The View from the Inside Part 3


My co-author is Fantasy Writer, and while our styles are different somewhat, and we write in different categories, we hope you enjoy the story.

I had surprised even myself with the forcefulness of my command. All I knew was that if I hadn’t told her to stop it would have been over and as wonderful as it was I couldn’t, I wouldn’t allow that to happen. I blinked trying to regain my wits and I reveled in the sight of the woman before me. She was still on her knees, her legs slightly open and I watched as drops of her own pleasure began to run down her thighs onto her stockings.

Our eyes locked and where I had always perceived a look of cool indifference there was nothing cold about the beauty looking back at me. Her gaze spoke volumes and I fell to my own knees. It was like someone else was controlling my movements as I reached an arm out and grabbed her by the hair. I pulled her in close and met little or no resistance as my tongue slipped between her lips, where a second later hers joined in. We kissed passionately as my hands dropped from her hair and I freed her from the remnants of her blouse.

My mouth left hers and she issued forth an almost guttural moan as I began to kiss and nibble at her throat. Her garment gone with a deftness I never knew I possessed I placed an arm around her and with my free hand, I tugged the cups of her bra down. I stared for what seemed forever, but was really only a few moments. The firm, full tits jutting out from her chest so proudly, almost impudently, enraptured me. My mouth moved instantly to capture a breast and I began to flick at its already engorged nipple with my teeth and my tongue, bringing forth a delicious shiver of ecstasy from my more than willing partner. *** I shivered as I felt his mouth at my breast. He was sucking at my nipple the way I’d seen a baby suckling its mother’s teat for milk. It looked almost as if he were seeking canlı bahis life-giving sustenance. My hand moved without my command and I watched as my red-tipped fingers threaded through his thick brown hair. I was amazed, in a strange detached way your brain sometimes gets when your body is kicking into over drive, at the softness of his hair against my hand. I looked down to watch William. I’d always been self-conscious of the size of my breasts. For a girl, it is a hard thing to deal with. One day you are as flat chested as your girl friends, and then almost over night it seems, your fairy godmother visits and you are wearing a training bra. And from there you learn of cup sizes, which up until then was something you had thought only had to do with cooking and measuring!

I had to ask him, even though his perfectly delicious mouth was a sending stream of fire straight from my nipple to places I had never thought might be connected. “They are too big,” I heard my voice say softly into the silence. The old ugly beast of self-doubt and inferiority reared its head. The feelings of your youth never were very far aware sometimes.

William raised his head. I wanted to cover myself as I saw his eyes move over my face, down to my chest and back up. His hands moved to cup my Double D 38 breasts. His thumbs brushed back and forth across my distended nipples. I couldn’t stop the words that poured from my mouth.

“They’re too big. And my nipples are always poking out through my clothes. The only thing that covers them is a padded bra or a bulky sweater. And God knows I don’t need to add any more padding to what he already gave me.” I stopped for a breath, and William didn’t speak. He just continued to caress and fondle my big tits. He seemed to be stuck at encircling my nipples as well. My brain told my mouth to shut up, but I must have short-circuited that nerve while the other nerves in bahis siteleri the rest of my body were coming back to life after such a long hiatus. “My last boyfriend, not like I should say last cause there has only been two! Well, he wanted me to get the surgery. He said he was embarrassed…”

“Hush,” William told me softly. His hands had paused as he spoke. “The man was a fool, Madeline. Most men, myself included, would do anything to be allowed to worship these magnificent gifts of womanhood. You have lush, firm, full tits. And trust me, honey, guys like nipples that poke out. Sucking them is such a turn on.”

I looked from his hands, which were now holding my boobs like they were royal jeweled orbs, fit for a king, up to his eyes. His words had seemed to heal a wound that had been inside me for too many years to count. His lips curved upwards.

“And I’d love to play with them, but to perfectly honest, I’ve got a pretty pressing need at the moment.”

I couldn’t help myself. I giggled at his words. I felt light hearted and aroused, and even a little impish. I slid my hand down and curled it around his hard cock, which was writing its urgent need in pre-cum on the front of my skirt. “I can feel just how ‘pressing’ your need appears to be.”

William laughed out loud. “Minx! I might have to make you pay for that, in some delicious fashion, soon.”

Suddenly, my head whirled and the next second I was flat on my back and William was above me and between my widespread thighs. My short skirt was way up past decent and a second later my panties were gone. William ripped or pulled them off, I think. I could tell I was having trouble breathing because I was almost panting. I could feel my boobs still jiggling from the rapid change in position and now from my uneven breathing. I looked up into William’s eyes. His voice was hoarse and full of need as he spoke.

“Can you reach bahis şirketleri your purse and grab me one of your birthday presents?” *** As she reached over to her purse, I took that moment to let my hands slide down from her beautiful breasts to gently part her legs even further. I knew that come the time when I’d enter her that I would surely lose any control that I might have and she had provided me with so much pleasure that I wanted to make her experience the same. So intent was she on finding one of the condoms that she let out a brief shriek as my tongue lapped at her lips and quickly located the hard little bud that was her clit.

“Oh, my god!” I heard as I began to seriously lick and nibble lightly at the center of her desire. I felt her hands once again find my hair and grab hold for dear life. Her hands sent not only a momentary jab pain but also a shiver right to the pit of my stomach, which I found not only strange but also incredibly erotic.

I wondered if she had noticed but it didn’t take long for her to pull at me again forcing my mouth closer and encouraging me to continue with my work. I smiled inside and doubled my efforts to please this amazing woman who had unlocked so many secrets from within me, not wanting to disappoint her in any way, shape or form. Her body began to shake and her breath was coming in fast, short spurts as I speared her tongue with my tongue, deeper and deeper until with a gush she drowned my lips and tongue with a fluid that tasted like pure nectar to my soul.

I kept at it slowing down and easing the pressure knowing that the feelings could be almost overwhelming until I rose up and saw her with her head tossed back, her eyes shut and her entire face aglow with the pleasure she had received. When she finally opened her eyes she smiled at me and I would have done anything for her at that moment: slain any dragon or fought any fight to show her my devotion. My smile was as always a shy, quiet one but she seemed to take delight in that instead of as turning away as I might have feared once.

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