The Sex education model

3D Animation

The Sex education modelI became a sex education model.One day I was having a coffee with my good friend Debbie. She’s about my age, slim and attractive and single, a fact that always amazed me as she is so attractive. She’s a teacher at the local girls’ boarding school and I was asking her how her job was going…“Fine. It’s getting to that time of year when I have to do sex education and you know what I feel about that” Smirk.I knew that unlike every other teacher, she actually enjoyed giving the classes on the birds and the bees. So much so, that her fellow teachers would ask her to cover for them and do the classes on their behalf.“Why do you like that so much? I’d be mortified.” I said.“I don’t know. It’s strangely rewarding and, dare I say, arousing at the same time” she replied with a coy smile.“In fact” she went on “I was going to ask if you could help me out at the next class?”“How?” I’m slightly worried.“Well, I need a model”“For what?!” I said, alarmed.“Oh, you know, just to show positions and stuff. All very innocently, to show the basic mechanics of sex to a bunch of teenage girls.”“Errr…”“Pleeeease? I think you might enjoy it and I’d be really grateful.”Well it all sounded very innocent and it would be rewarding to help her out so I agreed, assuming I would be standing there moving into different positions. How hard could it be?“OK, what will you want me to wear?”“Oh, just a tracksuit. Something comfy.”So, the day came and I dressed in my tracksuit and tied my hair up and tried to look as plain as possible, not wanting to make an erotic thing of this.I turned up at the school and Debbie met me and took me through to the classroom which was empty except for a tall, good looking young man in his 20s who she introduced as Ollie.“Ollie is also going to model with you today. Just relax, it will be fine”She must have read the apprehension on my face.At that moment the bell rang and about 25 teenaged girls in uniform filed into the class and sat down. Debbie, me and Ollie were at the front standing next to the large teacher’s desk which was on a raised platform at the front of the class.After Debbie settled the girls down for the lesson, she introduced me and Ollie as helpers for today’s class into reproduction and sex. At this point, I am feeling very self-conscious and nervous whilst Ollie seemed perfectly at ease, maybe he’s done this before.“To start the class today, I am going to show you the differences between men and women and I’m guessing that most of you have never seen a man’s body before so we’ll start with Ollie”She turned to Ollie and quietly said,“OK, Ollie, would you please remove your pants”Ollie dropped his pants to the floor and stepped out of them. There were gasps and giggles as his thick flaccid cock was exposed, nesting in black pubic hair.“This is his penis” she pointed with her pen close to his member. ”This goes inside the woman during sex. Can you see this bulbous tip? Well that’s the most sensitive part of his body. We’ll come back to that in a while”I’m strangely terrified but aroused at the sight of such a beautiful cock. I’m struggling not to stare.Debbie then took her pen and hooked it behind his dangling cock and lifted it up to expose his large hairy balls. More gasps and giggles. The girls were very attentive.“These are the testicles where sperm is produced and there are two in this fleshy bag”Oh my! I’m getting very wet now watching this performance!“We’ll come back to Ollie shortly but let’s turn our attention to Di and the woman’s body. I know you’ve all got one but not all of you are fully developed yet. So…”She turned to me and quietly said,“Could you remove you bottom half clothes, Di?”Stunned. Don’t know why, I think I knew this was coming. I nervously dropped my tracksuit gaziemir escort and panties to the floor and stepped out of them. I stood with my hand clasped in front of my pussy.Debbie turned to me and said,“While we’re at it you might as well remove your tops too”So both Ollie and I removed our tops and stood naked in front of a classful of girls. I was quivering with nerves and dripping with arousal.“Now, many of you girls have developed breasts and some not. Di’s are a very fine example of what adult breasts look like”, pointing with her pen, “See the nipples which are very sensitive and can get very stiff, especially during sexual activity and you can see”, flicking my nipple with her pen, “Di’s are quite hard and erect now”. The flick of the pen sent a shiver straight to my pussy.To me…“Would you mind jumping up to sit on the edge of the desk, Di? That’s it. Now spread your legs so that the girls can see”To the class…“Now girls, “ pointing with the pen, “here are the inner and outer labia and just poking out, you can see the little bud of Di’s clitoris which is the most sensitive part of her” she lifted it with the pen to encourage it out from under its hood, making me gasp.