The Swing

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The SwingI want to share a short story about a sexual encounter I had with Annie many years ago. Annie was 38 years old woman with an enormous sexual appetite. I was 19, full of energy and very willing to learn from an older woman. She was an incredibly good teacher too. I learned quickly because she loved to coach me as I performed for her. We had many sexual encounters over our two-year affair, but this story is indelibly etched in my mind. The story goes like this:I went over the Annie’s house one evening to watch TV. Her husband worked the night shift, which made it easy for us to rendezvous on any weekday evening. Of course, watching TV for Annie meant 90% sex and 10% TV. I knocked on the front door of her house. She was expecting me, so she let me in right away. She didn’t want the neighbors to see me waiting at her front door. I had parked my car on the shoulder of the road two blocks away and walked to her house.She had a drink in her hand. She always had a drink in her hand. She was wearing cut-off blue jeans that were rough cut at the level close to her crotch and a tank top-like covering that only covered her breasts. It was an expandable top that just barely covered her unsupported breasts. She had huge breasts (34F I believe she said), so they stuck out quite far from her tank top-like covering. Annie was the type of woman who needed very little foreplay. She was a self-professed nymphomaniac and almost always wanted to get it on right away. But occasionally she loved foreplay when she wasn’t overcome with lust. Normally, she had no patience at all and had one single focus in her mind.I sat with her in the living room for a short while making small talk. But I could tell she had other things on her mind. She talked erratically and seemed to lose track of the conversation. I think she had consumed too much of her vodka drink. It didn’t take long for her to tell me what was on her mind. She asked me if I wanted to go out on the swing with her. I didn’t know she had a swing! She took me out into her back yard. At the rear of her property line there was a high row of hedges and a large wooden two-person swing sitting several feet in front of the hedges. There were two palm trees, one on either side of the swing. The swing was quite well built. It was supported by 4-inch pipes that were cemented into the ground. It was very sturdy. I’m so glad it was so sturdy because what we did on it that night would have trashed any other swing set in existence.She took me out to the back yard with blankets, pillows, towels, lotion, her drink and other things under her arms. It was pitch black outside except for some indirect lighting coming from her bedroom window. I could barely see her. Thank goodness there were no mosquitoes out there that night. It was a perfect night, cool and with a slight breeze blowing. When we arrived at the swing, she sat down on it, removed her clothes, which took only a few seconds, and pulled me over in front of her. She unzipped my pants, pulled them down, reached inside my briefs and pulled out my cock, which was only partially erect. She immediately put it in her mouth and started sucking. Her hands were on each of my butt cheeks, which helped her move my cock in and out of her mouth. My cock became hard inside her mouth almost immediately. She said that she liked making men hard in her mouth. She loved the feeling of it growing kuşadası escort bayan hard as she sucked.She sucked on me like a woman possessed. I could hear her sucking me, slurping and grunting loudly as she forced my cock in and out of her mouth. She became almost violent, pushing my cock all the way down her throat without gagging! She literally screwed my cock with her mouth and throat. It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced. And one of the most exciting things I’ve every experienced too. This was a first time experience for me. But it would not be the last.I could just barley see her sucking me, but what I saw made me so excited I could not control myself. I came in her throat in less than two minutes. When she realized that I was about to cum, she held my cock deep in her throat and let me cum down her throat. I didn’t know that was even possible! But she did it expertly and I came like I had never cum before. After I came, she pulled away and gasped for air with a big smile on her face. She swallowed, but I don’t think that there was any cum in her mouth to swallow. It was all in her throat. My cock never became flaccid. I was so excited that it stayed hard continually. She placed the blankets on the seat of the swing and threw the pillows against the right arm. Then she sat on the edge of the swing and spread her legs. She reached for my hand and pulled me down on my knees. She said to me that she wanted me to eat her pussy. So I put my face into her crotch right away. Normally, I would take my time licking and teasing her legs and crotch and other erotic foreplay, but I knew she was in no mood for beating around the bush (no pun intended). She had a very hairy bush of dark brown hair around her pussy. She was so thick with hair that I could not see her pussy lips. I spread her lips and began licking her all over and around her vaginal opening. And I did all the other things that she had taught me to do to her cunt over the preceding months. She was a good teacher, so I didn’t need any instructions from her that night. I ate her pussy and sucked her clitoris in the same manner that she had sucked on my cock. I penetrated her pussy with my fingers and screwed her violently as I sucked her clit. She was highly aroused. And her response to my love making was violent and forceful. She climaxed in a very short time, bucking up and down and moving her hips wildly as she came. I have to admit it. I love it like that with her. When she climaxed, her juices literally ran out of her pussy like a torrent. I had never experienced that phenomena before. But as time went by I experienced it a many times with her. When she was highly aroused, she would climax like that almost every time. But she didn’t smell or taste bad when that happened. I rather liked the taste and I lapped up all I could and swallowed it. She loved to watch me swallow her juices.After she climaxed she dried herself off with a towel. But in the darkness I could see that look on her face, a look of lust was in her eyes and I knew we had only just begun what turned out to be a love feast that lasted all night in her back yard.While still sitting on the edge of the swing she took several sips of her ever present vodka drink. We talked briefly. Then she spread her legs again, pulled me closer and removed all of my clothes. We both were completely nude now. She escort kuşadası pulled me into her again. My cock was at the entrance of her vagina and we were face