The Stream


Jim and Donna loved walking through the woods, especially early in the morning. This day was no different for them except they had rented a cabin in the mountains and decided to take an early morning walk before breakfast.

They put on shorts and T-shirts since it was mid-August and very warm. Although they were tempted to go barefoot the rocks were a bit slippery and wet and the underbrush in the woods could cut your feet. So they put on their walking shoes, filled a couple of canteens with water, grabbed a bottle of wine, two glasses and started out.

The view out the back of the cabin was so beautiful. There was a little path that led through the woods. There were lots of hardwoods that shaded the path, admitting only small patches of pale light as the sun began to rise. They could hear the birds singing already, calling each other and wooing each other. There was the sound of squirrels scurrying through the leaves and there were butterflies already drawing nectar from the woods flowers. The day was perfect.

They wound their way down the path in silence, holding hands and listening to nature’s waking call. Suddenly they came to a small stream running through the woods. The glow from the now risen sun made the water appear golden as it ran over the small rocks. The water broke in sparkling bursts as it hit the rocks – as though there were diamonds being sent downstream.

Neither of them could resist. They sat down and took off their shoes and walked into the water. It was cool, but not cold, and felt so good on their feet with the sand between their toes. They laughed and giggled like kids as they walked across the stream. Suddenly Jim grabbed Donna and pulled her into the water. They were wet from head to toe. It didn’t seem to matter at all that they had no dry clothes. As a matter of fact they both wished they didn’t have any clothes at all.

Jim took Donna’s hand and pulled her up. They began to walk downstream, carrying their canteens and their shoes and holding hands. Once again there was no laughter, no conversation, only the sound of the water rippling over rocks and fallen limbs. The stream widened and got just a bit deeper – halfway up their calves. The birds seemed to sense what was beginning to happen and sang their brightest songs.

There was a sand bar just ahead and without saying a word they headed for it. As they reached the sand bar and turned to sit down they both spotted it… it was the most beautiful rainbow they had ever seen. It seemed to come up out of the mountain and the colors were so deep. It went on forever and ever then appeared to crash into the next peak.

Jim reached over and lifted Donna’s arms then slowly removed her t-shirt. She had on no bra and her full breasts rose and fell with her breathing. Her beautiful breasts – breasts that never failed to excite Jim. Her areolas were so large and her nipples begged to be touched and sucked so gently. He slowly took a breast in each hand and lifted them to his mouth. His tongue canlı bahis did soft circles around each nipple just brushing them lightly enough to make them erect. Donna moaned so quietly that it was almost as if the forest had sighed.

She opened her eyes and could see the rainbow over Jim’s shoulder. The colors and the curve of it captured her and she felt herself falling into the sensations all around her – the sounds of the water, the sight of the rainbow, the smell of the forest and the touch of Jim’s hands and mouth on her body. She took a deep breath and released it slowly so that each sensation was intensified.

Jim took off his shirt and pulled her to him so that their bodies melded together. They had done this so many times before but each time brought new enthusiasm and excitement. They knew each other’s bodies so well yet there was never any assuming or taking for granted what would please the other one.

As they kissed the kisses of familiar lovers their bodies grew taut with need. Their kisses were light and easy, then deep and longing as hands moved over backs and shoulders. Donna undid her shorts and let them fall around her feet. She wanted all of her body to be against Jim, to feel his warmth and his hunger for her. She could feel his erection grow and it only served to heighten her desire for him.

Jim released her and spread his shirt and hers out on the sand bar. He took her by the hand and lowered her to the ground. “I want to have my own rainbow, not just the one up there,” he said. Her belly tightened at his words, knowing what would come next. Jim bent over her and began to kiss his way down her body. He started with her lips and moved to her neck as her hands moved through his hair. He kissed her nipples that were so sensitive from the desire.

The world began to swirl around her as his kisses moved to her belly. His tongue did circles down her until he almost reached that wonderful wetness he knew so well. The anticipation made the passion rise but he held back. He drew his tongue down her thighs until she was letting out little cries of pleasure. Finally he could stand it no longer. He wanted to taste the sweetness of her, to feel her body tense with each pass of his tongue over her clit, to feel the shudders of pleasure as she crested each peak before cumming.

Donna’s fingers pulled on his hair and then pushed his face into her wetness. He chuckled just a little because he knew the signs so well. She wanted to cum so badly yet she loved the torture of holding back. He stopped using his tongue and pressed kisses to her throbbing pussy. He could feel her starting to come back down from the peaks and decided to tease her a bit more.

Just as she took a deep breath he suck her clit into his mouth. Donna gasp with surprise and delight and knew this time he would take her over the precipice into delicious oblivion. But it was not to be…just as he felt her body start to quiver he backed off again and simply blew his warm breath onto bahis siteleri her clit. He knew that making her wait would bring an explosion when she finally came – a volcanic eruption that would take her over the rainbow. Ah, that rainbow… not the one in the sky, but the rainbow colored clit ring she wore. He couldn’t resist any longer. He let his tongue move back and forth over the little ball that held the ring together. It lay just on top of her clit and he knew that her orgasm would be very fast now.

