The Stranger at My Door


For my Darling Sir and my Wonderful Pet.

This story was created based off of some strange, and rather drunk, conversations that I have had with a few of my friends that play video games with. They gave me the prompt, and my Sir and my Pet helped me add flesh to the story once I told them what I wanted to do to the story. I’m not sure if there will be anything more to this or not, we shall see… I hope you enjoy.


There was always a routine she followed, every day. It wasn’t the most fun, by any means, but she enjoyed her simple life. It was hers and hers alone. Something today, however felt off. It had since she woke up, perhaps it was the slight variation in her routine yesterday that was throwing her off. Normally she chatted with a few of her online friends before bed, most of them were overseas, weather they were in the military and stashed away in different bases, or they were just from other countries. There were a few members of the crew that she lived to speak with: Arthur, with his dubious South English tone; Finlay, with his thick Scottish brogue that could melt her into a puddle; and Stuart, the mysterious Marine. There were other fun ones to speak with, but they were by far her three favorites. Last night, however, Stuart had been mysteriously absent from their chats, and she found herself missing him. Being in the military, she knew that he had things he needed to do, which wasn’t a big deal, but something about this silence seemed off.

Her apartment was on the smaller side, but it suited her just fine. It had a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a large bedroom which was good for all of her gaming gear. Video Games had always been a passion of hers, and she was fortunate enough to work at a job where she made more money than she spent, so a decent chunk had gone into some sweet consoles. A shiny Xbox One (aka the Bone), a PS4 (the Gaystation as coined by some of her online friends), Her tower (Eye of Sauron as she called it, it was a bright black and red monstrosity), and her mac… which a lot of her friends new nothing about since it was used primarily to work on multimedia, yet another passion of hers. With a flick of her wrist, she turned on the mac and checked her email and various forms of useless entertainment before checking her messengers to see if anyone had sent her anything, secretly hoping that Stuart had indeed sent her a message. There was nothing however, and that saddened her. With nothing pending, she tossed in a microwaveable dinner and started prepping for her shower, today had been a long day.

With the dinner consumed, she hopped under the hot water and rinsed away her woes, she was probably just overthinking. She knew that Stuart often had to work for a whole 24 hrs straight to complete different certifications of his training, so there was probably nothing wrong and she would hear from him tomorrow or the following day when his schedule got back up to snuff enough to allow for video game play. The shower could have been longer, but she felt the pull of her video games strike, and she wanted to just cuddle up with her blankets and enjoy some peace. She had just logged in and set up her party when there was three loud bangs on her front door. She was startled, and waited listening for more when she heard them again. “Hold on a sec, someone is at my door,” she told her friends that were on and she went to investigate. The banging on her door was a constant now, and not just the three short bumps. Her quick temper started to flare as she pulled open the door to see a man about to barrage her door yet again. “Excuse me, but i think even the Hulk had more manners than you. Go beat up someone else’s door, I’m not buying anything.”

The big brute of a man didn’t say anything, and she couldn’t see his eyes behind his wrap around shades. “Can you remove your foot from my door please? Unlike you, some people have things to do.” The corner of his mouth tugged up into a smirk and he put his palm on the door, leaning in. “Can I help you… sir?” she asked, she could feel something crackle in the air, before she could assess it, she was pushed back against the wall opposite the door, held up by her ass, and a pair of hot lips crushing hers in a brutal kiss. Her heart beat sped up, and she pushed against the rock hard shoulders of her attacker.

When he finally came up for air, he was smiling, “You have no idea how long I have been waiting to do that.” His voice was deep and there was something familiar about it that sent shivers down her spine. “I knew you would have the sweetest mouth, despite all that venom you sprout missy…” His lips were traveling her neck and nibbling on her ears, a moan was threatening to escape her so she fought it. “You have no idea what you do to me woman, listening to you talk every night has drove me batty. That sexy little giggle of yours, all those witty little comebacks that you make.” He was practically moaning into her skin as he talked, her brain slowly was filling with a foggy lust. “Woman you have no idea… all those güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri innuendos, fuck I couldn’t get you outta my head, I tried like hell, work was hell, all I could think about was your hot little mouth. You know that?” His lips were back on hers again, trying to devour her, she wasn’t fighting him anymore, her hands were buried in his hair, tugging at the short hairs, her legs locked around his waist. “Do you know how hard it is to work with other Marines with a perma boner?”

