The Surprise Babysitter


I had just driven into town from college for winter break, I was 21 years old and I knew my parents were out at their Christmas party for my dad’s work. It was held at the Drake hotel on Michigan Ave. in Chicago and they usually made a night of it and stayed downtown overnight. I had talked to my Mom so I knew my 7-year-old brother Kevin was at home being watched by Mrs. Heath, a family friend who had come to our house and was staying over. I wasn’t supposed to be home until tomorrow, but I had decided to leave early since most of my friends at school had gone to Florida to party over break. It was around 9:00 at night and I didn’t feel like bothering her, I’d just slip in later so I called my friend Tom and he said some friends were hanging out at his place. I knocked on his door and went in the apartment found several friends drinking beer and playing video games. I sat and chatted with them for a couple of hours but soon fatigue set in from my 5-hour drive from school, and I told them I’d see them soon.

I pulled into the driveway of my parent’s house around Midnight; I could see the flickering of the TV in the den thru the downstairs windows. I figured Mrs. Heath must have been watching a movie; I came in through the back door, not making much noise as I came in, and I still didn’t want to startle her. I walked through the kitchen and peeked down the stairs into the den. There was a long haired younger girl in her twenty’s lying facing away from me on the couch, she was dressed in a tank top and pink and white striped PJ bottoms. She had long dark curly hair, but I couldn’t see her face.

I stood there wondering who the hell this girl could be; the soft moaning coming from the TV snapped me out of my thoughts. I couldn’t believe this girl was watching some soft-core movie on Cinemax. On the screen were two buxom blondes in a hot tub making out. They were both naked and by the look of their bodies their boobs were as real as a three-dollar bill, but it was still hot. One was sucking the others nipples as soapy water ran down their bodies. I looked back at the mystery girl on the couch and smiled as she rubbed between her legs over the thin material that was her pajamas.

I tried to think of who this girl could possibly be, and then it finally dawned on me who it was, it must be Mrs. Heath’s daughter Heather. She was about 3-4 years younger than me, must be a senior in High School, I hadn’t seen her since she was 11 or 12. The Heath’s used to live in around the corner from us and my mom and Mrs. Heath was a good friend. They moved only a town away but I usually only saw Mr. And Mrs. Heath if they came around to play cards with my parents. The last time I had seen Heather she had had a mouthful of braces, was thin as a rail, and was quite annoying. Now here she was in our den getting off on two blonde bimbos on the TV.

I tried to figure out what to do, should I walk down to the den and ask if she needs help? Should I make some noise in the kitchen to let her know I’m here, should I continue standing here and hope she gets naked and jerk off in the doorway? While making up my mind I noticed Heather slip her hand down her pj’s. Wow, I’d never seen a girl do this, well that’s not true, one time in the dorms at school, this girl who I met fucked herself with a large black dildo while I watched, but I’d never seen this without them knowing I was there.

The two girls on TV were taking turns eating each other while sitting on the edge of the hot tub. The lame music from the movie and the moaning from the girls were the only sounds in the house, I was starting to think the floor was going to squeak and give away that I was spying. I didn’t want to freak out Heather so despite not wanting to miss this fabulous show, I slowly crept back to the door and opened it loudly and closed it with a thump. “Hello?” I called out softly, and began taking off my jacket. “Mrs. Heath, are you awake?” I asked. I heard a ruckus in the den and smiled to myself. I opened the door to the fridge and saw it was well stocked with beer, so I grabbed one and popped it open as I closed the door. I looked up and peeking around the corner of the kitchen was Heather Heath.

“Oh, Hi there, Heather, is that you?” I asked. ” I thought your mom was going to be here.”

“Hi Brian, you scared the shit out of me, I thought you were a burglar casino şirketleri or something” Heather replied. ” I didn’t know you were coming home tonight, my mom was feeling sick so since I didn’t have any plans I decided to watch Kevin.”

“I see, so how are things, I haven’t seen you in like seven years, how’s high school going?” I asked.

She told me about her life, how finals were coming up soon, how she was sick of high school. As she talked I got a chance to casually look her over, Heather was adopted by the Heath’s and was definitely Mediterranean in ancestry, I figured Italian or Greek, she had dark curly hair, olive skin and was very voluptuous, she must have had 36C’s and a nice curvy hips and a great ass. Her eyes were dark brown, her skin was great, and she looked quite different from the brace face stick figure I had known.

I offered her a beer, she paused, I told her not to worry since I was here, and she smiled and asked if she could have a rum and coke. I fixed her up one and we continued to chat. She was a tennis player, and worked out in the off-season to stay in shape. She hadn’t decided on collage yet, I asked if she had considered my school, she wasn’t sure but I offered to show her around if she wanted to visit. We chatted for a while, I fixed her a couple of drinks and continued to drink beer, my sleepiness had gone away and I had gained a second wind.

