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THE SPA FOR BEHAVIOR MODIFICATIONHello everyone,this story was requested by a reader. It’s a different type of story for me, because this scenario deals with the female domination of a rich and powerful husband. Please let me know what you think.The long black limousine parked beside the large hotel complex in the hills. Charles Randolph and his wife Gina stepped from the vehicle and looked around at relaxed guests walking around the Middleton Spa. Gina selected the Spa for the couple’s vacation because it was located in the secluded California hills, miles from Charles publishing empire in Los Angeles. “I think we’re going to have fun here,” Gina commented. She smiled while adjusting her short black leather skirt. She noticed some of the male and female guests looking at her.“I have to find a computer, so I check my email messages,” Charles replied, as they walked into the lobby.Alexandra Stone, the owner of the spa personally greeted them. “Mr. and Mrs. Randolph, it’s a pleasure to see you. The tall and attractive woman then explained the activities at the spa. “My goal is to keep you happy and satisfied during your stay with us.”“I can’t wait to get started,” Gina said. She smiled at Alexandra.”Let me show you to your room.” Several minutes later Alexandra led the couple into an elegant suite. Five female attendants carried their bags in behind them. “This will do nicely,” Gina said.“This stay is costing me a fortune,” Charles remarked. “We should have the best room in the house.”Alexandra laughed. “This room is for your wife Mr. Randolph. Not you.”“What the hell are you talking about?” Charles frowned. Moments later, he appeared startled after two female attendants grasped his arms. “What the hell is going on here?”“Relax pig,” said another attendant. She pressed a white cloth against his face. “Breath deep. You’re going to wake up a slave.” The women laughed as the mild sedative caused Charles’ legs to buckle. They lowered him to the floor, where he remained conscious, but could not move.“Get the clothes off this rich and powerful business executive,” Alexandra ordered. Several minutes later, the helpless man lay naked on the floor.“You must be very confused, since you’re not in charge Charles,” Gina said. She laughed. “I’ve come to this spa every week for the past six months. I’ve learned learn everything I can about controlling tough and difficult men like you.”“Secure his arms behind his back,” Alexandra ordered. The women fastened a collar around Charles’ neck. They rolled him onto his stomach, before pulling his arms behind his back. There they secured his wrists together with a long leather cord dangling from the collar.“I’ve spent months training other men to prepare for today,” Gina continued, “Now it’s your turn to learn how to serve me properly.”“Why?” Charles mumbled. “Why are you doing this?”Gina laughed. “This is payback for that secretary you fucked for months. You spent thousands of dollars on that young whore so she would fuck you. I spent thousands learning how I’m going to make you suffer for the rest of your life.”“You can’t do this,” Charles mumbled, as the sedative began wearing off. His face was red from the humiliation.Gina laughed again. “If you give me any problems, if you resist, I’ll divorce you, and you’ll loose everything.”“Get the pig up on his feet,” Alexandra ordered. The women lifted Charles off the floor by his arms. “This is your new life you piece of shit. A strong and powerful female is going to dominate your life until you die.”Charles was confused. “Let me get dressed. We need to talk this out before you do something you regret Gina.”She laughed. “Our talking ended with your affair. Now it’s time for you to pay dearly. Your days of doing whatever you want are over.”“Make his cock hard, so we can see what’s important to this piece of shit,” Alexandra ordered.Charles’ face became red after an attendant began stroking his limp shaft with a hand. “Stop doing this to me.” The woman shocked him when she knelt in front of him. She unexpectedly began sucking on his shaft. “This piece of shit can still get it up,” Alexandra said, as the man’s cock slowly became hard.“Make her stop doing this to me,” Charles pleaded with his wife. He was embarrassed.“Every woman here is going to help with your training Charles,” Gin replied. “Many of these powerful women are going to be touching your precious body.”Several minutes later, the terrified man’s cock was long and hard. Alexandra pulled a ball of twine from a cabinet. “Tie this around his fucking cock so we can lead him around with it.”“No, stop,” Charles pleaded after two women grasped his legs. They spread them part exposing his balls. Another woman knelt in front him. She began wrapping the twine tightly around his thick shaft. “Make her stop Gina! It’s hurts!”