The Unexpected Gift Ch. 01


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Note: Chapter 1 of this story was originally written by Svernmelus elsewhere. I have received permission from him to post it here. Chapter 2 and 3, (and any further chapters) were written by me.


Jenny was almost ready to go out for a run. When she head a cry from the other room.

“Jenny, come quickly. I … euh … I have a problem.”

Jenny quickly entered the dorm room.

“Veronica, what’s the matter?”

Jenny’s twin sister is standing by the front door.

“I can’t get it off, help me Jenny!”

Veronica is jumping around and trying to pull at something around.

“I’m coming, calm down.”

While coming closer Jenny notice that Veronica is wearing some sort of sleeveless jacket, a white furry one.

“What have you bought this time. A vest of fur. That must be expensive?”

“I didn’t buy it, it came through the mail. And it wasn’t a vest, it became a vest.”

“What do you mean?”

Veronica tries to pull the vest open, but still with no result.

“The box contained a small fur collar, and it grew to this vest. And can’t get it to open.”

“Grew??? You must be kidding me, clothing can’t grow… Come let me try then.”

Jenny took the collar of the coat and tried to pull it open, but with all the force she can muster it won’t open.

“Euh, that is strange. Ok, try to pull it over your head.”

“I’ve tried that already.”

“Ok, ok, stay calm, will find something. Where is this box you mentioned?”

“It’s there by the counter.”

Jenny went over and inspected the box. It’s empty, and there was no return address on it.

To her shock, the package was not for Veronica but for Jenny.

“Jenny, quickly you need to see this.”

Jenny turned around, and looked at Veronica. At first she doesn’t see anything different.

But then she noticed it, long sleeves have been formed from the fur jacket.

Veronica has calmed down a little too.

“This is very weird, I’ve never seen anything that can do this. Are you still ok Veronica?”

“Exactly I feel quite fine. Only I think I’m naked under the jacket, this really is strange.”

“Maybe it needs your clothes to evolve. Wait here, I’m going to get my laptop. Maybe there is something about this on the internet.”

Jenny sprints away to get her laptop. Almost tumbles, careful to not disconnect the power supply.

Returning in the main room, Veronica was nowhere to be seen.

“Veronica, where are you?”

Her voice call out in panic.

After several seconds

“I’m in the kitchen, I was thirsty. You want something?”

“Eh, no thanks.”

Jenny puts herself into the 3 seat, and put her laptop on the coffee table.

And went to search for anything related to fur growing Ataşehir Fetiş Escort from nothing.

She didn’t find anything at first try.

Veronica lets herself fall into the seat next to her.

“And any luck?”

“No not …”

Jenny looks aside to Veronica

The jacket has doubled, no tripled in size.

It has become a thick fluffy white fur jacket.

There was a thick v shaped collar, going up around her neck, its so voluminous that it almost touched her ears.

The fur is so thick that Veronica has very broad shoulders.

“Do you like it?”

“What has happened to you?”

“I really don’t know it, it just stared to grow again. I reckon the fur is now 3 to 4 inches long.”

“Yes, I can see that.”

“You need to feel it, it’s so soft.”

“No, I thinks best not to.”

“Maybe you’ll get some better insight into what this fur is. It’s not like its hurting me.”

Jennifer reaches out and touches the collar. Her fingers sank into the soft dense fur.

“Maybe try to feel where the fur starts.”

Her fingers disappeared in the fur before Jennifer could touch the hide.

“Hey Veronica. I just noticed but I think your breasts have grown.”

“No that can’t be.”

“Yes I think so.”

“Wait let me feel them.”

Jennifer’s hands sunk into the fur and she squished into Veronica’s breast to measure them.

But just after the first grasp, Veronica crossed her arms over her breast, with Jennifer still attached to them.

And Jennifer is pulled so close to Veronica that she tumbles over, face first into furry arms.

“No, no. Don’t stop. They’re so sensitive!”

Jennifer couldn’t stop, but couldn’t also breath. Veronica is pressing her so hard against her breast and in the thick fur collar, that she is being smothered in fur. Jennifer tried to pull away for Veronica, but she’s locked tight in her furry grip.

She’s about to pass out when 2 furry hands pulled her back up by the shoulder. She’s gasping for air and bedazzled by what has happened.

“Oh Jenny, they are so sensitive, my breasts. It was almost like a instant orgasm.”


Veronica gets up. And as she did, 2 big flaps fall down from the jacket and fall to the floor.

The jacket is transformed into a very long thick white fur coat.

Jennifer is in awe off what is happening.

“I’m going to my room for some woman time, Jennifer.”

Veronica says as she strolls away.

“But I think I’ll be seeing you soon.”

When the door was shut, Jennifer came to her senses.

“What did she mean, see you soon?”

She looks to her hand, and sees that the jogging bracers are covered in white fur.

“Oh no.”

When moving toward the mirror against the wall, she sees that a collar like Veronica used to have has formed around her neck.

“This Ataşehir Gecelik Escort is not g…”

Before finishing the sentence the fur grows and engulfs her upper body.

