The Third Time

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The Third TimeThe Third TimeThat same summer, the summer of my teen years…… I was with my friend Paul & another friend Billy he was a little older than us we were moving on to the first year of Big school he’d just finished his first year and would be moving up to the second year, This time it was different, there was just me Paul & Billy we were in Billy’s Den which was a Coal House,His dad had converted the Old Coal House into a den for him, it meant that when it was wet him and his palscould sit and chat and keep out of the house, On this day it was warm and muggy but raining,His parents were both at work we were all in Billy’s Den, we had been playing Snap, Paul suggested we Played strip poker,we both laughed and said yeah OK, Paul shuffled the cards and we started the game, before long they wereboth down to their undies I was in my undies Tee shirt and a sock, Suddenly Paul said what we going to do after we loose my undies….. I suggest we do dares… yes OK we both agreed, Paul said what ever the dare you have to do it or a consiquence, I said whats the consiquence, Paul said what you think Billy? Damp Biscuit? Yes saidBilly I would say, Errr whats that I said, Paul laughed, are you sure atakum escort you want to know, yes I replied, it can’t be that bad surely…. Ok billy said if you don’t do it or won’t do it we get a biscuit wank off on it and the one who wont do the dare gets to eat the damp biscuit, D’you get it, errr whats a wank I said, they looked at me and said are you k**din, No I said, Oh well you are in for a treat then if you don’t do the dare,first to strip was paul, Dare was to run to the gate naked and back, which wasn’t really a big deal, it just meant a neighbor might see you, next was Billy’s dare, run to the bottom of the garden, he did it, I finallylost and I too was naked, so picture three naked boys 13 & 14 years old hormones racing we were all pretty muchhorned, the other two boys said so you don’t wank is that right? I said I don’t know how,Billy said you grab your cock like this and rub it like this said Billy, Paul then set too on rubbing his too,I followed suit, Billy then said to me here let me do you and you do me, then Paul said here let me trybefore I knew it we were all jerking each other, suddenly Billy said so who gets to eat the biscuit?Paul said well we all completed the atakum escort bayan dares so no one hahaha……Unless we keep daring till someone bottlesat that Billy said OK I dare you Paul to suck Daves cock… Paul got on his knees and slipped his lips around my cockThen Billy said OK….Now Dave I dare you to suck Pauls Cock… reluctantly I got down and put his cock in my mouthwhilst I was on my knees Paul said Now I dare you to suck Billy…I moved to Billy, Billy said errrrm I’m not surePaul said are you chickening out Billy said no it’s just I’m close Paul said do it do it….he presented me withhis cock I wrappped my lips around the tip at that moment he whimpered and my mouth filled with his cumI remember I just swallowed, and I could taste this sweet salty taste, he didn’t pull away, he just kept squirtingin my mouth, suddenly he said Oh My God Dave…..You Swallowed…. I said sorry I just….Paul said yeah Dave you swallowedBilly said quick Paul let Dave suck you too Paul offered me his cock too….I don’t know why I opened my mouthand he put his cock in my mouth, he juddered and again my mouth was filled with cum, after they had both climaxedthere was only me left to escort atakum cum but I kinda didn’t cum i just had a slight quivver and then probably what you wouldcall a dry orgasm, the other boys didn’t say anything about it they just said that was awsome, we should do itagain soon, we all got dressed and as it had dried up Billy said we should go play footy, so we all went to the greenfor a kick about nothing more was said about what had happened, I just had the next time to look forward toI did wonder what it would be like the next time, but I knew that I now knew how to wank, and couldn’twait to be alone to give it a try, it had to be better than the way I had been getting to climax,which may come as a little strange but I had discovered that during Gym practice I got arroused every timei climed the ropes at school so bt the pressure caused between my cock and the rope made me feel really horny,I had discoovered that if I held onto the top of my bedroom door and allowed myself to hang by my hands with my kneesup and my cock pressed against the door, for long enough suddenly I would leak from my cock a white sticky gueit wasn’t like the boys, theres was milky and lots of it, mine was just a dribble, but I really enjoyed the sensation, and I used to do it as often as I could, I used to put toilet paper in my pants incase it happened during gym classso now I had a new thing to try when I was alone, I couldn’t wait to be alone and try……..