The Tease


The TeaseThis is the start of a story involving two of Helen’s fantasy fucks. David a young fella she teaches with and Drew one of our neighbours. She would dearly love to fuck them both at the same time. I’d love to see her fulfill that fantasy. This is just to tickle her wanton cunt.ThomasContains cuckoldry, bisexuality and psychological femdom aspects.THE TEASEBy Thomas WallerCHAPTER 1″What a prick!” David grumbled more to himself than in any attempt to communicate with his wife. His head and neck were craned as he backed the Lexus slowly out of his bosses’ circular drive,” A first class bona fide Asshole.” He felt rather than saw Helen’s eyes upon the side of his face and knew that she would be wearing her amused, impish grin. He did not want to rave about the situation since that would only encourage her but he was fuming. “He only throws these things to show-off and bully everyone on their only fucking day off. All ‘goddam’ PRICKweek is not enough for the shit-head. Drew, what a pretentious dick. I guess Andrew isn’t GQ enough. Running around the pool in his obscene fucking Speedo. I wonder if the fuck ever took a breath, trying so fucking hard to display his six pack. Sure, go ahead… spend hours in the gym, asshole… the rest of us are doing all your work for you. What a prick.” While he drove, David’s tirade was as controlled as he was able to keep it. He knew that every line would come back to him with a vengeance. He knew that he was feeding Helen ideas and ammunition but he couldn’t stop himself. He dared not mention Drew’s and Helen’s outrageous flirting: the actual cause of his rage. She would love that and he would hear that throaty, sexy chuckle of hers. She would begin a monologue of her own. One of an entirely different nature than David’s rantings. She would tease him mercilessly for the entire drive home. He knew the routine.He continued to mull over the pool party replaying both Drew’s and Helen’s outlandish behavior. Yet he only muttered inanely about the prick continuously humiliating his employees. ” The only reason someone didn’t clock him was that he paid their salaries…” and on and on. That was all he would reveal to his wife. All the while images and phrases of their cavorting flashed across his mind: a touch, a look, a comment, a laugh. His eyes slid over to take in Helen’s long curving legs. They were crossed above the knee and her foot bounced jauntily while he ranted. She was enjoying this completely. She knows what is really driving me insane. David reflected.God she looked spectacular today in her lime bikini. Her ass had always turned him on…the saucy little creases with their hypnotic winking still sent jolts directly to his cock. The trouble was that they had a similar effect on every man woman and c***d at the pool. Helen’s red hair and green eyes were attraction enough as far as he was concerned. But that ass, her perky little tits and long legs were a calling card for all: and, who should respond but that dick-head Drew. He had foreseen this of course. He had been subjected to their little games at other parties but this pool display was by far the worst. Before they arrived David was sure that the pool party had been arranged so that “the fuck” could see Helen nearly naked and that he could parade about in his yellow Speedo. A yellow Speedo for fuck sake.David continued to call Drew names out loud and suffer his real agony internally. “No wonder wife number one and wife number two left the prick. Too much of a bully. Too self absorbed. I’ll bet Jean fucks off as well.” He hoped that might cool Helen’s jets. “He’s no good with women.” David regretted the comment immediately. It was too close to the unspoken topic. He heard the whir of the electric motor within the seat beside him. Helen reclined into the chair and breathed a luxurious sigh. He knew what was coming. He was agitated. He was excited. He was jealous as hell.In a sense David blamed himself. Helen had come into their marriage a stunning yet reserved girl. David, who was always horny as jack rabbit almost forced her into watching his porn collection, forced her into fantasizing aloud for him. It was he who had coerced her into imagining that she was fucking his friend Gerry. How would she do him? What would he do to her? He eventually had her fantasize about almost everyone they encountered. It always drove him crazy to hear her do it but his cock would stiffen like a poker and they would have wild sex afterwards. He prodded, goaded and cajoled her into more and more lascivious fantasies. He encouraged her to use the name of her would be partner. It sent his blood boiling with a powerful admixture of lust and self loathing.Within months she had surpassed him at the game and she soon came to enjoy both tormenting David and the exploring her own sexuality intently. He had controlled her in the initial stages but now she played him like a violin. David had created a monster. One who beylikdüzü escort understood the visceral link between his jealousy and his lust. She delighted in controlling him through his needs. She would force him to endure more and more lurid images as she climaxed repeatedly.