The Storm

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The StormAs I moved into the kitchen, lightning crackled outside, silhouetting her curves as she stood at the kitchen window, enthralled by the storm seething outside. I knew how it was affecting her because it affected me the same way. The raw fury of the wind and rain combined with the blinding lightning and deafening thunder caused our blood to rush through our bodies, filling each part with heat and energy.I came up behind her, knowing she knew I was there. I wrapped both arms around her, one above her breasts and one below. It wasn’t a gentle embrace. The storm prevented that, but it wasn’t rough. Her curves melted into my body as she responded to my tight embrace. I started at her hairline and worked my way down her neck, following the pulse in the jugular to the tip of her shoulder, each little nibble followed by a kiss, and then back up. I then swapped arms and attended to the other side of her neck and shoulder. The throb of her veins against my lips was like a kiss. Her head slowly fell back onto my shoulder, but she kept her eyes on the storm outside and kept her body in tune to the building storm within us. As the lightning blinded us and the thunder deafened us, our own lightning crackled along our skin and our own thunder coursed within us. Our breathing became rushed and ragged as my hands moved to her heaving breasts, nipples tight and straining against her sleep tee. Her hands moved down and back to roam up and down me. I wouldn’t let her between us, though. This is for her. The storm. I will take her places that only I can take her. I love her so. Her pleasure is my pleasure. I delight in her climaxes as much as she delights in mine.As the storms fury increases, my fingertips move lightly over her breasts, neck, stomach and arms. In a flash from outside, I can see her kütahya escort smile as I tell her how much I love her.Her hands come up to cover mine as they move over her, building her, slowly and carefully to the point where we will move outside, into the storm’s fury.I reach down to the beginning of her valley of ecstasy, just below where the fold of her labia begins. Three fingers, slight pressure, slow circular motion. Her legs part slightly and she starts to push back into me, caressing my man part with her bottom. Her chin slowly drops to her chest, eyes still on the whirling, swirling rain seen in the stroboscope of lightning. My pace quickens slightly as I hear the luscious moan, music to me, of her increased arousal. She is pushing against me more insistently, telling me to take her over the edge. My fingers begin faster, but tighter circles, my teeth work up and down her neck. I can feel her approaching the chasm through the connection our bodies have forged. My “free” hand, which has been busy lightly trailing up and down her settles on her breast and nipple. I know the timing well. As her little cries move up the scale, my fingers close on her nipple. The extra sensations of the nipple caress take her into the oceanic waves of climax. As wave after wave of internal storm winds wash over her, the storm outside cooperates with wind whipped rain slashing against the house. Her head sinks back onto my shoulder, her hair sticking to her damp forehead. She reaches up and back to caress my face. She turns in my arms and deeply kisses me, her sweet breath and contended smile being all I need to feel contentment myself.But the storm outside calls us. She reaches down, grasps me in a firm and insistent grip and leads me to the door. As we move into the storm tossed escort kütahya yard the power goes out. The full darkness created by the failure of the security light, is in stark contrast with the almost continuous lightning generated by the storm which is almost overhead.We move to the tarp I put out earlier, knowing a storm was coming. She takes my face in her hands and kisses me. We lay naked on the tarp, the rain feeling like thousands of constantly moving fingertips. I lay beside her adding my fingertips to the symphony of sensations the storm sends upon her. I begin the wonderful task of kissing her all over starting at her temples and working my way down her face and neck to her torso. A wonderful little cry escapes her, as I nurse her nipples, almost drowned by the thunder so loud that we can feel the pressure wave. Down her stomach I move, skipping the ultimate goal to move down her legs. She turns over and I work my way up the backs of her legs into her bottom. My tongue finds her bottom and lovingly kisses it all over and delves into the valley. She raises her hips to spread her cheeks to allow me full access. She turns over again and I begin to slide my tongue up and down her labia majora, her taste like fine wine. I move down to the opening of her place of emergence, which sweet well of life was overflowing in her arousal, mixed with the clean rain that continued to lash us.As I begin to close the circle, her hips begin to circle. The lightning and thunder is continuous now. The center of the storm watches us and applauds with enthusiasm as I slide my tongue slowly up and down her small shaft. It creeps slowly at first. She tells me mentally when it is time to move ahead. At that command, my tongue begins to flick back and forth and up and down, barely contacting kütahya escort bayan her clitoris. The storm increases it’s fury not to be outdone by the love below. I feel the hair on my back begin to raise and I know that we are in danger, but there is nothing I can do but continue to make love with She-For-Whom-I-Draw-Each-Breath. I place my lips against her clitoris and buzz them like a vibrator. I am rewarded with her now primal screams of passion. The storm, angry at being outdone by mere mortals, unleashes a shaft of white hot electricity towards us. Physical law protects us from the direct strike from the envious storm. The k**’s metal swing set attracts the bolt. It charges the ground around us and creates a sensation on our skin that, incredulously, heightens our passion. She-For-Whom-I-Live erupts in a fury of climax that makes the storm seem impotent. Her juices flow over my face and I drink the nectar in, savoring her warm smokiness. Almost completely spent, my love motions me up. As she cleans her juices from my face with her tongue, her legs wrap around me to pull me into position.I enter her very slowly, the sensation of her enveloping warmth and wetness almost too much to bear. Our eyes involuntarily close as we share the sensation from opposite poles. The inviter and the visitor merge and separate in an ever increasing dance. My lady urges me on as she approaches the cliff above the stormy waves and I begin to feel the billowing clouds of impending climax start rushing toward her. I meet her on the edge of the cliff and we fall into the ocean of orgasm together, the storm, yet again, made impotent by love and lovemaking.As our breathing begins to slow the storm moves on, leaving us alone in darkness. We hold each other close, gifting each other with the little, sweet, soft kisses and caresses that ease us back into the world.The clouds part and begin to clear as the dawn breaks over us. We share a smile and a warm embrace as we stand together, thanking Creator for His gift of storms. May they be plentiful and powerful.