The Slavescapades


Morgan fidgetted in the back seat of the car, checking her watch for the thirteenth time in the last two minutes, urging the car faster as she peered out the window again. A joyous “Oh!” left her mouth as the house had appeared into view. Still, she was late. Today was the day of the choosing. The Master had taken her aside and informed her that he would be taking on two new slaves, and that things were certainly to change in the house. He had sent her on an errand as the five finalists had begun arriving, to pick up a package for him from town, and she had been caught behind a tractor on her way back out.

Barely allowing the car to stop, she leapt out of the car, her feet taking her away with her shopping bags as soon as her heels touched the gravel, with a nod to the driver, “Thanks Edwards.” The driver, whom had gotten out to open her door, tipped his hat to her with a quiet “Ma’am” then got back into the car to return it to the garage.

Taking the steps quickly, she pushed her way through the double doors, again beating the butler to it and mumbled an apology as she rocketed through the foyer. However, as she approached the large double doors to the lounge, she slowed down, actually reaching a halt as she took in a breath and composed herself, before opening them quietly and sliding through.

“You are six minutes late, my dear Morgan.” The voice came from the otherside of a large chair, its owner not turning around to see her. His attention was pointed fixedly on the five women knelt on the floor around his chair, each wearing only panties and stockings.

“My many apologies Master. There was traffic…” she began, mumbling and fixating on the floor, however he cut her off with a wave of his hand.

“Nevermind, we shall deal with that later. Now,” he stood up, looking over the various women surrounding him. Morgan eyed each of them up jealously, comparing their breasts, hair, complexion to her own, still bitter that her master wished for more than her. “Which of these deserves to be my new slaves?”

“None sire,” She smiled, sharply and almost haughtily, “None of these whores look even remotely fit to serve you.”

The Master couldn’t help but chuckle, reaching out to stroke Morgan’s cheek briefly. “Ah, and the rivalry begins. My clever little Morgan. I’m most looking forward to watching you girls fight between yourselves.” He looked back at the other girls, “However, you must not lie to your master.” And with that, he slapped her. Hard enough to teach her a lesson, however not hard enough to bring tears into her eyes. She acknowledged her punishment with a nod, saying nothing more. She knew he had already chosen.

He grew bored of the women surrounding him, and dismissed three of them, letting the staff deal with their removal from his house, just leaving his new two new girls in front of him. He had tested each one thoroughly in Morgan’s absence, and grinned fondly on the experience, before he remembered for what he had sent Morgan away. “Morgan, bring them to me.”

Opening her bag, she pulled out two wooden boxes, and with one in each hand she walked over to him, kneeling down next Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort to him and offering them up for him. In turn, he opened each box, revealing two black collars, both sisters of the collar around Morgan’s neck, which he then placed around the necks of each of the new girls. “So girls, you have taken my collar, and are now my property. I’ll run through introductions and what this entails in a moment, but first, we have a matter to deal with.”

With that, he turned again to Morgan, still kneeling next to him. “Pull your dress down.” Morgan, with a little shame, realised that her lateness was now to be dealt with, and pushed the straps of her dress off of her shoulders, then pushed her light summer dress down around her waist, leaving her breasts nude and open. “Alexis, pass me the whip from the mantle”.

One of the new slaves, a petite brunette, scrambled up and went over to the mantle piece, grabbed the big bull whip and brought it over for her new master. He took it and swished it in the air briefly, testing its balance. “Six minutes late whore. You think my time is so easily wasted?” He struck out at her breasts, hitting her three times in quick succession on the nipple of her right breasts. Morgan began to yell at the first strike, yet stifled it, still ashamed to have slipped up so seriously infront of the new girls. The second three came down hard on her left breast, leaving both her nipples stinging and sore, but as he lifted the whip again, she realised he was not done.

“Lift up your dress.” She complied immediately, her cunt now revealed from under the dress, as she remained kneeling on the floor. She quickly moved her legs apart for him, and tensed, as the whip smacked against her wide open cunt, flinching and letting out a low squeal. He only struck her once, then threw the whip onto the nearby sofa, and left her holding up her dress with her tits out.

“Alright, as my slaves, I expect you to be in a constant state of attempting to gain my favour. The most successful will gain the place of my head slave, however that position is very fluid. My Morgan here has an advantage over you both, given she knows what I like and how I like it. However, she also has a giant gaping cunt, and I have used her over and over, so you two are advantageous in being fresh and exciting.” He sat back down at this, beckoning for Morgan, whom had gone a little red as the girls giggled quietly and pointedly at her, to come and kneel in front of him with the other two girls. “Now, we have entered into a deal here. The rules are as follows: you do as I say. I’m not known for urinating or defacating on or in my property, so that shouldn’t worry you, however I will use you all as toys for my amusement. In return for this service, I shall provide for you, food, shelter, clothes, whatever nescessities you may require: in addition, a payment will be made monthly into an account, which you will be given access to once you’re time as a slave has come to an end.”

The Master then leant back in his chair, closing his eyes and waving them away with his hands. “Morgan, show them around. Get them Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort dressed.”