“You could see the outline of his cock in that flimsy swimsuit. You know what David? I think I could even see where his bulging cock head began. Mmmm.” Helen had changed back into her pleated mini as they left the party. She now flipped up the front of it and was pressing her palm against her protruding mound as she spoke. “And those big weighty nuts. She extended her legs and pushed the balls of her feet against the firewall slightly lifting her ass off the seat.”Mmmm, all gift wrapped in that revealing Speedo.” She began rubbing her thighs together and languidly ground her ass into the leather seat. “Well, he was staring blatantly at my cunt and you know that bikini rides up and folds into my pussy. To tell you the truth, David, I was intentionally sliding forward in my lounge chair I wanted to create a little cameltoe action. A cameltoe: that’s what you call it isn’t it David. I’m sure that’s right. You are always mooning about cameltoes.” She hiked up her panties which hugged her cut provocatively. “Like this David? You like? Since he was examining my cameltoe, well I naturally felt justified in ogling his fat dick. I think he shaves his prick because his belly was so smooth and there were no cluster of hairs around his inner thighs. I’d like to watch him do that. I love a tight belly. I saw it growing David as I stared at it. I was trying to see if there was a little telltale wet spot on the end of his knob. Mmmmm. Wasn’t it funny when I winked at him and suggested that he dive in and get that thing er… yourself wet? Remember. I told him it was getting so, so hot around the pool. He understood what I wanted to see and jumped in and splashed about for a few moments. He was back up on that deck in no time standing directly in front of me. Did my mouth water David? Did I look too hungry? How embarrassing.”It had begun. David gripped the steering wheel viciously. There was no way to stop her. “I remember,” he spoke through clenched teeth. “Only a fucking faggot would wear a swimsuit like that. What a dick.”“What a dick. You’ve got that right. With you sitting right beside me he stood there brazenly with his cock sticking out, pointing it right at me. I think he was almost fully erect. Don’t you? Maybe just semi. God I hope just semi hard. I could almost see the veins sticking out of the underside of his shaft. If he let it get fully stiff, I’ll bet the head would peek out of the leg of his trunks. Or even up and out of his waistband. That would look so hot. His cock was pushed over to the left. If I close my eyes I can picture it. I can see every detail. Mmmm.”Helen did indeed close her eyes and worked her hand down her stomach and into her panties. She began to finger herself wantonly.“Stop it Helen.” David demanded.“Stop it? Stop it? You are the one who taught me to fantasy fuck everyone we meet. You are the one who keeps pressing me to fuck another man while you watch. You are the one who loves getting horny and jealous at the same time. So get horny, David, horny and jealous now. Have you looked down at the raging dick you are sporting at the moment? You want me to do it. You love it.”She was correct on every count and David’s cock strained against his trousers. “That’s because you are masturbating beside me.” He lied.“It’s because the thought of Drew sticking that long hot poker inside me drives you crazy and makes you hornier than you’ve ever been. Remember how you devoured me after the company Christmas party. After Drew and I danced and cooed all night.” She reached over the gear shift and tweaked the head of David’s prick. “You remember that don’t you.” She smiled that smile at him then eased herself back into the bucket seat. She closed her eyes again. “Oh Drew, show it to me baby. Just stick your thumbs in the waistband and flip it down. Down, over your thick cock and heavy balls. Please Drew. Please. Just let me look at it. Let me touch it. Let me lick that sweet little eye. Stroke it for me baby. Let me see you thrash that splendid cock. Mmmmm Drew. Yes baby. Yes. Tell me you need to fuck me baby.”He legs were now spread and David could hear the squishing of her cunt juices as she worked over her clit. “You still want that threesome David?”“Not with that cocksucker, I don’t. Now cut it out. What about some of the other guys at the party? Gimme a fucking break Helen. That bastard bosses me around all day. He fucking loves it. He’s a sadistic control freak. He belittles me and everyone else in the firm. I don’t even want to hear his shitty name… Drew for fuck’s sake.”She ignored him completely. “Did you see the tight muscular ass on him?” She was slowly tracing circles on her clit. “Mmmm. I’d like avcılar escort you to be behind him watching that hard ass work as he thrust his dick into my cunt. I want you watching his ass, back and leg muscles work as he plows that fuck stick into me. Oh God, I love a tight hard sculpted ass David.”In spite of himself David had to reach down and adjust his straining cock. He gave it room to expand. Her last image excited him more than he even admitted to himself. He hoped she had not noticed. But, Helen noticed everything. She was a maestro.