The Toy Box


I wrote this for a dear friend of mine and We hope that you will all get some enjoyment from it.


As I walked to the front door, I felt a little nervous, it had been along time since I saw my old Navy buddy. We were on the same ship during that mess with Vietnam. Man it seamed like a million years ago.

I still can’t get over the fact that I am in my fifties for crying out loud. I knocked and in a matter of seconds this balding man with a pot belly opened the door, The years had not been to kind to my buddy Matt. “Damn Matt where the hell is your hair?” He just laughed and slapped me on the arm. God it was good to see my old friends smile again.

We walked into the kitchen and he introduced me to his wife Jan. I have to give him credit for one thing he knew how to pick his women, she was still a looker for her age, as unkind as the world had been to Matt it had been more than kind to Jan

I had planned on staying in town for a few day’s so we could catch up on old times, But was sad to here that Matt and Jan were going to have to leave the next day for a family funeral, it was Jan’s mom that had passed.

“I’m so sorry we have to leave so soon, I really wanted to be able to spend a couple of days with you and cover all the old stories.” “Hell Matt don’t worry about it I have a couple of things I want to check out in this area anyhow and besides just getting to see that your ok Is good enough for me” “Well at least please stay for dinner” “Are you sure about that I don’t think Jan’s going to want to be cooking at a time like this,”

It was just at that moment the front door opened and this sweet looking young lady walked in. Matt smiled and said “Ruthie honey I want you to meet one of my best friends,” I took her hand in mine and smiled, “Hello I am very pleased to meet you my name is Rich and yes I have the honor of knowing this wild guy over here.” “Ruthie’s my oldest daughter and she is staying with us for awhile as she is finishing up her last year here at the collage.”

Now I was not about to tell my buddy that his daughter was a hottie, but she was just the kind of women I admire, Not one of them skinny things but a women with some soft places that a man can lay his head without a bone poking him.

“Ruthie honey I know you had a long day but would you please try to put something together for dinner for us, Mom needs to go and finish packing and its on the road early tomorrow, And I really want Rich to spend some time with us tonight.” “Of course Daddy I would love to, You entertain your friend while I go change and then I will start dinner.”

Dinner was great and we even got Jan in a better frame of mine, I think it helped her to have this distraction even if just for a little while. Soon after dinner was over Jan did excuse herself and went to her room to continue packing, I volunteered to help Ruthie with the dishes and that turned out to be a fun mistake.

I had picked up this stupid cup to dry not knowing it was darn near half full of water, As I grabbed it and started to flip it over I spilled most of it right on the front of Ruthie’s shirt. I expected her to yell at me but she just smiled and reached into the sink got a handful of water and commenced to wash my face with it. We both just started laughing at that point, She gave me a towel and as I was drying my face, She grinned and said “do you think I might need to change my shirt” I looked down at her top and first there was no bra and second her nipples were hard as rocks, “Yes I think so and please before your dad comes in here” “better yet I’m going to go join him.” I think I heard her say chicken as I left the room.

Matt and I just sat and talked about old times for awhile and then Jan joined us along with Ruthie. We all laughed and shared a few tamer stories, then I knew I better leave so they could get to bed. Matt said “I feel kind of bad having to leave like this, Hopefully we can get together again soon,” “Matt count on it, I get this way once in awhile and I would love to get together under happier times.” “Jan it was real nice getting to meet you” “Not sure why your with and ugly old fart like matt but you must have your reason’s” We both just laughed and Jan said “Rich you are welcome here anytime please come back soon.” “I will I promise, and I’m very sorry about you mom.”

Ruthie walked over and smiled saying “I was happy to meet you also even though you are not any good at drying dishes” “You know I’m with my folks on this we all feel bad about the timing being off, But I can’t go with them to the funeral because I have a mid-term I can’t miss. If you would like I would love it if we could have dinner tomorrow night.”

“Well that would be wonderful, us old guys always feel silly sitting in a restaurant by ourselves, here’s my cell number please call when you are free to go.” I walked over and gave Matt and Jan a finale hug and told them both how great it was to be with them.” “Matt you take care and I will see you soon.” Funny how those things get to you I had a couple güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of tears in my eyes as I went down the walk. But then I replaced the tears with a smile when I thought about dinner with Ruthie tomorrow.