Morgan pushed up onto her feet and led the two girls out of the room and back into the Foyer. Not until she had closed the double doors did she pull her dress back up into place, then held a finger to her lips, suggesting silence, as she led them over to the grand stair case. Only once they had reached the top and gone through another doorway did Morgan stop. “Alright, so you’re Alexis,” She pointed to the small brunette, stepping back and taking her in. A small mouth, and lean like a whippet, medium breasts smaller than her own though with very large nipples, and a pretty face. Not too bad, Morgan thought. “So you are?” She gestured to the second girl, taller by a few inches than her, with short red hair, extravagantly large breasts and a modest stomach.

“Cassandra” came back the reply. Morgan nodded, before leading them again. “Alright Alexis and Cassandra, welcome to Master Flynn’s house. It has nine bedroomsin addition to the master bedroom, the kitchen, the pantry, the lounge that you have seen, the dining room, the sex den, and a few smaller rooms mostly for parties. You have both been assigned a room each, and in it are some clothes and items that have been purchased for you.”

“But wait, we were only just chosen. How can there be clothes ready?” Cassie ventured.

Morgan was ready for that question, looking at them both briefly as she led them forward, stopping at a door way and opening it. “The Master picked you both, long before you applied. Okay, this is yours Alexis, and yours the one next to it Cassie. Is it alright if I call you Cassie? Mine is the one on the right of Cassie’s. If you’d like to go and take a look, then feel free to explore the rest of the house and the grounds.” They both began to head to their rooms, but she stopped them. “There’s also a series of little bells in there. They each correspond to a room in the house. Should they ring, report immediately to the room. He’s calling you. Oh, and dinner’s at eight.”

Morgan left them to go into her own room. The remark about her pussy had stung a little, and feeling a little envious and replaced, and slightly sore on her nipples she slipped down onto the bed. Moments later, she heard one of the bells in the next room ring, and she couldn’t help but let out a saddened sob: He didn’t want her. But moments later, she snapped herself out of it, and stood up with some forced vigor.

“He will want me!” She enforced, marching to her wardrobe as she decided on her outfit for dinner, which would be soon.

An hour later the three girls each left their rooms, meeting in the hallway accidentally before Morgan lead the way down to the dinner room. Opening the door, she stood next to it, for their Master was not in yet, bidding the girls to stand next to her at the wall. They complied, and they waited. Half past eight chimed on the clock, then moved around to ten to nine before the Master finally appeared. He stepped inside, looking at all three waiting, looked over their choice of outfit and nodded, “Good Maltepe Vip Escort girls. Alexis and Cassie with me at the top.”

Morgan deflated slightly, having been stood there perfectly still for nearly an hour, and had kept the other two out of trouble too, and still wasn’t chosen to sit with him. Alexis had chosen to wear a simple corset with suspenders and stockings, yet no panties, and Cassie had remained in only her panties and stockings from earlier. They had both beaten her at the game already, even in a black-seethrough chemise, and she took her seat, the second chair down from the head of the table where her master sat. The two girls sat down, cooing and smiling coyly at him, both almost simoultaenously reaching down to rest their hands on his legs.

Dinner shortly followed in, skipping a starter and leading straight away with a salmon dish, though only for the Master himself. They would eat later. The Master turned to Alexis uttering “Under the table slave.” With that, the girl ducked under, and unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock, quickly wrapping her lips around him and sucking on him hard.

Morgan glanced at Cassie, and presumed from the slightly bitter expression on her face that it was not Cassie for whom the bell had wrong earlier. However, they both arranged a smile and continued eating, while the Master put one hand under the table and gripped the hair underneath it, pushing her face onto his cock.

Cassie however, was not prepared to be beaten quite so quickly. She grabbed her Master’s free hand and squeezed it gently, putting something of a whine in her voice as she gained his attention. “Master, I wish to please you. Can I entertain you by eating out Morgan on the table?”

The Master if suprised did not show it, and merely nodded, loosening his grip on the hair under the table as she did. Unable to do anything else, Morgan stood up, clearing the plates around her then laid down on the table, spreading her legs as Cassie climbed onto the table. “Might I pleasure myself and her asshole as I do it, Master?”

He had barely nodded before Cassie pressed her face into Morgan’s wide open cunt, pushing her tongue inside. She pressed her own hand into her cunt, rubbing briefly to cover it in her juices, then lifted it to press against Morgan’s asshole, pushing it through her ring. While in her Master’s service, she had been eaten out for his pleasure before, however had not been used as a tool to outshine the cocksucker under the table, and remained a little confused on how to react. But in the end, she decided that her master’s entertainment far outweighed anything else, and in reaction to the tongue lapping at her cunt juices, she put one hand down on Cassie’s head, gripping her hair and pressing her face deeper into her loose cunt, putting her other hand up to undo the back of her chemise, pulling the front down to leave her breasts open, then squeezed and twisted her already raw nipples.

The Master, watching Cassie devour Morgan while fingering her ass with his cock being sucked voraciously below, did not last long, despite his earlier bout with Alexis. He released his semen into her small mouth, forcing his cock a little further into her as he did, then released her hair. He sat back and clapped his hands, summoning the butler from the otherside of the room. “That’ll do, Forbes.” He stood up, and left all three in the room, only grinning broadly once all three were out of sight.