“Mmmm, you would watch his cock pry my cunt lips open and then see him ram it inside me. Oh yes Drew fuck my wet cunt. Fuck me hard. Oh that feels so good. Oh baby.” Helen went quiet for a moment enjoying her fantasy. Then she clicked her head round to face David… “no, no David. I want you to put his cock in me. I want you to take his dick in your hand and guide it into my cunt. You can spread my cunt open with the fingers of your free hand and stick his hot cock inside me. First you’d rub the head up and down against my swollen clit. Then, whap. You’d slam his engorged cock deep into my cunt. Pubic bone against pubic bone. Mmmm.” Helen began to shudder out an orgasm at the thought. She pressed her thighs together and trapped her own hand between her legs. After a few taught seconds she began massaging her cunt again and moaning. Oh David you have to do it. You have to take his cock and put it in me. Isn’t that the hottest thing ever?”“There is no way I am touching his cock. Are you insane? You want me to handle that asshole’s prick. What do you think I am?”“But baby, what about your Wayne story. Hm? You know your Wayne story. The story you tell about the cottage after graduation.”David knew the story. How could he forget? He had told Helen about him and Wayne Harris on the rocks of Georgian Bay. He told her all about it when he was trying to get her to open up to him, to confess her darkest desires, to fantasize with him. If he told her the Wayne story, she may respond in kind. Ultimately he hoped she would rethink the idea of inviting a woman into their bed. That was one of David’s lifelong wanking dreams. The Wayne story had aroused Helen more than he had imagined and she would constantly ask him to repeat it. Like a young c***d’s bedtime story, she knew every word and detail. She always rewarded him with unbridled sex afterwards. So, he did not mind in the least.“That was different. We were friends. We were teenagers experimenting. Most boys experiment with a friend. They are as horny as fucking hoot owls.”“Tell me now. Tell me while you are driving. Tell it with Drew playing the part of your friend Wayne. Use his name. I want to masturbate while you tell it.”“No fucking way. Not in a million years. Fuck off.”“If you do. I will tell you about Cindy Dury and me one night when we were baby-sitting. We were both sixteen. I will tell you every tiny detail of what we did to each other. I still cum when I recall the details, David. I have never told anyone about that night. You will blow the top of your cock off. Do it David. Tell me.”David swallowed hard. He knew Cindy Dury, she worked at the local Chevy dealership. He had fantasized about her luscious ass on many occasions. He may even have shared a fuck fantasy with Helen over Cindy. He tried frantically to remember how hot Helen was during the roleplay. His mind was reeling with her revelation. He ached to see Helen with another woman even more that he wanted to watch a man fuck her. He cleared his throat and began.“It was the day after graduation and Wayne, er Drew and I went to recover at my folks’ cottage. It was a hot day in June and we lay on the rocks, sunning ourselves. We began to discuss the girls at the prom. Who may have got laid? Who probably gave head? Who we would like to fuck? Who we had felt up… that kind of thing.”Helen interrupted. “You forgot to mention the bees and the water lapping the beach. And I want you to pretend that you and Drew considered me.” She lay back and continued fingering herself. The thought of Cindy Dury and Helen forced him to continue.“It was beautiful, the bees and insects hummed and the water splashed against the rocks. We nattered on about girls in our class. Theresa Jarry had the finest rack and she liked to give handjobs but would never do anything else. Just show her tits and wank your cock like a milking farmer. Linda Grant fucked anyone and really enjoyed it. We recalled the time she was in the next room with Peeler and the racket she was making as he fucked her. She was screaming and crying out. Peeler sure got everyone’s respect after that. We admitted that we both wanted to fuck Helen Benning. She was so goody-goody but probably fucked like a nymph. Her red hair and her splendid ass really turned us both on and we wondered if she had red cunt hair. We talked about spreading her long legs and devouring her lovely pink twat. Getting our tongues esenyurt escort right in there. We both shut up and thought about that for a while.It was hot and we were both horny. I think we were still a