The Storm



Until now, I always enjoyed traveling. The Navy sent me to cool places I thought I’d never be able to see. Guam, unfortunately, wasn’t one of those places.

It was only supposed to be a six hour layover. There was a storm coming in and they thought we should try to avoid it. Well, the storm ended up being a hurricane and six hours turned into 2 days.

They put us up at a decent hotel, so I decided to make the best of it. Although she wasn’t great looking, I flirted a little with the check-in girl behind the counter. I cracked a few witty jokes but she was having none of it. The girl waiting in line behind me, however, got my humor and giggled when I asked the desk girl if my stay would be concluded with a happy ending.

I overheard her tell the check-in girl that her name was Kelley. Unlike my former interest, Kelley was beautiful. Her long raven hair was offset by a light complexion which made her green eyes burst. I was immediately attracted to her and waited to talk to her, but she was hurried off by who I assumed to be was her commanding officer. Oh well, I thought. If I see her again, I see her again. At least I could use that cheesy happy ending line and jog her memory!

It was dinner time and I’d just been woken from my nap by a grumbling belly and the earth shattering crack of thunder. I knew the storm was in full swing now and I wouldn’t be heading out for dinner, so rather than order room service, I decided to clean myself up and head down to the restaurant.

I’d just about finished the cracked crab and potatoes and was ready to head back upstairs when I heard,

“So, does this meal come with a happy ending?”

I spun around in my seat and was delighted to see Kelly.

She looked stunning and I was stumped for words, an unusual side effect of a beautiful woman showing interest in me…


I am so pissed that I am stuck in Guam. It wouldn’t be so bad if the weather was going to be nice, at least I could kill some time scuba diving, but unfortunately we are in for a hell of a storm. Go figure, only woman stationed at Special Forces and I get sent to Guam. As I stand in line waiting to check in to the hotel before going to my duty station tomorrow afternoon I notice this guy in front of me. I love tall men and shoulders- he has both of that going for him, but, I haven’t seen his face yet.

Waiting for my turn to check in I start thinking about how long it has been since I have had sex- even wanted sex for that matter. God it must have been eons for my mind to start working like this, over a stranger standing in front of me! I could always attribute some of these feeling on the darkening skies outside- storms always do this to me. There is something about Mother Nature getting so pissed off at the world that turns me on.

I overhear the guy in front of me crack a joke for the check-in girl but she is so overwhelmed with the people standing in line it is almost like she doesn’t hear him. But I do, and, I appreciate his sense of humor immediately. Although, I would love nothing more than to strike up a conversation- for some reason I chicken out. I finally get the key to my room and go and unpack. I opened the curtains so I could see the storm raging outside. God I fucking love storms like this. I lay back on the bed and flip through channels looking for anything, absolutely anything, to keep my mind off how revved up I am feeling right now. I pace the room like a caged tiger- bored, horny and hungry.

I should go down and get something to eat but I hate eating alone. I started thinking maybe, just maybe, I would run into the guy that was in line ahead of me. I was already kicking myself for not saying anything downstairs. I might of at least been able to spend the night playing cards or something. Opening up the mini-bar I notice a few little bottles of Jose Cuervo and figure what the hell at least I might be able to sleep tonight. After a few shots I realized that I needed to eat and I was buzzed enough not to care that I was walking canlı bahis şirketleri into the bar/restaurant alone.

Walking into the restaurant I notice him, also sitting by himself and think to myself “what is the harm in striking up a conversation?” I start thinking of a witty opening remark and I remembered what he had said to the desk clerk. Walking up behind him I say “so, does this meal have a happy ending?” He spun around and for a second I thought that he didn’t remember me. But then I noticed something in his eye that told me he remembered me just fine.

It was at that moment that I knew this was going to turn out to be not such a bad night. He smiled slowly and asked if I would like to join him for a drink. I sat down and we began to make small talk- who we were, why we were there, and how frustrating it was to be stuck in the hotel. For me, sitting in the restaurant talking was almost like foreplay. I could see the storm raging outside and I am talking to this gorgeous man, slightly drunk and very, very horny. The waiter came over and told us that the restaurant was getting ready to close soon and wondered how you would react if I blatantly asked you to finish our conversation back in my room……


I couldn’t believe I was actually sitting here with her – the girl from the lobby – Kelley. The storm started battering the hotel pretty violently. The waiter let us know they were closing up. I didn’t want my time with Kelley to end, but thought it might be too bold to ask her up. I could tell we had great chemistry and I was really into her. She was smiling and staring down at her napkin. I was trying to work the nerve to ask her up when she looked up at me, her eyes locking on mine, half drunk and half adoring.