“This pig must like the pain,” said the woman, as she warped the twine around the shaft. “He’s getting harder.” “Make her stop,” Charles cried. Several minutes later, his entire shaft was encased in the twine. After another woman painfully stretched his balls toward the floor, they wrapped the twine tightly around them. “Is your pussy getting wet my dear?” Alexandra asked Gina.“I’m going to orgasm.” Her body shuddered and she moaned, while grasping a table for support. Then she smiled. “I enjoy watching my cheating husband suffer.”Alexandra took the twine, after the woman tied it around Charles’ balls. She jerked it forward quickly. She smiled after the man screamed from the pain. “This tough guy is really a sissy boy.”“Wait, stop.” Charles stumbled forward as Alexandra began leading him around by pulling the twine. It stretched his cock and balls painfully from his body. He had no choice but to follow her. He screamed each time she jerked the string to increase the painful sensations. Alexandra stopped beside a table. “It’s time for your wife to begin your training.”He watched Gina pulling on black latex gloves. “Please, let me go Gina. Please.” Before he could plead again, the women pushed him forward, until the front of his legs pressed against the cold marble table. Then they pushed forward on his shoulders, until they held his upper body down on the black marble.“I’ve learned that every man can be controlled if a powerful woman fucks his ass.” Gina dipped her gloved fingers into a jar of lubricant. Then she pressed her fingers against his tight, virgin asshole. “It’s time to open up your ass.”“Stop, Gina stop,” Charles pleaded. He felt her slender fingers begin to slide into his tight ass. “I can’t do this. I can’t!”She laughed. “You’re going to take everything I put up your ass, especially my strap on dildo.” She forced her fingers deeper into the tight channel. She knew she was stretching apart the tight muscles.Charles struggled violently, as the pain of penetration became more intense. “Stop! Please stop!”“I’m not stopping, until my fist is in your ass, sissy boy.” Gina pushed her fingers deeper, experiencing a unique sense of control and power as her husband screamed from the pain. Fifty minutes later, she smiled as her petite fist slid deep into his anal passage. She felt the muscles of her pussy contracting with pleasure while he screamed hysterically from the burning pain. “I’m looking forward to fucking this tight ass.”“The sissy boy is crying,” Alexandra said. She laughed after she saw the tears running from his eyes. “This is where you learn I’m now in charge, you piece of shit,” Gina said sarcastically. She pulled the hand from his ass. She smiled while listening him whimper from the painful penetration.“Let’s take him to his room,” Alexandra told the women. They dragged him from the suite, and through the halls of the spa. He was humiliated as other women, strangers, laughed at him, and the twine tied around his cock and balls. “All of these women have their husbands in training here Charles,” Gina explained. “You will not be alone.”Alexandra led the group into a large, windowless building. Charles was shocked to see more than four dozen naked men locked in narrow steel cells. Many of the men screamed hysterically from the pain while other attendants surrounded them.They women pushed Charles into a cell. There they forced him down on his stomach, on a steel frame bed. They removed the twine from his cock and balls. Then they spread his legs before placing steel shackles around his ankles to secure him to the bed. He struggled but could not roll onto his back.“Let me off this thing,” he pleaded. “Please Gina.”“That’s not going to happen. I begged you to come home at night, but you preferred to fuck that blonde whore instead. Now you’re getting what you deserve.” Gina unexpected pressed the tip of thick metal hook against her new slave’s abused anal opening. She forced the wide rounded tip into the tight channel.“Take it out of me! Stop!” Charles screamed. The pain was unbearable, as the steel stretched the tight muscles of his ass apart.“You’ll take all of this hook.” Gina smiled as more of the steel shaft slid deeper into his tight ass. After pushing more than eight inches into his ass, she paused to enjoy his screams. She stretched the elastic cord attached the end of the hook to the head of the bed, and secured it to the steel bed frame. She knew Charles was now unable to force the hook from his ass. “That’s ensures you won’t move from this bed until I want to see you.”