He was right. Donna’s hips started to move as her hands grabbed his arms. She knew she was crying out but she couldn’t stop the sounds. Wave after wave of torturous pleasure pounded her body as Jim sucked her clit, ring and all into his mouth and allowed his tongue to continue manipulating. All of nature heard her scream his name as she came over and over again.

Jim had to gain control of himself. When Donna came like that it was all he could do not to spontaneously cum at the same time. His cock was so hard and wanted to be inside her so badly but he would wait. He pulled her close to him with one hand and used the other hand to gently massage her body as she slowly came back to earth. He knew her so well and knew that this was such a delicious time…the coming back down from ecstasy…the gentle movements of her body against his hand…the soft moans and whimpers that indicated she was satiated. She smiled as though there was no one else in the world but the two of them.

Jim kissed her so sweetly as her body began to relax beneath the touch of his hand. Finally Jim stood and took her by the hand. He removed his shorts and the two of them began to walk further downstream, naked, not caring who saw them, oblivious to anyone and anything that would dare disturb this passion.

The stream wound around rocks with trees jutting out from the banks on both sides. There were turtles, large and small, sunning themselves on rocks and large tree limbs that stuck out into the water. As they continued to walk they became aware of a new sound – rushing water. The sound grew louder as they walked down the stream and then there it was – a beautiful waterfall. A large ledge of rock jutted from the middle and the water ran down each side of it creating the illusion of two waterfalls. A rainbow filled the space between the two streams of water. It beckoned them beneath the rocks.

As they made their way around the bank of the stream they could feel the excitement growing. Gingerly they walk around behind the waterfall so see the rainbow still there, smiling at them. The water behind the falls was calm and untouched by the torrent cascading over the rocks above. Jim took Donna in his arms and kissed her with the same passion he heard in the pounding water.

Donna felt herself grow weak as Jim’s kiss deepened. Her hands moved over his naked body, exploring those places she still dreamed of. She found his cock hard and hot and she stroked it with both hands. Jim’s hips moved bahis şirketleri to the rhythm of her stroking until he thought he could stand no more. Just as he felt he would cum Donna gave him a dose of his own medicine. She backed off from his cock and pulled his hips into hers and held him there.

Her hands roamed over his ass and up his back as she felt him begin to relax a bit. Then just as he bent down to kiss her she went to her knees. Her warm mouth closed over his cock and her tongue flicked back and forth, then sucking the head of his beautiful cock into her mouth. She could taste that sweet nectar that comes before the orgasm and dipped her tongue into it, savoring every little drop. Jim felt his knees grow weak.

Donna loved the taste and feel of Jim’s cock and never tired of giving him pleasure. Each time seemed a new experience for her – one that she treasured. As her mouth and hands continued to move back and forth on his cock she felt his muscles tighten and knew that he would cum if she didn’t stop.

Suddenly Jim drew her upward – he must feel himself inside her. He knew how well they fit together and here, in the water with the deafening sound of the falls he wanted her more than he ever had. He led her to the bank of the stream where the grass was tall and soft. Gently he laid her back and watched the look of hunger in her eyes. This woman knew him so well and he had made love to her so many times, yet the hunger was always there – the driving need in both of them to have more.

Slowly he lowered himself onto her letting his cock just rest on her clit – moving so slightly that it was agony for both of them. Their bodies glistened from the water but the sweet wetness he felt on his cock had nothing to do with water or rainbows – it was need, pure lustful need. He slid only the tip of his cock into her and heard her gasp. She closed her eyes so that her consciousness was focused only on feeling him and feeling her own desire.

Deeper into her, slowly, skillfully he pushed deeper. Her hips rose to meet him and drive him into her so that he filled her. Just as his cock could thrust in no more he stopped and held himself there. Donna opened her eyes and passion met passion. There was no waiting now. They became one with the drone of the water and the sounds of nature. He pulled his cock all the way out and then thrust into her with such force that her entire body moved. Faster and deeper as she cried out in ecstasy and moved to that wonderful place of forgetting all else around you.

Jim drew her tightly into his arms as they both came in glorious, delicious waves. The orgasms seemed to go on forever…he filling her with himself and she drawing him in so deeply. Finally, they collapsed, spent and complete again. They kissed each other tenderly on the mouth and held each other until the calm began to take over.

As they lay in the tall grass they could hear the birds singing and the water continuing its journey over the rocks. This was right and good and wonderful. It was old and new and timeless. They made tender love again under the waterfall while the rainbow smiled its multi-colored smile at them. The stream wound its way around the love bed and two lovers were one.