rogers. I am sorry if we are nuisances but we are both very needful.”

She chuckled “That’s fine Mrs Welsh. That is what we are here for. I just wanted to check a few points. First of all Mrs Welsh I assume you enjoyed it and want some more?”

I murmured “Yes Mrs Rogers. I need more.”

She went quiet for a moment and I knew she was making notes.

Then she spoke again “And as far as you are concerned Mr Welsh. I have to assume you enjoyed watching and you want to be a good little boy again and want to watch some more?”

I could see from Malcolm’s trousers, that the conversation was affecting him but he did manage “Yes Mrs Rogers, I want to be a good little boy and would like to watch if possible.”

Mr Rogers spoke “I want you both to understand that my wife knows everything about our last appointment and I have told her about the first encounter in that lonely Waiting Room.”

I must have Ataşehir Şişman Escort sounded embarrassed as I muttered “I understand Mr Rogers.”

Then Mrs Rogers took over. She chuckled again as she said “You must have found it exciting Elizabeth when John took Wendy down the Happiness Road in the Railway Station. And then even better in our Waiting Room when Malcolm watched you having your pretty flower pollinated.”

“Yes Mrs Rogers. It was so exciting.

She chuckled again “And you must have enjoyed holding your wife’s panties Malcolm as you watched the pretty cow opening her legs for the big bull. I expect you would like to watch it again?”

Malcolm was lost in his naughty memories “Yes Mrs Rogers. I would like to watch it again.”

She giggled and spoke in a conspiratorial murmur “I expect the old bull had a lot of spunk, Malcolm as he filled the pretty cow up.”

Malcolm panted “Yes Miss, he did.”

Mrs Rogers then said “Well now that we understand your full needs, there are 2 options. My husband will explain.”

Malcolm and I held our breath as Mr Rogers spoke.

“Well if you can wait 3 weeks you can visit our offices in London in 3 weeks’ time…”

Malcolm gasped “I don’t think we can wait that long Sir..” I was about to say the same thing.

Mr Rogers carried on as if Malcolm hadn’t interrupted “Or my wife and I are motoring down to Cornwall tomorrow so if you are really desperate we could stop off in your village and meet you at your home.”

I knew what Malcolm was going to say so I beat him to it “We are desperate Mr Rogers. Would you see us tomorrow afternoon in our home?”

Mr Rogers sounded concerned. “I know you are the Head Mistress of a busy school Elizabeth and your husband is your Deputy. Are you sure you will be able to manage the time off school?”

I didn’t want any doubts to creep in now and said “No, it will be fine. I can arrange cover from our senior staff.”

Malcolm nodded his head vigorously.

Mrs Rogers laughed “That’s settled then Elizabeth. You can expect us at about 2 pm. You will need to set up your home in a suitable Waiting Room atmosphere so that we don’t have to start from scratch.”

I answered “Yes of course Mrs Rogers…”

She realised that I was unsure and carried on “I know you will have a comfortable lounge Elizabeth, but to get the true atmosphere you should get Malcolm to make sure that all the doors will be locked. And you can make sure all the curtains are drawn.”

I felt relieved. “Yes Mrs Rogers we will do all those things.”

She was talking so friendly and intimately now and said “Perhaps you could make a little cardboard sign with the words Waiting Room and hang it on the wall. I am sure that Wendy and John will like that touch.”

I almost giggled with excitement saying “I know Wendy will love it and so will Malcolm.”

Then Mr Rogers spoke “And I can tell you Elizabeth, that John the old bull will enjoy it as well.”

Mrs Rogers spoke teasingly “We can help the pretty little cow to open her legs, Malcolm.”

“Yes Mrs Rogers.”

We all laughed. Malcolm was panting as well.

I was concerned about Malcolm. I didn’t want my husband to be set aside. I did say “You won’t forget Malcolm will you Mrs Rogers?”

She sounded concerned. “No of course not Elizabeth. Now I know he likes your underwear. I have very extensive experience in this field and I think I already know most of the usual secrets but it is just as well if you tell my husband and I how far you have gone. I need to know everything.”

There was no point in hiding things. I told them everything about him putting on my knickers and stockings and padded bra and nice tops.”

She sounded so knowledgeable as she said “That sounds fine Elizabeth. But have you put him in a pretty little dress yet and full make up with lipstick and blushers and hair pieces.”

I could see Malcolm blushing but looking excited as I said “No, I haven’t gone that far with him, Mrs Rogers.”

She seemed to deal with all things as she said “OK. Don’t worry about that. I will bring a few things. We must remember that up till now Malcolm has been a good little boy, but it probably needs it to go further.”

Malcolm was panting. It was exciting for me but I was also intrigued as I asked “Further? How do you mean Mrs Rogers?”

She spoke so casually “Well up till now he has been a good little boy for Wendy and John. But deep down he probably needs to be a good little girl.”

I gasped. Malcolm was so excited he whimpered.