The Unexpected


It’s not often that I find myself sitting down on the couch next to you but when it happens I always count myself lucky. We were busy catching up but I found my eyes constantly wondering down your body. I found myself wishing I could reach over and place my hand on your thigh. We talked about bit more but I found myself being more and more distracted by your beauty. I found myself fixated on your sexy legs again. Then I thought to myself, just do it.

With that I reached over and placed my large hand on your leg. Rather high up as well. You seemed a bit surprised as I’m usually not one to make such a forward move. Is today going to be different; I could almost hear you thinking. For a second we just stared at each other but then I leaned in and moved towards your lips. My free hand traveled up behind your head and pulled you in close as our lips touched. Our tongues touched and I grabbed your thigh a bit tighter. It had been a while since I had kissed anyone with passion like this. My hand moved from your thigh to your waste and up under your shirt to feel your bare skin as I pulled you closer and closer. I wanted all of you.

I forced myself onto you. Our lips still locked I aggressively pushed you backwards until you lay somewhat awkwardly on the couch with me on top of you. My hands wanted to rip your clothing off right then and there. All I could think about is how badly I wanted to fuck you. Finally I looked into your eyes as our lips parted and I suggested we get to the bed as soon as possible. I propped myself up and then back to sitting as you did the same. Quickly, you stood up and started walking to the bed.

Normally we are a bit more shy around each other but when you got to the edge of the bed you immediately kicked off your shoes and started to undo your pants. Liking where this was going I started doing the same. I watched as you shimmied out of your jeans while I strained to get my belt free canlı bahis and strip my jeans and underwear off in on swoop. My hard cock sprang free as I stepped out of the pile of clothes on the floor. You grabbed your panties and started to pull them off but it was all just too much for me. Moving closer to you my wrapped my arms around from behind. My dick pressed again your body. I whispered in your ear about how badly I’ve been wanting this. You smiled back with approval.

I figured I might as well keep with the unpredictable theme as it had worked for me so well so far. I let go of you but at the same time forced you forward a bit and then with one hand I pressed firmly by gently on your back to let you know I wanted you bent over onto the bed. You did so very willingly. Before me was your ass with your panties still on. I didn’t waste my time grabbing them with both hands and pulling down around your thighs. I stepped forward guided my cock between your legs. Just the tip at first but that wouldn’t last long. You still had your shirt on and with your head off to the side you looked back at me, your eyes begging for me. I placed my hand on your ass and then buried my shaft inside you. You let out a soft moan. Cock still inside you I let lose a firm slap across your ass check causing it to glow a bright red. Then I proceeded to withdraw my cock slowly, only to pound back into you. Over and over again. Fucking you hard was really turning the both of us on. I wanted you to wake up tomorrow morning and still be sore from what I had done to you. I reached up and grabbed your left arm and placed it on the small of your back. My large hand firmly held grasped around your wrist. You took everything I could give you.

Eventually I started to slow my pace but with each thrust I forced my prick into your vagina as deeply as I could. You were a beautiful sit to behold. Your left arm was above your head and each time I drove bahis siteleri into you your fist would clench onto the sheets a bit more. Your eyes looked off to the side and sometimes back at me. Looking into them I could see your enjoyment at being my little toy. Down your back to your where I still had your wrist pinned. Finally over the curves of your pert ass and to your pussy. I watched as my wet cock slide between your lips and in and out of your body so effortlessly.

Finally, I let up on you. I had to or I would explode into you too soon. I withdrew my penis from it’s home and allowed you to stand back up. Quickly and without asking you got the rest of your clothes off while I did the same. We hopped right in bed on top of the covers. I laid on my back and almost instantly you got up to straddle me. I watched as you grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance of your pussy. It disappeared quickly as you impaled yourself on it. I grabbed your hips and you started to grind your body into mine. You looked so fucking sexy. I wanted to reach up and suck on your breasts in the worst way but I think you enjoyed teasing me.

The room was a bit dark but I was enjoying taking in all of your curves. My cock was barely visible as you kept it buried inside you. I put my hands on your hips and pressed you down onto me as you rode me deeper and deeper. I could feel your juices at the base of my shaft and on my balls as you grind your clit onto me. I work my right hand up from your hips over your waist and to your bounces breasts. I gently cup one and pinch your nipple firmly between your fingers. Your head tilts back towards the ceiling as you continue to gyrate faster and harder on my member.

Almost without warning you put your arms on my chest for support and I can feel your body shake and quiver. I love the way you orgasm. My hands both drop back to your waist and I lay still enjoying watching the pleasure wash bahis şirketleri over your body. I also love the feeling of your body pressed against mine. When you recovered you softly fell onto my chest, head against my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around you and held you tight, your warm body on top of mine.

There we laid for a few minutes. Warm, cozy and a little wet in all the right places. My cock still inside you while we caught our breath. Slowly, almost involuntarily, I began to buck my hips a bit and slide back and forth inside you. Instead of hugging you and holding you against me I put one hand between your shoulder blades and the other grabs your gorgeous ass. Slowly soon turns into a more deliberate and steady pass. You’re still laying on top of me when I give you another firm spanking. I can hear you again slowly let out an approving moan. So I reward you with yet another sturdy strike on your bare ass cheek. My other hand moves from between your shoulder blades up to the back of your neck where I wrap my fingers and squeeze tightly. You’re not going anywhere, not that you want to.

I whisper in your ear. “You want me to fill up your pussy with this big load, don’t you?”

You manage to let out an affirming moan but that’s not good enough. I whisper again “Tell me you need it? You want me to spray my warm cum deep into your pussy, isn’t that right?

This time you manage to get some words out, “Yesss… please… I need it…”

Once again I give your ass a smack and then pick up my pace fucking you. You feel so good, especially wrapped around the base of my dick. I continue to pump for a bit the thought of filling your body with my seed is just too much. I grab you around the waist and again firmly by the back of the neck and hold you tightly as the first shot of semen escapes me and pours out into you. Wave after wave drain out from me and into you.

I struggle to catch my breath but hold firmly on to you. I fumble for the covers and pull them up over us as we drift off into relaxation. My cock still rightfully between your legs, keeping my warm cum where it belongs. I hope you never have to leave…