“Can you see the opening to her vagina here? This is where the man’s penis is going to go during sex and can you see how wet it is around Di’s? She is clearly aroused and ready for sex,”giving me a mischievous look,“ that wetness makes things slide nicely. In fact, if any of you would like to check your own vaginas, feel free, you are probably experiencing a little wetness yourselves. Exploration is important and if you would like to come closer, by all means do.”At this about 10 of the girls lifted their skirts and placed a hand inside their blue uniform pants. A few giggles and more than a few gasps. A couple of girls walked up to the front and had a really close look at my gaping wet pussy and a couple even were brave enough to inspect Ollie’s cock.I gave Debbie my most furious look but I don’t think I was very convincing, my arousal was obvious.“Now, returning to the man…obviously, this floppy penis” poking it with her pen to demonstrate, “is not going to be any good if it is to go inside the tight vagina like Di’s. But men have a magic trick and I’ll try to demonstrate…”At this she took Ollie’s penis in her hand and started to massage it.“When you stimulate a penis, its starts to get hard and stand up for itself. Can you see it getting bigger as I stroke it?”Nods and giggles. Some of the girls still have their hand in their pants. His cock is a very thick and 8” long. I’m gushing.Debbie let go…“You can even use your mouth for this too, like this…”Debbie bent down and took his cock into her mouth. This is so arousing that I have a hard job to stop myself from fingering myself. Some of the girls were mesmerised by the sight, others intrigued and some simply went “yuckhh!”“Now you can see it is fully erect and hard. Look how purple the bulbous head of his penis is. It is ready to insert into the woman, which Di and Ollie will demonstrate now. It looks like it will never fit but you will be surprised how much the vagina can accommodate. Most women find that the bigger the penis the greater the pleasure. Ollie’s is a big one so I expect Di is going to enjoy this and, like many women could get quite vocal”To me, with a wink..“Lie on your back on the desk please, Di. You know what to do, Ollie”I’m in stunned autopilot now. Putty in her hands.I lie back on the desk with my legs dangling over the side, my pussy on full display to Ollie and a class of teenage girls.“Gather around girls”, they all did, “now watch as Ollie’s penis enters Di. That’s it. See how Di’s Labia are stretched wide by Ollie’s penis. How gaziemir escort bayan does that feel Di?”“It feels amazing” I whimpered as Ollie’s cock filled my cunt and started to pump into me.“You can see this pumping action is stimulating both of them and eventually they will reach an orgasm. More about that later. Let’s watch them for a while….”.The room was relatively quiet as everyone paid attention to Ollie and I fucking. I was moaning loudly as a way not use the foul language I usually use when I’m getting fucked by a big fat cock.“We’ll leave Ollie and Di to it for a moment and come back to them in a minute. Now a lot of girls ask me about masturbation, what is it? Is it wrong? Well it is the process of stimulating oneself sexually to orgasm and it is perfectly natural. Everyone does it and to demonstrate that, I will show you how…”Debbie proceeded to lift her skirt and remove her panties and sat on the edge of the desk next to my head, spreading her legs to expose herself to the girls. I could smell her arousal next to me.“I like to reach an orgasm by rubbing my clitoris with my fingers. Other people like to use fingers inside themselves. Feel free to have a go yourselves now”Most of the girls found a chair or desk to sit on/lean on and did as their teacher and removed their panties. Debbie started rubbing her pussy furiously whilst most of our audience followed suit with loud squelchy noises coming from my pussy as Ollie rammed into me. I was close to cumming but holding back.“Now girls, keep rubbing yourselves and you will feel a warm glow spread from between your legs. This is normal and is the early signs of an orgasm, sometimes called “Cumming” and I’m going to Cum for you now to show you what to expect. Come closer if you like”She stopped talking and increased her rubbing speed, making squelchy sounds of her own, with teenagers inches from her soaking cunt. It wasn’t long before Debbie started to pant and moan loudly.“I’m about to cum…” she gasped “watch closely”“Here it comes!”“Aaaahhh, yesssss!” She was bucking up and down as the orgasm hit her and she even squirted a little, leaving a wet patch on the desk.This was all too much for me as Ollie’s cock in my cunt and Debbies cunt next to my face tipped me over the edge into loud and bucking orgasm of my own.When Debbie got her breath back, she looked across at a class of teenage girls all rubbing their pussies as they watched me and Ollie going at it still.