The Tryst

Anal Wrecking

I’ve written this in two sections in a slightly experimental style. The first is deliberately in the past tense and the second in the present tense. It just seems to be better that way. I hope you agree and enjoy it although it is quite brief.

Part 1

This is a story about you and me. You know who you are. I wrote a story. I posted it to an erotic story site. You did not really like it but it aroused some sort of interest in you and you sent me a brief compliment. I sent back a brief reply. Later I cursed myself for not taking longer over it. Perhaps I should have said more – but then I was always more of a chatter than a chatter up. Anyway you did reply and we started a bit of a dialogue each reply getting more explicit. It became addictive for me logging on as soon as I got home and last thing at night and first thing in the morning to see if you had replied to my latest.

We described ourselves to each other. I was not sure whether you were telling the truth because it sounded too good to be true but I did not mind if you had. After a few exchanges we exchanged our online chat details and started to send very explicit messages to each other. I even used my work PC carefully deleting all my cache and history – paranoid in case I got discovered. I also had to do the same at home so that my extremely jealous wife would not suspect. If I didn’t toss myself off when chatting to you I did it soon afterwards although I was too buttoned up and self-conscious to admit it. Were you doing the same?

You sent me photos of yourself. I loved the ones of your large breasts in your tight white bra. Your face was always a bit obscured and the photos were genuinely amateur which re-assured me (as well as turning me on). I was a bit reluctant to send any back. What if they appeared all over the Internet? What if you were really some psychopathic bunny boiler who would track me down and stab me? Anyway I did send some. I sucked my belly in to make it look like I had more of a six-pack than a beer barrel. Surreptitiously I printed off your photos large scale, hid them in my briefcase and took them out to look at from time to time when at work. Once or twice I had to go and relieve the sexual tension.

I fantasised all day about meeting you and making love to you. I especially thought about when I had sex with my wife. I had a photo of you pointing up your skirt and showing your thighs and a hint of panties. One time during my monthly hump, the image flashed in my mind and I shot my load before I really should have. My wife grumbled that she thought I’d passed that stage after all these years. I had to finish her off by hand.

In addition to all the sex talk and innuendo we also swapped some ordinary day to day information about where we worked and what we did. I took forever to suggest anything real. I let you know that I’d never cheated on my wife. You said that you had once cheated on your husband. There was a pause in our flow of messages. I took the plunge:

“I’d like to commit adultery with you,” I wrote.

“So would I,” you replied.

We lived about 300 miles away from each other so a casual meeting was out of the question. However I sometimes worked away from home and I suggested that we did meet up half way. I’m in a scheme with the Holiday Inn whereby I get points for staying with them and these points eventually can be traded in for a free stay. You readily agreed although the venue we agreed on was only about illegal bahis 40 miles for you. I booked some holiday and told my wife that I was going on a short residential training course that had been arranged at short notice.

I could not think straight for thought of meeting you. I was also very guilty about cheating on my wife but lust is lust and cannot be denied. I rang her just before I got to the hotel and told her I was going into an afternoon training session that would last into the evening so that she would not ring. We had arranged to meet up beforehand at a bar you told me was nearby. How did you know, had you brought other lovers here?

It was mid-afternoon when I got there. You were already there in your little blue Mini car. It was a bit odd meeting you for the first time when I already knew so many intimate details about you. I had tried to keep my mind open and had no expectations but you were better than I expected you to be – if that makes any sense. We kissed and went into the bar for a chat. It seemed only good manners to get to know each other before we fucked. Besides it was obviously a good idea for you to check that I was not some psycho-pervert before taking things further.

You were both sensibly and sexily dressed. Not too sexy enough to look as though you were on the pull but sexy enough to show more than a hint of cleavage and your lovely legs were well on display under a skirt that came down to just above your knees, flaring slightly and showing enough of your thighs to make my loins tingle. Your eyes had a knowingly sexy glint and they met mine frequently. I don’t know what your initial impressions of me were but you didn’t do a runner so I presumed I was in.

After an initial awkwardness lasting about half a minute we were soon chatting and laughing. We had a drink but did not get anywhere near drunk. I made you laugh quite a bit and in the middle of one of my tales you suddenly leaned over and kissed me and we snogged like teenagers. It seemed that we had suddenly remembered the real reason we were here or was it rather that we had broken the ice and decided that we liked each other as well as just wanting to fuck each other?

We left the bar and drove a short way to the hotel and checked in. I was a little self conscious as we did so wondering should I put Mr and Mrs Smith on the register (silly thought since I paid by credit card and my name is not Smith). You fussed around a bit hanging your jacket up. I drew the curtains and then sat on the bed watching you. I was ready for you.

Part 2

So you’ve faffed around enough, you take off your jacket and turn around and smile at me with that sexy smile of yours. I can see your bra showing through your white blouse. You look drop dead gorgeous and I take in the sight of the full swell of your breasts and your lovely legs.

I stand up and walk towards you. I’m so excited with sexual tension but also at the thought of being intimate with a stranger. You look up at me and we kiss slowly at first; I taste your lips again. Then we kiss more passionately and hungrily. Your tongue meets mine and passes into my mouth. We have not laid a finger on each other as yet but now I draw you to me, one hand around your back and the other on your hip. You hold me by the waist and I feel the softness of your breasts pressing against my rib cage.

We kiss it seems for ever and I lose sense of time but we have to surface for air and I am illegal bahis siteleri only conscious of your warmth and softness, your delicate fragrance and the yearning in my loins. I stoop my head to kiss your neck, nuzzling your ear and ever so gently moving your collar down to bite without marking, your neck and throat. My hands come up and cup your breasts feeling their heavy fleshy weight. I rub my thumbs over where I suppose your nipples might be. I am only millimetres out and I feel them softly rise through the delicate cotton fabric of your blouse and the bra underneath.