“Enjoy your stay, you piece of shit,” Alexandra told him. She led the women from the cell as he screamed and pleaded for release.The following morning, four attendants released Charles from the bed. He cried out as they pulled the hook from his ass. They forced him to shower while he pleaded to be released. Then they fed him a meager breakfast. The women placed leather restraints round his wrists, and a gaziemir escort thick black collar around his neck. They connected the wrist restraints to a ring in the leather collar, under his chin. Then they dragged him out of the building.Charles found himself in an outside, in an oriental garden. Thick tall bushes surrounded the garden. He heard men screaming nearby, while women cheered. “What, what is this place?” He was unsure, and frightened.“This is where your wife will show you the pain of disobedience,” explained Alexandra, as she led Gina into the garden.“Gina, make them let me go,” Charles pleaded. “I’ll do anything you want.”His wife smiled. “I only want to see you suffer.””No, let me go.” The women dragged Charles under an ornamental archway. He struggled as they raised his arms to connect the wrist restraints to a ring in the ceiling of in archway. The women slowly pulled his legs apart. They tied ropes around his ankles, which prevented him from closing his legs.Gina knew the routine after months of training. She lifted a long black whip off a stone table. “Now slave, I’m going to show you what will happen if you disobey any of my instruction. You are nothing more than a piece of shit now. You have a cock that I will use for my pleasure in any way I want for the rest of your useless life.””No, don’t!” A howling scream of agony escaped from Charles’ mouth moments after the whip landed across the cheeks of his ass. The stinging pain caused his body to convulse wildly. Moments later the whip struck then tender skin of his ass again. “You will serve me as my slave,” Gina said. She whipped his ass again, “or you will suffer.” She laughed while the painful punishment continued. Thirty minutes later, long red bruises covered Charles’ ass. “I can’t stand the pain! Someone help me!”“Suffer, you worthless piece of shit!” Gina began whipping the back of his legs. His screams of agony made her pussy wet. “I am your new Mistress. Call me Mistress, slave.”“No, you’re not.” Charles screamed. “You’re my wife.”“Say it, your fucking worthless worm.” Gina stepped in front of him. The whip landed across his thighs, before striking his cock. She smiled as he howled from the stinging pain. “I am your new Mistress! Address me as Mistress!””Charles screamed from the pain, before Gina struck his balls with the whip. He began crying and screaming from the searing pain. He cried out the words, “Stop Mistress, stop!”“Very good Gina,” Alexandra said, congratulating the woman. “You taught him to say your name during our first training session. You’ve learned how to control a man very well.”“This is the first of many painful training sessions to come.” Gina smiled as tears ran down Charles cheeks. “I think you should begin training his tight ass.” Alexandra smiled, while toying with a long polished black marble plug. “If you plan to fuck it with your strap on dildo.” “Excellent idea. Ladies, please gag my husband. I don’t want him making a scene in public with his screams.”“Gina wait,” Charles pleaded. A woman grasped his jaw and forced his mouth open. Another pushed a black ball gag behind his teeth. She fastened the straps dangling from the gag together behind his head.Gina sat on a wooden chair in the sun. “Bend my husband over my legs so I can plug his fucking ass. Or should I say, his ass that I’m going to fuck!” The women laughed.“Agh, agh,” Charles moaned as the women freed his wrists. Then they forced him to lie over his wife’s legs. He struggled, while the gag muffled his cries.Gina grasped his cock and balls and began stroking them. “This is for my pleasure now Charles, whenever I want to be satisfied.” She crushed his cock in her hand, until he screamed from the pain.“This is prepared Mistress.” An attendant handed Gina the long and thick marble plug. A clear lubricant covered the shaft.“This won’t hurt as much, as when I fuck this ass with my new strap on dildo!” Gina began forcing the thick plug into his ass.Charles screamed hysterically, as an intense burning sensation invaded his ass and body. The solid plug forced apart the tight muscles. As more of the plug slid into his ass, the pain became unbearable. “I hope you understand, I now control your life, and your body, you sissy boy.” Gina pushed the stone plug completely into ass. She smiled as he screamed from the pain. His body shuddered from the pain on her legs. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of another orgasm. “Get this piece of shit off me.”The women forced Charles to stand. They pulled the straps dangling from the plug around his legs and waist, before fastening them together. Now the plug could not be removed.