“What is an orgasm? Well, as you just saw, it happens when your genitals are stimulated to a point where your body takes over. Sometimes called cumming. You get a hot clenching feeling in your groin that comes in waves, did you see how my pussy clenched as I had my orgasm? It takes over your whole body and feels fantastic and some of you may even squirt a little liquid as I did. For the man it’s similar but that clenching feeling is accompanied by a squirt of semen. We’ll show you that in a minute.”“Now girls, if you feel you would also like to Cum then please do. Remove clothing if it helps. You could even try rubbing another girls vagina or clitoris as that is very arousing too”There was mayhem in the class. Girls were removing clothing everywhere, most girls were eagerly rubbing their pussies and a few started rubbing each other.“If you need me to help girls, just ask me” said Debbie. A few hands went up and Debbie went to each in turn rubbing their pussies and giving tips. She spent a lot of time on one well developed girl until she yelled out that “something’s happening!!!” and she came on Debbie’s hand.There were a couple of girls who obviously reached climax very loudly and I caught the eye of a young-for-her-age girl at the back who had the face of a escort gaziemir startled rabbit as her body went rigid as she came silently with another girls hand in her pants.Meanwhile, Ollie has flipped me over and is entering me from behind, bent over the desk.Debbie, still with her skirt hitched up around her waist and pussy and arse on display was walking around me and Ollie who were still fucking like crazy. She really has got a lovely bum and a most lickable pussy, I thought.“Look girls, Ollie and Di are demonstrating doggy style. This allows the penis to penetrate very deeply. It also allows access to her clitoris like this”, she reached under me and started to rub my clit. I’m getting close to cumming again.“Would anyone else like to try?”Teenage hands are all over my pussy, feeling my wetness, rubbing my clit and maybe feeling Ollie’s hard cock as it pumped into me. This is more than I can stand and I yelled out “I’m cumminggggg!” as the orgasm swept through me, my hips pushing back against Ollie’s cock.“Now girls, you can see that girls can have more than one orgasm as Di has just demonstrated but most men can only cum once before having to take a break so we have saved that bit until last. Normally he would come inside the woman to get her pregnant but there’s not much to see so he will cum outside her and lots of girls like this on their face”To Ollie,“OK, Ollie, pull out. Di, lie on your back for him”We did as we were told.“Would any girls like to feel the penis?” Lots of hands went up “thought so, form a queue and take turns to give it a bit of a rub”One by one the girls came forward and with sticky hands grabbed Ollie’s cock which was above my face, and gave it a little rub. Ollie was getting more and more stressed as he tried to hold back his orgasm as 25 girls gave his cock a squeeze and a rub.Finally it was the last girl’s turn. She grabbed his cock, Debbie held his balls and said “now Ollie!”“Aaaaaggghh!” his hips and cock bucked forward squirting a string of come that splashed onto my face, then another on my tits and more over my belly and pussy.Debbie stepped forward and scooped up some cum from my tits..“This is semen or “Cum”, the stuff that gets you pregnant. Come forward if you want to smell or taste it”. A few adventurous girls dipped fingers into the puddles on my belly and tasted it.At that moment the bell rang.“OK girls. That’s the end of the lesson and the end of the day. If you would like to stay behind to finish cumming or ask question etc, please do”.Several girls came forward with questions for me and Ollie such as how does it feel having a big penis inside, how often do you do it etc.One of the younger girls stayed behind and asked “Miss, would you show me how to cum? I can’t seem to do it right”“Of course” Debbie said “Let me show you how to do it on me and then you’ll be able to do it to yourself” Debbie must be sooo turned on by all of this, I thought. She sat on a desk next to the girl.“Give me your hand”, she placed the girls hand on her pussy.“Now press these two fingers onto my clitoris, here. That’s it. Now rub it in a circular motion” …gasp..”that’s it. Now put two fingers of your other hand inside my vagina. That’s it. See how wet I am. You are going to make me cum.” The girl continued rubbing and probing furiously until Debbie bucked and yelled out as her orgasm hit.After she came down from that, “well done, you should have no problem doing that to yourself now!”“Thank you miss” the girl said with a smile and left.With the classroom now empty except for the 3 of us, I called Debbie over. I pretended anger and said..“You never told me I would end up fucking in class. I am really cross and I’m going to get my own back. On this desk!”She complied and lay back on the desk. I forced her legs apart and plunged my tongue into her hole. With my arse in the air, I felt Ollie replace his cock in my cunt and we fucked together for another hour or so.I went home that afternoon feeling sore, stretched and satisfied and ready to relive the experience next time Debbie asks.