“Marines?” she whimpered as he pressed his hips into hers,and his hands kneaded the flesh they were holding. Pieces were starting to click together in her head, through the lust filled bog that was her mind. “What…” all thought fled as he resumed his drugging kisses.

“What are you wearing?” were the next words she heard, as she felt his fingers against the edges of her soft shorts.

“My Pj’s, I just got out of the shower…” Her words were cut off in a strangled moan as his lips captured a pebbled nipple through her shirt, his teeth biting down enough for her to arch her back into the caress, and press her pelvis harder against his. He grunted pressing her ass into the wall with his hips, and using his hands to slide up the shirt and uncover the breasts he wanted to taste. Once her shirt was up and out of the way, he latched onto one of the nipples and squeezed the other, her keening cry was bouncing off of the walls in her entryway. His touch and lips became harder and more aggressive the more sound she made. She was panting now, her harsh breath in his hears, as he left half dollar sized bruises on her flesh, his pelvis grinding into hers as just the right angle. Her tone took on a note of desperation and she pushed back against his pelvis, her hands latched onto his shoulders. “Please… PLEASE… Im gonna… fuck please… im gonna cum… im gonna cum… oh!” Her head was tossed back, as much as it could be and her mouth was hanging open, eyes rolled back and trembling as her body crashed into orgasm.

“You are so fucking beautiful when you cum… I can’t wait till you do that when I am inside you… ” he whispered as he placed soft kisses on her neck and tweaked her nipples causing her to twitch. She heard the door of her apartment slam closed, and a wave of embarrassment coursed through her as he lifted her and walked her more into the small apartment. Her body still trembled as he tossed her down onto the couch, and she finally got a better look at him. Shit kickers were the first thing she noticed, the dark heavy boots covered mostly by the blue jeans he was wearing. A thick leather belt held the jeans low on his waist, she licked her lips as her eyes slowly traveled up his body. A black tee was visible under the black leather jacket. The look screamed biker, but to her it screamed something else.

His glasses came off, then the jacket, then the shirt. He stood in nothing but his pants and his boots, and that’s when it hit her. If she hadn’t been staring at him so intently, she may have missed the small patch of puckered skin near his shoulder, a bullet wound. “Stuart?” His grin was wide and predatory as he moved closer to her, he grabbed one of her outstretched limbs, a leg and ran his hands up the flesh. “But… how? Why…?” she incoherently mumbled as gooseflesh broke out on her legs. His fingers inched closer to her quivering core.

“Why? How can you ask me that question princess? I would have thought that was obvious,” he licked at the skin of her inner thigh, “after what just happened at your door.”

“But… i don’t… why me?” she mumbled on a sigh as he got increasingly close to her core.

“You honestly have no idea what you do to me? What your voice does? I can go from having a shit day, to hard as a damn rock when your voice comes over the headset. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I’m the only one close enough to do anything about it.” he pulled her soft short down her legs in a quick motion, moaning when he saw there were no panties on underneath. “Fuck… do you always game like this? So fucking close to naked?”

“no… sometimes I’m naked… closer to 90% of the time… or something silky and naughty… it’s just me… and no one else knows…” he groaned and dropped his head in her lap.

“You are killing me princess… fuck, all those little breathy sounds you make, all those little frustrated growls and moans, and you are sitting there stark naked. Fuck…” He stared up at her for just a moment before attacking his target like a man starved. Her back arched, her head thrown back, and pelvis pressed into his face as he devoured her. Her hand clutched at his short hair for purchase, her other hand clutching at anything she could grab. Her moans filled the air, getting higher in pitch, he knew she was close, again.

“Stuart!” her last moan ended on a shout of his name as she came against his mouth, her fingers tugged at his hair, but he wasn’t finished. He used the hands that were holding her hips down, to pull them closer to his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri face, he licked softly at the sensitive flesh, now using his fingers, sliding one slowly long, thick, calloused finger deep into her core. She whimpered and he watched her face, as he slowly pumped in and out of her hot flesh. She was slick with need, a wet heat, that drew him in. He added yet another finger, watching the slow roll of pleasure on her face. He licked at her clit, and with each lick she gasped.