I spent the next morning just seeing the sight’s and I wandered into the local Mall and looked though the store’s wishing that the time would go buy faster. I felt a little silly somewhat like a school boy waiting for his new girlfriend to call. After all It was my old friends daughter and she was just being kind to her fathers old friend.

Finally after what seamed like hours my cell did ring and it was Ruthie. “Hello Rich is it still ok for tonight or do you have other plans?” “No I have no other plans and I am really looking forward to us having Dinner, How did your exam go?” “I think I did great, I felt very comfortable with the question’s and never felt like I was lost, But I will not know until Monday what my grade will be.” “Well if you feel that good about it you must have done real well. So I think this will also be a celebration tonight. How dose seven sound for dinner? that will give you plenty of time to get ready” “Great Rich I look forward to it, bye for now” “Bye See you in a little bit Ruthie”

I walked back to my car and headed back to the hotel. I had plenty of time to get a shower and shave again, and I wanted to change into my suit. I called down to the desk and talked to the concierge and he suggested a very nice restaurant in the city. He said he would call and get reservation’s and if I needed any thing else to please call. I thought about getting theater tickets but was not sure of Ruthie’s taste’s, So I decided that dinner and drinks after would be appropriate for our first meeting.

When I parked my car in front of the house I was not ready for the sight I was seeing, This lovely young lady with long hair cascading down her back was coming down the walk towards me, She was not the young girl I talked with the night before, in her place was a women that makes men’s heads turn and young men wish they had the nerve to speak to her, She was lovely in a long Black dress with a knee high slit up the side.

I quickly moved to her side of the car and held the door open for her. “My lady you are a true vision this evening. I don’t know if I should say hello or bow to you as you look every bit a Princess” “Well thank you Kind Sir, and where might I ask are we going this evening.” “Well my lady would one mind if I just surprise you” She started to giggle at that and smiled and said “of course Sir Your choice will be wonderful I’m sure.”

As we pulled into the drive a young man stepped forward to get the doors I glanced over at Ruthie and noticed the look on her face, She was a bit surprised at the restaurant we were going to. I tossed the keys to the young man and offered my arm to Ruthie. When we walked into the lobby the man at the desk smiled and asked my name, “But of course sir we have been waiting for you let me show you to your table.”

When we sat down Ruthie could not hold back any longer. She was dead serious and looked me in the eyes and whispered “Do you have any idea how expensive this place is” “Yes I Do But we are celebrating your doing so well on your test I could not take you anywhere else.”

We wound up having a wonderful time and a great dinner, the laughs kept coming from both of us, I think we both felt like we had been together for years. We truly were becoming very comfortable with one another.

As we left the restaurant I was telling her what a great time I had and how much I was enjoying her company and it was a shame it could not last longer. She turned and looked me in the eyes and said “I see no reason for us to stop having fun yet please take me home and I will fix you the best cup of coffee you have ever had.” “Now how can I refuse an offer like that, but you realize of course at my age the last thing I need at this time of the night is coffee, I will never sleep”

She through her head back and laughed “well we will just have to find something for you to do if you can’t sleep.” I saw her flash that devilish grin and I was beginning to think of just how much trouble I might be in here, this Girl was just in her early thirty’s and I am fifty seven. The thoughts that were rushing in and out of my mind were not all that gentlemanly.

“Ruthie you are going to make this old man blush if you don’t stop, Damn girl I’m old enough to be your father.” “Awe Daddy I won’t hurt you I promise” I will be a good little girl, and if I get out of line you can give me a spanking and send me to my room.” The thought hit me then that she was serious, I have never been with a women that liked to be spanked, I was starting to think that this evening was going to get very interesting.

The ride back to her house was a blur, I could only think about the lovely creature sitting so close to me and I could feel her left breast against my arm. I was trying to keep my mind on the rode and was very happy güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri indeed to finally be pulling up to her house. I practically jumped out of the car and rushed around to her side and opened the door for her. “Thank you Daddy you are such a gentleman.” I was starting to enjoy the sound of her calling me Daddy.

