The Stranger in Pink Shoes

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The Stranger in Pink ShoesI had just parked the car outside B&Q, an out of town store on a retail park near Durham when I glanced up and saw her deep red lipstick. I have had a fascination with women who wear lipstick ever since I was seduced by aunt of mine and who always wore lots of lipstick.As I got out of the car I then noticed her bright red 5 inch high heel shoes and her short white skirt. She was clearly wearing nylons or tights and might as well have had a great big sign on her back saying, ‘look at my sexy legs’. Strangely she walked about five paces ahead of her husband. I assumed, like me, he enjoyed looking at her sexy legs. I followed them into the store. Although I wanted to get a good look at her face I was mesmerised by her shoes and legs. All thoughts of what I was going to buy in the store vanished from my mind as I found myself following them.As they stopped and looked at some picture frames I too stopped and pretended to do the same. I was looking at her legs when her husband turned and looked at me and smiled. I quickly looked away and as they moved on I carried on following them. Then suddenly they turned and started to walk towards me. My eyes instantly went to her deep red lipstick and as they walked past me she smiled and I breathed bursa escort deeply and smelt the wonderful aroma of her perfume. I quickly guessed that she was in her late 40s.Again her husband walked a few paces behind her and then I suddenly realised he was holding a small camcorder in his hand and it was clearly pointing at her legs.I loved the sound of the clip clop of her heels on the tiled floor and once again my eyes were transfixed on her tarty red high heel shoes and shapely legs. They carried on walking round the store, occasionally stopping and looking at products on sale. It must have been blatantly obvious that I was following them and staring at her legs.At times she would bend down at look at something on the bottom shelf, unfortunately I wasn’t close enough to see anything but I guessed that her husband was zooming in with the camera.Then suddenly her husband walked directly up to me and said, ‘Do you want to fuck her?’I felt myself blushing and thought he was going to hit me but then said, ‘She wants you to fuck her and I want you to.’I just nodded and he said, ‘This way.’I followed them as they made their way to the corner of the store where the toilets were. He opened the door to the disabled toilet and I followed them in.I escort bursa said, ‘I’m Roger.’He said, ‘Hi Roger, we are, well she is Alyson.’She turned to face the wash basin and the large mirror and her husband stood behind her and raised her skirt and pulled down her panties until they were round her ankles.I realised that he was still filming her.I dropped my trousers and underpants and my rock hard cock sprang to attention. I moved up behind her and felt her pussy and eased a finger inside her. Her husband ordered me, ‘Don’t play with her just fuck the slut.’I moved my hand and slid my cock in her wet hole from behind. She was so wet it slipped in so easily and soon I was embedded deep inside her. I looked in the mirror and looked at her face. It showed me how much she was enjoying it as I pumped my cock in and out of her cunt. Her husband now had his trousers round his ankles and was frantically rubbing his hand up and down his erect cock.It was a really weird situation. I was fucking this complete stranger who hadn’t even uttered a word to me while her husband was watching us and masturbating and filming his gorgeous wife being fucked.She was getting more and more excited as she pushed her ass back towards me to meet my forward thrust. Soon bursa escort bayan she was moaning with pleasure and I realised this was the first sound I had heard from her. Her orgasm was soon happening and I felt a huge stream of her cum engulf my cock.Her husband, ‘Make the slut cum again before you do and then cum inside her sloppy cunt’I was sure I was going to cum very soon but somehow I managed to coax another huge orgasm out of her before I was ready to cum.Her husband then said, ‘Cum inside the slut’s cunt.’I didn’t hesitate and soon I was pumping my hot cum deep inside her. As my cock subsided inside her, her husband moved closer to her and shot a huge stream of cum over her ass.I withdrew my cock and pulled my trousers up. Her husband pulled his wife’s skirt down, made himself decent and opened the door and I followed them out. As I walked a few feet behind them I could soon see mine and her husband’s cum trickling down her legs. We stood in line at the checkout and I was immediately behind her and could now see a stream of cum all the way down her legs.I realised I hadn’t bought anything and for the life of me couldn’t even remember what I had gone there for in the first place. I walked behind them to their car and said, ‘I’d love to meet you both again.’She turned to me and smiled and simply mouthed the words, ‘Thank you.’Her husband merely said, ‘No.’We both got in our cars and as he reversed out of the parking space she smiled at me. I think I’ll be calling into B&Q more often.