“Take him back to his cell,” Alexandra ordered. “I want his ass whipped five times every hour. In the meantime, Gina and I will be enjoying ourselves at the pool with the other women.”The following morning the attendants fed Charles before dragging him to a room filled with medical equipment. He saw Alexandra and Gina waiting for him. “Gina, please let me talk to you. Please, make this stop.”She laughed. She grasped his cock and twisted it, until the burning pain forced him to his knees. “I’m not going to feel sorry for you. You’re not leaving. It’s only going to get worse for you here slave.”Six women dressed in white medical uniforms pulled Charles to his feet. Alexandra explained, “My nurses will clean out your ass, before Gina begins ass fucking training slave.”“Gina, I’ll do anything you want if my make them stop! Anything!” He struggled as the nurses forced him down onto a leather covered table. There they removed the plug from his ass.She laughed. “It’s too late for talking. You’re going to do anything I tell you from now on slave. Or you’re going to suffer.”“Let me go!” Charles screamed hysterically as the nurses rolled him onto his stomach. They secured his wrists and ankles to the table with leather restraints. He felt fingers spread the cheeks of his ass. He screamed when the nurses began painfully forcing a thick into his ass. It stretched the tight muscles apart. “Make them stop! Take it out. Please, make them stop.”“Fill him with a hot and strong soapy enema so I can watch this piece of shit suffer.” Gina pulled off her blouse to expose her breasts. Her skirt fell around her ankles to expose the stockings and garter belt she wore. “Then I’m going to fuck my new slave.”“Oh God, stop!” Charles screamed as an electric pump forced a hot soap enema solution into his ass.“This will clean all the shit out of your body slave.” Alexandra smiled. “I can tell you this is going to be very painful slave.””I can’t stand the pain!” Charles screamed as the enema solution began causing painful cramps while it stretched his stomach. Forty minutes later the last of the soapy solution was pumped into his ass. He screamed as painful cramps racked his body. “I’m getting hot and horny watching my slave suffer.” Gina fingered her pussy. “How can we humiliate him?”“Get him off the table,” Alexandra ordered. “Make this worm squat and shit into a pail for his Mistress.”“Don’t make me do this,” Charles pleaded, after the women pulled him from the table. The pain of the cramps made walking almost impossible. The women forced him to squat over a pail, before pulling the nozzle from his ass. His face became red from the humiliation, as a flood of foul smelling brown water and shit began flowing from his ass.Alexandra laughed at him several minutes later. “When he’s finished, wash him, and bring him outside.”After he expelled all of the enema, the women pulled Charles’ arms behind his back. Restraints were fastened wound his wrists and attached together. They washed his ass while he struggled. The nurses dragged him outside where he saw many woman whipping screaming men, while other women cheered and offered encouragement. The nurses pushed Charles into a secluded garden, where he saw Gina. “Don’t hurt me anymore Gina. I’ll give you whatever you want.” “You’re going to give me a lifetime of pleasure from this day forward, or you’re going to suffer.” She motioned to the nurses. “Make his cock hard, and then place a harness around it.”“What are you doing to me?” He was shocked when a nurse began stroking his cock, while other women, strangers, congregated around them. The attractive young nurse sank to her knees. She sucked his cock, while his face became red from the humiliation.“Time to harness his worm.” Another nurse laughed which she wrapped a leather harness around the erect shaft. She slipped a strap around his scrotum, before tightening the device, to crush his cock and balls.“That hurts,” Charles screamed. “It hurts too much! Take it off!”“It doesn’t hurt as much as this is going to hurt you slave.” Gina stepped in front of him. A long and thick dildo dangled from the harness around her waist. A white lubricate covered the thick black plastic shaft.“What is that?” Charles was in pain, and confused“I’m going to fuck my new slave’s ass.” Gina slid her fingers over her husband’s chest before stepping behind him.“Gina, please don’t do this to me!” The women ignore his cries, and forced Charles to his knees. They held his bound arms, forcing him to lean forward at the waist. Two women pulled his legs apart. “This is insane. You can’t do this to me.”“I’m going to enjoy this so much.” Gina pressed the head of the dildo against her husband’s anal opening. She pushed her hips forward. She smiled while watching the wide head of the dildo force the tight muscles of his ass apart. “Stop! Stop!” Charles pleaded. “You’re splitting me apart!”Gina felt herself orgasm from the undeniable sense of power and control. She pushed the dildo deeper into the screaming man’s ass. “Who has the cock now you piece of shit? I do! Who’s getting their ass fucked slave? You are, escort gaziemir you piece of shit!”