What the fuck, I thought, and leaned in right there at the bar and kissed her. It was a soft kiss, her lips wrapping around mine, our tongues gently caressing one another’s.

She slid her hand over my knee as she nibbled my bottom lip. I knew it was time to go.

We held hands and Kelley tucked her head into my shoulder as we walked, stumbling just a bit from the boat drinks we’d consumed. She giggled and grabbed my ass as we walked down the hall to my room. I stopped and pulled her in tight against me, kissing her hard this time, more passionately than before. She let out a whimper as we enveloped each other just outside my door.

The door beeped and swung open, our lips still locked. I let the door slam shut and pinned her against the foyer wall. Kelley wrapped both legs around me as I pressed her harder into the wall.

Still clung to me like a starfish, I walked her over to the bed and laid her down.

I turned on some music and opened the blinds, giving us a front row seat to one of the most intense tropical storms either of us had ever seen.

Kelley’s eyes closed as she breathed in the tropical humid air. She licked and bit her bottom lip as she watched me undress. I slipped my shirt off and made my way toward her. She was wearing jeans, sandals, and a little pink tank top. Her hands explored my torso as I lifted her top off. I unsnapped her bra in a flick and guided her to her back, lying next to her, kissing her passionately as I unsnapped her jeans.

Her hands slipped below my waistband; working my shorts off and exposing my cock, stiff and ready for whatever she had in store. I wanted her mouth, her hands, and her soft pussy all over it. I wanted this girl more intensely than any other I’d ever been with. Maybe it was the storm, maybe it was the alcohol, but I knew better. I knew it was her. It was our connection, hot and intense.

The air was thick and humid, but I still felt the heat radiate from her like a furnace. I slipped her out of her jeans and stood over her, admiring her amazingly feminine body. Her breasts were perfect, and her legs long. The little black lace panties she wore did little to cover her dripping wet pussy.

I slid them slowly down her thighs over her knees and past her ankles. I dropped to canlı kaçak iddaa my knees and began kissing the inside of her knee. Her hands swept through my thick hair as the thunder cracked.

We lost power right in the middle of Into the Mystic by Van Morrison. The outage killed the music and the lights, but mother nature filled in beautifully, sending bright flashes of lightening down in torrents, and the constant cracks of thunder provided the rhythm while the pelting rain against the awnings provided the melody of our storm song.

Kelley was grinding harder now, a more primal lust taking hold of her. My lips moved up her leg, my tongue sweeping her thigh. I could feel her pulling me by my hair harder, aching for my lips and tongue against her soft wet pussy.

I pushed her legs open and used my fingers to part her lips, sliding them lightly along the edge as I did. She moaned out wildly. I found her clit and kissed it lightly, letting my tongue barely touch it. She responded and thrust her hips upward.

My tongue slid inside her easily, moving to explore every inch of her hot pussy. I slid it up to her clit and let my thumb work her deep while my tongue swirled around her swollen clit. I watched Kelley writhe under me and as the thunder boomed, so did she….


Knowing we could make this a really good night and definitely not ready for the night to end, I looked up giving him that look that only women can give. The one that says “I will do anything you want.” We leaned into one another at the same time and kissed. It was that I don’t know you, but I want to kisses. Gently exploring, trying to feel and remember everything, desperate kisses where there has to be more to follow.

There is no doubt that we are leaving together and no questions have to be asked. We leave the bar and I can’t keep my hands off you. I am in that playful, knowing I will have you moods, building you up while we walk to your room. I rub my hand across your ass and around your opposite hip and back. With my other hand I lightly brush up against the front of your shorts where I can feel your cock already getting hard. Leaning against you making sure you can feel my breast up against your ribcage.

We get to the door; you fumble with your key-card and in unison and almost instinctive need, we immediately cling to one another before the lock could open. Kicking the door open we enter the room as one and I can feel you pushing me up against the wall. All I can think is how much I want this and how great you feel. Pinned against the wall I can feel your cock grow even harder, pressed up against my already wet pussy as I lift my legs up around your waist. Damn, I can’t get close enough to you. I want your clothes out of the way so I can melt into you and explode like the storm outside.