When we got into the house I took my suit Jacket off and laid it over the back of a chair and removed my tie and put it in one of the Jacket pockets. Ruthie went straight into the kitchen and started the coffeepot going. When she came back out she excused herself. “Daddy I need to go get out of this dress before I mess it up I hope you don’t mind.” “Of course I don’t’ mind, I will just turn on the TV and catch the news.” “Daddy would you please help me with this zipper, I always have trouble with it,” I walked over and she turned her back to me and I found the zipper and slowly moved it down to the small of her back.

Ruthie leaned back against me and said “Thank You Daddy” I could not help myself I put my arms around her and pulled her back against me. She just sort of melted into me, her hair was still tied up in some sort of bun on her head so I softly kissed the back of her neck, and I moved my hands up from her waist and cupped her breasts. “Oh Daddy you really know what your little girls needs, I love the feel of your big hands”

She slowly turned around and tilted her head back as I leaned down and kissed her, she slowly parted her lips and my tongue slowly searched for hers. She finally pulled away laughing and said, “I will be right back Daddy.”

It was just a few minutes till I heard her voice. “Daddy can you please come her for a minute” I walked down the hall following the sound of her voice. When I walked into the open door I just stood there for a second. The sight in front of me was unreal this beautiful creature was kneeling on the bed facing the door wearing a black teddy with her hair hanging down over her shoulders and breasts, Her hair had to be at least waist long and very thick. “Daddy would you please come over here and join me I get scared here when I’m all-alone” “Baby I will protect you and make sure you are safe. And I promise you I would never do anything to cause you harm.” “Oh Daddy you make me feel so loved and safe.”

I was about to remove my shirt when Ruthie jumped out of bed and said, “Daddy please let me do it.” “Of course princess I would love it if you would help” She got up and walked over and one by one undid the buttons on my shirt when they were all unbuttoned she pushed the shirt back off my shoulders. She then grabbed the bottom of my T-shirt and pulled it up over my head.

I felt her pulling at the buckle on my belt and soon it came undone then she started pulling down on my zipper, she went down to her knees and As she started unzipping my pants they started to fall down my legs, she helped me to step out of them and she tossed them over to a chair. “Oh Daddy this is what I have been looking for may I let him out please” I felt just the slightest bit weak in the knees as I told her “sure Baby you may do anything you wish” She reached up and hooked my Briefs with her thumbs and started to tug them down past my hips.

I soon felt her breath as she got closer to my cock, then I felt her softly blowing on it, her left hand came up and cupped my balls and I felt the stirring in my cock as it started to expand. Then she gently took hold of my cock with her right hand and started to lick the underside of it she then went all the way back and licked my balls and then slowly started to moved back to the underside of the very tip. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair and just started to feel its softness, I loved the feel of it in my hands, I started to grit my teeth as I felt her lips start to engulf my cock. Her mouth was like a hot fire that was on a mission to drive me wild, my knees were really starting to shake now as she started a sucking motion with her lips, she would move her lips to the base of my cock then pull back slowly to the very tip, all the while moving her tongue back and forth on the underside. “Ruthie baby its been so long I cant take this much longer” “Fuck I’m so close” I knew I was not going to last so I pulled gently on her hair and warned her that I was going to cum, she answered my plea by reaching under my legs and started pushing a finger into my ass. That was it I started shooting my load into her mouth and she swallowed and swallowed never missing a drop. After a few seconds she pulled away and my cock slipped out of her mouth, She looked up and smiled at me then started licking at my cock and using her hand squeezed out the last remaining drops.

I reached down and pulled her to her feet, then began kissing her and I was surprised when she forced some of my cum into my lips, our tongues just entwined and licked at each other. I also was surprised to find that the taste was not that bad. I reached out to her and swept her off her feet I walked over güvenilir bahis şirketleri to the bed and set her down at the edge of the bed.