“Take it out of me!” Charles screamed from the burning pain. The pain became unbearable while Gina worked the entire length of the dildo into his ass.“Your new Mistress has the cock now, you piece of shit!” Gina grasped his hips and began unmercifully fucking his ass. She pulled back her hips, withdrawing the dildo completely from his ass, before ramming the shaft back into the channel. Charles howled from the pain, which was becoming more intense. Gina continued fucked his ass. Perspiration covered his body. The women who stood and watched the action humiliated him. Their condescending remarks and laughter soon made him feel helpless. He realized he could not stop the abuse. He had to submit. “I’ll do anything you want Gina. Anything!”She smiled, while fucking his ass harder and faster. “You will call me Mistress from now on.”“Yes, yes, I will Mistress.”“Very good slave. Now you get a reward.” She reached around to grasp his cock. She stroked the shaft, still enchased in the leather harness. Charles screamed as she pushed the entire length of the dildo into his ass. “Don’t do this while everyone is watching, please!” He held back, trying not to orgasm. He heard the other women laughing at him.“All of these women are going to use this fucking worm for there own pleasure, slave. Your cock now belongs to these powerful women.” She stroked his cock until a stream of white cum shot onto the grass below his body.“Make the fucking whimp lick up his own cum,” shouted one woman. The other women cheered, agreeing.Gina pulled the dildo from his ass. She smiled while studying the stretched muscles. “Make him lick the cum off the grass.”“No, I won’t,” Charles protested. He struggled. “I won’t do it.”The attendants rolled him onto his back. They spread his legs. Gina placed her high heel shoe onto his cock, with the stiletto heel pressed against his scrotum. “You’ll do everything I say slave.” She pushed down with her foot.The sudden agonizing pain caused Charles to scream. “Stop hurting me! I’ll do whatever you want!”“I know you will.” Gina smiled. “Roll him onto his side so he can clean up the mess this piece of shit made with his fucking worm.” The women cheered as the man licked the unusual tasting cum off the grass. “I did what you wanted Mistress.”“Yes you did.” Gina motioned to the other women. Some of them pulled down their skirts to expose the strap on dildos fastened around their waist. “These other women are now going to fuck your ass slave. They’re going to enjoy using a slave’s ass for their own pleasure. If you don’t make each of them orgasm with your screams slave, I’m going to whip your balls until you pass out from the pain!”“No, stop, stop!” Charles screamed from the pain after a tall and beautiful woman knelt behind him. She unmercifully forced the head of a thick dildo into his abused ass. He looked up to see Gina standing in front of him, laughing with other women. “Don’t let them use me like this! Please, make them stop!” He screamed from the pain of penetration.“Enjoy getting your ass fucked, you piece of shit. Having my new female friends fuck your ass is going to one of your only pleasures when we get home.” Gina laughed. She turned and walked away while her husband screamed from the pain.Charles screamed for hours, as more than a dozen women took turns fucking his ass. Some of the woman forced him to lick their pussy until they screamed with the pleasure of an orgasm. Other women tortured and humiliated him when they crushed his cock in the hands, while he licked their pussy. When the women finished using him for their own pleasure, they stood around him triumphantly, as he lay motionless on the ground. They taunted him verbally, and physically, until he was on the verge of tears. The attendants pulled him to his feet, before dragging the humiliated man back to his cell.Late that night, Charles was shocked when Alexandra unlocked the door to his cell. Tight restraints around his ankles and wrists secured him to the bed, while he lay on his back. She sat beside him and smiled. “How are you feeling?”“You don’t care.” He turned away. “Leave me alone.”“I do care about you.” She smiled. “More than you might think.”“Then let me go. Please, let me go.”“I can’t do that. Your wife owns your mind and body. She is your Mistress.”“I can’t live this way.”“You will. You’re going to serve her, or suffer. But right now.” She paused.“What? What do you want?”“You.” She grasped his cock and began stroking it. “I want you.”“Uh, uh,” he moaned, after she began sucking the shaft while stroking it.“I enjoy it when I can make a slave orgasm.” She slid her tongue over the head of his cock. “Can you do that slave? Can I make you orgasm?”“Yes,” he moaned as she began sucking his long cock again.