little drunk. I looked to see that Drew had a hard on, just as I did. When we were talking about Helen Benning he started to rub it with the palm of his hand. I was surprised by this but figured ‘what the hell’. I started to squeeze the head of my cock right there in front of another guy… in front of Drew. He told me that he would love to see Helen’s red head bouncing up and down on his cock. Soon I heard him unzip and he had his cock out of his pants and in his hand. I did the same thing and we lay on the rocks and jerked off beside each other. It was pretty cool and exciting.We told each other that we had never done anything like this before. I could hear the familiar squishing sounds of a cock jerking session and I looked over to examine his dick. I stared obviously at his swollen cock while he rolled to his side and inspected mine. He immediately reached his other hand over my stomach and began fondling my balls. He shut his eyes tight and he was whimpering. I reached over my body and began to wank his cock, pushing his own hand away. He did the same and we were hammering away at each other pretty good. I enjoyed the solid warm feel of a stiff prick in my hand and ran my thumb over the spongy wet head. ”Helen was groaning and pumping in the seat beside me and her hands were both going at her cunt.“I remember that I rolled over on my sides and we mashed our cockheads together as we yanked on each other.”“I love that.” Helen moaned. “I love the image of two cocks smooshed together. I wanna see that.”David continued. “He started panting and calling out, “O fuck, fuck yeah.” Drew kissed me full on the lips, and instead of reacting with shock or indignation, I responded immediately. Next I heard him whisper. “Let’s suck each other off.”He did not wait for a reply but flipped himself about so that he could suck on my dick and his prick was inches from my face. I took his cock in my hand and slowly inserted it.”“No, no.” Helen groaned.”You examined it. You squeezed the piss hole open. You pulled on his balls and inspected them. You licked the precum out of his slit. Then you slowly inserted it into your mouth. You put Drew’s cock in your mouth. Drew’s big cock in your mouth. Mmmm.”“For Chrissake Helen. You know it better than I do. I put Drew’s cock in my mouth. He was sucking on me ravenously by now and he had worked a finger up my asshole. I started to suck him off hungrily; running my tongue back and forth under the shaft as I slurped him back deeper and deeper into my throat. Everything was so new, so strange that I began to blow my wad into Drew’s mouth. I longed for it to last but I was so, so excited and he was sucking so forcefully. When he felt me cumming he wrapped his arms around my ass and gave me a bear hug pulling my prick further into him. He started to cum in my mouth at the same time. I imitated him and we were rolling around the rock, pumping sperm into each other. Hugging each other’s asses like wrestlers. He didn’t stop sucking and I was flipping about like a fish. I was doing the same thing to him. Eventually we both collapsed. Spent like never before.”“Oh fuck yes. I love it.” Helen groaned. “It was that story that got me going on this fantasy kick of yours. I need to see that David. I want to be there. She undid my fly and took out my raging cock. I’m gonna make you do that again. You see if I don’t. Guess what happened back at the pool party.” She was giving David a tantalizing hand job as she spoke. She could have told him anything. He was that worked up. “Drew followed me into the house when I went in for my last glass of wine. He stood directly behind me with his cock brushing against my ass… Not pressed against but just brushing my ass. ‘Helen,’ he said ‘let’s get together some time for some real fun. Just you and me….’‘ I don’t, haven’t and would never do ANYTHING without my husband.’ I scolded him. Then I pushed backwards, my ass against his cock. ‘But my husband and I together would DO just about ANYTHING.’ I then skipped out of there with my drink. No doubt I left him with quite a boner.” She chuckled her sexy Helen chuckle.David was furious and tried to push her hand away from his cock. She smiled at him and began to stroke his excited dick frantically. She began fondling his balls. She leaned in and lay his cock lovingly against her cheek. He was putty and ached for her. He was flushed with sexual arousal and tension.“What about your story? Your…your Cindy story?”“When we get home. When we get into bed. Now I have some business to attend to.” She took David’s cock and examined it. “Oh Drew it’s so big. So big and thick. I have to suck you off Drew. I need to suck your cock. I want all your hot cum pumping down my throat. Come here baby. Come here lover.”They were in the driveway when David exploded in her mouth. She swallowed gulped and gagged down, then licked up, every drop. Then, she hopped quickly out of the car and skipped into the house like a school girl.