After a bit I suggested we go to the den to sit on the couch. We filled our glasses; I could tell Heather was a little tipsy as we walked down the steps to the den. I clicked on the TV and a detective was questioning a shorthaired brunette. I figured it was the same movie but couldn’t tell. We had been talking about her recent breakup up with the quarterback of the football team; apparently he had been cheating on Heather with the head cheerleader. She seemed sad about it and I told her it was his loss; she was just about the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She started to tear up when I said this, she gave me a long drawn out hug and thanked me for being so sweet. Her breasts were mashed against my chest and she smelled like lavender, it I told her I was serious, If I had known someone like her when I was in high school I would of jumped at the chance to date them.

She laughed, and mentioned how she had always had a crush on me when she was little; she said she used to beg her mom to let her come with to our house to see if I was around. I told her how I remembered she had walked in on me that one time when I was in the shower, she blushed and said she had actually been watching me for quite sometime before I had caught her as I stepped out from the clear glass door.

“Your kidding, you were spying on me?” I asked.

“I must have watched you for a good five minutes that day, I had accidentally walked in but when I saw you in there I hid behind the door and watched, you were the first naked man I had ever seen, it was quite exciting, I hope you don’t mind.” She replied.

I blushed now and told her it was fine, I glanced that the TV and saw that the detective who was questioning the brunette was now having his cock sucked by her. Heather noticed the TV and giggled, her face became flushed as she watched the bobbing head of the brunette. The detective smiled with only his lame hat and mirrored sunglasses on.

“That’s hot,” said Heather, “but they never show the good stuff, we girls don’t get to see any meat on this channel!”

“Yeah, sucks doesn’t it? I usually watch harder stuff if I’m in the mood.” I answered.

“Yeah, I have a few magazines at home I stole from my friends brother, but they still don’t have enough cock, mostly naked chicks, but that’s not so bad.” Heather replied, she winked after that.

“Wow, you’re quite a gal,” I laughed.

“Damn straight!” she said, “Now get this gal another drink please!”

I went upstairs and poured her another drink, grabbed a couple of beers and returned to find her sprawled on the couch under a blanket. There was now a new scene on the TV, two guys had ski masks on and were robbing a pretty Latina at a convenience store. They had taken her to the back room and were asking her about the safe. I told Heather to scoot over and sat next to her on the couch. She was laying out with her back on my shoulder and legs pointed away.

The casino firmalari men on TV had stripped the girl down and were forcing her to suck on each of them back and forth. She was a pretty girl with big brown nipples that stood out at least an inch. Soon she had her face in one guys lap and the other guy had gone behind her and was fucking her doggy style. This scenario had always been a fantasy of mine and I watched intently. The Latina grunted as she was fucked deep and hard, sucking on the one fellow with the red ski mask while blue mask was slamming her deep from behind. I began to notice my own cock was stiffening.

It was Heathers heavy breathing that snapped my eyes off the TV; I saw her hand moving under the blanket between her legs. Her eyes were glued to the TV; her teeth were biting her lower lip slightly. I shifted position a little and rubbed her shoulders gently, she cooed and told me to give her a good backrub. I shifted on the couch so she was in between my legs and we were both facing the same direction. I began to rub her shoulders deep, Heather scooted back so her ass was against my crotch, my hard cock was nestled between her cheeks. Her shoulders were naked except for the spaghetti straps and her hair she put her hair in a rubber band that was around her wrist. I could smell her scent from her hand as she was putting up her hair. I continued to rub her as the movie on TV cut to a scene with two girls washing cars in bikinis. They each wore white thongs and bikini tops and both were practically popping out of the outfits.

“I’ve got a suit kind of like that.” Heather mumbled as I worked her shoulders over with my big hands.

“I bet you look better than those two in it.” I replied.

She turned her head a kissed me softly on the lips. She was turning back when I held her cheek and gave her a deep long kiss, my tongue sliding into her open mouth, she tasted sweet and a bit like rum. Heather looked into my eyes lovingly; I told her in a whisper that I wanted her. She smiled and we kissed again she turned around to face me as we kissed, our hands running up and down each other, her nipples were hard and I rubbed her breasts thru the thin material of he tank top. We enjoyed each other as we kissed, our tongue swirling around and lingering together.

Our kiss stopped as I took my shirt off over my head, she kissed me again and worked her way down my neck, licking my nipples and going over my stomach. I played soccer in college so my body was wiry and well toned. Her hair ticked my abs as she moved down to my jeans, the unbuttoned them and I raised my hips to allow her to slip them off. She pulled my jeans and boxers down at the same time. She was kissing me all the while and once my cock got free of my boxers it smacked her in the cheek. She gasped and immediately grabbed it with her hand, her thin fingers wrapping around it. She squeezed it gently at first, like she wasn’t sure if it would pop. She sat up straight, starring down at what she had in her hand, she slowly rubbed her fist up and down it’s length, I flexed it and she smiled, squeezing it in appreciation.