“Lets see.” Alexandra stood. She pulled up her short skirt. She stroked her shaved pussy with a finger, before she knelt on the bed, straddling his body. She pushed his rigid cock into her wet pussy. Her hips began rocking over his body. “Fuck me slave. Fuck your Mistress. Satisfy me slave, you fucking piece of dirt”“Oh, ugh, oh,” he moaned as she raised and lowered her body over him.“I don’t want this worm to get soft while I’m fucking myself on it slave.” She slipped two fingers around the base of his cock and squeezed it while rocking above him. “Stop squeezing! It hurts!” He struggled violently on the bed as the pain became excruciating. “It hurts!”“Of course it hurts, you dumb shit.” She closed her eyes and tightened her grip until he screamed from the pain. Then a powerful orgasm caused her to scream with pleasure, while Charles screamed from the pain.“Let go,” he screamed when she began to relax. “You’re hurting me!”“I can only orgasm when a male slave is suffering and screaming for me,” Alexandra confessed. She climbed off the bed, while still stroking his cock. She motioned three female attendants into the cell. “He’s ready.”“What, what’s going on?” Charles was shocked when an attendant began stroking his cock. “What are you doing to me?”“I’m going to ensure you never forget that Gina, your wife, is your Mistress,” Alexandra explained.“Oh, oh,” Charles moaned when the attendant began sucking on his cock. “Oh, oh.”“He’s hard enough,” Alexandra told the women. “Skewer his cock so we can begin the process.”“What, what is that?” Charles stared the long metal shaft it one woman’s hand. It was the same diameter as a pencil. He began struggling wildly when she pressed the rounded tip of the shaft against the opening at the tip of his cock. “We need to keep your cock erect and stationary for a few minutes.” Alexandra laughed.“Make her stop!” Charles shrieked from the sensation as the woman skillfully inserted the shaft into his cock. His screams were not from pain, but from the burning sensation of penetration. His screams continued for more then ten minutes, until she pushed five inches of the shaft into his cock.“Excellent,” Alexandra remarked. She motioned another woman dressed in black into the cell. “We’re going to tattoo your wife’s name onto your fucking worm slave, so you never forget who is your Mistress. This is a present to your wife, because you treated her like shit during your marriage!”“Let me!” Charles screamed as one attendant sat on his chest, and another on his legs, to prevent him from moving. “Don’t do this to me! Please, don’t!”The woman in black knelt to grasp the shaft extending from Charles’ cock. Her electric tattooing tool started, and she began working.Charles screamed hysterically from the burning pain, as the needle pierced the tender skin of his erect cock. The burning sensation was more pain than he ever experienced. His screamed continued for more than two hours, as the tattoo artist marked the skin of his cock with his wife’s name using red and black inks.When the tattoo was completed, Alexandra studied the image. “Each time you look down to take a piss slave, you will see Gina’s name on your skin, and remember she is your Mistress.”Charles screamed as the shaft was slowly and carefully removed from his cock. Several minutes later, he lay crying on the bed. “How can you do this me?”Alexandra laughed. “You’re a piece of shit to be used for a woman’s pleasure in any way we want. I just fucked and used you.” She led the women from the cell, ignoring the man’s cries for help.”“How did it go?” Gina asked when Alexandra walked into her suite. “Did you make him suffer?”“He’s a broken man.” Alexandra laughed. “Do you know he’s a terrible fuck?”“Yes he is, but I’ll train him to be better starting tomorrow.” Gina lifted a black leather harness from a table. A long black dildo dangled from it. “This is my favorite strap on. Can I show you some female tenderness for a few hours?”“I would like nothing better than to be used by you.” Alexandra unzipped her skirt. It fell around her knees, exposing her shaved pussy.Early the following morning several attendants dragged Charles from his cell. They forced him to sit in a tub of cold water where they washed his body with stiff bristled brushes. Then he was dried and fed a breakfast of dry toast and orange juice. He was then dragged to a windowless room in the spa where Alexandra and Gina waited.”Make them stop Gina,” Charles pleaded, as the restraints around his wrists were fastened together behind his back. “I’m training you to be the perfect slave.” Gina began laughing, almost hysterically. “I’m not going to stop now!”“I can’t take any more punishment,” Charles cried. He struggled when the attendants forced him down to his knees, then onto his back on the floor. They placed padded restraints around his ankles. They stretched his legs apart before attaching the ankle restraints gaziemir escort bayan to the ends of a long metal spreader bar. “How is your fucking precious cock?” Gina stepped beside him. She placed the toe of her black high heel shoe onto his shaft.