The story of Dan & Jane. Ch. 6


The story of Dan & Jane. Ch. 6“Honey, come in here!” commanded Jane. Dan made his way into the lounge where Jane and Mark were sat on the sofa drinking wine. Mark had his arm round Jane and she was cuddled into him. “This arrived this morning “ she said handing Dan a box. “Open it!”Dan opened the box and saw the small metal chastity device, it really was quite small. He wasn’t big, but he figured it would still be a snug fit. He looked at his wife and her lover for instruction. It was Mark who spoke, “Get upstairs and shave all around your little clitty, you will then come down here naked, get on your knees and beg me to lock you in that device. You will make it convincing and you will explain to me why you want to be locked in it, now move!” Dan rushed upstairs, he was excited but nervous, what was he going to say to Mark? Begging was going to be very humiliating for him. As he tried to sort his words out in his head, he found himself getting hard, at least that would make it easier to shave, he lathered up with shaving foam as he continued to think about what he would say to get locked in his chastity cage. It was all feeling rather nice down there and he was getting very horny, he moved from lathering up his groin to stroking his hard cock. He was canlı bahis suddenly shocked my his wife’s voice “what the fuck do you think you are doing!” She shouted at him, he felt like a schoolboy who had been caught wanking in his bedroom. “I’m sorry” he said quickly. “Mark said you weren’t to be trusted, it’s a good job he suggested that I check on you. I’ll watch you finish shaving and then we’ll go downstairs so you can beg Mark to lock up your pathetic little dick”They walked back into the lounge together, Dan was totally naked, freshly shaved and sporting an erection, he was embarrassed and kept his eyes down. “Well I’m not going to be able to lock it up like that, am I?” said Mark. “I think we’re going to need to ice it”. Jane spoke up “Mark, you were right about Dan, when I went upstairs I caught him stroking himself”. “In that case we will get rid of that erection in a different way” said Mark, who went out to his car. He came back a minute later carrying a small hand whip. It had a short handle with 12 short, thin, leather straps attached to the end of it. Dan grimaced, he didn’t like the look of it, or what might happen next. “Stick it out” demanded Mark. Dan looked confused, he glanced at Jane then looked back at Mark. “Your pathetic bahis siteleri little dick” he said “put your hands on your head and stick it out!” Dan slowly obeyed, as soon as he leaned back a little causing his cock to stand out proud, he saw Marks hand move before feeling the pain. “FUCK!” Dan shouted as he grasped his hands to his crotch and hopped from foot to foot. “Get back in position” snarled Mark. Dan straighten up and put his hands back on his head, his erection was subsiding, but Mark quickly got another stinging blow in to ensure it went down fully. “Now, get on your knees and beg me bitch!””Sir, I beg you please lock my pathetic cock in chastity. I don’t deserve to get any sexual satisfaction unless it has been granted by you or my wife. I confess to masturbating frequently and probably neglecting my wife because of it. By locking me up, it will hand over control of my orgasms and I can focus on her sexual pleasure. Please lock my cock in my chastity device”. Dan stopped and slowly looked up at Mark. “You’ve only told us half the story Dani, share your desires, remember we know your internet search history” said Mark. Dan sighed and continued “I’m a pathetic sissy and I need to be locked up to control my manly desires and help me to bahis şirketleri become like a good girl, to learn to become Dani and act like a slutty woman. I want to be a sissy bitch to please the sexual desires of both you and my wife. Please sir, I beg you to lock my clitty up and deny me the right to orgasm.””Excellent” said Mark, “Did you get all of that?” he said as he looked at Jane. She replied “Yes lover, it’s all on video”. Dan was shocked to see Jane with her phone in her hand, she’d videoed him begging to be put in chastity and be treated as a sissy. He felt totally humiliated, but very horny, he was very hard again. Mark tutted when he noticed. “You are a fucking slut Dani, I need to get you soft again so I can fit your chastity cage. Ice or the whip?” he asked. It was a no brainer, Dan asked for ice. Mark started laughing, “Well I enjoyed the whip last time and it worked quickly, so hands on head and stick it out for me slut!” Dan was defeated as he did as ordered despite knowing the pain that was to come. It took 4 strikes from the whip for his erection to fully subside this time, he put his hands to his genitals each time, cried out in pain and jumped around. “You have a lot of learning to do Dani, you will be trained to behave better than this in future” said Mark as he manipulated Dans small soft cock into the jailbird chastity device and clicked the padlock shut. Mark kept one key on his key ring and Jane placed the other on a gold chain around her neck.