Her eyes flew open when, with his other hand, he slowly rubbed a finger against the puckered hole of her anus. He grinned against her thigh as he peppered soft kisses then returned to her clit. “Stuart…” his name was drawn out on a long, throaty moan of need. He pushed his finger forward as he added a third finger to her pussy and sucked hard at her clit. Another orgasm rolled over her and she let out a keening squeak, body fighting to leave the couch despite his hold on her.

“That’s it Princess…” He whispered against her core as she settled down a bit. He removed his fingers from her slowly and licked them clean before looming over her stated body. He licked at her sore nipples before leaning into nibble at her neck. The material of his jeans rubbed against her skin and she wriggled against him. Her hands came to clutch at the thick leather belt he wore, trying to undo the buckle. “Mmm… greedy are we?” He chuckled into her ear as his hands pushed hers aside and released the buckle. The belt slid out of the loops with an audible hiss, and the buckle hit the coffee table with a clink. He grabbed one of her hands and placed it back on his jeans, right over the button. His lips found hers as she undid the button and the zipper, her hand slipping under the abrasive material. He grunted when she grabbed his cock. The material of his boxers held it back to his body, only slightly.

She bit at his lips as she slid the material down over his member, just enough to expose him to air. Her fingers were more gentle than her lips which bit at his and then at his chin, and neck. She bit at the join between his neck and his shoulder, and he growled pressing his pelvis into her. Smirking, she cupped his balls and rolled them in her hand, squeezed the tip of him in her other hand and bit down harder at his neck.

“Playing with fire Princess…” His voice was deep and gravely now, as he sat back undid his boots and kicked them off. As he stood to remove his jeans, she palmed one of her breasts in her hand and trailed the other down to her wet core. Moaning as she watched him slide the jeans and underwear off his hips, his eyes seemed to slam into hers. He watched her, frozen for just a moment, trailing her fingers through her arousal and then bringing it to her mouth and he snapped forward. His lips devoured hers, hands tangled in her hair.

Stuart’s cock rubbed against her, she wiggled her hips trying to get him where she wanted him, “Please, Please…” She whispered breathlessly against his lips. One of his hands untangled themselves from her hair and pulled her leg around his hip the other hand pulled her knee to his chest before he released her lips.

“Tell me what you want.” He stopped moving then, staring down at her. Her lips were swollen from his kisses, her breasts heaved with each breath, the flush of arousal on her chest mixed with the signs of his ministrations, she looked thoroughly rumpled.

She wanted to yell at him that he knew what she wanted. She wanted to scratch at his chest, to claw at him to get him to move, his cock was right there… But she looked up at him. His chest and face were flushed, she could see the strain of arousal on his face, a fine sheen of sweat covered him. He looked delectable, all male muscle and sweat. His cock throbbed at her entrance, she could feel him pulsing. Reaching up, she put a hand over his rapidly beating heart and let her nails sink into his skin just a little before leaning up. Their bodies perfectly aligned now, and whispering in his ear. “You… I want you Stuart. I want you to fuck me.”

His eyes darkened with lust, just a second before he slammed his hips into hers. His moan as he entered her ended on a growl that made her shiver. His hips pistoned in a sharp and steady rhythm making her gasp with each thrust. Her nails scratched at his back, clawing into his skin as he pushed her hips hard into the couch. “Please, please, please, yes please…” Her breathless mantra stirred him on faster. He pushed her back onto the couch and pulled her hips forward before slamming back into her, he watched the rise and fall of her chest with each thrust, each moan.

Her hands clutched her breasts now, rolling the nipples hard and pulling them away from her body, her eyes glued to his face as he watched her. Each sound he made echoed through her core, sending lust sizzling over her body. She was making him moan, her body was bringing him pleasure. She was so close, she tilted her pelvis just a little more and THERE. He saw her eyes güvenilir bahis şirketleri roll to the back of her head when he hit that spot, so he hunched forward and slammed into it. Her mouth hung open in a wordless cry as he pounded his body into hers, her eyes begging him. “Fuck yes, ” He growled when he felt her spasm around him, “Cum for me.. Fuck…” His head was on her shoulder as she stiffened around him and came. Hearing his name break from her lips in that high pitch tone almost did him in, as it was he was trying everything not to end it right there.