“That’s hurts,” he cried, after she applied pressure to crush his cock.“That’s only the start of your suffering, you little bastard.” She nodded. The attendants attached ropes dangling from an overhead winch to the ends of the spreader bar. She smiled when a winch started. It slowly tightened the ropes, and then began lifting the spreader bar, and Charles’s legs, off the floor. “Don’t do this me to Gina,” he pleaded as the ropes lifted his lower body off the floor. Five minutes later, he was dangling by his ankles from the spread bar, his head one foot above the floor. “Let me down. “I’m going to punish you for fucking your secretary, you piece of shit.” Gina raised a leather covered paddle. “No, stop!” His body shuddered and he shrieked from the pain after the paddle landed across the cheeks of ass. He struggled helplessly, and screamed, while Gina continued paddling his ass. “How does that feel you cheating piece of shit!” Gina continued with the punishment, until her husband’s cheeks were a brilliant red hue. “Stop! Stop!” Charles screamed while dangling upside down. “I can’t stand then pain!”“Why don’t you fuck your slave in this position?” Alexandra slid her hand over a thick polished stone dildo. “What’re you doing?” Charles cried, when he felt something hard and cold slide between the cheeks of his ass. “I’m fucking your tight ass.” Gina pushed downward on the dildo to drive it into his ass.The pain was excruciating, as the cold stone shaft spread apart the tight muscles. “You’re hurting me! It hurts!” He screamed as she worked the solid stone shaft deep into his anal channel. Gina motioned to Alexandra. “Stroke his cock and make this bastard enjoy getting his ass fucked. I want him to get pleasure from ass fucking.”“No, no,” cried Charles, as a soft female hand began stroking his cock. The shaft began getting hard almost immediately. He screamed hysterically after his wife forced the dildo deeper into his ass. “You due like having your ass fucked,” screamed his wife. “I’ll have a few men in your cell tomorrow to fuck this ass until you scream!””Help me Gina!” Charles screamed as he felt a growing, intense burning pain, while the dildo spread the tight anal muscles apart. “You’re killing me! Stop! Stop!”“I hope you enjoy seeing your name on your slave’s cock.” Alexandra smiled while displaying the tattoo on the erect shaft in her hand.“Now this piece of shit will never forget who rules his life. I do! Am I right Charles?”“Yes, yes, I’ll do anything your want.”“I demand to be called Mistress.” She turned and twisted the stone dildo buried in his ass.“Oh my god, that hurts. I will call you Mistress. I will everyday.”“I’m sure you will slave.” She smiled as he screamed again, when she pulled the dildo from his ass.The attendants lowered Charles to the floor before freeing his ankles from the spreader bar. They dragged him into another room, and to a polished marble sawhorse. They forced him to bend over the device before they fastened his wrist restraints to rings at the bottom of the stone legs. Then they spread his legs apart and attached the ankle restraints to another set of rings. “It’s time for you to submit to your Mistress,” Alexandra explained. “You’ll do this every day when you get home.””Let me off this thing,” Charles pleaded. He looked down at the mirror under his head. He was shocked to see Gina remove her skirt and blouse. As she stood behind in high heels, she pulled a black leather harness around her waist. He saw the thick black dildo dangling from it. “Don’t use that on my ass Gina. Please don’t!”“You will address your wife as Mistress.” Alexandra watched an attendant spread a clear lubricant over the dildo. “This ass fucking will teach you some manners.”Gina stepped closer to him. “You know you need this Charles. I know you want to be dominated by your Mistress. Don’t you slave?” She grasped the long and hard shaft with one hand. Then she slipped the head of the strap on dildo between the cheeks of his ass.Charles struggled wildly when he felt the rounded tip press against his tight ass hole. “I can’t take any more pain! You’ll kill me!”“I won’t kill you sweetheart!” Her remark made the women laugh. She grasped his hips, and then drove her hips forward. The rounded tip of the dildo stretched apart the tight anal muscles, before the shaft began disappearing into the opening.“Someone make her stop!” He struggled frantically as the pain in his ass quickly became unbearable. He watched his wife in the mirror. He saw her pressing her hips forward, impaling his ass with the thick shaft. “It hurts! It hurts too much!”“Pain will teach you to be the perfect slave!” Alexandra grasped his hair and lifted his head. She laughed at the tortured man, as he screamed from the pain while his wife pushed the dildo deeper into his ass.