You put your hands on my chest and I stop grazing your neck and watch you as you unbutton my shirt while I continue fondling your breasts. You hug me tighter, kissing my moderately hairy chest and then kiss my nipples holding them in your teeth gently but it hurts a little. I pinch yours in return and we both smile. I unbutton your blouse feasting my eyes on your cleavage. I wish this moment could go on forever but you tug off my shirt completely. You’re a little impatient and want to get down to business.

You don’t understand but I have to stand back and gaze in awe at the beautiful sight of you standing there in just your bra and skirt. The curves of your breasts fill out the white elastane and display your gorgeous globes of flesh. I could stand and look at you forever but that would be selfish. You draw me to you again and I feel your breasts encased temporarily in the lacy white material against my chest.

My stiff cock press against your belly is now in urgent need of attention but you put your hands behind me firmly grasping and then fondling my buttock cheeks. I can do nothing but put my hands behind your back and lightly scratch and rake your back with my fingertips. It only seems natural while I am there to release your bra catch. Your breasts spill out but are still quite erect and don’t simply flop down to your belly. The bed is just behind me and I sit on the edge drawing you closer so I can suckle on your breasts. Your nipples are pink and erect but the aureoles darker and nearly purple.

My hands come up behind and up your skirt as I stroke the tops of your thighs which are bare, you have no stockings on. I touch your rather skimpy panties. I am tempted to rip them and hurry things along but I’m no teenager and there’s plenty of time. You move on to the bed and I quickly peel of my pants and kick off my shoes and socks. We lie in each other arms kissing and exploring each other’s semi-clothed body with our fingers, probing, scratching, gently caressing. At last you put your fingers around my cock although it is still clothed in my thin cotton briefs. You find the buttons and are swiftly inside, squeezing my balls but not too hard and running your fingers up and down my shaft.

My hands are under your skirt again this time at the front and I am gently stoking the tops of your thighs now. I squeeze a finger around the crotch of your panties and start to stroke your hair and feel your soft and definitely moist lips against the back of my finger. I wander and probe and feel your wetness spreading as I glide my finger gently in and around your clit. Your panties are definitely in the way now and I draw my finger out and ease them down over your legs so that I now have unfettered access to your sacred place.

Your hand grasps my member firmly and you kiss me deeply on the mouth again. I draw my finger up and down your pussy canlı bahis siteleri lips we break off kissing and you look deep into my eyes as I take you down the road to where you want to go. I kiss your neck and throat as I ever so gently insert my finger into your moist little hole. My thumb comes up and starts to stroke around but not yet on your little button. You moan now and I stop your cries with another deep kiss. I insert another finger and work them up to a slow rhythm inside your hole as my thumb teases your clit. In and out, in and out and all around, my fingers and thumb are now slippery wet. Your hips start to rock slightly now and I keep my fingers and thumb still but stiff to allow you to guide the pace to your final destination. As your thrusts get more vigorous I take up the action again, rubbing your clitoral hood with my thumb in time with your movements.

We increase the pace and vigour and you pound your groin against my fingers and thumb. You cry out incoherently and I kiss you savagely, crushing your lips against mine and my tongue thrust down your throat, stifling your groans. I feel your flesh pulsing and throbbing against my wet fingers. Your fingers dig into my back as the orgasm takes you and your body tenses. I ease off slowly with my handwork and you whimper as the spasms subside. We kiss again and you cuddle me and we lie in each others arms without speaking for a while.

Cuddling you is very nice but I hadn’t had my wicked way yet and my erection is starting to droop through lack of attention. You start fondling my cock and it springs back to life. Raising yourself up you kiss me on my lips and move to my neck, nibbling and biting gently. You move to my chest tracing damp circles with your tongue around my nipples. My cock is straining at the leash and you reward it by taking it in your mouth, your lips and tongue gently worrying and teasing my foreskin and tickling my bell end. It is exquisite. You raise your right knee over my chest and kneel astride me. We are nearly in the full 69 position.

You still have your skirt on and I raise the hem so that I can see your beautiful snatch. Have you shaved it a little? On closer inspection you have! And I can see your cute little bum. I cannot resist you and I plunge my face into your warm wetness, my tongue darting inside you tasting your taste and my nose filled with your tangy passionate scent. My cock remains buried in your mouth and you suck on it gently and then more vigorously. I run my tongue up and down your clitoral lips until it aches with the strain. I find your button again and run my tongue all around it. Your juice runs out over my face and I feel overpowered. I attack you in a frenzy of tongue action hoping to make you come before my loins surge.

I can hear you moaning slightly but my cock is in your mouth and your thighs are round my ears so the sound is muffled. I pull you down so that your snatch grinds against my face. I can hardly breathe. Instead my lungs are filled with your scent and my mouth with your taste. I can hold back no more and I spurt into your mouth. I feel you quiver over my face so I guess that I peaked just before you did although you continue to gently suck me until I have given all that I have. I lap you in turn as your own orgasm dies away.

I sink back on to the pillow, momentarily exhausted. You turn around, smiling and licking your lips. I can’t believe it but you’ve swallowed it all. You snuggle up to me on the bed and we cuddle. A very smug and self-satisfied thought comes into my head.

“Technically speaking we haven’t yet committed adultery,” I say.

“But we will… and quite soon,” you say.

We smile and kiss each other again.