“Please… Please…” Her breath was hot in his ear, he wanted to grin, she wanted more. “Please Stuart… please… I need…” She panted and he pulled his head off her shoulder to look at her, though his movements never stopped.

“What do you need princess?” His words were whispered against her ear.

She pushed him back a bit in response which stopped his movements, she could still feel him twitching inside her. “I want to change positions…” She smiled and scooted away from him and twisted, giving him a nice view of her back. She leaned forward and lined her pelvis up with the back of the couch and wiggled her ass at him. He snarled slightly before wrapping his arms around her from behind and sliding himself in. “Ah Yes!” She moaned and pushed back onto him, rotating her hips slightly before he pulled out. He grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back so he could nibble on her neck, his other hand reached down to run his fingers over her clit.

“Let me see if I can make you come again…” He growled against her ear.

“Cum with me…” She moaned at him between gasps, “Please…”

His hips jerked, and his rhythm was thrown off for a moment before he caught back up to speed. His thrusts became frantic now, rubbing his cock along her insides, pushing her harder into the top of the couch, his fingers rolling her clit. “Stuart… please… please!” Her hips pushed back desperately, trying to make him cum with her. He growled as he felt her tighten around him, and is hips stuttered again. He couldn’t stop it so he bit down hard on the join of her shoulder and slammed into her as hard as he could. Feeling his cock jerking inside her as she came mixed with his teeth in her shoulder pushed her over the edge and she screamed her release.

For a few moments they didn’t move save for breathing. He pulled his teeth from her neck and pulled back, moaning at the feel of his cock slipping from her. She laid slumped over the back of the couch breathing deeply. He palmed her ass affectionately before leaning forward and kissing it. She giggled and swatted at him, finally turning and looking at him. Her hair was a mess, her lips were swollen, her neck and breasts were starting to bruise. He breathed a deep sigh, and fell sideways on the couch. “Maybe we should move somewhere… a bit more comfortable?” She said after staring at his naked form for a moment. “I still need to go in and shut off my system… I’m pretty sure the guys could hear me…” He laughed then and covered his eyes with the back of his hand.

“You think? I bet your neighbors hate you right now,” he spoke softly as he trailed his fingertips down her side. “I could do with a softer surface than this couch…” She huffed and swatted at him again before getting up off the couch and stared down at him. Her hands were on his hips, and he smiled goofily up at her. “You are adorable when you are cranky, when you opened that door and gave me that attitude… Mmm.” he bit down on his lip before sitting up.

“Don’t try and be cute now, cowboy. Just get your ass in my bed.” She spoke over her shoulder as she walked out of the room headed back to flip off her console. She could explain to the guys later, right now she just wanted to cuddle up in bed. Once the system was off, she paused listening to Stuart move about in her apartment. She moved into out of the room and saw that he had collected their clothes into a pile and put his boots by the front door with hers. He had also locked the front door, but where did he go?

“I figured we could both use a drink.” He spoke from behind her, holding two glasses of tea in his hands. “If I remember right, you like this specific tea.” He handed her a glass and brought his own up to his lips.

“Oh, thanks…” She whispered and pulled the tea up to her lips. “Yes, thank you,” she said after a moment of letting the cool liquid slide down her throat. “Let me, um… The bed is this way…” She grabbed his fingers and pulled him into the bedroom slowly. There hadn’t been any other male in this room since she had moved it. It wasn’t that she didn’t date, although most of the boys she had the unfortunate luck to go out with ended up not being what she wanted, she just never brought anyone into her domain. Until now, she set her cup on the bedside table and turned to look at him.

“Purple? Cute.” He laughed behind his tea before setting down his glass as well. He reached around her and pulled the blankets down a bit and slid past her into the bed before sighing when he laid out. “Damn, this thing is like a cloud, how do you ever leave?” She watched in amazement as he snuggled deeper into her bed and covered his legs with her comforter. “Are you going to join me or are you just gonna stand there with the light on and stare?”