“I’m going to enjoy fucking this ass whenever I need to feel the power of being your Mistress.” Gina pushed the remainder of the dildo into the man’s ass. As he screamed from the searing pain, she closed her eyes. The sight of him bound and helpless, his screams of agony, and the feeling of female superiority, caused her to orgasm again. She screamed with pleasure. She began fucking his ass faster and harder with the dildo, prolonging her own orgasm. Several minutes later, after several orgasms coursed through her pussy, Gina pulled the shaft from her slave’s ass. “Do you feel the power you now have over your husband?” Alexandra asked. She smiled. “Isn’t it wonderful? It’s the most exciting sensation in the world!”“That was amazing.” Gina removed the harness from her waist. She dropped it to the floor. She began walking around her husband. “I’m now the rich bitch who is going to ruin your life if you do not obey my every command Charles. Do you understand me? It’s obey me, or suffer in agony!”“What do you want me to do?” Charles cried.“I want you to suffer for me.” She took a long slender cane from one of the women. She stepped behind him, before sliding the cane against his dangling balls. “I own your cock and balls now Charles. I’ll use them for my pleasure whenever I want them. Don’t you agree?”“What?” He was confused.“Punish the piece of shit!” Alexandra screamed. “Make him suffer. He’s playing with you!”“No, no, I’m not,” Charles pleaded. He was confused.“I think you need more training to ensure you understand I am your new Mistress!” She smiled at the other women. She moved her arm backward. The cane made a whishing sound as it cut through the air. It struck the cheeks of his ass, making a loud cracking sound.The sudden stinging pain caused Charles’ body to shudder while he was bound and helpless. “Stop Mistress! Please stop!”“Mistress?” Gina smiled, before she whipped his ass again. “You’re learning slave. But you need more pain.””Stop! Stop!” Charles screamed as the cane fell across his ass again and again. Each strike of the cane brought a new surge of stinging pain. The impact created a long red welt on his skin. The pain caused Charles to pull frantically at the restraints holding him captive while he screamed.When Charles’s ass and legs were covered with long red welts Alexandra said, “Stop the punishment Gina. Your slave has had enough punishment for today.”The next morning, the attendants forced Charles to bath. They threw buckets of cold water onto the naked man as he stood outside. Women leading other men with long leather leashes stopped to watch the humiliating ordeal. They laughed at him, and threatened their own slaves with a similar fate.After a meager breakfast, the attendants bound his wrists behind his back. “What are you doing to me? Please don’t let my wife hurt me again. I have a lot of money. I can make all of you rich if you help me escape from this place.”The women laughed. One grasped his cock. Another fastened a leather cord around the shaft. “This way.” She pulled on the cord violently, causing him to scream from the pain as she led him out of the building.“What, what is going on?” He saw Gina and Alexandra standing beside a limousine. Both women wore short tennis skirts. “Where are you going?”Gina smiled. “Alexandra and I are returning to our house in the city. You’ll be staying here for another few months of slave training.”“What?” He was confused.“Alexandra is going to be my new female slave. She will serve all of my needs, and serve me sexually. We’ll come back occasionally and check on you, and your training. These women will take very good care of you.”“You can’t leave me here! They’ll kill me!” When a cane landed across the back of his legs, it caused him to scream from the pain.“You’ll wish you were dead before they’re done with your training,” Alexandra said. She climbed into the limousine. There she knelt on the black leather seat and pulled up her skirt to reveal she was not wearing panties. Everyone saw the smooth lips of her shaved pussy. “I’m ready to be spanked during our ride home Mistress!”“Good bye Charles.” Gina sat on the seat in the limousine. She spread her legs so Charles could see she was not wearing panties. “This is the start of our new lives. I’m going to have fun. Unfortunately, you’re going to suffer for the rest of your life.”“Don’t leave me here!” Charles watched the chauffer close the doors. “I’ll do whatever you want Mistress. I want to go home.”The car pulled away, and disappeared after pulling through the gate. “It’s time to begin your training,” said an attendant.“What’s it going to be today?” An attendant asked her.“Gina wants us to begin his bisexual training. She wants another male slave to fuck his ass every day, while we videotape the action.”“You can’t do this to me,” Charles cried as they led him toward a building. “I want to go home!”“You’ll go home as a slave someday!” An attendant replied. The others began laughing.