Creating a fur jacket.

Jennifer dashes to the laptop and hit the record function.

“To anyone how sees this. My name is Jennifer, and something has attached itself to me and I can’t get it off”

She set herself down on the couch before the laptop.

“My twin sister received a package today with something in it. When she touched it, it attached itself to her. And in the end grew around her body to a full sized fur coat.”

“I know this sounds strange, but it’s true. But it has attached itself to me now. Any moment now the fur jacket will increase size.”

“And after this…”

Before she could say anymore, the fur increased in size. Becoming very puffy.

Jennifer knew what’s going to happen, but still she was in awe of what happened.

“…Oh my…”

She looks at herself on the laptop. One hand is stroking thought the dense v shape fur collar.

After several second she was able to snap out of it.

“euhm yes. Where was I! It has grown to a thick fur jacket. I also feel there is fur on the inside of the jacket.”

“It has removed my clothes where I’m now naked in it. Feeling the fur on my naked body isn’t that bad, it’s quite enjoyable truly.”

She tries to lift up the jacket. And notice that the bottom part of her shirt is still there, the rest has been dissolved.

“Maybe it need clothes to grow faster, and dissolves my clothes for that.”

Quickly she untied her shoes, and pulled out her jogging pants. Making sure the fur didn’t touch any of them.

When removing the pants she glides the fur cuffs of the jacket over her legs.

“mm, so soft,” escapes between her teeth. As her face shows expressions of lust.

Bringing up her leg she lets the her fur cuff glide over it.

She hadn’t noticed that the jacket had extended to a full fur coat, or she didn’t care anymore.

Her other leg she pulls up and sticks it in the air.

Burring it between her hands and fur, and moving them forwards.

“Oh yes, this is so great!”

She didn’t know she was still wearing socks, but when the fur went over it, it became a thick fur sock, that grew to a boot.

Quickly she raised her other feet in the air and discovers similar fur boot.

“Lovely, matching boots, this fur is so amazing.”

Rubbing her legs over and over. Spreading her legs after a while, and rubs the inside.

Suddenly she notices that she isn’t wearing any undies.

“… Don’t remember removing them. …But, its better this way.”

A smile appears on here, as she is looking towards the camera

Slowly rubbing her clit with the fur cuff. She starts to moan softly.

Her Ataşehir Genç Escort other hand slowly moves towards her breast. And gently squeezes them.

Smiling she closes her eyes.

“mmmm…so soft.”

Switching her position, she notice that a big ball of fur has formed itself to her left.

Placing it between her legs, she went onto a riding position on it.

Rubbing her clith smoothly over the fur ball.

“Oh, man. This is so good. My clit is so sensitive. Mmm, you all need to try it. So good.”

Moving her hand through the fur of her clothes, stroking it from top to bottom.

Until she finally grabs her breasts, squishing them.

Her rhythm is increasing, as is her breathing.

“mmhmhh, yes… Fur.”

“Fur me!”

Pulling up the huge fur collar, it comes even over her head.

She plunges over, holding a firm grip of the table.

Her breath dampens the camera a little.

“Oh yes, oh yes.”

Letting her clit go over the fur ball as quick as she can.

“Yes, yes, fur, fur, …Mmmmaaaaahhhh!”

Her eyes went backwards in their sockets, also she screams it out for what seems like a minute.

Finally Jennifer stands up.

“Oh, this was the best I ever had. I’ve never came this hard.”

From somewhere she pulled out an oversize thick fur hat, and puts it on.

Its so huge that it even falls a bit over her eyes.

The fur ball appears to be a big muff, when Jennifer put a hand in it.

Several long tails have been attached to them.

Looking back at the camera. Jennifer is covered from head to toe in thick white fur.

Only her mouth is still visible.

“If you receive a package with a fur collar in it, I suggest you put it on. And be amazed by the experience.”

Turning of the recording, she walks over to the hallway.

Knocking on a door.

When it opens an identically dressed woman stands there.

“I know you could not resist it, Jennifer.”

“Oh Veronica, the fur is so great. Why have we not discovered this sooner!”

“We can now make up for the lost time.”

Looking into the room, all the walls are lined with the same white fur.

Within the center a big white fur bed.

Jennifer flows into Veronica arms.

Kissing her heavily, as the door shut itself.

The front door opens.

“Hey Jenn, Verr, Hope, are you in?”

A short redhead girl enters the room. Carrying a box under her arm.

“mm, guess no-one’s around this evening.”

She scanned the room and notices Jennifer’s laptop is open and on.

There was a recently recorded file on it.

Plopping on the couch, she pressed the play button.

Jennifer appears on the screen.

“To anyone how sees this…”

She watched the full recording.

Looking at the box, and carefully opening the lid.

Slowly she looks inside, and a smile appear on her face.

Quickly she strips herself of all clothes.

Pulling out of the box an orange fur collar.

And fastened it around her neck, as she sits back down.

“Oh this is going to be fun.”

And presses the pay button again.