Walking me to the bed we part just long enough for you to stand in front of me while I run my hands up the front of your shirt, over you chest while sliding your shirt over you arms. You kneel above me as I laid back on the bed feeling every burst of energy Mother Nature gave outside. As you reached down to unsnap my jeans and slide my shirt up over my arms I can’t help but reach down in your shorts, running my hands down your hips to slide them down your legs. I have to be able to touch you. Finally, I run my hands back up your thighs and reach around cupping your shaft running my fist up and down your hardness. God, my pussy throbs in anticipation. I want to slide my mouth up and down, tracing the same path as my hands. But, you push me back on the bed reaching for my jeans.

You slipped my jeans over my hips and pulled them off me and on your way back I could feel your breath, almost cold, against the heat of my pussy. I reach down whimpering to grab your hair urging your head where I needed it most. I could feel your fingers teasing me open and it drove me crazy. With both legs bent up and spread open I hold your head on each side so I can thrust my hips up, fucking your face. When I feel your tongue enter canlı kaçak bahis me deeply only to slide up and suck my clit I beg you with my hips to push your thumb as deep as you could while your lips put pressure on just the right spot. My head is thrown back on the bed and I am panting and moaning. It only takes a moment straining up against you, and I cum harder and more intense than ever in my life.

As you crawl up from between my legs – kissing my stomach, ribcage, breasts and collarbones- my nails digging lightly in your shoulders urging you again to my mouth. I don’t understand it but I am more than ready for you again. I didn’t even notice we lost power because of the raging storm and want nothing more than to be out on that balcony, naked, getting pelted by the rain while you fuck me. I want to be bent over the railing, or on my knees sucking you dry, or pressed up against the balcony window….. I cannot stop these thoughts from running through my mind. But as I feel your cock sliding up my inner leg as you cover me with your body I decide I can wait and ask you how you would feel about going outside after you slide deep inside of me and I can experience what I have been thinking about all evening……


The room is filled with darkness, the only light supplied by the incessant lightening strikes. The only sound filling the room is Kelley’s cries of passion as I bring her to climax with my tongue.

She asks me to fuck her on the balcony, right in the middle of the hurricane. I hesitate for a moment, contemplating the danger of her request. The human being is a great conductor of electricity, the debris flying through the air in the high winds, the rain pelting the building where we’re staying.

As if God himself were ordaining our union that evening, the storm suddenly lightens. Perhaps the eye was close to us, passing by overhead, allowing us several minutes of reprieve.

I pull Kelley from the bed and lead her to the balcony. I slide the door open and feel the rain blow on us immediately. It happens in waves and where moments earlier, the winds gusted, they now caressed. The rain felt amazing, washing the stickiness and sweat from our bodies as we clung to each other, kissing more passionately than before.

I pressed Kelly against the railing, the rain still heavy against both of us. She is wild, unrestrained in the storm and completely uninhibited. She wraps her legs around me as I plunge deep inside of her. She lets her head fall back, feeling the rain wash over her face as I pump my hips in and out of her. Her grip on the railing is tight. It’s not because she’s afraid of falling. She is simply trying to maintain some sort of restraint as I fuck her harder. Her pussy welcomes me and I take full advantage.

I pull her toward me and spin her around. She grasps the railing and thrust her ass toward me, inviting me in from behind. I eagerly grab her hips and slide in easy, watching the rain wash down her back and slide off my stomach as I thrust into her deeper.

I move steadily, yet forcefully, feeling my cock fill every bit of her. I reach down and pull her hair back as I thrust again powerfully. I know the eye is passing as a break in the darkness above lets several small beams of light through.

The rain lightens as I slide out of her and feel myself explode. The cum drenches her back, but only for a moment as the rain quickly washes it. Kelley drops to her knees, taking my shaft in her mouth, sucking it dry.

The sun suddenly bursts through the sky and we feel its warmth wash over us. We stand naked, holding each other’s wet bodies for only a few moments before we hear the roar of the storm off in the distance. We know what comes next and decide we’d better go for round two in the room.

Our soaked and exhausted bodies fall to the bed where we become a mess of entangled limbs and tongues, holding each other as if these were our last moments together, desperately prying for time to extend itself on our behalf.

The building quaked and rocked several times that night, but we rode out the storm together in the sexiest fashion I’ve known. There has never been a thunderstorm since that hasn’t reminded me of that night – of the passion and the sex in the eye of a hurricane with Kelley.