“Now princess it’s my turn” I slowly laid her back and I knelt by the edge of the bed between her legs, I pulled her forward towards me as I lifted her legs up over my shoulders. I reached between her legs and undid the snaps on the underside of her teddy. As the last snap came undone the teddy parted and before me lay the most beautiful looking mound I have ever seen, it was slightly swollen and I could see a small amount of moisture seeping out, I pulled her closer to me and licked at the very bottom of her pussy tasting the juices that were starting to flow, Her pussy was pumping out juice as fast as I could lick it up, this was going to be a challenge.

In my hurry to catch all the juices flowing from her I made the mistake of trying to adjust my position I was keeling in and I started to lose my balance. I felt stupid as hell when In trying to catch myself I wound up slapping her right on top of her mound with my right hand, I heard her yelp as I struck her, “Shit I’m so sorry” that was all I could say, then I heard her yell out “please Daddy do it again” I had regained my balance by this time and thought I was not hearing her right.

But I sure was “Please Daddy I liked it when you spanked me on my pussy, Please Daddy will you do it again Please.” All I could think of to say was of course Baby, I lightly slapped her again and she yelled out “Harder Daddy” So I increased how hard I was slapping her and her moans kept getting louder and louder, I bent in again and started to lick at her pussy, I found her clit and started to nibble at it all the time slapping at her mound, In just a few more seconds my tongue could not keep up with the juices that were flowing out of her Pussy, The next thing I heard was “Oh my God I’m fucking going to cum please harder Daddy lick harder,” I licked at her clit as fast and as hard as I could curling my tongue up tight and assaulting her swollen Clit.

She then screamed and clamped her legs together around my neck, using her legs to force me in closer. “I’m cuming Oh fuck it feels so good, please don’t stop please.” I slapped at her mound again over and over and I could taste the cum starting to flow from her pussy.

In just a couple more seconds she pulled her legs up from my shoulders and laid back on the bed, she reached a hand up and pulled me to her, I just went with it and fell to the side of her and I will not lie I was wiped out. I was sucking in air as fast as I could. “Oh Fuck Daddy that was great, you made me feel so fucking hot, I loved it when you spanked me on my pussy, It was awesome. I have never been that hot in my life.”

I moved over closer to her and looked at her mound and it was a soft red all over, I just could not believe what had just happened, I leaned over her pussy and gently started to place light kisses all over and I would softly blow on it thinking it would make it feel better. “Thank you Daddy that was sweet of you, But Daddy I do have a question for you.” “What’s that baby” “Do you think this was better than a cup of coffee” I just broke out laughing at that and just grinned one of those silly grins we get once in awhile and said Honey I forgot all about the coffee the minuet I walked in your bedroom door and saw you on the bed”

“Daddy can I ask you something else” “Well of course you can you can ask me anything you wish.” “Do you think less of me for the way I acted here tonight, I know I kind of got carried away and we just met an all but I was just so turned on I couldn’t help it.” “Princess I loved what we did here tonight, and I am very fond of you, Hell I was worried that you would not see anything in me because Of my age.” “But Daddy that’s one of the things that I love about you, I like the fact that you’re mature and not like some kid just trying to get a Quickie piece of ass.”

“Tell you what baby lets go get that cup of coffee and we can talk about a few thing’s.” “O.K. let me put a robe on and I will be right with you.” I slipped into my briefs and slacks and pulled on my t-shirt and walked into the kitchen and poured me a cup of coffee, I knew from dinner that Ruthie did not drink coffee so I just poured her a tall glass of water. In just a couple of seconds she was beside me and wrapped her arms around my neck and got up on her tip-toes and gave me a long kiss.

“Rich I really enjoyed this whole evening I wish it could go on and on. I’m so happy that you are so understanding and are not all judgmental about the things I like to do.” “Sweetie the reason for that is I like them myself.” We sat at that table and talked about the things we liked and things we wanted in our life’s. We discovered that we had a lot in common besides the sex end of it. After talking for about an hour she asked me if I would like to see her toy-chest.

I followed her back into her room and she brought out this box that was under her bed, when she opened it I was surprised to see all kinds of her special toys, she had vibrator’s in assorted sizes and all kinds of straps that you could use to tie one down, I looked through and found handcuffs and a small whip and a couple of paddle’s. “Ruthie honey I have never used anything like these before but I sure as hell would love to try.”