“Tommy’s (her ex-boyfriend) wasn’t like this, his was small, he was doing steroids or something, and it was barely 5 inches. This thing is so big and thick!” she exclaimed.

She continued squeezing it and bent down and licked the head softly. She was timid but soon was licking my thick shaft up and down, her other hand cupped my shaved balls and rubbed them slowly. She kissed my cock from the balls to the head and looked up at me, saw my expression of pure ecstasy, and opened her mouth and began to suck on me.

Her mouth was warm and wet; I leaned my head back and ran my fingers thru her hair. She took me deeper into her mouth each try, her tongue swirling on the tip of my cock. I looked down at her, her eyes were trained on mine, watching me watch her. I reached down and pulled up her tank top over her full breasts, Her nipples were large and very hard, and her areolas were quarter sized and pink. I pinched them softly and she moaned with my dick in her mouth. She finally let me go and sat up pulling her top off completely. Her large breasts bounced and her body was tight and curvy. She stood up and I pulled down her PJ’s to reveal dark curls just above her pussy.

She told me to scoot down on güvenilir casino the couch so I was lying on my back. She then climbed on top of me but facing my feet, she straddled my body and took my cock into her mouth again, blowing me deep. Her pussy was glistening right in front of my face, I ran my hands up her thighs which were on either side of me her skin was smooth as silk, I kissed her inner thighs and moved my way up towards her sweet sex.

I licked her lips softly, then swirled my tongue around her clit. She moaned loudly around my cock that was deep inside her mouth. I rubbed her tight ass as I licked her pussy deep. She was tangy sweet, and so wet, it started to run over chin. I licked her with long deep strokes pulling closer squeezing her ass. We sixty-nined for a while, she was getting the hang of sucking me, taking my entire length down her mouth and throat. Her hands played with my balls as she sucked me deep. She felt amazing, and from what I could tell from her moaning she liked what I was doing to her.

“You have no Idea how many times I’ve fantasized about doing this with you, ever since I saw you in that shower long ago, I wanted you!” she said taking a break from sucking, “This is just how I thought it would be.”

“Well, since this is your fantasy, how’s does the next part go?” I asked.

Heather climbed off of me smiling; she turned and faced me, leaned over and kissed me deeply our tongues swirling around each other. She climbed back on me this time facing me and slowly rubbed her wet pussy on my hard shaft, she teased me several times until I grabbed her at her hips and slid my cock deep inside her tight wetness. It took several pumps to get all the way in; Heather was moaning by the time I did get in as far as I could. She steadied herself and slowly rode me, sliding up and down, her moans climbing and falling erratically. I rubbed her body as we fucked, caressing her breasts and pinching her hard nipples. We would go in a slow rhythm for a bit and then she would orgasm and collapse on top of me. She felt amazing, I loved holding her close as she was recovering from each wave and feeling her heartbeat next to mine.

“Please get on top of me Brian, fuck me with that huge cock, make me cum all over the place, I’ll do whatever you want, just fuck me.” She whispered in my ear.

I rolled on top of her and began to fuck her deep. Her tits bounced with each thrust, she began to moan, and thinking she might wake Kevin, she grabbed one of the pillows that had fallen of the couch and bit the corner as she moaned. I continued fucking faster and faster, pumping her tight pussy full of cock. Her legs were wrapped around my waist hugging me making sure I was as deep as I could be. After one of her louder moans she released the pillow from her mouth and pulled my head down to her.

“I need you to cum in my mouth, I need it, please give me you cum in my mouth.” She whimpered.

Not wanting to disappoint her I pulled my swollen member from her, I moved up her glistening body and rubbed my cock between her tits, she squeezed them together and tried to lick the tip each time I slid towards her. I was just about ready to shoot anyway so after fucking her tits for a bit I grabbed my cock and slide my hand back and forth feeling my balls release I aimed my tip towards her open mouth with a grunt.

Wave after wave of cum shot forth, Heather squealed as it shot into her mouth, hit her nose and lips, her cheeks, her chin, and one shot even got in her hair. After I was done shooting she sat up and sucked me clean, licking my head, shaft and balls and covering them with her slick saliva. It was the best orgasm I had ever had. I laid back and she climbed on top of me. I held her close as we both calmed down, our hearts slowing and our sweat drying. The movie on TV had its credits going across the screen, the clock showed it was 3:00 AM. I asked if she wanted to sleep in my room. She smiled and followed me upstairs and we passed out in each other’s arms naked.

I woke up early, Kevin was still asleep and I got up and took a shower. I came back into the room and Heather was sitting up in bed, the sunlight streaking across her body, her hair was messy, but cute.

“Good morning, how did you sleep?” I asked.

“Well, that was the best night of my life,” she giggled, “I wish it didn’t have to end.”

“I’m home for 3 weeks, then I go back to school, I’d like to see you again, and maybe you can come visit me at school, see if you like college life.” I replied.

“Oh, Brian, that would be wonderful!” She said.

And it was…