to face as she leaned toward the backrest of the swing. We kissed passionately for a minute or so as my cock slowly slipped into her vagina. As it slip into her (I still remember the sounds she made) she grunted and moaned. It was an incredibly sexy sound. When my cock was all the way in her she began to move her legs from the knees down, back and forth to make the swing move. Realizing what she was doing, I took over and push myself into her forcefully to cause the swing to move. She placed her arms on my arms and pulled and pushed to cause the swing to move back and forth. We made love like that for several minutes. It was a lovely erotic experience. And it was another new experience for me. I really liked it. We were face to face, groaning and grunting as we climbed that sweet and wonderful mountain together. She came again with her teeth clenched and her mouth closed tightly. I felt her juices flowing around my cock. I was a very exciting climax to experience. I was so intent on pleasing her I didn’t climax myself at that time. I was satisfied that I had given her the pleasure that she so desperately needed.The rest of that night I spent trying to give her the sweet release that she longed for. During one of our love making sessions she reclined on her back with her right leg on the grass and her left leg d****d over the back of the swing. She was leaning on a stack of pillows that she had place on the right arm of the swing. I mounted her with my left leg on the grass and my right knee on the blanket under her leg. I worked on her for the longest time until she was able to climax. The swing swung from side to side as we engaged one another. It was hard, furious and very physical. The neighbors dog barked until the neighbor brought the dog into the house. She became a wild woman again as I moved in and out of her like an a****l in heat. She held onto me with her arms wrapped tightly around me. Her breasts bulged around my torso as she pulled me into her with all her strength. She kissed me with hungry passion as I screwed her as hard as I could. She loved it hard. And she loved for me to push it into her as far as I could, and then push even harder. She had another long climax as she trembled conclusively and then whimpered a sigh of relief. I was so glad that I could give her what she needed so that she would be able to sleep that night. Annie needed a lot of sex to be completely satisfied. And I was young and able to fuck her all night if she needed it.Afterward, we spread the blanket out on the lawn and rested in each other arms for a few minutes. I kissed her tenderly. Our tongues mingled as we kissed. Then I gently nibbled her earlobes, kissed her neck and moved my mouth down over one of her delicious looking nipples and sucked. It hardened in my mouth and I felt a rush of sexual excitement flow through my body. As I feasted on her, Annie stroked my face. My cock pressed hard against her leg. I ran my hand through her pubic hair and teasingly moved my fingers lightly over the slippery wetness of her pussy. We lay like this enjoying each other for several wonderful minutes.”Ahhhh, the wonder of sexual arousal,” she purred. “Fuck me again, honey.” I removed my mouth from kuşadası escort her breast and kissed her, slipping my tongue into her mouth. As I did this, Annie reached down to hold my cock tenderly and guided it inside her. She was so wet and warm down there. Our chests and stomachs joined and our mouths and tongues danced together in an erotic mating dance. My cock slid slowly into her and paused for a minute as I continued to passionately kiss her. Then I started fucking her slowly, very slowly, with deep and gentle strokes. It was heavenly. In and out. In and out my cock slid inside and then back out of her. Our bodies moved together in sensuous rhythmic movements, so beautiful as if they had been expertly choreographed. There is nothing quite so wonderful as this beautiful manifestation of love and erotic sex.I clenched my butt as I slowly pushed my cock into her, probing all parts of her vaginal tunnel. Her hips rose to meet my strokes and I reveled in the warmth of her beautiful body. Then I moved my hips and drew a figure eight inside her pussy with my cock. I was balls deep inside Annie, and moving very slowly. I broke our kiss and sucked and lightly bit on the flesh between her neck and shoulders. Her breathing became very rapid, and in a quiet but husky voice she yelled, “Oh fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck meeeeeeeee.”My mouth met hers again. I started ramming my cock into her fast and very hard, with long, powerful thrust. Annie moaned loudly. Her beautiful breasts bounced to the rhythm of my thrusts. I was straining to prevent cumming inside her. It was so, so hard not to release my sperm into her. Finally, feeling her body tense and spasm, her hips thrust upward to meet mine and her juices flowed freely as she entered the early stages of her approaching orgasm. Her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled me tight against her. Her legs wrapped around my waste and her heals pushed against my butt to increase the power of my thrusts. We were locked together in a deliciously sensuous embrace. We both gasped for air, loudly panting and grunting. With every powerful thrust my cock rubbed against the most sensitive areas of her vagina and my pelvic pounded against her swollen and sensitive clitoris. With loud screams she entered into a very intense climax. It was a wild, delirious and passionate orgasm. Her pussy convulsed and her vagina clamped down on my pulsating cock over and over. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I released my sperm burst into her with such power that she felt the force and warmth of it spurting inside her with an, “oh honey” sound of approval. In those sweet, wonderful moments of climax we truly became one. Our coupling was the sweetest, most tender feeling of oneness we’ve ever had with each other. We clung to one another in a loving embrace as we both convulsed together, our hips pushing together over and over and over again until we both fell into total exhaustion. Breathing heavily, we looked at each other with a loving smile. I could see love in her eyes and I responded, “I’m crazy in love with you, my sweet Annie.” “Oh honey, I love you too.”We had wild sex over and over again that night. She had me screw her in every way imaginable. It was just one of those nights when I could go on forever it seemed. At about 4am in the morning I took her by the hand and put her to bed in her bedroom, placing the covers over her and waiting beside the bed until she fell asleep. I sat on the floor next to her, rubbing her head, until I could hear her breathing deep breaths. Then I quietly put my clothes on and crept out of the house. I’m sure I just missed the arrival of her husband as I walked to my car.